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  1. A laugh followed this description of the lighthouse which all the old salts knew.

  2. But soon there was no more time for jokes or laughter, stern reality claimed all their attention.

  3. The other girls all laughed, and each gave her own name, pointing each to her own face to indicate that this meant herself.

  4. I am wanted on deck to see about twenty things all at once.

  5. She consulted him as to the garden, which she was anxious to make very beautiful, and how to grow the plants which she admired most, and which were all new to her experience.

  6. Oh," she resumed, breaking down all at once into sorrow, "if the good soldiers are only in time to save my Moung Yabe from those beloos!

  7. Tis fine and cool after all the heat and pother to-day.

  8. The dacoits had been sent to Rangoon for trial, and were all hanged eventually, many crimes being traced to their score.

  9. Zemmed as ef all thought wor beat out of uz.

  10. He knew that he must make his way northward but there all his knowledge ceased.

  11. It must be really something with all the gear to control those projectiles when they're released.

  12. Gradually the huge store of cases and boxes outside the hangar had been moved inside, with all but a few of the smaller ones remaining outside.

  13. You see that all the firing chambers are properly loaded.

  14. I'm afraid I don't have the strength to withstand all this excitement," he said.

  15. And thank the lucky spaceman's stars that you're all right.

  16. The blow to the mid-section had taken all the fight out of him.

  17. There was one thing they all had in common, one thing that overshadowed all personal differences.

  18. With troubled eyes he watched all four rocket tubes in operation, unable to understand the difference between these tubes and the standard makes.

  19. Now get out of here before we're all logged.

  20. He really slipped one over on Benjy Edwards all right," muttered Strong, his voice tinged with pride.

  21. What about all the things that have happened to me and to Roger and Astro?

  22. After fifteen minutes and a complete trip around the ship, the major was satisfied that all was in readiness.

  23. They realized that nothing really serious had been done, or the boys would have been sent to the prison asteroid, where all true criminals were sent.

  24. Shaking hands all around and wishing them well, Devers left the office.

  25. It took all their strength to break the viselike hold the giant Venusian had on the other cadet, but slowly they pulled the muscular arms back and McAvoy slumped to the grass.

  26. Illustration] They talked for nearly four hours before Alfie was finally satisfied that he knew all the facts.

  27. It wears almost all sorts of Dresses to engage the Fancy, and fasten upon the Memory, and keep up the Charm from Languishing.

  28. This Mercury has the same ill Usage with the Poets Knaves, Informers, and Lewd Women; From all this stuff put together, his meaning is pretty plain, viz.

  29. For there Dauphine confesses himself in Love with all the Collegiate Lady's.

  30. To the Blind all Colours are alike, and Rudeness, and Raillery are the same thing!

  31. By his favour, all Imitations tho' never so well Counterfeited are not proper for the Stage.

  32. And all this Misbehaviour comes from him in his own shape, and in the sublimity of his Character.

  33. How they attack Religion under every Form, and pursue the Priesthood through all the Subdivisions of Opinion.

  34. To these I might add Rhamnes, Asylas, and Tolumnius, who were all Persons of Condition, and had Considerable Posts in the Army.

  35. Bacchus and Hercules in his Ranae are forced to talk Smut and rally like Link-boys, and do almost all the Tricks of Bartholomew-Fair.

  36. You see Madam (says Lorenzo)[201] 'tis Interest governs all the World.

  37. At length, after a prolonged and heroic resistance, when all means of defence were gone, and the city must have been utterly destroyed, it surrendered.

  38. I have conversed with men of standing and influence in Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, and Edinburgh--men not at all likely to be carried away by any sudden fanaticism.

  39. As we were determined to see everything, we mounted all the winding stone steps in the tower, from which the keeper pointed out to us the very spot where our Saviour appeared to the Bienheureuse, as he called her.

  40. Two of the Bishops are now in prison for having excommunicated by wholesale all the Freemasons of the country, without asking the consent of the government to the issue of such a sweeping decree.

  41. When evening comes on, all Hamburg flocks to the "Alster-dam.

  42. The Pope also calls this ordination 'a vile and despicable deed,' and warns all good Catholics not to have any intercourse with the perpetrators of it, but to pray without ceasing that God may turn their hearts.

