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  1. Isaac Davis, marched in double file and with trailed arms for the bridge.

  2. A bound file of the newspaper published by Mr. Howe is in the possession of the Redwood Library.

  3. It did me good also to see one of the ladies who were with us, gowned in exquisite taste, quite a contrast to the rank and file of the Tabernacle.

  4. Touched by his mien and manners next, a file She felt corrode her heart with secret wound; She felt corrode her heart, and with desire, By little and by little warmed, took fire.

  5. Perhaps our prisoner took a couple of years filing the gyves off his wrists (holding the file carefully in the teeth), and another year to remove the manacles from his ankles.

  6. They file in, hat in hand, and stand silent in a row.

  7. As this brilliant company filed out on the avenue, four cadets riding in double file between each carriage, flowers were strewn in the road by long lines of peon children dressed in white.

  8. The wayfarers proceeded in their single file directly to the great iron-bound oaken door of the tower, and those who were mounted got down.

  9. Then gradually add sufficient "file powder" to bring to a rich creamy consistency.

  10. Dip a tablespoon into it and shake it over a stick, to form file sugar (commonly called spun sugar).

  11. No one below could possibly know that anything had happened to him, or a file of troopers would have been sent to release him before this time.

  12. The file closed up in a more compact mass.

  13. Half-a-dozen of the enemy attempted to run by the troopers on the side of the colonel's house, where Deck had passed the mob; and the sergeant ordered a file of his men to arrest them.

  14. It was hit by the soldiers who returned from France, the rank and file of our boys.

  15. Yet the temptation to a divergence from the higher ideals is strong, and the rank and file may not be inclined to resist it.

  16. In behalf of the State of Washington and representing the men of the rank and file of the Pacific Northwest, it gives me pleasure at this time to place for your consideration the name of a sterling patriot," he shouted.

  17. The silent file of war canoes passed on and out of sight, and, for a space, Robert's heart was heavy within him.

  18. After the conference, the chiefs went back in single file to their own part of the camp.

  19. The men still left in the rank and file showed no disposition to rebel, partly because they were held in check by their commanding officers, but mostly through hopes of the wealth of Egypt.

  20. Don Herero was already awaiting us on the broad piazza, which we reached in time to see the slaves, directed by an overseer, file past the house towards the field.

  21. In the front file of the Confederate column was one of the usual fellows with more daring than discretion, who was mounted on a tall, white horse.

  22. As the regiment was largely Democratic when it left Illinois in February, 1862, this vote showed that the political opinions of the rank and file had, in the meantime, undergone a decided change.

  23. And the rank and file of our retreating army was just the hardest looking outfit of Federal soldiers that I saw during the war, at any time.

  24. It is too soon to decide what effect general education will have upon the rank and file of the Negro race, because the masses have not been educated.

  25. So he went about his summons with a sigh of relief, and before the five minutes were over had his posse of minor officials together, including a file of unfettered prisoners, with good conduct badges, who were used as gang leaders.

  26. But even these failed it when, the speech ending, that front row began its file past; the civilians first, the soldiers next.

  27. He took up a bulky file of papers as he spoke, and passed them to an orderly in exchange for his hat, which the man held ready.

  28. The head of the procession had just reached the gardens, near the crowned statue of the Virgin, so that as yet the double file of flames merely outlined the curves of the Rosary and the broad inclined way.

  29. At the Grotto Marie wished to file off at once, in order to offer the bouquet and candles herself before even kneeling down.

  30. A double file of quivering stars leapt into view on the left-hand side of the Basilica, and then followed the monumental, gradient way, whose curve is gradually described.

  31. It took more than a quarter of an hour to execute this movement, during which the double file of tapers resembled two long parallel streams of flame.

  32. In single file we wormed our way through the thick undergrowth of the forest, until at length we hit upon a footpath where they travelled fast and silently, these strange men of the woods.

  33. The sun rose in that lone place upon my misery; and a little after, came the wild men again; and this time they were nine in number, for I counted them as they stepped in single file forth from the darkness of the woods.

  34. Having decided which is to be the top and which the bottom of the box, file the bottom edges level and at right angles to the sides.

  35. After the sawing is completed, a file is used to true up the outline and to smooth the edges.

  36. A small pair of shears is then used to trim off the top to the line, after which a file is used to finish the edge, leaving it perfectly smooth.

  37. Every day the commanding officers with the guard would come in and drive us to one side of the prison, then back in single file between two guards, counting us as we passed through.

  38. The charges against him had been placed on file on condition that he serve faithfully to the end of the war.

  39. As with keen eyes he glanc'd around In search of food, a File he found: Of meats he saw no single item Which tempted hungry jaws to bite 'em.

  40. But a long file of men rushed over the terrace on the water's edge.

  41. I close it with the prayer that God may make it a tooth in the file which shall eventually cut the chains of slavery, and set the black man free.

  42. Our adventurers, with their two followers, came next in order of march, the gang of slaves in single file followed, and the armed men brought up the rear.

  43. As soon as a Representative was registered and numbered, he was ordered to "file off.

  44. On either side of the quay a file of soldiers of the Line, elbow to elbow, kept back the spectators.

  45. In the middle of the space left vacant, the members of the Assembly slowly advanced between a double file of soldiers, the one stationary, which threatened the people, the other on the march, which threatened tire Representatives.

  46. By chance the sergeant, who was posted in the inner file by his side, was a native of the same province.

  47. During all this time there was continued file firing.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "file" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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