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grad; gradate; gradated; gradation; gradations; graded; gradely; grader; graders; grades
  1. So let us go round to a few of these high-grade dressmakers and see how much we are going to get stuck for, and have it over with.

  2. Such high-grade idees he's got, and I've got to suffer for it yet.

  3. As all the houses of a certain grade are practically alike, if a tenant wishes to move to another street he has to furnish valid reasons; and it is not easy to furnish reasons satisfactory to the authorities.

  4. Each person enters his name for a course of concerts according to the grade of musical culture attained by him.

  5. Every class and grade therefore is required to contribute towards the supreme good of the State according to its ability.

  6. Prigge announced that, as he had been promoted to a higher grade in the Police Service, he would no longer be available to conduct me.

  7. Persons in the first grade of the Fifth Class are allowed to take a flat with more rooms on payment of a special rate or tax.

  8. If he is promoted to the first grade he also is admitted to the Third Class, but this does not frequently happen.

  9. In fact, a tailor of the first grade would not be allowed to make suits for the three lowest classes; it would be a waste of talent.

  10. In the first organization a perfect grade is not attainable.

  11. Take them from the Senior Grade and give them such Normal training as will fit them for teachers and officers.

  12. On one Sunday in the year pupils should be promoted from department to department, and classes should be advanced from grade to grade in the several departments.

  13. While in the same department a teacher and his class to be advanced together; that is, from the first year of the Intermediate Grade to the second, from the first year of the Junior Grade to the second, etc.

  14. The ingenious teacher in this grade will invent a hundred methods for instruction, but before all she must comprehend that she is in the most responsible position in the school.

  15. It is desirable to have separate rooms, but if you do not have them you should grade the school, putting each grade by itself in some part of the room, if you have but the one.

  16. This grade should be made up of scholars promoted from the Primary Grade, and all between the ages of eight and twelve years, and should be divided into classes of about seven scholars each.

  17. A third essential of the graded Sunday school is that of regular promotions from grade to grade, with change of teachers.

  18. The members of this grade are at an age when they are ready to enter upon some business, and the question as to what it shall be and where they shall get a situation is a very serious one to them.

  19. The supplemental lessons in this grade are printed on cards and furnished to each scholar.

  20. It is far better in this grade to have a few good teachers with large classes than many teachers, some of whom are incompetent to instruct, and smaller classes.

  21. If you can keep the Junior Grade busy you can both educate and benefit them.

  22. The pupils should not be changed from class to class or from grade to grade whenever the superintendent thinks a change should be made.

  23. The lesson thought, which appears first in Grade III, is carried through all the remaining grades as the central thought for the session.

  24. Possibly the severest struggle was waged on Ophir, the veriest of moose-pastures, whose low-grade dirt was valuable only because of its vastness.

  25. You-all are on the grade at last," Harnish remarked, as he saw the fifteen hundred and raised a thousand in turn.

  26. He vainly circled about among the hill roads and in the afternoon took the steep grade over the divide of the second range and dropped into Maraga Valley.

  27. Here they were, both going in the same direction, and the canter would bring her up to him just where the stiff grade would compel a walk.

  28. And horses it was, all up the grade and down the other side.

  29. I suppose they were going to grade it, which is the favourite American term.

  30. He argued from the instant and intelligent sympathy of the pastry woman a high grade of culture in all classes; and he conceived the notion of pretending to Mrs. March that he had got these cakes from, a descendant of Schiller.

  31. These slabs or strips of flesh, of which six or seven are procured from a whale, is the blubber, and from the blubber comes the best grade of oil.

  32. Further on, the grade gradually reducing until traveling on a short, level stretch of road, the train stops.

  33. House rent is very high, and the price of food in ordinary restaurants is as high, and generally higher, than that charged in similar grade eating places in American cities.

  34. But while Jenolan Caves are much greater than those of Luray Caverns, Virginia, one will find in Luray better formations and a prettier grade of that mineral than can be seen in Jenolan.

  35. Down grade again, the train stopping, after traveling but a comparatively short distance, at a precipitous wall.

  36. Under the grade sizes of this screen are inclined tables, over which water runs, these having a thickly greased floor, or bottom, on to which the stones drop.

  37. When you will have brains enough to owe your butcher $15, you'll get a better grade of meat.

  38. Into another tunnel the train suddenly disappears, and an upward grade is traveled, when short, stubby rows of tea bushes appear.

  39. Different parts of the body are thrown into different tanks, as certain portions of the flesh produce a better grade of oil than other parts.

  40. Wherever there is sufficient travel to pay working expenses and a profit on a steep grade mountain road it will probably be built.

  41. The first railroads were laid almost level, but it was soon discovered that a grade of a few feet to the mile was no impediment to progress, and gradually the grade was steepened.

  42. Consequently, the first experiments were with low grade gun-cotton, what is called collodion cotton, such as is employed in the manufacture of celluloid.

  43. The improvements proved a serious stumbling block in the way of the inventors, who found that an ordinary locomotive was able to climb a much steeper grade than was commonly supposed.

  44. I have spoken here of high and low grade gun-cotton, when in fact the word gun-cotton should be applied only to the highest nitro-compound of cellulose.

  45. There are, however, stretches of the Rigi road at which the grade is about 1 foot in 2½, which is believed to be the steepest in the world.

