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themself; themselfs; themselues; themselves; themselvs; thence; thencefoorth; thenceforth; thenceforward; thenceforwards
  1. They lingered a long while over the simple meal, and then Jim helped his mother to carry Susie to her bedroom.

  2. Just then Temple, the captain of the Magpies, came along.

  3. First of all, Bryant followed Mr. Broad, very likely to see where he went; then they walked up to the shop.

  4. Then he shook his head mournfully, saying, "We can't afford it, sir.

  5. I think he will, sir,' I answered; and then he wrote down my name and the name of the school in a notebook.

  6. Then they heard a click at the little gate, and a firm step on the path, and the front door was gently pushed open.

  7. Then he looked up and down the street, which was now nearly empty, and, appearing satisfied, approached the door.

  8. Then turning to the inspector, he added, "These are our candidates, sir.

  9. Occasionally they passed a group of the Deanery boys, and then there were cries of "Good old Hartland!

  10. This certainly seemed rather odd, but it was no proof of guilt; and the stationer concluded his best plan was to lay a trap for Jim, and then go off the premises, leaving him a clear field.

  11. When Temple and several of the others spoke to him he answered briefly, and then relapsed into silence.

  12. Some men would have him packed off to jail, and then he could never hold his head up again.

  13. This was an unfortunate remark, as it would have been safer just then to wave a red flag before a bull than to mention Braithwaite's name to Jim.

  14. Then his colleague went round with the questions to be answered during the morning, and presently the only sound to be heard was the scratching of busy pens.

  15. The tiny flame flared up for a moment, then went out.

  16. Dick pointed to the outlaw's tent and then at the two leaves he still held in the palm of his hand and shook his head vigorously.

  17. Then the three boys looked up expectantly.

  18. Innumerable shadows, spreading grotesquely about them, grew dark, then velvet-black, merging finally into one complete inky blot.

  19. Dick and Sandy glared at each other for a moment, then grinned sheepishly.

  20. Very much out of breath, limbs shaking with weariness, they stumbled forward a few paces, then threw off their shoulder-packs and proceeded to bring forth the meagre store of food that remained to them.

  21. Let's sit here and rest for a few minutes more, then all three of us will go out to examine your traps.

  22. Dawning comprehension showed itself in the quickly brightening features, then suddenly a smile rewarded Toma for his efforts.

  23. And then Dick perceived, with a sigh of relief, the Indian village.

  24. Dick smothered a cry, then stood mopping his perspiring face, too dumbfounded for words.

  25. Then the race became a hard fought contest in which Dick, panting and out of breath, won by a narrow margin from Toma.

  26. But out there ahead he could see nothing except a long and weary stretch of country covered with snow and bristling with rocks, a land indescribably lonely and terrible just then in the rapidly gathering darkness.

  27. Then the three of us will consider these suggestions one by one and try to pick flaws in them.

  28. Then he turned to the outlaws with what he considered to be a humorous gesture.

  29. Baptiste was too dazed just then to make a very satisfactory reply.

  30. Then a knight has boasted that the head of Cliges will be offered to the duke by him; let the duke but rely on him.

  31. Then is it not better for me to meditate in silence than to get myself dubbed a fool?

  32. Then the noise and the din and the crash of lances has begun.

  33. Then he begins to meditate on a very hazardous venture and on a very wondrous stratagem.

  34. Then Cliges promises that he will seek counsel of John as soon as he shall see him.

  35. I know not then whereof I should complain; for I know nought whence evil may come to me if it come not from my desire.

  36. After the fourth, he gallops against the fifth, and then after the fifth, against the sixth.

  37. Rather, they say that they will keep them until they deliver them to the king, who then will give them their due, so that their merits will be requited.

  38. Then goes John to open a door, such that I have neither skill nor power to tell or describe the fashion of it.

  39. He has told and related to the king whatsoever he demands from him; and when the king has learned his name then he embraces him; then he rejoices over him; there is none who does not greet him in clue form.

