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Example sentences for "array"

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  1. The reader has a right to ask: How does this array of facts show to us the way to a more economical use of private and public gifts to the needy?

  2. There was an array of delicious fruit in front,--many baskets of rich, purple grapes, marked ten cents.

  3. He descended to the plain with all speed, and came to the array of the French, and said, "I have seen more heathen than man ever yet saw together upon the earth.

  4. Proud was their array as they rode on to battle, spurring their horses that they might speed the more.

  5. Before these stood the two Yule candles, beaming like two stars of the first magnitude: other lights were distributed in branches, and the whole array glittered like a firmament of silver.

  6. Scarcely had William made a greater array of strength when he first landed at Pevensey, to march against King Harold at Hastings.

  7. Amidst this array comes the solemn thought stealing, That these glowing colors will soon pass away.

  8. Then let my thoughts in rich array Come forth in gently flowing rhyme.

  9. These knew him not--so different his array From What it was upon that Sabbath day.

  10. A reader may, for example, peruse an editorial in a daily paper and find a complete array of facts, setting forth in detail the subject, and may be satisfied about the subject.

  11. The object of formal classification and partition is to give information, to array facts completely.

  12. With even such a spirit did the proud Austrian Juno strive to array against her foe a coalition such as Europe had never seen.

  13. But, in spite of the absence of these two distinguished members of the Lower House, the box in which the managers stood contained an array of speakers such as perhaps had not appeared together since the great age of Athenian eloquence.

  14. She had exchanged her piquant Roman costume for the pearl gray satin in which Ona had delighted to array her, and its rich substance and delicate neutral tint harmonized well with the amber brocade of the curtain against which she sat.

  15. Along the sunny sidewalks passed with jaunty tread an ever-hurrying procession of stylishly clad men and women; and along the roadbed sped an array of private carriages conducted by coachmen in livery.

  16. I am listening," she answered softly with the voice of one face to face with an array of doubts.

  17. From the preceding formidable array of testimony it appears that the tendency of urban populations is certainly not toward the pure blond, long-headed, and tall Teutonic type.

  18. The battle was now in array and they stood face to face with one another, Agamemnon ever pressing forward in his eagerness to be ahead of all others.

  19. He found him by the stern of his ship already putting his goodly array about his shoulders, and right glad was he that his brother had come.

  20. She set herself to think how she might hoodwink him, and in the end she deemed that it would be best for her to go to Ida and array herself in rich attire, in the hope that Jove might become enamoured of her, and wish to embrace her.

  21. These helped to array one another in their ox-hide shields, and then charged straight at the Danaans, for they felt sure that they would not hold out longer and that they should themselves now fall upon the ships.

  22. I am now come from the ships on to the plain, for with daybreak the Achaeans will set battle in array about the city.

  23. Therefore, let each chief give orders to his own people, setting them severally in array and leading them forth to battle.

  24. He is a bird of very few inches, clothed in brilliant array of orange and black and white, which always suggests the Baltimore oriole.

  25. The array of traps prepared for the woodpecker's use was most curious, and readily explained how he came by his name.

  26. But the great discoveries and inventions to which we owe this marked superiority are either accidental or the result of generations of experiment, assisted by an immense array of ascertained facts from which safe inductions can be made.

  27. She would array herself in fine attire, she would adorn herself with jewels, and stand in her isolated magnificence before massed, audiences and enchant them with her eloquence and amaze them with her unapproachable beauty.

  28. In due time Laura alighted at the book store, and began to look at the titles of the handsome array of books on the counter.

  29. All these and other accusations were made with much circumstance and with a formidable array of corroborative testimony, against Guzman as governor.

  30. Sores did not, however, deem it needful to bring his whole array against Havana.

  31. Many of these terminal moraines are an array of broken embankments, small basin-like holes and smooth, level spaces.

  32. Probably the greatest array of glacial debris is the Mills Moraine on the east side of the Peak.

  33. As in the case of the ammonites, the problem is to arrange this great multitude of forms in an orderly array that shall express the ramifications of the group according to a genetic system.

  34. It may be said that Selenka's material fils up the blanks in Darwin's array of proofs in the most satisfactory manner.

  35. The brilliant array of speakers addressed cultured audiences gathered from all parts of the country at this fashionable resort.

  36. Two bills, however, now lie before Congress proposing to array the fundamental law of the land against the multitude of American women by ordaining a denial of the political rights of a whole sex.

  37. With her debts pressing upon her and an array of lecture engagements ahead, Miss Anthony could neither pause to indulge her own grief nor to console and sympathize with the loved ones.

  38. Notwithstanding this array of talent, the convention through all its six sessions was threatened with a mob, encouraged by the Herald and other New York papers.

  39. It is not too much to say that no constitutional lawyer in the country could have improved upon this argument in its array of authorities, its keen logic and its impressive plea for justice.

  40. He stared around at the array disconsolately.

  41. Still holding the shoe, he looked at the array of horsehair bridles on the walls.

  42. He wrote: 'The array of talent is no doubt imposing, but far too much of the music is of an inferior stamp.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "array" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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