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Example sentences for "good deal"

  • She'll have to alter a good deal," answered Mrs. Medlock.

  • As they had a good deal of weeding to do after the rains they fell to work.

  • Shut in and morbid as his life had been, Colin had more imagination than she had and at least he had spent a good deal of time looking at wonderful books and pictures.

  • Yes, I bicycle a good deal, Mr. Holmes, and that has something to do with my visit to you to-day.

  • In this early stage I want you to realize those geographical features which may have a good deal to do with our investigation.

  • I have to thank you for a good deal," said he.

  • I pay a good deal of attention to matters of detail, as you may have observed, and I had examined the hall and was sure that the wall was clear.

  • It's almost two hundred and fifty; and I'll get a good deal out of the sale.

  • They "kept company" a good deal; Marcus took dinner with the Sieppes every Saturday evening at their home at B Street station, across the bay, and Sunday afternoons he and the family usually made little excursions into the suburbs.

  • The face was unduly thin, perhaps, but this, and the wistful glance of the large grey eyes in repose, made up an effect that Thorpe found touched him a good deal.

  • I dare say there's a good deal in what you say," the other admitted, gently enough, but without contrition.

  • The road along which they sped seemed, in the gathering dusk, uncomfortably narrow, and he speculated a good deal as to how frightened the two mutes behind him must be.

  • He spent a good deal of money in dinners and suppers in their honour, after they had let him understand that this form of propitiation was not unpleasant to them.

  • I may make it a good deal more; I don't know yet.

  • We had known each other years and years, and in spite of our differences we had a good deal in common.

  • A good deal of music went with it, with posture dancing and, sometimes, gravely beautiful processional performances.

  • But now we were swept along at an easy rate of some thirty miles an hour and covered quite a good deal of ground.

  • But the woods are fine, and there is a stream, which, I dare say, might be made a good deal of.

  • The old lady relieves the high-flown benevolence of her husband with a good deal of spirit.

  • At Oxford I have been a good deal used to have a man lean on me for the length of a street, and you are only a fly in the comparison.

  • You would certainly seem to have seen, these twenty-four hours, a good deal more of it than for some time before.

  • His eyebrows are, somehow, darker; they look particularly arched and as if they might move a good deal.

  • As to my reasons for wanting to help you, a good deal depends on the words one uses to define rather indefinite things.

  • It was worth a good deal to watch that fight between her instinct and her intelligence, and know one's self the object of the struggle.

  • She boasted of her old-fashioned prejudices, talked a good deal of being a grandmother, and made a show of reaching up to tap Owen's shoulder, though his height was little more than hers.

  • There had been, however, a good deal of other evidence available before 1876, which, had it been collated and seriously studied, might have discounted the sensation that the discovery of the citadel graves eventually made.

  • Achin literature, unlike the language, is entirely Malay; it includes poetry, a good deal of theology and several chronicles.

  • I've been practicing a good deal lately, and it's beginning to be easier than it used to be.

  • You can get a good deal out of her as she grows older.

  • He had left the children crying bitterly, and felt he would risk a good deal for a few crumbs, so he cautiously dropped upon his feet.

  • She might be trusted to be equal to teaching a good deal in the course of a few years.

  • I will get a good deal out of her before she grows older!

  • It has been my fate to live a good deal on both sides of the Channel, and nothing is more amusing than to hear the absurdities that are gravely asserted by each of their neighbors.

  • It seems to me," she said at length, "that you spend a good deal of your time in the element you disapprove of.

  • On the doorstep he stood still, remembering a phrase of Lily's: "It seems to me you spend a good deal of time in the element you disapprove of.

  • I think diamonds would comfort a person for a good deal.

  • I feel that I have a good deal to bear up under.

  • They had a good deal to worry them, you know.

  • I imagine a good deal, and that helps to pass the time.

  • To be sure, the long lane made it a good deal further.

  • He felt that he had lived at Geneva so long that he had lost a good deal; he had become dishabituated to the American tone.

  • He had been a little afraid that she would talk loud, laugh overmuch, and even, perhaps, desire to move about the boat a good deal.

  • Winterbourne had a good deal of pathological gossip with Dr.

  • When she comes to a party she brings with her a gentleman with a good deal of manner and a wonderful mustache.

  • Were they all like that, the pretty girls who had a good deal of gentlemen's society?

  • It was a good deal in pique, it was a little in revenge, it was much in genuine admiration: the devil may decide the proportions!

  • First of all, I cannot acquit you of a good deal of what is called intolerance.

  • They knew nothing of Sherlock Holmes in those days, but there was a good deal said of Talleyrand.

  • He had given away a great deal to poorer kindred; he had paid his dead father's debts; he had played away a good deal, and he had lost the rest.

  • Occasionally he would play poker with us and sometimes he drank a good deal, but liquor never loosed his tongue.

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