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whelms; whelp; whelpe; whelped; whelps; whenas; whence; whencesoever; whenever; wheniver
  1. When they were twenty feet from the guard, she closed her thin hand on his arm; her eyes swam with tears and she whispered, "There truly is a love potion.

  2. It's so sweet of you to come, Georgie," his mother said when George opened the door for her.

  3. George was lucky, in a way: he knew the truth about himself when he was seven, and he had time to adjust to it--to plan the role he had been acting for the past twelve years.

  4. George, being a boy, was allowed in the house only when his mother invited him, or when he was being shown off to a prospective bride.

  5. When the oil on his skin was dry, he lay down on his bunk to catch up on his required viewing until the duty bell called him to the house.

  6. Her voice, when she spoke, was filled with pity.

  7. As a consequence, he was very surprised when the house next door was raided.

  8. There was only one way he could figure it: it must have happened because his sisters gave him the first draft when he was seven.

  9. George found it almost impossible to hold back hilarious laughter when Jenny herself shyly pressed a capsule of the compound into his hand and asked him to use it.

  10. Wearing the stolen dress, which fit him like a tent, and an enormous hat to hide his face, George parked his sedan near the Directorate and entered the building when it opened at eight.

  11. It seemed unreasonable to believe a man could desert his wife, when first he had to break himself of addiction to the compound.

  12. When she and her mother left that evening, she held George's hand in hers and whispered earnestly, "So they were married and lived happily ever after.

  13. George's basic education began when he was assigned to his confinement room above the garage after his tenth birthday.

  14. His real father had died a natural death--from strain and overwork--when George was four.

  15. Turning away from the last glimpse of his Countess, Raikes crossed the bridge, and had not strolled far beneath the bare branches of one of the long green walks, when he perceived a gentleman with two ladies leaning on him.

  16. He took a great gulp of air for a tremendous burst of laughter, and when this was expended and reflection came, his features screwed, as if the acidest of flavours had ravished his palate.

  17. She loved him when she thought him guilty, which made her conceive that her love was of a diviner cast than Rose was capable of.

  18. Yet worse was it when his closed eyelids refused to conjure up the sorrowful lovely nightmare, and he lay like one in a trance, entombed-wretched Pagan!

  19. Say she was a little hypocrite, if you like, when the blood came to her cheeks under his eyes.

  20. She had been about to confide to him her young mistress's position toward Lord Laxley, when his sharp interrogation stopped her.

  21. He took her hand gently, and when he quitted it, it dropped.

  22. But the Duke, as a Director, had as strong a right to claim me as his servant, and when he questioned me as to the position of the Company, I told him what I thought, just as I had told you.

  23. Nor when Franko started from his arm to declaim a passage, did he do other than make limp efforts to unite himself to Franko again.

  24. Gad, he looked blanker than his bill when he heard of us two bankrupt.

  25. Mrs. Mel, when she had mixed Old Tom's third glass, wished the brothers good night, and they were left to exchange what sentiments they thought proper for the occasion.

  26. But when his eyes discerned Rose behind them, the passions of his lower nature stood up armed.

  27. When I met him last, some seven or eight years ago, I happened to be with a member of the Jockey Club who knew something of the fellow.

  28. When even Captain Hampton was willing enough to believe me guilty, what can I expect from others?

  29. I used to think you so big and so tall when I was nine, and you were double that age, and during the next three years, when you had joined your regiment and only came down occasionally to us, you had become quite an imposing personage.

  30. He scarcely noticed where he was going, and was almost surprised when he found himself in Jermyn Street.

  31. If the scoundrel had been bribed into silence now, he would be all the more certain to recommence his persecution later on, and after having once met with and paid him for his silence how could she refuse to do so when another demand was made?

  32. I had got to know a good many queer ones when I was in the public line, and I chanced to drop across one of them, and when I met him one day he told me he could put me into an easy way of earning money if I liked, but it was risky.

  33. About four years after I came into the estates I was down in Lincolnshire at our place, when Truscott was taken ill, and I naturally went to see him.

  34. No one to scrub your floor; no one to help you when you are too drunk to find your bed," and then she laughs fit to make yer blood run cold.

  35. I wish you would go with me; I did Switzerland and Italy the last year before I went away, and I don't care about going there when every place is filled with a crowd.

