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evasiveness; eve; eveh; evel; evell; evene; evened; evenemens; evenements; evenin
  1. Eph," he said, "you got to lower down your pie prices to even up with what mine are.

  2. It shows you take an interest in the business, even if you did interrup' me when I was thinkin' on a mighty important point.

  3. In all this there seems something of complication; but we may hope that everything will work well even in the worst of weather, so that the ship may justify her name and the merits of her builders.

  4. You will tell me thus far, but no further, not even this creature's name.

  5. He observed that his lassie looked sad, and was even more reserved than usual.

  6. As to the Squire's outfit, the facilities for ventilation were even greater than those enjoyed by his brother.

  7. Nothing loath to bear the honour, he makes even the consequential Major play second-fiddle to him.

  8. Four thousand dollars made the Pennsylvanian homestead and its hundred and five acres their own; and there they have abided ever since, never, except when necessity compelled, finding their way even so far as the neighbouring village.

  9. I love him--I love him even more than I used to.

  10. Even the State Councillor himself was in love with her for a time.

  11. I believe she made an even worse failure of that.

  12. Your thirst for it is quenched, and so you are calm and indifferent, but even you dread death.

  13. If I had any money of course I should let him have some myself, but I haven't even a penny.

  14. You couldn't write even the trashiest music-hall farce, you idle good-for-nothing!

  15. You were so enchanted by the conversation of Madame Arkadina that you did not even notice the cold.

  16. He is a simple, good-natured soul, even if he is a celebrity.

  17. Even now, thrilled as I am by talking to you, I do not forget for an instant that an unfinished story is awaiting me.

  18. He embraces his uncle] I cannot live without her; even the sound of her footsteps is music to me.

  19. Even when I was young I always looked as if I were drunk, and all.

  20. Here I am dangerously ill, and you won't even give me any medicine.

  21. It must be pleasant to be even an insignificant author.

  22. Looking through the pages of the magazine] He has read his own story, and hasn't even cut the pages of mine.

  23. They have even put watchmen all around their estate to keep her away.

  24. I am poor, my family is large, you can have no inducement to marry a man who cannot even find sufficient food for his own mouth.

  25. It is also curious to note that with a few exceptions the resident birds are comparatively very silent, even those belonging to groups which elsewhere are highly loquacious.

  26. Several individuals may reside in the compartments of the same burrow; but beyond themselves not even their next-door neighbour is permitted to enter; their hospitality ends where it begins, at the entrance.

  27. I kept an armadillo at this time, and good cheer and the sedentary life he led in captivity made him excessively fat; but the mousing exploits of even this individual were most interesting.

  28. Even the vulture with its marvellous wing power soars chiefly from necessity, and when its crop is full finds no pleasure in "scaling the heavens by invisible stairs.

  29. Even in a single branch of the true vocalists we may see it--from the chirping bunting, and noisy but tuneless sparrow, to linnet and goldfinch and canary.

  30. In other families, even where the divergence is greatest, what may be taken as the original or ancestral habit is seldom or never quite obsolete in any of the members.

  31. One peculiarity was that in this mighty noise, which sounded louder than the sea thundering on a rocky coast, I seemed to be able to distinguish hundreds, even thousands, of individual voices.

  32. Birds become shy where persecuted, and the young, even when not disturbed, learn a shy habit from the parents, and from other adults they associate with.

  33. He had long since learnt that to decide always correctly by appearance, and apart from environment and gesture, whether an unknown woman was or was not a wanton, presented a task beyond the powers of even the completest experience.

  34. The portraits flattered; but only a few guessed that they flattered ignobly; scarcely any even of the artists guessed that.

  35. Even when he had contrived this elaborate and perfect plot he had still hesitated about the bold step of inviting Christine to the flat.

  36. She could not even complain that he had forgotten to kiss her.

  37. Concepcion loosed and dropped her cloak, and, not even glancing at G.

  38. Even the pictures were hung with thick tasselled cords of the Regency.

  39. Christine's face showed sympathetic satisfaction that he had remembered in time, simultaneously implying that even if he had not remembered, the watch would have been perfectly safe till he called for it.

  40. Even supposing there is an air-raid, the chance of any particular spot being hit must be several million to one against.