  43. Within all is greenness and fertility; without all is want and misery.

  44. But these oases of fertility are not for the people; they all belong to great estates--chiefly to the Earl of Kenmare and a Mr. Herbert, who is a Member of Parliament.

  45. This is the Orchard Oriole, and he is among the gayest of the gay of all this merry throng.

  46. The mustangs of Paraguay, although domestic Horses, vary little from the conditions of the wild Horses of the pampas, as they are much neglected, live out of doors all the year around and really degenerate for want of care.

  47. While all Horses are not well treated, yet no animal is so respected and loved by man and no other animal has become so close a companion.

  48. As the grass is invariably used while fresh and green, the nest is of a more or less green hue at all times, and consequently difficult to detect among the thick foliage.

  49. My song consists of all the notes That flow from feathered songsters' throats; My heart is thrilled with all their pain, Their sorrow, love, and joy again.

  50. Theise men ben the beste worchers of Gold, Sylver, Cottoun, Sylk and of all such things of any other, that be in the World.

  51. Who first beholds the light of day In spring's sweet flowery month of May, And wears an emerald all her life, Shall be a loved and happy wife.

  52. It would be a tedious and difficult task to describe, or even enumerate, all of the uses to which it is put.

  53. It is common along our waysides and with its erect form and long spikes of blue flowers would be quite attractive could the flowers all mature at the same time.

  54. It is then passed through a scutching, willowing or cleaning machine, where all impurities and undesirable foreign particles are removed.

  55. The South American wild Horses, called "the wild Horse of the Pampas," were all descended from a few domesticated Horses left in the town of Buenos Ayres, which was abandoned some time after the year 1535.

  56. Let us go back to the beach and stroll along the shell road, which parallels the shore all the way from Gulfport to Biloxi.

  57. And ever since that fleecy cloud received Him out of sight He has been drawing men of all the world.

  58. It absorbs all one's strength and thought.

  59. The vastness of the numbers there, the utter ignorance, the smallness of their chance of getting any of the knowledge and uplift of the Gospel, all go to spell out that word "greatest.

  60. His coming is to be the beginning of the Kingdom period, when all peoples will be loyal to Him.

  61. By concentrating all in one act He would generate and set off a dynamic power on Calvary that would shake and then shape a world.

  62. True love has two marked traits: it is always plain-spoken in telling all the truth when it should be known; and it is always reverential.

  63. There are practically almost as many in what is reckoned Chinese territory as in all Christian lands.

  64. It was the Master's plan that His Church should speak all the languages of the earth then and now and always, as well as the language of heaven, the language of love.

  65. They bear the golden vials, And the golden harps of praise, Through all the daily trials, Through all the dusty ways.

  66. Those two things came with all the tender emphasis of a last message.

  67. But now the day is all too young, The Dawn and I are playmates still.

  68. Changeless are the Gods--and bred All their wrath divine in him!

  69. Republic's said Saints, angels, nobles, all are dead.

  70. Jest cast your eye on that thar hill The sugar bush just tetches, And round by Miller Jackson's mill, All round the farm stretches.

  71. To the Goddess Lada prayed Gisli, holding high his spear Bound with buds of spring, and laughed All his heart to Lada's ear.

  72. Deely she wrung her pooty hands, She felt her heart a-turnin' Es poor es milk when all the cream Is taken off fur churnin'.

  73. To the Love-queen Gisli prayed, She with loom and beam and spell, All the subtle fires of earth Wove, and wove them strong and well.

  74. The hours, brimful of frolic and merriment, passed all too quickly for the happy children, and at eight o'clock they gathered in the dining-room for the early supper.

  75. Mr. Brown took a pocket Bible from his coat and read the following passages: "Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.

  76. Mattie," asked Melie, as she munched away at her crust; "do all mammies get drunk like ourn?

  77. Do let me beg you to take all the care of yourself that you can.

  78. Like all children, I was readily influenced by others, and as most of the little folks who attended signed the pledge, I did the same.

  79. Ah, John, you know I did it all for your sake, dear," whispered the happy wife.

  80. She must work now until all strength failed, for Richard's money ceased altogether, and the children were wholly dependent upon her exertions.

  81. And while they were going, some of the watch came into the city and told the chief priests all that had been done; how an angel had come down and rolled away the stone from the tomb.

  82. Then Mary took a pound of very sweet-scented ointment, that cost a great deal of money, and she put it on the feet of Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair, and the scent went all over the house.