  40. By the Council it was with one consent entrusted, as I think, to Count Engres of Windsor; for till then they deemed no baron more loyal in all the king's land.

  41. When Percival had submitted, then they have begun the tourney; and they all encounter together.

  42. Then has John shown him all, fair chambers and painted vaults, and he has shown him much of his workmanship, which pleased him mightily.

  43. Then there rises a mourning and a cry of women and of little children, of old men and of youths, so great that if it had thundered from the sky those within the castle would not have heard aught of it.

  44. In the year 1832 the Duke of Richmond, then Postmaster General, proposed a re-modification of the post office throughout British North America.

  45. This is done either by subtle praise, which can then only refer to the person addressed or by more or less bald self-depreciation, which can then only refer to the first person.

  46. But even then the affection must be different from that which prevails in the West.

  47. Of course, the father has then very little to do with their care or education, and little opportunity for the manifestation of affection.

  48. BC] "To the samurai, first of all is righteousness; next life, then silver and gold.

  49. After some years the first adopted son became a Christian, and then an evangelist, both steps being taken against the wishes of the adopting father.

  50. We have limited our discussion to the advanced races because the problem is then relatively simple, the material abundant, and the issue clear.

  51. In 1873 there was a passion for rabbits, certain varieties of which were then for the first time introduced into Japan.

  52. But if the chariot is not in any of its parts, then they are not essential parts of the chariot.

  53. Only then does the national organism contain within itself the means for an endless, because a self-sustained, life.

  54. Then will you know the truth of what I speak" (pp.

  55. Then follows, without a word of criticism or dissent, the account of the doings of the heavenly deities, in creating Japan and its people, as well as the myriads of gods.

  56. If with us the 'I' seems to be the very essence of the soul, then the soul of the Far East may be said to be 'Impersonality.

  57. The practice since then has not been so much to retain the foreigner as to learn of him and then to eliminate him.

  58. War with China was whispered, and then noised around.

  59. It raised no such question, as would have been raised, if it had been applied to territory where slavery then largely existed, or which was adapted to negro slave labor.

  60. Even the granite hills of New Hampshire were not then free from the feet of bondmen.

  61. Yet Virginia, then the largest slaveholding State of the Union, laid all this vast territory at the feet of the Union, with no other reward than the consciousness of love of country.

  62. Up then to the time of the purchase of Louisiana in 1803, the Ohio River was the compromise line between free and slave territory--a line of agreement, rather than arbitrary legislation.

  63. Therefore when Arkansas applied in 1836 for admission as a Slave State, she came in without serious controversy, though northern opposition in Congress was not even then silent.

  64. Twas then a near neighbor, who'd watched with close scrutiny, The clumsy feet operate during the mutiny, Interfered to propose they adopt arbitration, And settle their difference with more moderation.

  65. This accomplished, attune then a third instrument to them; after that a fourth, and so on; and ye shall be all attuned alike.

  66. The eye of the Monarch then flamed with wrath.

  67. She then made all the preparations necessary for my departure.

  68. My happiness then blinded me, and now I can fancy no condition which I would not prefer to my own.

  69. Flaming torches were then handed by the attendants, taken by those high in the favor of the court, and held over the open crypt of the urn.

  70. So we said hopefully two years and more ago in regard to one of the unsolved problems which then pressed on the minds of thoughtful men--how, namely, it was to fare with slavery in the progress and sequel of the war.

  71. But if he loves and greedily hoards money for the sake of its possession, then it weakens his moral sense, prompts him to crime, brings curses upon him in this life, and their effects are felt in the next birth.

  72. His introducer then recommends that he be admitted.

  73. It grieved him much and he complained to the Buddha, who then made it a rule of the Order that no person should thenceforth be ordained without the consent of his parents if alive.

  74. Early Buddhism then clearly held to a permanency of records in the Ākāsha, and the potential capacity of man to read the same when he has evolved to the stage of true individual enlightenment.

  75. Then there is no separate "I," nor can we say "my" this or that?

  76. But why then was it worth while to create this Order, or Brotherhood, or Society, apart from the whole body of the people, if they were not to do what other religious orders do?