  46. And it was also found that high grade gun-cotton, when combined with nitro-glycerine, gave very much better results than low grade gun-cotton.

  47. Also a great many of the first smokeless powders were made of low grade gun-cotton combined with nitro-glycerine in varying proportions.

  48. As all of the smokeless powders made of a low grade gun-cotton were found to deteriorate and spoil, experiments were made with gun-cotton of the highest degree of nitration, both alone and in combination with nitro-glycerine.

  49. Most of the other groups in each grade are also subdivisible, though some of them contain far fewer sub-classes than others.

  50. By the lay of the land every inch of that seven miles of track can be seen throughout its entire length, and when he had pulled half way up, he saw a section of a freight train coming down the grade at a tremendous speed.

  51. He whistled 'on brakes' to his train, so that it should be held on the grade safely.

  52. Two were retail dry-goods clerks, another filled some function in a butter and cheese store, and the fourth was the ticket-seller at one of the middle-grade theatres.

  53. Of course it takes more force and popularity to do this and in this way we have a better grade of men.

  54. It was written on linen paper of a grade which, if now common enough, was not so common at that time.

  55. These speakers of an impersonal language which in psychological development was scarcely above the grade of childhood, were exercised in a tongue that stands second to none in Europe for purity, vigor, personality and philosophical power.

  56. So also in regard to the sacred writings, Shinran opposed the San-ron school and the three-grade idea.

  57. Therefore we must look for the beginning of life in the grade of matter called protoplasm.

  58. Lillie in his work on Buddhism, tells his readers: "Six supernatural faculties were expected of the ascetic before he could claim the grade of Arhat.

  59. These "left-overs" are in evidence in our own times in the cases of the Australian savages, and some of the African tribes, as well as among the Digger Indians and others of similar grade of intelligence.

  60. Her intercession was said to be very valuable in helping children of low-grade mentality.

  61. Another very interesting development of care for the mentally afflicted was the organization of institutions like the village of Gheel in Belgium, in which particularly children who were of low-grade mentality were cared for.

  62. Then know thou, that within there is at rest Rahab, and being to our order joined, With her in its supremest grade 'tis sealed.

  63. Thus do these organs of the world proceed, As thou perceivest now, from grade to grade; Since from above they take, and act beneath.

  64. The grade is not steep, but "in the light air a fast gait would be a little hard on the stock.

  65. To make this distance one can hardly realize that one is ascending, the grade is so light, winding on and about the mountain sides.

  66. The higher the grade of the intelligence, the more sympathetic with other life the animal is likely to become.

  67. Although the turkey is a truly gregarious form, its mental endowments are of a lower grade than those of most social birds.

  68. Until men began to domesticate the forms of the wilderness, it was impossible for them to rise above the grade of savages.

  69. Ordinary men of the low grade are content to slay, or otherwise rudely gain what value they find in the wild creatures.

  70. They were constantly submitted to a more or less critical but always effective selection which tended ever to develop a higher grade of intelligence.

  71. Even caged birds cannot or should not be accommodated in the cheaper grade of lodging-houses.

  72. This grade I had to cross; and I was greatly afraid that I would meet some one.

  73. I concluded I would rather face the blood-hounds than the white men, so I made my way back over the grade as hurriedly as I could.

  74. I reached the end of the grade without meeting the hounds and turned off into the woods.

  75. This is quite visible in our greatest artists, even in men like Turner and Gainsborough; while in the common grade of our second-rate painters the evil attains a pitch which is far too sadly manifest to need my dwelling upon it.

  76. It would probably grade about "strict low middling.

  77. The great crowd was another evidence that it was low-grade music, for only the few are educated up to a point where high-class music gives pleasure.

  78. It is used chiefly for construction purposes and furnishes a comparatively low grade of lumber.

  79. If the trouble is not located, then remove the dust cap from the end of generator and thoroughly clean the generator commutator, using for this work a fine grade of sandpaper which has been slightly oiled.

  80. These cups should be kept filled with a good grade of grease and given a full turn every 100 miles.

  81. Upon receipt of the car see that a supply of medium light, high-grade gas engine oil is poured into the crank case through the breather pipe at the front of the engine (a metal cap covers it).

  82. Don't use a too heavy grade of oil in cold weather as it will have a tendency to congeal between the clutch discs and prevent proper action of the clutch.

  83. A medium light grade of oil is preferred as it will naturally reach the bearings with greater ease and consequently less heat will develop on account of friction.

  84. In cold weather a light grade of oil having a low cold test is absolutely essential for the proper lubrication of the car.

  85. We recommend only medium light high-grade gas engine oil for use in the Model T motor.

  86. It is a good plan to frequently supply all oil cups with the same oil used in the engine (any good light grade lubricating oil will answer) and the dope cups with good grease.

  87. Spitzka= the great neurologist of New York, says, “The birth-rate of the high grade and low grade imbecile is double that of the normal population.

  88. They rollicked along on the levels and galloped down the hills, but when they struck an up-grade and felt the weight of the breaking-cart, they stopped and turned around and looked at me.

  89. After a stop over night and an exploration of the miniature-grand volcanic scene, we pulled on across the canyon and took the grade where the cicadas simmered audibly in the noon sunshine among the hillside manzanitas.

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