  36. When we had thus housed and secured our magazine of corn, we fell to work to make more wicker-ware, viz.

  37. I soon found I had but a little passed by the place where I had been before, when I travelled on foot to that shore; so taking nothing out of my boat but my gun and umbrella, for it was exceedingly hot, I began my march.

  38. He had now got over his fright, and his spirits being a little raised with the dram I had given him, he was very cheerful, and told me, as before, he would die when I bid die.

  39. Immediately it occurred that these words were to me; why else should they be directed in such a manner, just at the moment when I was mourning over my condition, as one forsaken of God and man?

  40. When he came again to me, I entered into a long discourse with him upon the subject of the redemption of man by the Saviour of the world, and of the doctrine of the gospel preached from Heaven, viz.

  41. When this funeral procession is heard it cannot be seen.

  42. The son of a farmer on Drws Coed farm was one foggy day looking after his father's sheep, when crossing a marshy meadow he beheld a little lady behind some rising ground.

  43. Sometimes they are visible to the eyes of mortals for a brief space, when suddenly they vanish.

  44. When they called out after him, however, the answer came back: 'We are King Arthur and his kindred.

  45. This performance is kept up till twelve o'clock, when it ceases.

  46. When I took the treasure to throw it into the river, in my flurry I flung it up stream instead of down: and on this the spirit, with a savage look, tossed me into a whirlwind, and however I got back to my home I know not.

  47. There was a certain young Welshwoman who, about eighty years ago, performed this rhamanta, when who should come into the garden but her master!

  48. Another sort of contribution is the eatables and drinkables which are set before the guests; these are only repayable when required on a like occasion.

  49. The time occupied in this mysterious transportation and ghostly enterprise was three days and three nights; that is, from Friday night to Monday night; and when the voyager came home he could scarcely speak.

  50. Customs of promiscuous sleeping arose in the earliest times, out of the necessities of existence in those primitive days, when a whole household lay down together on a common bed of rushes strewn on the floor of the room.

  51. They said, however, that when the purloined spurs had been thrown into the river, a bright flame was seen to flash along the water.

  52. The poet Chatelard has been already mentioned as one of those who sailed in Mary's train, when she came from the continent.

  53. When the mist, at length, cleared away, they found their vessel in the midst of rocks, from which it required much skill and no little labour to get her clear.

  54. So early as the year 1559, when hunting in France, some part of her dress was caught by the bough of a tree, and she was cast off her horse when galloping at full speed.

  55. The chronicler of these nuptials is unable to conceal his rapture, when he describes the manner in which the palace had been prepared for their reception.

  56. Natural science has something to say when the phenomena of nature are in question.

  57. This fact acquires a peculiar importance when we proceed to consider the grounds for the conclusion that the old Palestinian mere attained its highest level in the cold period of the pleistocene epoch.

  58. When the storm is at its height, he exhibits them flying in a state of panic to Anu, the god of heaven, and crouching before his portal like frightened dogs.

  59. When Bel subsequently reproached him for this breach of confidence, Ea defended himself by declaring that he did not tell Hasisadra anything; he only sent him a dream.

  60. Happy day, happy day, When he will wash my sins away.

  61. But when he was nowabout coming below the city, and the steep wall, then did the father of men and gods sit him down on the crests of many-fountained Ida, from heaven descending, with the thunderbolt in his hands.

  62. So they went clean out of the delved foss, and sat down in the open, where the mid-space was clear of dead men fallen, where fierce Hector had turned again from destroying the Argives, when night covered all.

  63. Him found they sitting beside his hut and black ship; nor when he saw them was Achilles glad.

  64. But when I be once come amid the hollow ships, then be thought taken of consuming fire, that with fire I may burn the ships and slay the men.

  65. Nay, but even aforetime they trembled when they looked upon him; now therefore that his wrath for his friend is waxen terrible I fear me lest he overleap the bound of fate, and storm the wall.

  66. And when they saw her with their eyes, they sprang up and called to her every one to sit by him.

  67. And when the River Spirit asks concerning the fair Margaret, who had mingled her tears with his stream: "What shall be the maiden's fate?

  68. As a fee was probably charged for the registration, it was not likely to be asked for in all instances; and, no doubt, when it was asked for, many clergymen would consider it inconsistent with their duty to grant it.