  77. Yes, it is all recorded in the Mahāvansa, by the keepers of the royal records, who were then living and saw the missionaries.

  78. When persons visited him he would look into their minds, read their secret motives, and then preach to them according to their needs.

  79. He would then contrive, if possible, that it should reach them.

  80. It is then that one's consciousness is most intensely active, and one's power to gain knowledge correspondingly vast.

  81. That Chullapanthaka should clearly conceive in his own mind his exact appearance, and then impress that, with as many duplicates or repetitions as he chose, upon the sensitive brain of the messenger.

  82. Every time anybody swore he put in a nickel, and then when Saturday came around we'd have ten or fifteen dollars to spend.

  83. Then Pete checked suddenly and turned to Bannon.

  84. Then he pulled a spare blanket from under the seat and threw it over the mare.

  85. Then he said he supposed it must be for some rich man who didn't care how much it cost him; and I said yes, it was.

  86. And then we played in hard luck, too, before you came.

  87. The superintendent dismissed his stenographer, swept with his arm a clear space on the desk, and then drummed on it with his fingers, but he did not look up immediately.

  88. And then in a moment the straining hawsers were hauling cars up into the house.

  89. Peterson reluctantly assented, and Max walked slowly away, now and then pausing to look around at the men.

  90. Then he felt awkward, and he began turning over the blue prints on the table.

  91. Then when the scrap comes on you'll know how to act.

  92. Then if we had two ten-foot sticks and put 'em up at an angle and fastened the floor to a bolt that came down between 'em, the whole weight of the thing would be passed along to the foundation that the ends of the timbers rest on.

  93. Then Pete threw another lever, and in a moment another endless series of cups was carrying the wheat aloft.

  94. He stepped to one side and coolly looked over the train; then he raised his hand.

  95. He was silent for a moment, then he said abruptly:-- "When can she start?

  96. Then Bannon thought of the rain, but she saw his thought as he glanced toward the window, and spoke quickly.

  97. The first, first day that together they fought With their naked fists they contested; Then Ramund he hold of the Jutt’s beard caught And the flesh from the teeth he wrested.

  98. Then Ramund again to his sword recurred, To which Dymling for name he had given; And the head of the Jutt, which no ox could have stirred, He hewed high unto the heaven.

  99. Then thou’lt do well I wot,” said Ramund the young.

  100. Alf he stands at Odderskier, And he listens the mountains tow’rds; Then must he hear so far, far off The clash of his children’s swords.

  101. Now Ramund he straight seven ships did freight With the gold which the Trolds had hoarded; Then across the tide to the land he hied O’er which the Emperor lorded.

  102. And when they entered the castle yard They doffed their cloaks of skin; Then straight they strode to the high, high hall, To the monarch of Upsal in.

  103. Then answered the young Helmer Kamp, As he writhed him round with pain; This Angelfyr, my brother, has done Since the maid he could not gain.

  104. She them collects, then wends her slow, The long night all— Unto the fount of Maribo.

  105. The man arose, and thanked his God, The long night all— Then from the country forth he trod.

  106. Ramund then drew out Dymling his blade, Of his valour the trusty assistant; And he hewed at the Emperor so that his head Flew fifteen furlongs distant.

  107. He tarried then so short a space, He sprang on his courser red; And he arrived at Upsala Before his sons lay dead.

  108. Let us consider what exactly it means: then we shall the better understand what its development has been.

  109. He was compelled then to respect his advertisers as his paymasters.

  110. The big official papers first boycotted it for months, and then told a pack of silly lies in support of the politicians.

  111. He sees first a great soldier, then a well-advertised politician, not a rich man, but very widely talked about, made peers.

  112. The rudimentary males are perfectly fertile, but the rudimentary females rarely produce any offspring at all, and then only a very few.

  113. If dominance is supposed to be a criterion as to "presence," then it should be pointed out that among the mutants of Drosophila a number of dominant types occur.