  41. She preferred it even to her memory of G.

  42. And yet--would she dare, even at the bidding of the tiger, to introduce a stranger into the flat?

  43. An unreadable affair, not even indecent, which nevertheless had enchanted a whole generation.

  44. The passionate little miser that was in her surveyed them with pleasure, even with assurance; but they were still far too few to stand for the realisation of her dream.

  45. Every afternoon he was visited by the courtiers, and sometimes even by the Duke; but he troubled himself very little concerning the one or the other.

  46. Not even his beautiful, devoted wife was dearer to him.

  47. Even the usually impassive Joe did not disguise his chagrin, while Jean sought relief for his feelings in some strong language that would have brought upon him a reproof from Madame La Tour had she been present.

  48. Aunt Constance told me that we must not expect every prayer to be answered right away, and maybe even if she were to pray for the storm to stop it would not do it.

  49. Raoul clearly realized their critical position, and while Joe and Jean discussed what should be done, he lifted up his heart in earnest prayer that God would guide them to the ship even through the darkness.

  50. That he had not mis-read the weather signs became evident ere midnight, for a snow-storm set in which grew in violence hour by hour, until by daylight it was so furious that not even Charles La Tour had the hardihood to brave it.

  51. Keep on doing what you feel to be right, even if you are made fun of by those who ought to know better.

  52. Indifferent to everything, even the ducal smile, he gazed stolidly upon the folk, who did not interest him in the least.

  53. She herself had mistrusted these Jesuits, and had even warned her husband against them, but he had laughed the matter off, saying she was mistaken.

  54. It was trying work, that told upon muscles and nerve, yet Raoul held his own with the men all right, and certainly moved as silently as Jean, even if he could not quite equal Joe.

  55. They deserve to be hung, even if they are priests.

  56. St. Petersburg Canal; but with the ample width this one possesses, this, or even a greater depth, can be given if it should be found necessary.

  57. It seems sometimes as if one of the most needed forms of hand-craft would become a lost art, even good handwriting.

  58. Old forests, long abandoned, were even then explored in search of trees that might have escaped the notice of former proprietors, and wood that was rejected by them was, in 1875, eagerly purchased at high prices for England.

  59. The necessity, therefore, of the discovery of some wood akin to box is even more important now than ever it was.

  60. It furnishes a light, even grained wood, which attracted some attention at the International Exhibition in 1862; blocks were prepared from it, and submitted to Prof.

  61. Two men (or even one) suffice to do the maneuvering.

  62. F), but all gradations from, this to the spiroids, or even true spiral ducts (Fig.

  63. We may even preserve a little fire under the ashes, and this, although it may not be capable of setting the parts running, will suffice later on to revivify the fireplace after it has been charged anew with fuel.

  64. Sometimes it has taken even longer than is here stated, which made the delivery of goods at St. Petersburg a matter of great uncertainty, thus rendering time contracts almost an impossibility.

  65. The increase of commerce and shipping had long made this a crying evil; but even with all these difficulties, the trade here has been rapidly growing.

  66. The fresh rhizome is a creeping, branching rhizome of a pale yellowish white color, which, on drying, darkens to a straw color, or even a brown in places.

  67. On the other hand, we may point to Central Asia, and suggest that when that vast country shall be thoroughly explored, fossil relics may be discovered more diversified and interesting even than those of America.

  68. With a grasp of sixty feet when living, it must have realised the descriptions in old writers of horrid sea-monsters that devoured divers, and enveloped even ships with their terrible arms.

  69. He swung his body backwards and forwards as he chanted his strange song, but never once looked up--not even when his foe spurned him with his foot.

  70. But if a man may falter, shall we not forgive to a trombone even a half-note?

  71. A nature like Falkland's could not see liberty clearly even through John Pym--how much less through nasal psalm-singing butchers and brewers building a scaffold for the king.

  72. Canaries, indeed, are trained to sing, and even young birds to fly.

  73. It is even hinted also that there will be no disposition in an unmannerly parquet to hiss the interruption of Italian and French opera.

  74. It would be still possible even for the devoutest Wagnerian disciple to hear such a concert, perhaps, without leaving the hall in indignation, perhaps even without a protest.

  75. That is true, but even fairy tales have their consistency.

  76. It is not a great many years ago that, among Protestants in this country, Easter was mainly the festival of one denomination, and even within that denomination it was celebrated with comparatively little pomp.

