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Example sentences for "flowing"

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  1. She was robed in a flowing white linen mantle which fell to her feet in graceful folds like the drapery of statues.

  2. Near the mast stood men in strange costumes, and motionless women wrapped in flowing mantles.

  3. The Greek looked at the men, wrapped in their flowing mantles, holding their tall staves of authority, awaiting his words with an anxiety which they made an effort to conceal behind majestic calmness.

  4. Behind them marched the musicians and singers of the city, crowned with roses, clad in flowing white vestments.

  5. He saw the vestals wrapped in their flowing white veils, marching with a sturdy tread.

  6. The wharves were deserted one after another, the life of the place flowing along the road toward the city.

  7. The race will never get far in the art of living until it comes home to the land and the restful distances and free flowing airs.

  8. And then at last, I went down alone and empty-handed to the shore, meditated on God with sun and sand and flowing airs.

  9. He sees the life of God in the activities of organic nature, and marks his power and presence in the falling rain and noiseless dew, the flowing river and the restless ocean.

  10. This is not admitted by Mansel, the disciple and annotator of Hamilton, as flowing even from his mental "law of the conditioned.

  11. There an elephant, with sweat trickling down its body, like a mountain with rills flowing adown its breast, steed, having crushed by its tread a car-warrior with his steeds and charioteer on the field.

  12. Upon the completion of that sacrifice five and twenty hills of food remained untouched, and many lakes and several beautifully flowing rivulets of juicy drinks, and many heaps, besides, of robes and ornaments.

  13. Indeed, the valiant Partha received hundreds of arrowy showers and maces and lances coming towards him as the ocean receives hundreds upon hundreds of rivers flowing towards it.

  14. In 1613 Champlain again crossed the Atlantic and endeavoured to confirm Nicolas de Vignau's alleged discovery of a short route to the ocean by the Ottawa river, a great lake at its source, and another river flowing north therefrom.

  15. Besides the Shari, the only important stream entering Lake Chad is the Waube or Yo (otherwise the Komadugu Yobe), which rises near Kano, and flowing eastward enters the lake on its western side 40 m.

  16. The Happy-go-lucky sailed with a fresh breeze and a flowing sheet from Saint Malo, the evening before the Arrow sailed from Barn Pool.

  17. He was a man of commanding figure, with light flowing hair, and a peaked, auburn beard reaching to his breast, giving the appearance of the usual pictorial representations of the Saviour.

  18. Their souls seemed to have blended in one by flowing upward together on the holy tide of prayer.

  19. By the open window which faced the south sat a female, in the white and flowing evening costume of the times.

  20. But grand and flowing as Menachem's Hebrew prose is, his verse is unattractive and awkward; he did not understand how to handle Hebrew meter.

  21. The language is vigorous, flowing and witty, the interpretation profound, temperate, and bearing the impress of devoted work.

  22. The verses are easy, flowing and smooth, though without much depth.

  23. She was dressed in a flowing robe of white muslin, embroidered with a deep fringe lace.

  24. He attempted a flowing discourse upon the evils of celibacy, and managed to destroy by his manner much of the kindly feeling which Mary had conceived for him.

  25. I begged of him to look on them in no other light than as flowing from my duty; but if, when I should be no more, he or his children would be gracious to my family, it was all I desired.

  26. The Life and Letters of Leslie Stephen appeared in the autumn of 1906, and reviews were steadily flowing in when the Downing household began to make preparations for its annual pilgrimage across the sea.

  27. And the see-saw is caused by the streams flowing into and out of this chasm, and they each have the nature of the soil through which they flow.

  28. The rivers flowing in either direction can descend only to the centre and no further, for opposite to the rivers is a precipice.

  29. This was the road to Arcady, the flowing road to the land of birds and grass pavements.

  30. He came out on to High Street, flowing in a slow curve past churches and ancient doorways.

  31. A year ago last June I was very sick, and on examination my physician said I had Polypus of the womb and that I would not stop flowing until I had an operation.

  32. The last time I came around I began to have that pain in my right ovary and it lasted a week and I have been flowing for a week.

  33. My abdomen is swollen, and I have had flowing spells for three years.

  34. I have just had my third miscarriage and been flowing over two weeks and have much pain in back and womb.

  35. They were having a high old time, for whisky was flowing freely, and spirits were rising proportionately as spirits went down.

  36. The plain was here intersected by a rapidly-flowing stream, hemmed in by long spurs of rock.

  37. We shall weather Cape Clear for all that," was the answer; "once free we may run before it with a flowing sheet to the banks of Newfoundland.

  38. At this juncture a flash of lightning revealed a tall figure, with flowing white drapery, standing near the companion-hatch.

  39. Some other little birds, making use of similar materials, at times twitched these flowing ends, and generally brought out the busy Baltimore from her occupation in great anger.

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