  114. Hoge has shown, this character then becomes realized in nearly all of the flies that have the proper constitution, but not in flies of normal constitution placed in the same environment.

  115. If this interpretation is correct, then the linkage relations of cherry should be identical with those of white or of eosin.

  116. The female offspring will then give data for the linkage of cherry white with bifid, while the sons will show the linkage of the three gens, cherry, bifid, and vermilion.

  117. Since then an ever-increasing series of new types has been appearing.

  118. If such females are tested by breeding to the recessive males, then the daughters which do not show the recessive carry the lethal, except in the few cases of crossing-over.

  119. Since yellow is at one end of the known series, sable would then occupy a locus somewhere near the opposite end.

  120. As the cultures dry out the abnormal males are the first to change over to normal, then the heterozygous females, and lastly the homozygous females.

  121. Cherry will then occupy the same locus as white, which is one unit to the right of yellow, and will show the same linkage relations to other factors as does white.

  122. Turnbull tapped his teeth with a thumbnail for a couple of seconds, then shrugged slightly.

  123. Then he called his superiors at Columbia.

  124. It buzzed for half a minute, then the telltale lit up, but the screen remained dark.

  125. The clerk thumbed a button which wiped the information screen clean, then replaced it with another list, which flowed upward for a few seconds, then stopped.

  126. Then he scowled and dialed another number.

  127. If so, then they're engaged in something that's above my level.

  128. Then you thought--" Duckworth chuckled and raised a hand to interrupt Rawlings.

  129. There was a minute's pause, then the screen came on, showing the girl's face.

  130. You'll take the regular shuttle from here to Luna, then take either the Stellar Queen or the Oriona to Sirius VI.

  131. And if someone like Scholar James Duckworth had decided it wasn't worth fooling with, then why was a common Ph.

  132. He dialed his own number, dropped in the indicated number of coins, and then relaxed as the cab pulled out and sped down the freeway towards Manhattan.

  133. Then he walked over to the liquor cabinet, opened it, and surveyed the contents.

  134. It took him a moment to recognize the face--then he recalled stereos he'd seen.

  135. Then he said: "I must admit that I'm not a good intuitive thinker, Dr.

  136. She checked with the information panel on her desk, then said: "Go right on up, Dr.

  137. Astumastao reached him as soon as possible, and finding it impossible to right the canoe, she succeeded in tying a deerskin thong around the wounded wrist, and then resolved to try to swim with him to the shore.

  138. Then he asked him to kneel down with him, and there, alone with him and God, Memotas prayed earnestly that this dark pagan brother might yet come into the light of the blessed Gospel.

  139. Oowikapun could not then solve this question, neither did he until in after years he became a Christian.

  140. Then it was, when eyes flashed and the Indians were wild enough with excitement to cause great trouble, that Oowikapun arose and spoke kindly words, and wise beyond his years.

  141. You will be wanting one of our daughters one of these days to be your wife; then if you treat her like Memotas treats his, she will be coming back and telling our women all about it, and there will be a pretty fuss.

  142. If their minds had not been troubled at the prospect of their coming sufferings, they would as hunters have been delighted by that trip through that glorious western country which then teemed with game.

  143. Then there came to him something more like a vision than a dream, and so vividly was it impressed upon him that it was never forgotten.

  144. Then she added: "And shall I not be happy when again I see the spire of that house of prayer at Norway House?

  145. On some day, however distant it may be, they will once more turn their faces towards the little northern island, and then all will be well with them.

  146. The boat then was pushed steadily forward, the man at the stern keeping it with his paddle a little farther away from the bank at which they had embarked.

  147. And then there was a certain German there, with a German servant, to whom the boats belonged.

  148. On that evening they undressed and tended her like a child; and then when she was alone with her husband, she repeated to him her sad foreboding.

  149. Then I shall never see my mother again," and as she spoke Mrs. Arkwright pressed her baby to her bosom.

  150. Though her heart was then very low within her, she promised him that she would do her best, and then she made a great resolution.