  69. When was the name of Poet's Corner first attached to the south transept of Westminster Abbey?

  70. When ended was the dreadful roar, The elvish Dwarf was seen no more.

  71. When you press a watch or pull a clock, they answer your question with precision; for they repeat exactly the hour of the day, and tell you neither more nor less than you desire to know.

  72. Peace has occasionally received some foretaste of that day's glory; but only at times, when the sense of its value had been purchased by the horrors which accompany even the most glorious warfare.

  73. The Swiss regiments had their special "capitulations" until 1830, when they ceased to be employed in France.

  74. When Tim left old Mose's kitchen it was nearly time for the steamer to start on her regular trip, and the passengers were coming on board quite fast.

  75. When your exchange has been published, do not send another for some time.

  76. How can I," said Monday, "when I have all these clothes to wash and hang on the line.

  77. And the little girl felt very much ashamed of herself when she grew older and recollected it.

  78. I was comin' in all right, when the boat tipped up, an' I slid right along.

  79. And so I did, for I was just coming from the train when I saw you.

  80. Yes, dah's de float wot I tied to when I ketched dem big black-fish.

  81. In captivity this animal makes a very cunning and interesting pet, being easily tamed to follow his master, and when dainties are in view, becomes a most adroit pickpocket.

  82. One day when he felt sure of only one thing, and that was that he could not spell, he did what I am ashamed to tell you of.

  83. Now, Sunday, sing for us," said Saturday, when they had all finished and were lying about on the green grass.

  84. You must judge about this when circumstances arise, but of one thing you may be sure, that it is never right to evade, or alter, or color a statement.

  85. He saw Mr. Rankin near the kitchen, and was told by him that he could remain on deck until the Captain should ring his bell, when he would let him know of it.

  86. He was dressed now as he had been when he first took stock of himself outside the tall iron gate.

  87. Some day, when perhaps he wasn't thinking about it at all, it would suddenly leap out at him.

  88. Only the sound of the reader's voice and the crisp crackle of paper when he turned a page broke the quiet of the room.

  89. And then his thoughts reverted to Kenwick, and the days that now seemed almost like the unreal days of a dream, when he had first known him over at the fraternity-house in Berkeley.

  90. But you said, did you not, in the early part of your testimony, that the patient's personal possessions had been taken from him when he became incompetent?

  91. And when she smiled her face re-gained something of a former beauty.

  92. That wave of deafening depression which engulfs the human soul in the moments when it realizes its utter loneliness surged over him like a tidal wave.

  93. Yes, a little feature stuff when I was in college.

  94. Just when you're terribly in need of them, they fall sick or get absorbed in building a new house, or go to Argentina.

  95. And when he found his eyes were out, With all his might and main, He jumped into the bramble-bush And scratched them back again.

  96. He recalled the night when he had brought him home to dinner and introduced him to Marcreta and tried to make him show off for her like a trained puppy.

  97. It's an outrage to keep people waiting like this when they have an appointment for a definite hour.

  98. He remembered that Roger Kenwick had given it to his sister on that last night when he had come to bid her good-by.

  99. I don't know when I've had a sitting that has cost so much.

  100. The pain in his leg returned with almost overwhelming force when he attempted to walk, but a sharp-edged appetite impelled him to seek the pantry.

  101. Sooner or later we shall find one up which we can sail, and when that is no longer possible we must row or pole.

  102. No,' he says; `but you could get in a boat when it was dark and row away.

  103. I finished reloading my gun as I spoke, so as to be ready for emergencies, and turned to retrace our steps to the rocky descent to the stream, when Pete touched my arm.

  104. That's the way with birds, except when they have nests.

  105. But as I was going to say, after a night's rest when one wakes up it's always to begin another day's work!

  106. Capital," said my uncle; "but too much like stopping for months, when it is hardly likely we shall stay two weeks.

  107. Bill Cross made a set of new cases when he reached Port Royal for the careful packing of the skins in our glorious collection, and he and Pete parted from us with every sign of regret.

  108. When through their hunt they return to the Boise and Bruneau camp; they and the Boise and Bruneau are on the best of terms, all being more or less intermarried.

  109. Actually the hostiles were raiding along the Oregon Trail south of the Snake River, and it is probable that many of the peaceful Indians encountered also indulged in occasional attacks when in the neighborhood of the whites.