  77. Yes; we have subdued distance, we are plucking out even the heart of Africa.

  78. Still another view is even more honorable to the boxes, while it does not depreciate the performance.

  79. But even you, Mrs. Grundy, are not quite sure that he could distinguish between the finest madeira and a common sherry.

  80. Such is the secret history of the commencement of this ill-starred union, which was destined at a future, and even more perilous period, to form one of the most dangerous points of discord between the crown and people of these realms.

  81. Yet even in such critical passages there is no just approbation of his genius.

  82. The gente irracionale, in their mad rage, had destroyed even the muskets of the Gachupins.

  83. And are you quite sure that some of the most finished, the strictest composition as to language and verse, of his age, shall not be found there, far beyond the experience or even comprehension of Dr Parr and all his scholars?

  84. Hardenberg now mentioned, or even if I saw a sincere disposition of doing it now, by Moellendorff's army really acting, it certainly would be good grounds to hope, but that this was not the case.

  85. Nor can we believe that he timidly followed the lines traced on the walls by Fra Angelico, for even in that case something peculiar to himself must have been clearly perceptible in them.

  86. We are even less inclined to endorse the opinion of Rio in regard to the date of the painting from the Annalena Convent.

  87. The compositions are all executed with that love and delicacy which are the glory of the artist, but even these little stories, like the larger panel, have been more or less injured by repeated restorations.

  88. Even though the figure of the Christ is not to be compared to the finest of the prophets, yet we find in the countenance the same characteristics as the other heads display.

  89. Not only the same division of bolge (hell-pits), but even the repetition of motives in the souls that fill them; the only and notable difference is the figure of Lucifer which instead of being in the centre occupies the base of the picture.

  90. But he soon learned that by merely enlarging these little pictures, he could not succeed in giving them even that individuality to which he was led by natural taste and mode of life.

  91. Here Benozzo has not even distantly remembered any of his master's noble representations of the Saviour.

  92. The figures without being ineffectual, indeed they are even forcible, yet appear aerial apparitions, and veritable visions of divinity.

  93. Even as Dave gaped downward the raider disappeared completely in a mighty geyser of foaming water and flame and smoke.

  94. And oftentimes we get messages in return that lead us to other agents we did not even know existed.

  95. No one who desires to live even for a minute should call me a coward.

  96. The old double cross, or whatever you want to call it," Dave said and flattened the glide of the plane even more.

  97. Even before he had lost a couple of hundred feet of altitude he heard the savage ear splitting chatter of many aerial machine guns going into action.

  98. He even saw some members of the crew banging away at him with machine guns, and even rifles.

  99. Of course, though, he didn't even so much as make a move in that direction.

  100. I even fancy that he was the one who shot you down.

  101. Dave, however, had already seen the moving shadow of something down below them, and even before Freddy had finished shouting he had the Catalina leveled out of its glide and was climbing up and off toward the south.

  102. Even as they reached the window and stared up into the dawn sky they saw that the plane was a long range Nazi Focke-Wulf 187 destroyer plane.

  103. That off his chest, Dave hauled the nose even higher and plowed straight for a long range Focke-Wulf 187 twin engined job that was trying to cut down under Freddy Farmer's withering fire from the tail turret of the Catalina.

  104. And me sitting there dumb as an ox, not even guessing.

  105. He didn't even nod or make any kind of a gesture.

  106. She said we might even have our names in the papers.

  107. Sometimes even the smallest scrap of information is of great value," said he.

  108. I must have shut down on him even harder than I thought," said Bat to himself.

  109. Small, seemingly unimportant things, even in my work, add greatly to a result.

  110. Maybe," nodded the big athlete, "a little faster than you think, even now.

  111. And as she opened the street door for them, he added: "Please say to Miss Cavanaugh that we are extremely obliged to her; and that our call has been far from wasted, even though we were unfortunate enough to come when she was out.

  112. So many curious and unaccountable things had happened of late that he had gotten into the habit of looking for them, and it was with difficulty that he separated even ordinary occurrences from the matter which had been so growing in his mind.

  113. Not even when I told you how I'd seen her at Bohlmier's?

  114. That the burglar could have recognized him, even if this were so, was impossible; for the light was too brief and too dim.

  115. There was an electric road which cut through the far end of the suburb, and he concluded it were safer to use this into the city, even though it did take much more time.