  151. He spoke a word or two to one of his companions in a low voice and in a patois which Mrs. Arkwright did not understand, and then going after the husband, told him that the heavens were threatening.

  152. And then there were half a dozen Costa Rican soldiers, men with coloured caps and old muskets, ready to support the dignity and authority of the commandant.

  153. And then their preparations for the journey went on with much flurrying and hot haste.

  154. But if the post should pass them before they got there, it could not wait; and then they would be deprived of the best canoe on the water.

  155. Then we had better start at once," said Arkwright, "before the first falling drops frighten the women.

  156. Then she will nurse her children, and talk of her--home.

  157. And then the party of the Arkwrights again started, and its steady work began.

  158. Then it was very kind of you to send the telegram at all.

  159. You train them in the ways of the West, the ideas of the West, and then you send them back again to the East, to rule over Eastern people, according to Eastern ideas, and you think all is well.

  160. When she wants only one, then it will be time for me to begin to get flurried.

  161. Thereupon I told him, what doubtless your Highness knows, that my face is much too holy to be looked upon, and since then your Highness' servant has prospered exceedingly.

  162. Then once more he became aware of the footsteps overhead.

  163. Then the match went out and darkness cloaked her and cloaked the thief again.

  164. Then Linforth lit his pipe and once more curled himself up in his rug upon the straw.

  165. Then he stopped again and blurted out: "I will give you no more trouble.

  166. Since then he has been intriguing in Calcutta.

  167. She hesitated, and then with a touch of reluctance continued: "I succeeded until a month or so ago.

  168. We watched a planet throw its light upwards from behind the amphitheatre of hills on the left, and then rise clear to view in a gap.

  169. I don't think that I was speaking to you," he said quietly, and then turned away.

  170. Ralston's Pathan was even then waiting for Linforth at the bottom of the tower.

  171. Then he stood waiting for Shere Ali's answer.

  172. And then he took note of the spoken words.

  173. Then he added shrewdly: "But it is possible that you may yet at some time meet the man in Calcutta who wrote the letter to me.

  174. He tied his steed to a ring in the wall, Then in he went to the wide stone hall; Down he sat at the head of the board, To no one present he utter'd a word.

  175. The servants led her then to bed, But could not loose her girdle red!

  176. Straight to the royal palace hasten then A lovely maid and thirty sea-worn men.

  177. Why then I aver by all the Rules of Criticism to make the improbability out of imposing upon Mr. Strickland, that Jacyntha's Hat ought to be laced too, and by all that is absurd it is a plain one.

  178. Then he shall see them in my proper Person before he sleeps, and if I don't make him disinherit them, say I am a Fool and know nothing of Mankind.

  179. It was even possible for a spectator to see Hoadly's play at Covent Garden and then catch Macklin's related farcical afterpiece at the Drury Lane Theatre on the same night.

  180. Then keep it an entire Secret--I'll clinch the whole Affair this Instant.

  181. I think there should be no Law [at] all, and then everybody might do what they please.

  182. Tis true they have been often in the wrong, but then it is always on the good Natured Side.

  183. Yes Zir; you did zo, Zir; but the Vauk zhut the Door, and then I could zee nothing at all o' the Matter.

  184. Why then your Tragedy cannot come out this year---- Plag.

  185. Then I find you have been in Ireland, Sir?

  186. Then from this Subject which tonight we chuse, At least confess it is an honest Muse.

  187. And then I lose my Annuity upon your Life, and by Gar, dat be very bad for Monsieur du Maigre.

  188. Let then the Author claim a kinder Fate Whose Compass little,--yet his Subject great.

  189. Generous indeed, Mr. Canker; know then that I shall insist upon an entire Change not only in your Conduct but even in your way of thinking which will make you more agreeable to yourself and less hateful to everybody else.

  190. Becoming guardian to his cousin, a girl of twelve, he put her to school for two years and then secretly married her.

  191. He then entered the Spanish engineer corps, and in 1769 was given the command of the commission sent to Chile to strengthen the fortifications of Valdivia.