  110. When this was over at the end of August, preparations were made for the trip to the buffalo country.

  111. Councils might be held before the salmon season and the buffalo hunt or to plot strategy when on the buffalo hunt.

  112. If the passes were still open when the hunters reached the Divide, they went into winter quarters on the Snake River.

  113. It would be an understatement to say that it would tax the memory of any human being to ask exactly where and when his people hunted many years before he was born.

  114. The Eastern Shoshone apparently did not move west of the Tetons except when visiting the Shoshone and Bannock of Idaho.

  115. Camp groups could travel where they pleased and when they pleased.

  116. Food caches were maintained near camp, but they were generally resorted to only in the spring, when the dried food kept in the lodges was exhausted.

  117. The lugger was full-manned; for they were like bees swarming on her forecastle when we were dropping foul.

  118. Still, the idea ran counter to all his own notions and prejudices, he having been early taught to respect religion, even when he was most serving the devil.

  119. The court was now cleared; when it re-opened Vito Viti was sent for and properly sworn, his attention being particularly directed to the cross on the back of the book.

  120. As I had no taste for such amusements, and wanted to see mon cher Feu-Follet, Etooelle and I got into the yawl, and left them; intending to return and be hanged when we can find nothing better to do.

  121. In a few minutes the Terpsichore expressed a wish to speak the Proserpine, when Cuffe filled his main-topsail and hauled close upon a wind.

  122. Cuffe, when this new offence of Raoul's was explained to him.

  123. When he found himself almost as far ahead as was desirable, drags were used to keep the craft stationary, and in this manner she drifted down on her intended victim, as has been already described.

  124. When everything was ready, the twelve sweeps dropped into the water, as by a common instinct, and a powerful effort started the lugger ahead.

  125. Though an air of self-satisfaction gleamed in his face, when he alluded to his present personal appearance, for he well knew all his advantages in that way, in spite of the dress of a lazzarone.

  126. Will you please to eat a few, that when you go back to Inghilterra you may tell your countrymen how we poor Elbans live?

  127. When half the horizon's clouded and half free, Fluttering between the dim wave and the sky Is hope's last gleam in man's extremity.

  128. When Ithuel suggested the possibility of a night-attack in boats, he laughingly reminded the American that "the burnt child dreads the fire," and gave himself no great concern in the matter.

  129. There are periods in the lives of men, when a few kind words, backed by a friendly act or two, might save thousands of human beings from destruction.

  130. Then there was Emile, the eldest son, almost as hard and silent as his father; and even Gaspard had a trick of shutting his lips tightly together and frowning till his black brows met, when the talk was of the future or the past.

  131. He was thrust at with a lance when trying to defend Marie Rozel.

  132. The earth trembled and was still when God arose To help the meek upon the earth.

  133. And I know that in the land of light I shall see him and hear him, when these turmoils and troubles are past.

  134. But he was strangely moved when they told him of her sweetness, her womanly ways and words, of the help she had been to Madeleine, and of how she had faced the trial-storm along with the best and bravest.

  135. And much the same he wrote thirty years after, when he and Pastor Arnaud planned the Glorious Return.

  136. When I awoke from this trance, it was almost daybreak.

  137. I perceived we were to have a tete-a-tete of it, and I began to suspect the lassie knew so when she invited me.

  138. I succeeded at last, however, in throwing out so much earth, that when I measured the depth of the pit with my spade, I found the handle just on a level with the surface of the ground.

  139. The battle was fought and won, the party was triumphant, and I was just rejoicing in the successful termination of my hopes, when they were blasted by the sudden appointment of another to the very office which I considered my own.

  140. The first plan of bettering my fortune that I conceived, was to buy some chances in a lottery, which I thought an easy way of making money; as indeed it is, when a man can make any.

  141. The trade of mighty empires would sink into insignificance, when compared, in all their present magnitude, with what it would become one hundred years hence.

  142. Hitherto the matter has been considered entirely as relates to the practicability and probable expenditure to be incurred in carrying the Plan into effect, and the remuneration to be obtained from the Plan when completed.

  143. In a similar manner, the boats which are to run between Falmouth and the Cape of Good Hope could be divided; by which means, besides being always ready when wanted, they also would have more time to rest.

