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Example sentences for "artless"

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artistry; artists; artium; artizan; artizans; artlessly; artlessness; arton; artow; arts
  1. The easy flow, the careless charm of their versification, is by no means the artless matter it may seem to a careless reader.

  2. He must have been a hard boy whom these discourses, spoken by Dalzell's low, soft, artless voice, did not melt.

  3. The simple, artless melody penetrated to the soul as with a beam of light.

  4. The Sicilian perched herself on the bed with the artless freedom of an animal, the yearning of a plant for the sun, the airy motion of a branch waltzing to the breeze.

  5. His comments were a delight, and the conclusion was so purely French in its artless conception that I felt for your innocent blushes.

  6. At this juncture the maid announced that the tea was ready, so the debate on love was postponed till another day, the artless prattling of the little children, who then came indoors, turning the conversation into a very different groove.

  7. Perhaps her mother would tear out her hair; that would be too bad, for it formed a most becoming frame for that frank, artless countenance.

  8. I was quite taken with the artless simplicity of her conversation, and with the ease, I may almost say elegance, of her manners.

  9. This simple, artless tale made its way to the heart of Mr. Lucas, who said, "How long have you been in London?

  10. Oh," said the artless boy, "God forever reward you!

  11. These proofs of artless generosity touched the homeless youth's heart the more acutely, inasmuch as he could perceive but too clearly that the eye of the master rested upon him, from time to time, with no auspicious glance.

  12. I remained alone with the charming, artless Christine, and lost no time in thanking her for the confidence she placed in me.

  13. I thought it was a delightful forfeit, for I could easily see that she had chosen it with intentional mischief; but I felt that I ought not to take too much advantage of her, because her artless confidence required to be encouraged.

  14. Christine, in her artless way, answered with as much modesty as sweetness, that the countess ought to forgive her if she had failed in her duty towards her, on account of the marriage having been decided on so hastily.

  15. I was particularly delighted with her simple, artless way of talking, which in the city might have been taken for silliness.

  16. I became so much in love with her that I often went to Camille's solely to see her and to enjoy those artless speeches with which she delighted the company.

  17. And a great deal more to the like artless purpose.

  18. But children, artless and unsuspecting, resign their hearts to any person whose manners are agreeable, and whose conduct is respectable.

  19. There was music in her voice--as it gave utterance to the thoughts of her pure, artless mind to which I liked to listen.

  20. I am willing to be married the very day your sister comes," said she, adding in her artless manner, "I shall wait with great impatience until I have seen her.

  21. She was artless and confiding; so much so, that I felt certain she would tell me all that had taken place, since that painful parting on the banks of the Yarra Yarra.

  22. The artless innocence of these observations, proved the purity of the mind from which they could emanate.

  23. It is the "Artless Thing," and nothing less, and he whistles it deliberately and dreamily from start to finish.

  24. Emily dried her tears when she heard of the candid confession of Valancourt; and, though the circumstances it discovered were afflicting to her hopes, his artless conduct gave her a degree of pleasure, that overcame every other emotion.

  25. His rude artless mind Uncultivated as the soil, he joins The dreadful harmony of howling wolves, And the fierce lion's roar; while far away Th' affrighted traveller retires and trembles.

  26. Such is the fate of artless maid, Sweet flow'ret of the rural shade!

  27. He drew from his young and artless guide the secrets of his heart.

  28. And can one, with a little plaintive noise, Bring it again that is so far away-- The artless paradise of stealthy joys?

  29. Back into the tutor's head, in fact, the artless questionings of another had popped with arresting force: "Is this where you teach every afternoon?

  30. He was an artless moralist, as is clearly demonstrated by his anniversaries being celebrated with marked emphasis by the heirs of the French Revolution, which was not a political movement at all, but a great outburst of morality.

  31. The two girls walked on with locked arms, and each was possessed with that wholly artless and ignorant passion often seen between two young girls.

  32. With this crowning triumph of her last artless plot the smile on the little white face brightened forever into unearthly sweetness.

  33. She knew from long experience how easy it was to deceive Miss Judy, the most innocent and artless of mistresses.

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