  192. Then there was the mighty runner, James J.

  193. One Parsons, an English settler in Ireland, had written to a friend to say, among other things, that the head of a colonel of an Irish regiment then in the field against the English would not be allowed to stick long on its shoulders.

  194. The irons may then be removed from the fire and all will go well.

  195. And then he proceeded, after passing sentence, to give us the history of her reign, and showed that, in very many cases, she could not have done any different.

  196. The Irish then took up the raising of wool and woolen manufactures.

  197. O'Carroll had his tongue cut out and was then butchered.

  198. It is not to be wondered at then that General Harry Lee named the Pennsylvania line of the Continental army, "the Line of Ireland"!

  199. After a campaign in Leinster, he set himself up as overlord of Ireland, and then returned to London.

  200. Two mortal year I put up wi' un; then I got tired.

  201. Just then Mynheer Grootz came in to supper.

  202. Sherebiah had lit his pipe as soon as he was settled, and smoked on contentedly, stealing a glance every now and then at the broad figure separated from him by a large travelling trunk.

  203. He shadowed them when they left, saw them enter a coffee-house, followed them when they came out, and then lost sight of them.

  204. Then can you tell me the best time to visit him?

  205. Ascending then to the top of the keep, he sent Max down to get some breakfast, and looked around.

  206. He lay with wide-open eyes, staring at nothing; then caught himself following the slight pendulous motion of a seaman's coat that hung from a nail in one of the beams.

  207. If they think a man be up from country, they look at un and then at the shilling, up and down, and miscall un wi' such brazen tongues that he'll pay anything to save his ears.

  208. Slipping his leg over the side of the bunk, Harry paused for a moment, then slid to the floor.

  209. He glanced at the window, then at the door, and appeared for a moment to measure his chances in a struggle.

  210. He snicked his first ball for one; then Old Everlasting evoked intense enthusiasm by poking a ball between slip and point, and scoring his first notch.

  211. There was a splash; the rod bent; then Sherebiah hastened his steps as the fish went away with a rush.

  212. At length, however, he managed to shift his elbows down over the edges of the plank, which he was then able to use as fulcrums.

  213. This may be the case before you, or, on the other hand, it may not, and will then be what is called 'Ye crooked rig.

  214. Then on through the wet morning by the little branch line into Dauphiné.

  215. Then they are a very fine people, and I can put up with much about them which seems to me distressing.

  216. To compete with this lure of the towns, there must first be national consciousness of its danger; then coherent national effort to fight it.

  217. The duty will then be to their families and to themselves.

  218. Then as to seeds, why not buy them wholesale, and sell them to the small holder, also manures, and many other things which the small holder has to pay through the nose for.

  219. When from all our hearts this great weight is lifted; when no longer in those fields death sweeps his scythe, and our ears at last are free from the rustling thereof--then will come the test of magnanimity in all countries.

  220. The Russian rushes at life, drinks the cup to the dregs, then frankly admits that it has dregs, and puts up with the disillusionment.

  221. The Prime Minister not long ago said: "If you insist on going back to pre-war conditions, then God help this country!

  222. The English then went about, making a tack seaward, and were soon afterwards assaulted by the Spaniards.

  223. He was then sent on board the Lord-Admiral, who received him with similar urbanity, and expressed his regret that so distinguished a personage should have been so coolly deserted by the Duke of Medina.

  224. The dates in the narrative will be always given according to the New Style, then already adopted by Spain, Holland, and France, although not by England.

  225. The Pope signed my pardon, and then published my name in the newspapers, so that none might be ignorant of his clemency.

  226. At first they were folded in the valley of Egeria, then they were penned in the Trastevere, and finally cribbed in the Ghetto.

  227. The streets are narrow flights of steps, which every now and then plunge beneath low arches.

  228. All the offices which confer power or profit belong first to the Pope, then to the Secretary of State, then to the Cardinals, and lastly to the Prelates.

  229. The foreigner settled himself comfortably, and then presented his letters of introduction.

  230. But I regret the eighteenth century--there were then such things as canes.

  231. Then comes Lent; and then the grand comedy of Easter; and after that the family departs for the country, which means, economizing for some months in a huge half-furnished mansion.

