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Example sentences for "hike"

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hija; hijas; hijo; hijos; hijs; hiked; hiker; hikers; hikes; hiki
  1. On every hike or tramp carry a wide-mouthed bottle for specimens and a piece of rubber cloth in which to bring home water plants.

  2. Camp Lamp A very convenient lamp to use on a hike is the Baldwin Camp Lamp made by John Simmons Co.

  3. Around the council-fire that evening sat the entire troop, for the leader of the signal corps was to be elected, after the reports of the hike had been read.

  4. They dragged him out into the kitchen after the Sunday morning work was done and asked him if he would go with them for a hike up along the brook to a natural bridge that they could see from their door-yard.

  5. Then, swinging the knapsack which she always carried when on a mountain hike from her back, she took out her emergency kit.

  6. That means a hike to make him get strong, constitootional does.

  7. From here, one may make a strenuous hike over a primitive trail about 1-1/2 miles long to beautiful Tower Arch (fig.

  8. Others, particularly avid shutterbugs and those with camping gear, profitably spend from several days to a week or more and hike all or most of the trails.

  9. An interesting hike is best made from south to north in a downhill direction, and hikers generally meet the cars of relatives or friends awaiting them at the northern parking area.

  10. For these reasons, many visitors hike only as far as Landscape Arch.

  11. Visitors who do not wish to make the hike may get a distant view of Delicate Arch by driving to a parking area (stop 18) 1.

  12. Loretta pried herself away from the third Waffle in order to hike to the corner and jack up Mr. Grocer about the Kindling Wood that he had sent them for Celery.

  13. Encouraged by these heart-felt Encomiums, he would hike back to the Study, shoot himself in the Arm with a hypothetical Needle, and once more begin picking Grapes in Arcady.

  14. I daresay we'll have more of them with her Walbertship before we receive our diplomas and hike for Sanford.

  15. Like a good soldier she marched on toward the end of her hike through the Country of College, face front, steps firm and steady.

  16. Scout McNulty has a 'phone in his house, and I'll send him around to notify the others to-morrow morning that the hike is off.

  17. Then we'll all take a short hike and show Muldoon how real woodmen can have a hot meal when there is three feet of snow in the woods.

  18. So, not without sincere regret, it must be admitted, they got their duffle together preparatory to an early start the next morning for the fifteen mile hike to Jim's headquarters.

  19. It would give them a new experience for which they were eager, and at the same time eliminate the long hike back to Lower Chain.

  20. We've got another long hike to-morrow, and we want to be in shape to do it.

  21. He and Harrison, whom you all know, are going with us on the hike this afternoon, and if you chaps feel as I do about it you know that we are the luckiest patrol in New York City.

  22. We only came down here to get you fellows, and then these gentlemen want to hike back there to make the capture.

  23. Say, can't you hike down to the boathouse and meet us there?

  24. They have got the start on us and when they see us coming it will make them hike all the faster.

  25. We will stop long enough to say howdy to 'em, leave our gold or most of it aboard ship and then hike for home.

  26. She read the list at the Scout meeting on the Friday evening preceeding the final hike and picnic with the Boy Scouts.

  27. We shall probably go for a hike Saturday a week, if it is clear, and then we are going to study definitely for our first-class test.

  28. But we shall have a hike every Saturday night during April to study and practice the different requirements.

  29. John; and a minute description of the hike and the test followed.

  30. We are going to hike to Princeton next Saturday," she wrote, "and perhaps go through the college.

  31. This hike of one hundred miles, with provisions and equipment on his back, was a tremendous journey in itself.

  32. He was wearied and stiff in his joints after the hard overland hike with a heavy pack on his back, and looking forward to rest and a good meal, he went directly to the home of a mission clergyman living in the little village.

  33. When you find it hike back an' ask Matty.

  34. A good plan was to hike through the alley and come up on the south side of the bank building, where, hidden by a convenient pillar, he would be able to hear what was going on without being seen.

  35. We all get on little old bike an' hike along sudden, we do.

  36. He said the other was going to hike here.

  37. And anyway it's good you had your fourteen mile hike to-day because now you can let Mr. Ellsworth and the local council know and he can go over the ground Sunday.