  144. Moreover, even if a passage this way was open for a period sufficient to enable the navigator to accomplish the voyage to either of the quarters alluded to, still it will appear, when the distances come (p.

  145. When the current is very rapid, it requires four or five days to reach Cruces.

  146. This was in the darkest period of the American Revolution, when Washington had a pitifully small army, and when the American treasury was empty.

  147. When the king felt established on his throne, he sent Talleyrand away; indeed, there was great pressure brought to bear for the dismissal by those who found the minister too moderate in his views.

  148. They did not represent manufacturing towns nor the shopkeepers, still less the people in their rugged toils,--ignorant even when they could read and write.

  149. Nor was his influence ever greater than when he supported Necker's proposal for a patriotic loan, a sort of income-tax, in a masterly speech which excited universal admiration.

  150. France and Spain, as seemed probable when the bequest of the Spanish throne was made to the Duc d'Anjou, grandson of Louis XIV.

  151. When Lafayette departed, on his return to France, he was laden with honors and with the lasting gratitude of the American people.

  152. Why should he have come at my pigeon, that you gave me, when there were so many others for him?

  153. When she woke she was so stiff and tired that she could hardly turn round; but when she did so, she saw the two mothers, her own and Harold’s, standing by the bedside.

  154. When he recovered himself life presented itself to him in a new aspect; it was evidently not all grubs and wire-worms.

  155. I do not care,” he said, “to notice unseemly interruptions at a moment when such painful thoughts have obtruded themselves on my mind.

  156. When he was taken out of the pocket, he found himself in a dark and grimy room, with hardly any furniture, no fireplace, and only one small window high up in the wall.

  157. He did not stay to look at the view, or to sit on the bridge and watch the water, or to admire the bluebells when he came to Truerne wood.

  158. When they reached the village, where the beach was crowded with eager faces, and lanterns were moving about here and there, he took her in his arms and carried her to her mother’s cottage.

  159. But he had not run many yards when he tripped first over a heavy body, and then over a tightened cord, and losing at once his balance and his senses, Mr. Weekes swooned outright.

  160. The Robin, when the Blackbird stopped, had instantly taken possession of the orator’s bough, a prominent one directly below that of the president.

  161. He reached Altorf, where he joined Lecourbe on the 29th, when Suwarow was already at Muotta, whence Massena found on his arrival he had again retired across the Bragelberg, through the Klonthal.

  162. Wurmser, when too late, made a sally, which was, consequently, useless.

  163. He became implicated in this affair and remained in confinement until 1836, when he was sentenced to fifteen years' further imprisonment.

  164. The peasantry gathered into troops and massacred the foreign soldiery when not in sufficient numbers to keep them in check.

  165. When the Rhenish provinces urged the fulfilment of this promise in the Coblentz address of 1817, the reply was, "Those who admonish the king are guilty of doubting the inviolability of his word.

  166. Austria, when preparing for war in 1809, could therefore confidently reckon upon a general rising in the Tyrol.

  167. Poniatowsky might have organized an insurrection to the rear of the allies, and would in that case have been far more dangerous to them than when ranged beneath the standard of Napoleon.

  168. This complication of circumstances can alone explain the fact of Germany, although triumphant, having made greater concessions to France by the treaty of Paris than, when humbled, by that of Westphalia.

  169. A place divided never thrives, 'Tis bad when hornets dwell in hives, But worse when children play with knives.

  170. When he attempted to speak against the violent dissolution of the Long Parliament by Cromwell, the latter reproached him with the licentiousness of his life.

  171. Tune, "When the King enjoys his own again.

  172. To the tune of "When the King enjoys his own again.

  173. And when the work was ended, They thought the cat near dead, She gave a paw, and then a mew, And stretched out her head.

  174. Ballad: When The King Comes Home In Peace Again From a broadside in the Roxburghe Collection of Ballads.

  175. Bring us liquor that will please, And will make us braver fellows Than the bold Venetian fleet, When the Turks and they do meet Within their Dardanellos.

  176. It is, however, customary for the riders to dismount at intervals, when the saddles are taken off, and the animals are suffered to roll upon the ground and stretch out their limbs for a short time.