  116. It was plain to me, as I talked to her, that she had even then no notion of the importance of what she was saying.

  117. That was one of those things in which even a very honest man might become involved.

  118. But, my little girl, you ought to have realized that it was a cruel and even a dangerous joke.

  119. Marjorie looked back reluctantly at the brilliant hall, even more gay since the lights were burning, but she remembered that she could yet come two more afternoons, so she said no word of regret.

  120. Close your eyes, and rest even if you do not sleep.

  121. This was even more romping and noisy, and soon the picnic sounded like Pandemonium let loose.

  122. Even the veils were changed, as one was of silk gauze, the other of knitted zephyr.

  123. She remembered what her father had said about getting up early the next morning, and she wondered if she couldn't get up even earlier still, and go to the schoolhouse for the book before breakfast.

  124. Even your sense of duty, and your determination to be a good little girl.

  125. But Mother hasn't told any of the story yet," said Kitty, who was herself so sleepy she could scarcely listen even to the tale of her own Violetta Evangeline.

  126. Even the brave Judy who has looked forward to "spooky" goings on is thoroughly frightened at the strange scrapings and rappings and the eery "crying ghost.

  127. I don't believe you'll even take cold from your sudden plunge, for you both ran home like killdeer.

  128. Then he has maps, too; pocket-maps, or even larger ones.

  129. Curls had been brushed, hair-ribbons freshly tied, and even Boffin had a new blue ribbon round his neck.

  130. It seemed dreadful to pronounce fate, even in make-believe, on that dimpled, smiling bit of humanity.

  131. I shouldn't even go into the moat, for I should come down on those stones.

  132. But he did not even smile, for he could see that the men were glancing at him consciously, and he knew that any such display of mirth at their personal appearance would have had a most disastrous effect.

  133. And then, feeling that he could not even allude to the traitor who carefully kept out of his way, he went round to the men's beds with Lady Royland.

  134. Defeated, Roy; but even your enemies honour you for your brave defence," she whispered.

  135. There are sure to be letters for you, and even if there are not, it will make you more easy for me to have been to see, and I can bring you back what news there is.

  136. I suppose one would get used to it, but it does seem to me rather ugly work even to an old soldier.

  137. Everything was solid, even the walls at the back.

  138. Shuts hisself up even now, doing nothing but read, and only comes out o' nights, and goes prowling round the ramparts like an old black tom-cat.

  139. Even the enemy look upon him with disgust.

  140. You shall go to-morrow, Roy; but even then I shall be loath to let you.

  141. This was sufficient to make Roy, with his natural boyish frankness, begin talking freely about his plans, for he was growing enthusiastic, and he even began to ask the secretary's opinion about two or three minor matters.

  142. The parent shows a strong degree of attachment to her offspring, and, when they are captured, will follow them, and even submit to captivity herself rather than forsake her charge.

  143. His mother took an oath from every creature, and even from every inanimate object, that they would not harm Balder, but omitted the mistletoe.

  144. Even now the beard is regarded as a mark of great dignity among many nations in the East, as the Turks.

  145. Even warm baths are not wholly free from danger; apoplexy and death having been known to follow a hot bath when entered with a full stomach.

  146. Various precious stones are found, as the garnet, ruby, topaz, sapphire, and even the diamond.

  147. Its greatest tributary is the Darling, which may even be regarded as the main stream.

  148. In the United States bail is a matter of right in all cases where a sentence of death cannot be pronounced, and even in such a case it may be allowed by one of the judges.

  149. But even here, in 1725, he was actively engaged in fomenting discontent in the Scottish Highlands.

  150. Baius, however, remained in the possession of his dignities, was appointed in 1575 Chancellor of Louvain University; and the King of Spain even conferred upon him the office of Inquisitor-General in the Netherlands.

  151. There are eight principal dialects, which are not only distinguished by their pronunciation and grammatical structure, but differ even in their vocabularies.

  152. A married woman, too, may be made bankrupt even if not trading separately from her husband.

  153. I, even I, do bring the flood of waters on this earth, to destroy all flesh having the breath of life from under the sky.

  154. Your servants have been keepers of livestock from our youth even until now, both we, and our fathers:' that you may dwell in the land of Goshen; for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.

