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Example sentences for "clumsy"

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clumps; clumsier; clumsiest; clumsily; clumsiness; clunch; clung; clur; clus; cluse
  1. The style of the book is so excellent that we the more regret a few careless and clumsy expressions, and some awkward sentences, which a little pains might have prevented.

  2. But if these clumsy allegories must be imposed upon great poets, Germany need not go abroad to seek the likeness of her destiny.

  3. It all seemed too mad; a rather clumsy jest.

  4. Clumsy fellows," said I; "they must still be drunk as owls.

  5. I had thought up to that moment of the adventures before me, not at all of the home that I was leaving; and now, at sight of this clumsy stranger, who was to stay here in my place beside my mother, I had my first attack of tears.

  6. Her clumsy Spanish slippers covered feet small as a child's, and her manner, while shy, was quite calm and dignified.

  7. A fez topped off this costume and added to its picturesqueness, while clumsy tan shoes of undeniable American make well-nigh ruined the whole effect.

  8. They had little need of clumsy words between them.

  9. It seemed, rather, to steal past the clumsy senses directly into the spirit and the heart.

  10. Clearly enough now he saw two flaming green eyes and a clumsy black figure crouching on the ground.

  11. But I never intended it; because she really is a dainty girl; and thou art such a clumsy fellow in thy person, that I should as soon have wished her a rhinoceros for a husband as thee.

  12. I wonder such a pretty lady will be followed by such a clumsy varlet.

  13. The churn is of considerable height, and of very clumsy construction.

  14. She wore a full short petticoat of bright yet not gaudy blue, and over it a large black circular cloak which covered all but her clumsy sabots.

  15. The primitive carreta, with its clumsy wheels of solid disks cut from the trunk of some gigantic cotton- wood, stopped short at the base--going thus far and no further.

  16. Some were mere shapeless rolls, others were made up into clumsy effigies, adorned with feathers, beads, etc.

  17. Big, lusty Chinese in their wide, clumsy boats called sampans, swarmed in the harbour.

  18. What a heart-breaking journey it must have been as the clumsy boat crept slowly along the sluggish canal and the silent stars looked down on the lonely husband beside the coffin of his beloved wife.

  19. The Chinese wheelbarrow is a clumsy affair with a narrow seat on each side of a central partition.

  20. I have no doubt they got ashore, in that calm weather (making all due allowance for fatigue and clumsy rowing), before day-break.

  21. All you have seen to-night is a very bad and clumsy imitation of it.

  22. He was always clumsy from a child--but he means well, Rachel, he means well!

  23. Hearing these words, the dull-witted beast began lifting up first one foot and then another, in a sort of clumsy dance.

  24. Occasionally a crawfish would dart out backward, glare at her savagely with its beady eyes and snap its clumsy claws at the stick, whereupon the Princess would utter a ladylike little shriek and retire to another part of the brook.

  25. In its place came a look of dismay, of astonishment, of clumsy embarrassment.

  26. Not that Bill was clumsy at all, although he thought he was, as most men do who belong in the oversize class.

  27. The animal gave a clumsy lurch; and the man, jerking it violently by the head, bumped it into my phaeton.

  28. He was two, when his mother died, and a clumsy ugly little boy with a certain amount of graceless obstinacy, with which both Tennants and Asquiths were equally endowed.

  29. Why was I ever woven, For a clumsy lout, with a wooden leg, To come with his endless Peg!

  30. Then we have the clumsy compilations of =Annals= and =Chronicles= which most monasteries produced, and which were continued from year to year.

  31. The design has been altered by Vansitelli in 1749, and horrible coloured imitations of clumsy marble altars have been painted on the walls.

  32. It must have been from seeing some clumsy ones rolling about who couldn't ride; and old Binks's chance at that moment was not worth one farthing.

  33. It was our old friend Imperial John, who having handed his pipeclayed reins to his ploughman-groom, descended from his buggy with a clumsy half buck, half hawbuck sort of air, and entered the spacious portals of the Castle hall.

  34. It is remarkable for a very curious list of Chansons de Gestes which the clumsy reciter quotes all wrong, and for a great number of the sly hits at chivalry and the chivalrous romances which are characteristic of all this literature.

  35. The gallant shows which excited the imaginations of his predecessors, the mediaeval chroniclers from Villehardouin to Froissart, find in him a clumsy annalist and a not too careful observer.

  36. The Marquis d'Argenson, a statesman and a man of great intelligence, concealed under a rough and clumsy exterior, has left memoirs which are valuable for the early and middle part of the reign of Louis XV.

  37. That was the clumsy method of the king; clumsy, though reflecting the finished manners of the court, in comparison with the genuine outpourings of the heart of a country lad.

  38. On the other hand, frequent practice has outstripped the clumsy wooing of inexperienced lovers and developed the art of courtship to a high degree.

  39. The clumsy maneuvering had got down to bargaining.

  40. I never forgot it at any other time, though it's such a clumsy thing that it has to be wound up every day.

  41. But very probably she was coarse--red-nosed perhaps, and had clumsy feet.

  42. There was nothing moveable within it, but a clumsy table which could not be displaced without noise, and a heavy chair.

  43. It was not a very difficult task; for there were so many projections and gable ends in the way, that they formed a series of clumsy steps, with no greater obstacle than a jump of some few feet at last.

  44. The organization is crude and clumsy and stupid, as yet, because men are ignorant, are experimenting, are working in the dark.

  45. So, the organizing forces are necessarily crude and clumsy and stupid.

  46. Mâdou was absolutely faint with emotion, but when he learned that he too could mount the clumsy animals, his grave face became almost tragic in expression.

  47. Sometimes, however, he encountered an unexpected difficulty, and it was touching to see the young man, whose hands were distorted and clumsy from handling heavy weights, sometimes throw aside his pen in despair.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clumsy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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