  83. And Jesus said to His disciples, "This poor widow has cast in more than they all, for the rich men could spare all they gave, but she has given to God all the living she had.

  84. The priests and scribes then said all manner of false things about Jesus; but He did not speak or answer at all.

  85. He did not know how true his words were, for Jesus meant to die to save all men.

  86. And when he had spent all he had, great want came on that land; there was very little food, and bread was very dear.

  87. And the shepherds praised God, and told the people all that they had seen and heard.

  88. He went up on a mount and told them about God, and made all the sick ones well.

  89. They were all weeping, and Our Lord had such pity for their grief, that He too shed tears.

  90. His friends were most of them Publicans like himself, and not all good men; but Jesus and His disciples sat down and ate with them.

  91. This was the first miracle--that is, wonderful thing--that Our Lord did before all the people.

  92. And the lawyer said, "The law tells me that I must love the Lord my God with all my heart, and with all my soul, and with all my strength, and my neighbour as myself.

  93. During the early part of the last century, as has been remarked, almost all the towns of England were on the water (in the navy.

  94. Its life appears to be all enjoyment, so busy and so pleased.

  95. Like all their subjects, in the hurry of fear and the suddenness of the alarm, they had come out of their dwellings half dressed, the head and legs, and the upper part of their persons, being entirely exposed.

  96. The women would draw their swords, and hunt and stab them all about the West end, till Brompton and Bayswater would be choked with slain.

  97. They must make all we want, fight all our enemies, and even get up a Queen for us when necessary; for the sovereigns of the hive are often of singular origin, being manufactured!

  98. The bee-massacre takes place in July; when accordingly all our nobility and gentry would be out of town, with a vengeance!

  99. But Voltaire, with all his popularity, has left impressed on literature scarcely any distinguishable traces of his power.

  100. They had formed themselves into a large treble circle, and continued running round with amazing velocity, crying, shouting, and groaning with all their might.

  101. This naturally leads us to inquire, whether we could not frame all our systems of life after the same fashion.

  102. Imprimis, all our working people would be females, wearing swords, never marrying, and occasionally making queens.

  103. They tossed and flung their heads about, twisted their bodies into all manner of contortions, jumped into the air, stamped with their feet on the ground, and flourished their hands above their heads.

  104. On the Metropolitan Elevated railroad of New York, at 53d street, there is one of these junctions, where, all day long, trains are crossing at grade at the rate of some twenty miles an hour.

  105. The complicated and unceasing train movement depends upon many thousand employés, all of whom make mistakes or assume risks sometimes;--and did they not do so they would be either more or less than men.

  106. Again all except the last car, passed over the fracture in safety; this was snapped, as it were, off the track and over the embankment.

  107. Here are a multiplicity of tracks all connected with each other, and cars and locomotives are being passed from one to another from morning to night.

  108. The company, however, treated it with a superb disregard, all the more contemptuous because veiled in language of deferential civility.

  109. At all hours of the day and of the night, during every season of the year, this movement is going on.

  110. This application of power, though unquestionably ingenious and, like all good things, most simple and obvious when once pointed out, was originally open to one great objection, which was persistently and with great force urged against it.

  111. On all hands railroad accidents seem to be systematically encouraged, and the wonder is that the list of casualties is not larger.

  112. France had at best been laggard enough in its adoption of the new invention, and now it seemed for a time as if the Versailles disaster was to operate as a barrier in the way of all further railroad development.

  113. At first, on almost all roads, trains follow each other at such great intervals that no precaution at all, other than flags and lanterns, are found necessary.

  114. The tall, beautiful and accomplished daughter of the Cables was worshipped by her father with all the warmth and ardour of his soul.

  115. The thought dismissed all pleasantry from his mind.

  116. Elias Droom was busy directing the labours of two able-bodied men and a charwoman, all of whom were toiling as they had never toiled before.

  117. One night Cable read the news of the wreck with all the joy gone from his heart.

  118. Immaculately dressed, ever straight and aggressive in carriage, he soon became a figure of whom all eyes took notice, even in the most crowded of Chicago thoroughfares.