  155. At the hand of man, even at the hand of every man's brother, I will require the life of man.

  156. He said, "Lord, will you kill even a righteous nation?

  157. As for the people, he moved them to the cities from one end of the border of Egypt even to the other end of it.

  158. Abraham rose up, and bowed himself to the people of the land, even to the children of Heth.

  159. She, even she herself, said, 'He is my brother.

  160. These are the sons of Zilpah, whom Laban gave to Leah, his daughter, and these she bore to Jacob, even sixteen souls.

  161. Now your two sons, who were born to you in the land of Egypt before I came to you into Egypt, are mine; Ephraim and Manasseh, even as Reuben and Simeon, will be mine.

  162. Even now the hapless midshipman whose frollicking had been the cause of the disaster, did not immediately regain his full senses.

  163. Even Dan was certain to be reported, through the mere fact of his presence there, as aiding in a fight.

  164. Even when Thanksgiving came, Dave Darrin did not go to Philadelphia, but remained at the Academy, devoting his time to study.

  165. So, Mr. Darrin, I give you my word that I won't even start my investigations before this evening.

  166. Even Farley's jaw dropped just a trifle, but Page's face flushed with new-found pleasure.

  167. I did not even know it was you at the stern, nor did I realize that my antics would result in pushing any one overboard.

  168. From where they lay as they hung to the buoys the chums could even see the launches lowered.

  169. At seventeen, she looked upon the officers as old men, even the youngest of them, so was giving her time and her smiles to the midshipmen.

  170. Even Dan, in the joy of meeting two girl friends from home, began to be less conscious of his load of misery.

  171. He did not wish to express the annoyance he felt when he noted the appearance of intimacy between him and Marian, whose beauty showed, even in this reproduction.

  172. I won't even toss pennies with you to find out who quits the service.

  173. Since even the happiest times must all end so the latter part of September drew near.

  174. Yet even careful Dave, as it turned out, had allowed no more than time.

  175. But the teaching of agriculture, even in its elementary stages, presupposes a considerable amount of academic preparation.

  176. I decided, even before graduation, to begin my life-work at that place.

  177. The course covers, in its entirety, four years, but is so comprehensive that even one and two years fit young women for the cooking of ordinary foods.

  178. Even after the privilege of attending school two months of the year--July and August--had been accorded me, I am certain that the instruction received was of that kind that hinders more than it helps.

  179. I was poorly clad, and much of the time was without food, but I felt that I could not even ask my father for assistance because of his responsibility in caring for the younger children.

  180. While there I had the opportunity to compare the instruction received at Tuskegee--that of the academic department--with that of the other institutions of learning in this and even other countries.

  181. Even during the construction of the training-school I was drawing the plans for a large brick building to replace the one burned.

  182. Many of these trustees do not visit the schools once in ten years, and they know absolutely nothing of the methods of discipline even used by the teachers.

  183. No charge of criminal wrong-doing has been brought against even one of them.

  184. It was the common opinion of the girls that even if I could read better than any of them, they were older and should be shown the preference.

  185. He allowed him a portion of the savings from these industries he was controlling, and even promised him his freedom.

  186. I cried, I know not why, and my mother cried; even my father could not conceal his emotion.

  187. Few of them were even permitted to attend the makeshift public school located near.

  188. Educational papers and magazines, and even the lay press, are devoting unstinted space to discussions on country life and the rural school.

  189. For a change, even an old-fashioned spelling school is not to be scorned.

  190. Everything was now done by machinery: the cutting, the elevating, the binding, and even the carrying of the sheaves into piles or windrows.

  191. Even now, with all our improvements, the social factors in rural life are comparatively small.

  192. The supervisor must be, to even a higher degree than the teacher, a strong personality, and this too implies a high standard and an attractive salary.

  193. It is difficult if not impossible to make the country as attractive to young people as is the city; and consequently to reverse or even stop the urban trend will be most difficult.

  194. Hence no decisive movement, even in rural education, became noticeable for several years.

  195. Even a generation ago there was little said, and there was no uniformity, as to how long a working-man should labor.

  196. Children appreciate justice and will endure and even welcome severity if they know that justice is coupled with it.

  197. In those days--and no doubt they are so even yet in many places--the conditions were too often forbidding and deterrent.