  38. He wore the full scout regalia, including all sundries and accessories, and the sight of him as he came trudging up carried the others back to that day when they had taken their memorable hike to Woodcliff.

  39. Roy Blakeley's Bee-Line Hike The boys resolve to hike in a bee-line to a given point, some miles distant, and have a lively time doing it.

  40. Some day soon I'm going to hike to Woodcliff and see that girl and find out what that soldier's name is and I'm going to send the letter to his mother.

  41. But they both noticed that during the rest of their hike Warde was watchful and preoccupied, occasionally jotting something down but oftener storing it in his clear, fine memory.

  42. After a hike of about eight miles, part way across country and part way along roads, the three scouts reached the beautiful Woodcliff Lake which lies in a northwesterly direction from the old camp.

  43. In the mid-afternoon they started on their hike back to Bridgeboro, a cheerless group.

  44. Let's hike back through Westwood and get something to eat there.

  45. Can you hike home with your ankle like that?

  46. I reckon it'll begin to-night from the looks and we'll hike for Key West to-morrow.

  47. We've got to hike out of here, and keep moving, too.

  48. We have had all we want of that kind of country, Captain, so we'll hike out of here at daylight and get to Madeira Hammock quick as you can find the way.

  49. If we were to spill what we've got in that canoe we would have to hike in a hurry, back to the Glades or some other place where we knew there was fresh water.

  50. Alec can see about the hike tomorrow; making camp up there near the Pastor farm; and even starting in at the hay-cutting if we're not back in time.

  51. Perhaps something's happened to keep him from joining the bunch when we start on our hike tomorrow for that camp up near the Pastor farm?

  52. On the northern side one may motor, ride horseback, and hike in comfort, while on the southern side, screened from the sun by the towering cliffs, all the popular winter sports prevail.

  53. Each week a naturalist leads a party on a 7-day hike into the spectacular high mountain region of the park, starting from Happy Isles at 7:30 o’clock each Monday morning.

  54. We've been on the hike all of three hours and perhaps nearer four.

  55. But to go on, by spring I would have my boat loaded with valuable furs and when the ice went out, I would make Nome and hike back for the States with the satisfaction of knowing that I had cleaned up a few thousand dollars on the trip.

  56. Our men, instead of marching up the roads in artillery formation, would in the daytime hike across the fields in groups of two or three, usually trying to avoid battery positions.

  57. It was always a great relief when he finally exploded these delayed mines, and after investigating matters we would immediately hike along to a near-by dugout and celebrate.

  58. It was a hard hike through the mud and about the shell holes.

  59. When a chap falls in love with a girl's hat at a summer resort, what he ought to do is to hike back to town on the first train he can catch--and go find the milliner who made the hat!

  60. A chap would have to hike back a good deal farther than 'town' these days to find a girl that was worth hiking back for!

  61. Probably Perry had to hike or face a whole lot of trouble.

  62. If your machine isn't busted, you hike right along, and maybe you'll beat the other chap yet.

  63. If you've got those location blanks, Chub, you and Matt'd better hike right on and help your father out of his difficulty before it gets any worse.

  64. I'll git out ole Lucretia Borgia an' hike fer the mountings immediate.

  65. They rushed off after you, and all I had to do was to hike out.

  66. Tad Butler came forward, taking a hearty interest in all their preparations for this hike in the saddle.

  67. We shall get an early start in the morning and make a good bit of a hike tomorrow, and we'll be in the woods some time tomorrow.

  68. Tad slipped off the rope that he had bound about his waist before starting out on the hike that morning.

  69. I played my own blacksmith while you were on your hike this morning.

  70. I was going to propose a hike downhill in the opposite direction from the one we took yesterday," said the Captain.

  71. Well, would the Court adjudge a good hike to be useful?

  72. Taking a boat through a jungle," declared Nara, "is just like going for a hike in the woods.

  73. Biff enjoyed the carefree, late-afternoon hike through the vast green vault of the jungle, particularly with Kamuka, who was quick to spot all forms of wild life.

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