  119. His wife's manner convinced him that all was not well with her.

  120. Scandal, he knew, could undo all that ambition and pride had wrought.

  121. The man was beyond all human help; the grip of death was already upon his heart.

  122. You would renounce all else in the world for her sake?

  123. I am willing to pay all that I have to keep it from Graydon and Jane.

  124. And this was the father of the man whom she was to marry, the one whom she loved with all her heart and soul!

  125. I fancy she can hike all right," said Graydon.

  126. Oh, I've gone over all of it, and I am convinced.

  127. To Bansemer, it seemed that all his life he had been doing nothing but warding off and ring blows.

  128. And please, before we get any farther, forget all that business about how the Internet's copying model is more disruptive than the technologies that proceeded it.

  129. Once you invent the printing press, all the books that are better-suited to movable type migrate into that new form.

  130. And, as we all know, when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

  131. The thing is, when all you've got is monks, every book takes on the character of a monkish Bible.

  132. Well, then he found, all of a sudden, that there was something more--everything more.

  133. I see you towering above all your fellow humans; reaching up into a heaven so far above them that they don't even know of its existence.

  134. I'm glad I've got a sober old foreman--that's all that keeps the business going.

  135. She felt a tremendous desire to tell Grant all about it.

  136. Transley galloped all that night into the foothills; when he returned next evening he had a contract with the Y.

  137. In all his undertakings he coveted no reward for himself; he was seeking only the common good.

  138. Require every man to give service according to his returns and you automatically eliminate all profiteers, large and small.

  139. But there was a different story from all that, which each one of them could have told for himself.

  140. Superficial persons in these days are drawing pictures of the failure of Christianity, which has failed in part; but they could find a much more depressing subject by painting a world from which all Christian idealism had been removed.

  141. It was evidently her plan to see the hatchet buried and friendly relations established all around.

  142. But Beranger is a very difficult author to turn into English, and we believe all who have hitherto essayed this labor have found his spirit too evanescent for their art.

  143. Have you learned all this, and are you not a wiser and a better man?

  144. In confidential communication with Dublin Castle, all known there touching the intended movements of the disaffected was not concealed from him.

  145. Thou knowest that all my fortunes are at sea; Nor have I money or commodity, To raise a present sum.

  146. One morning, after stopping all night at this pleasant house, I was getting up to breakfast, when I heard the noise of a little boy having his face washed.

  147. This was always done to water their keel, to use a nautical phrase; for this water freezing they glided along all the faster.

  148. We all sally out together, and walk for an hour or two, either in the environs of the city, or along their mural terrace, overlooking the blue waters of the Mediterranean, closing our promenade at length upon the crowded and animated Rambla.

  149. About midnight all were awoke by a sense of oppression and stifling heat.

  150. Resolve it into its elemental feelings, and it will be found that all these are possessed in some degree by lower animals.

  151. When you have sifted all the learned sermons ever preached, you will find very little good grain.

  152. And why, if it was right to thank God for saving Thomas Cooper, would it be wrong to curse him for smashing all the rest?

  153. If there is a heaven, we dare say it will hold all honest men.

  154. We repeat that all the Archbishop's objections to Progress, based on the moral defects of men, apply with tenfold force against Religion, which has practically had the whole field to itself.

  155. We must take all responsibility, and we should also take the power.

  156. Let him and all his tribe listen to these words of Ruskin's:-- "Your honesty is not to be based either on religion or policy.

  157. We were all fearfully and wonderfully made, and the less the mystery was looked into the better.

  158. Such an absurdity could be related and credited only by people who conceived of the sky as a solid vault, not far distant, wherein all the heavenly bodies were stuck.

  159. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "all" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    acme; aggregate; all; altogether; any; apogee; aside; assemblage; bodily; ceiling; climax; collectively; complement; complete; comprehensive; cosmos; creation; crown; each; end; entire; entirely; entirety; everybody; everyone; everything; exactly; exhaustive; extreme; extremity; gross; inclusive; integral; integrated; just; limit; lot; macrocosm; maximum; nature; omnibus; one; outright; package; peak; per; pinnacle; plenum; purely; quite; stick; sum; summit; system; tale; top; total; totality; totally; tote; universal; utmost; whole; wholesome; wholly; world

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    all cases; all his; all such; all that; all the; allegorical interpretation; alliance with; allied forms; allied species; alliterative verse; allow him; allow himself; allow myself; allow the; allow them; allow themselves; allowed himself; allowed myself; allowed them; allowing the; allowing them; alluvial deposits; alluvial gold; alluvial soil