  198. In fact, it may easily be maintained that the salary should be even higher than this.

  199. A profession cannot be acquired in a day, or even in twelve months.

  200. Even then, teachers would prefer to go to the city at the lower salary on account of the additional attractions and conveniences and the additional facilities and opportunities of every kind for self-improvement.

  201. Even in large cities there are probably more children who do not work enough than there are who are made to work too hard.

  202. If the school is a consolidated one, or even a large district school, a good lecture course may be given to advantage.

  203. As it was, she meditated on her couch with much satisfaction, until the sleep of the just came upon her, little recking that the clumsy hand of brutal man had even then torn the veil from her carefully concealed and deeply laid feminine plans.

  204. Much relieved about Balaam's immediate future, Molly incited him to a really noble trot, and did not allow him to relapse even on the flat which followed.

  205. When beauty failed, even beauty with money in its hand, Lady Mary hesitated, and then fell back on goodness.

  206. He would get there long before they would; and even then Balaam was beginning the ascent, which really was an ascent this time, at his slowest walk.

  207. Dare's high spirits had the effect of depressing her more than she would allow, even to herself.

  208. Dare was not the man to hide even a night-light under a bushel; how much less a burning and a shining hymeneal torch such as this.

  209. He did not even seem to have heard this interesting tribute to his personal appearance.

  210. Even if the American woman were not his wife in the eye of the law, she had a moral claim upon him.

  211. Her nose is even straighter, her eyelashes even longer than they were last summer.

  212. There is plenty of room, and even of occasion, for such fickleness.

  213. Even the merry, warm-blooded Wife of Bath, with her five wedded husbands, earns some goodwill of us by her joyous and invincible spirit.

  214. But we have frequently observed, that even amongst those who display the most varied knowledge of this kind, there are very few who either possess or pretend to any thing like a thorough appreciation of the affairs of the Peninsula.

  215. He even carries this so far as to advocate in his Essays, which form the immediate subject of this paper, an elective in preference to an hereditary monarchy.

  216. Even the tollkeepers appeared to slumber with a tenfold torpedo power.

  217. Even the admired and elaborately-written Troilus and Creseide is a great specimen.

  218. As individuals, or even as a collective body in the commonwealth, every liberal man would wish to protect and to favour his Catholic fellow-citizens, if he could do so without aiding them in their natural purpose of making proselytes.

  219. I can't do anything that makes a man even tolerable to a woman!

  220. You already have some idea of my other nephew if you have noticed that none of us, not even that habitual disrespecter of dignities, Billy, ever called him Dan.

  221. Of his erudition they were proud, even to worship.

  222. These were weights enough to carry, even if he had not labored under that heaviest of all, a well-stored mind.

  223. He was not only an exemplar to whom all Lu's friends pointed their own nursery as the little boy who could say most hymns and sit stillest in church, but he was a reproof even unto his elders.

  224. Even in love you tote your grammar along with you, and arrange a divine passion under the active, passive, and neuter!

  225. Even a little boy like Billy puts me to shame.

  226. But the peacock looked so huge, standing on top of the wall with his great tail rising above him, and his voice was so frightfully loud and harsh, that Turkey Proudfoot didn't even dare threaten him.

  227. But that annoying gobble sounded again and brought him back into the yard even faster than before.

  228. You're even sillier than I supposed," she informed the rooster, to his great astonishment.

  229. Being very angry, he gobbled at the giggling hens, at the rooster, even at old dog Spot, "Why are you laughing at me?

  230. Often Turkey Proudfoot complained to Mr. Crow that he couldn't even understand what Mr. Crow was talking about.

  231. Though there was an even number of them, they were odd creatures.

  232. Even the meadow, mice had already found the nights too chilly for their liking.

  233. Even if you are my cousin you needn't make such remarks about me.

  234. It was possible to get a lesson into his head, even if one had to knock it into his skull with a club.

  235. Even after she was grown up and had a family of her own, Turkey Proudfoot treated her as if she had just begun to scratch for herself.

  236. He surprised him so much that Master Meadow Mouse stood stock still and didn't even bring his foot down, but held it off the ground as if it had frozen stiff and couldn't be moved.

  237. And he was so big that Master Meadow Mouse didn't like the idea of even saying "Good day!

  238. He even made a few quick passes at the rooster with his bill.

  239. Sometimes he wandered even as far as the pasture.

  240. As for his Guinea Pigs--well, they haven't tails that you could look at even once.

  241. Learn what materials will your purpose fit, And next enquire the Quantum sufficit; That quantum then in even folds dispose, And wipe as cleanly, as you'd wipe your Nose.