  232. After a long hesitation, he promised in spite of himself; then he absolved himself, for the sake of the future, from the engagements he had made for the sake of the present.

  233. Rest assured that even then we shall give him good measure.

  234. Cardinal only threatened, then would there be neither asylum, nor galleys, nor clemency, nor delay.

  235. Every now and then the Austrians bring him a man they have shot, just as a gamekeeper brings his master a fox he has killed in the preserves.

  236. He must always return to his abode at sunset, and he is then shut in till the next morning.

  237. Then the zebra trotted back to the forest, bearing the crab with him, and disappeared amid the gloom of the trees.

  238. Then he looked at the three through his monocle and said: "These companions, Princess, cannot enter Bunnybury with you.

  239. Then Ozma joined them, as fresh and lovely as ever and robed in one of her prettiest gowns.

  240. King; and then he jumped up from the table and danced wildly about the room, waving his napkin like a flag and laughing with glee.

  241. While they are conquering Oz I'll get the Magic Belt, and then only the Nomes will remain to ravage the country.

  242. Then they did not seem at all alarmed, although the little girl naturally became the center of attraction and all regarded her with great curiosity.

  243. Then he lay back in his chair and sang a foolish song that did not seem to the General to mean anything, although he listened carefully.

  244. Then they had to go into the back rooms occupied by Billina's nine Dorothys and two Daniels, who were all plump yellow chickens and greeted the visitors very politely.

  245. While he was doing this Omby Amby and the Shaggy Man brought a supply of twigs from the forest and then they built a fire underneath the kettle.

  246. If I should go into the house and throw my child out of the window, it would roll way down to the bottom of the hill; and then if there were a lot of tigers and bears down there, they would tear my darling babe to pieces and eat it up!

  247. Then they all climbed into the red wagon and the Sawhorse inquired: "Which way?

  248. Then follow after them and in time you will reach the pretty cavern where you live.

  249. Then she ran to tell the joyful news to her uncle and aunt.

  250. Illustration] "Then to-morrow morning they shall come here," said Princess Ozma.

  251. And then she helped Miss Cuttenclip rescue the paper folk and stand them on their feet again.

  252. The little monk sighed again and then started off to follow the boys, trying hard to walk slowly and steadily; but it was all in vain.

  253. They'll come back soon with the pole, and then if you hold one end we can pull the other and draw you out.

  254. The boy looked down at his hands and then took up the pen the monk had laid down, dipped it in the ink, and tried to make a letter.

  255. The men waved sword and spear in the air as they marched off and Alfred and his brothers stood watching them till the last twinkling spear had disappeared in the distance, and then the boys turned away with a sigh.

  256. Then we won't help you," said Bert; laughing.

  257. Then she will soon be well," said the King, with a sigh of content.

  258. Then the monk proceeded to get out his colours so as to ornament the big initial letter of what Alfred had learned in Latin as well as in English was "The History of the Good King Almon.

  259. When they ask where he is we'll tell them, and then some of the shepherds can come with wattle hurdles and get him out.

  260. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "then" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    above; accordingly; after; afterwards; again; also; altogether; ancient; anon; before; beforetime; beside; besides; beyond; consequently; earlier; early; else; ergo; erstwhile; extra; farther; fore; former; further; furthermore; hence; heretofore; historically; hitherto; immemorial; item; late; later; likewise; more; moreover; next; old; once; over; past; plus; prehistoric; previous; previously; primeval; primitive; prior; quondam; recent; recently; similarly; simultaneously; since; sometime; subsequently; then; thence; thereafter; therefore; thus; too; whence; wherefore; yesterday; yet

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    then add; then continued; then draw; then governor; then have; then heated; then left; then looking; then make; then marched; then must; then only; then perhaps; then presently; then proceed; then remove from the; then rising; then sent; then should; then sprinkle; then started; then stood; then thou; then upon; then with; thence north