  177. At the time when the bell was licensed, the congregation were in communion with the Church of Scotland.

  178. I have very rarely heard the h omitted in humble, and when I have heard it, always considered a vulgarity.

  179. A shear hulk, on the contrary, is the hull of a vessel fitted with shears (so termed from their resemblance to the blades of a pair of shears when opened), for the purpose of masting and dismasting other vessels.

  180. Thus, when it is the turn of the white to play, he first plays the white as well as he can; and then the black as badly (for the other player) as he can.

  181. An ANON correspondent asks for a note to explain the origin of the saying that thing done on the spur of the moment is done "when the maggot bites.

  182. Williams and Norgate copies of the first number of two new German periodicals, with which, when they know their nature, some of our readers may desire better acquaintance.

  183. When he has worried me to death, won't you be sorry you drove me to such a fate?

  184. In the spring, when she was quite well again, I restored her to her rightful owner.

  185. Your Uncle Charlie gave him that name, Susie, when we were children.

  186. Devotional, faithful, affectionate one, If owning these virtues when only a pup, What will you be when you are grown up?

  187. But his patience never failed; and, when at last she flew down and joined him, a prouder, happier bantam rooster never strutted about the place.

  188. But the next time Peter shied and tried to run, it was the minister who got the upper hand; and when the short excitement was over, and the horse quiet and subdued, he was driven back to within a few paces of the object of his fright.

  189. When Elf King came into Herbert's possession he had never been shod; but very soon he was taken to the village blacksmith and four funny little shoes fitted to his feet, which, when he was accustomed to, he liked very much.

  190. When you walk, don't bend your legs till your body almost touches the ground.

  191. When the Bible is opened you climb to your place, And listen with solemn, immovable face, Nor frolic nor coax till the chapter is done, Devotional Don!

  192. I hold in my hand," Miss Ruth said, when she had carefully perused this epistle, "a written request from two members of our Society for another cat story.

  193. She lingered about the garden for a while, making a plaintive little noise; but when the family of Brownies came to dinner she ate her allowance, and flew away with them, apparently in good spirits.

  194. You must look me full in the face when I talk to you.

  195. In the evening they were wondering what to do, and where to go for the night, when they saw a large number of gentlemen and servants on horseback coming towards them.

  196. I heard him say once to mother when he was ill, `If we die we shall have nothing to leave them, but God will be their friend.

  197. Mou-Setse stood quite still, and his brothers and sister, when they saw he could not fly, stayed near him.

  198. When the captain and the traders saw this large vessel in full pursuit, they were in a great fright.

  199. The women were not allowed to look at the men's god; and when the chief priest offered sacrifice to this god they dared not even glance at him.

  200. I think I cannot better conclude this story than by telling you that when the good old man was dying, Nanny was found with her harp at his bedside, playing one of the Tyrolese hymns about "the glories of Heaven.

  201. How happy they felt when the finishing touch was put, when it was drawn away to a corner of the yard behind the workshop, and hidden among a heap of sawdust and shavings!

  202. So saying he lifted Nanny out of her cart, and hanging it at the back of his waggon, was going to help them, when with one leap they sprang up and placed themselves on a log of wood he had put across to serve as a seat.

  203. It was early dawn when they had their drink of milk, and they had tasted nothing since.

  204. In his new home he grew tall and strong; and having, notwithstanding the suffering he had endured on it, a fancy for the sea, went on board an English merchant-vessel when fourteen years of age.

  205. When the snow comes they retire to the edge of the timber, sheltering among the juniper bushes and stunted balsams from the early winter storms.

  206. This is the best time to come across them, as the stalker, when he finds them pretty close together, has a good opportunity of examining them and marking the best bulls.

  207. In support of my contention that the lion of East Africa is by no means plucky or savage when wounded, I will give two examples.

  208. There were no breech-loaders in those days, and the object of a smooth-bore was easy loading, which was especially necessary when shooting from the saddle.

  209. When I stood beside the beast which the Indian and myself had taken for a two-year-old at most, and taped his horns at 14½ ins.

  210. When first struck in such cases, the beast almost invariably drops its head, and sometimes stands with open mouth in the same manner that a beast stands after it has been shot through the stomach.

  211. As it was I galloped after him, and when he found that my horse was gaining on him, he stopped and stood at bay, when I shot him.

  212. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "when" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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