  242. All I desire in return for them is, that they may be buckled even upon your foot, and that your stockings may not hide them.

  243. It was not very often resorted to even by the Normans themselves; probably never by the Anglo-Saxons, unless in their controversies with the Normans.

  244. A jury was impanelled to adjudge the proportion due to the sovereign; and this course was not essentially varied, even after the right of granting aids to the crown was fully acknowledged to be vested in the parliament of the realm.

  245. It also enables the weaker party, even while it remains the weaker party, perpetually to annoy, alarm, and injure their oppressors.

  246. The Saxon earls even carried their arms against their sovereigns; and, surrounded with retainers, or secure in fortresses and castles, they despised their resentment, and defied their power.

  247. The right of suffrage, therefore, and even a change of legislators, guarantees no change of legislation--certainly no change for the better.

  248. They were even allowed to grant pardon to criminals, and to correct by their clemency the rigors of justice.

  249. The murder of the king even was punishable by fine.

  250. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "even" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    absolutely; accommodate; adjust; again; albeit; align; alike; aliquot; already; alternate; although; analogous; apathetic; arithmetical; assimilate; automatic; balance; balanced; beating; but; calm; cancel; changeable; chiefly; circling; clean; close; coequal; coextensive; collateral; commensurate; compensate; concurrent; consistent; consonant; constant; continuous; convertible; cool; coordinate; correspond; correspondent; counterbalance; countervail; cyclic; cyclical; damp; dead; decimal; defensible; definitely; deliberate; delicate; deserved; differential; digital; direct; directly; dispassionate; ditto; downy; drag; draw; drawn; dress; dub; due; easy; epochal; equable; equal; equalize; equalizing; equate; equidistant; equilateral; equitable; equivalent; especially; even; evening; evensong; eventide; ever; exact; exactly; exponential; express; expressly; fair; faithful; faithfully; fell; figurative; fine; finished; finite; fit; flat; flatten; flush; glabrous; good; grade; gradual; grease; harmonious; harmonize; harrow; homogeneous; horizontal; however; imaginary; immutable; impartial; impossible; indeed; independent; indifferent; inerrant; infallible; infinite; integral; integrate; interchangeable; interchanged; intermittent; invariable; irrational; just; justifiable; justified; knot; knotted; lawful; lay; legal; level; like; lineal; linear; literally; logarithmic; lubricate; mainly; match; mathematical; measured; mechanical; meet; merited; methodical; metronomic; microscopic; midway; moderate; monolithic; mostly; mutual; mutually; negative; neuter; neutral; neutralize; nevertheless; nice; nonetheless; nonpartisan; notwithstanding; numeric; numerical; odd; oil; ordered; orderly; ordinal; oscillatory; par; parallel; paralleling; particularly; passive; peculiarly; periodic; persistent; pinpoint; plain; plane; plaster; plumb; poise; positive; positively; possible; precise; precisely; predominantly; primarily; prime; proper; proportion; proportionate; pulsing; quits; radical; rather; rational; raze; reach; real; reciprocal; rectilinear; recurrent; refined; regular; regularize; regulate; religious; reposeful; retaliatory; returnable; rhythmic; rhythmical; right; rightful; rigid; rigidly; rigorous; rigorously; rival; roll; rotary; scientific; seasonal; serene; serial; severe; shave; smooth; square; squarely; squashed; stabilize; stable; standard; standardize; steadfast; steady; stereotype; still; straight; streamlined; strict; strictly; suave; subtle; sunset; surd; sustained; symmetrical; systematic; tabloid; tabular; temperate; though; tie; tied; touch; tranquil; transcendental; transposed; true; unbending; unbent; unbowed; unbroken; unchangeable; unchanging; uncommitted; undeviating; undifferentiated; undistorted; undulant; unerring; uniform; uninterrupted; unruffled; unswerving; unvarying; upright; verbatim; vertical; vesper; warrantable; warranted; when; yea; yet

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    even according; even after; even although; even among; even approximately; even because; even down; even from; even greater; even here; even keel; even like; even longer; even more; even should; even terms; even the; even until; even unto; even voice; even went; even were; even where; even while; even worse; evening dress