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Example sentences for "great deal"

  • After a great deal of hard work, for the Lion was heavy, they managed to get him up on the truck.

  • So he painted my right eye, and as soon as it was finished I found myself looking at him and at everything around me with a great deal of curiosity, for this was my first glimpse of the world.

  • Then, with a great deal of chattering and noise, the Winged Monkeys flew away to the place where Dorothy and her friends were walking.

  • And yet I have heard that there is a great deal of wine drunk in Oxford.

  • The air of a gentlewoman, a great deal of quiet, inactive good temper, and a trifling turn of mind were all that could account for her being the choice of a sensible, intelligent man like Mr. Allen.

  • Now, if he'd taken more, it would have mattered a great deal.

  • Her cheeks had lost a great deal of their healthful fire from the very seriousness of her position; but her eye was bright with the excitement of a triumph--though it was a triumph which had rather been contemplated than desired.

  • There are occasions when girls like Bathsheba will put up with a great deal of unconventional behaviour.

  • In the same way, to say a little is often to tell more than to say a great deal.

  • No one can calculate the turns of mood in convalescence: but Father Brown's depression must have had a great deal to do with his mere unfamiliarity with the sea.

  • Some of the planks and beams were of good, seasoned oak; some of such wood cut raw and recent; some again of white pinewood, and a great deal more of the same sort of wood painted black with tar.

  • Anyhow," said Usher, "Last-Trick Todd counts for a great deal in this rum affair.

  • They were soulless creatures, but they loved the mean lives they gave up so bravely for you whose father was the author of their misery--you owe a great deal to them, Virginia.

  • But there seems to have been a very happy side to it--a great deal of love and many friends, all more or less poor, but artistic and congenial and high-thinking.

  • But despite everything, we have a great deal of energy left, and we are getting to that point of nerves where we want to punch one another.

  • We think that this barrack life, with its constant movement and stir, is too exciting, and we have decided that the best plan will be to board her out in a private family, where she will receive a great deal of individual attention.

  • Although the breeze had now utterly ceased, we had made a great deal of way during the night and were now lying becalmed about half a mile to the south-east of the low eastern coast.

  • Long John told the story from first to last, with a great deal of spirit and the most perfect truth.

  • I was dead tired, as you may fancy; and when I got to sleep, which was not till after a great deal of tossing, I slept like a log of wood.

  • A great deal of blood was taken before the captain opened his eyes and looked mistily about him.

  • Item: One errand boy troubled with a chronic sniffle, a shrill and piping whistle, and a great deal of shuffling foot-work.

  • At the far end of the long, dim hallway Charlie, the janitor, was doing something to the floor with a mop and a great deal of sloppy water, whistling the while with a shrill abandon that had announced his presence to Mary Louise.

  • The man in the sailor suit threw back his head and laughed, displaying a great deal of hairy throat and chest.

  • Before I was sent abroad, Betteredge, you saw a great deal of me when I was a boy?

  • The parson himself (though I own this is saying a great deal) could hardly have lectured the girl in the state she was in now.

  • In the matter of the moss rose there is a great deal to be said on both sides!

  • There was a great deal more of the same sort, but too dreadfully conceited to be written down.

  • In the winter time the Rat slept a great deal, retiring early and rising late.

  • Ahmed was listening carefully, and so far what he heard was making a great deal of sense.

  • The Associated Press and other reputable media have, perhaps due to slow news weeks, focused a great deal of attention on this anticipated technological Arma- geddon.

  • He was making a great deal of money, ran his own show with the casualness of his former hippie days, yet could get on the road with Pierre any time he needed a break.

  • But one thing and another had made him think a great deal of Christminster lately, and, if she didn't mind, he would like to go back there.

  • He knew well, too well, in the secret centre of his brain, that Arabella was not worth a great deal as a specimen of womankind.

  • However, what I was going to say is that when I was eighteen I formed a friendly intimacy with an undergraduate at Christminster, and he taught me a great deal, and lent me books which I should never have got hold of otherwise.

  • She was briefly informed of the timber people's obstinacy; and then Giles could hear her telling the footman to direct the timber people to turn their horses' heads.

  • Could he have seen her write on the wall?

  • Rather surprised to find them break fence at this season, yet putting it down instantly to their great fondness for ivy in winter-time, of which a great deal grew in the plantation, he followed through the hedge.

  • Gabriel uttered "a little" in a tone to-show her that it was the complacent form of "a great deal.

  • But I am giving you a great deal of work.

  • In spite of this marriage, however, it was said that Charles Myriel created a great deal of talk.

  • He had lost a great deal of time at Hesdin.

  • In 1876 he established in New York City the Society for Ethical Culture, to the development and extension of which he devoted a great deal of time and energy, and before which he delivered a regular Sunday lecture.

  • Hartlib's Legacie contains, among some very judicious directions, a great deal of rash speculation.

  • He did a great deal to interest the less educated classes in the historical romances of their country, and his tales were invariably instructive, clean and manly.

  • There is a great deal of information on the various texts in H.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "great deal" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    great anxiety; great capital; great charge; great deal too much; great difficulty; great duke; great extent; great friend; great honour; great impression; great increase; great majority; great masses; great medicine; great occasions; great perfection; great promise; great proportion; great rejoicing; great social; great warrior; great woman; greater evil; greater quantity; greatest length; greatly mistaken