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  1. A Syrian from Tyre, in a long crimson robe, was talking animatedly to a man whose decided features and crisp, curly, black hair proclaimed him an Israelite.

  2. Hunger is a good thing," philosophized the Sybarite once more, "when a man has a good meal in prospect.

  3. And now Sappho's brother, who had till then remained undistinguished among the many strangers at Naukratis, became a noted man through Rhodopis.

  4. In their naked beauty, glistening with the golden oil, the youth and the man stood opposite to one another, like a panther and a lion preparing for the combat.

  5. His companion, on the contrary, a man perhaps twenty years younger, of a slender and delicate build, was seldom still.

  6. You are the first man to bring us news of the Olympic games!

  7. I should rejoice to know that such a first-rate man was going to take my place, if I did not at the same time fear that his eminent services will make my own poor efforts seem even more insignificant than they really were.

  8. But at last the stillness was broken by Joshua the Jew, who began thus, in broken Greek: "Weep thy fill, O man of Sparta!

  9. During their journey, the grey-haired, moody man had not spoken one word, and the other had left him to his meditations.

  10. He was a tall thin man of over sixty, with a head of that oval form which gives the impression of refinement and intellect.

  11. Recklessness is quite as foolish, but not so blamable as cowardice, for though both do the man an injury, the latter alone can dishonor him.

  12. Your average Japanese man on the street still isn't too enthusiastic about the Soviets.

  13. The man he'd wounded had merely disappeared into the palace labyrinth.

  14. But you always remember the eyes of a man you must kill.

  15. Today, there was a man here, right here, who was carrying your famous work on the palace.

  16. In this role, he had risen from the ruins of World War II to become the most powerful man in Asia.

  17. We ran through the entire flight profile in real time," the other man replied.

  18. With respect, you have befriended a man who is attempting to blackmail the Tokyo oyabun.

  19. None of the gardeners in the park seemed aware that a man was about to be beaten to death.

  20. He studied the screens for a few moments, then spoke quietly to the head of the technical team, an intense young man in spectacles.

  21. You are a man of insatiable intellectual appetite.

  22. Ah," the old man blushed, "I have more than an eye.

  23. The man looked up and smiled, his eyes mirroring the green numbers on the screen as he looked over Vance's shoulder.

  24. The other man was younger, though already balding.

  25. He was to the manner born--Yale--and he'd long since concluded it was the way man was meant to live.

  26. HEROD There be some who say that this man is the prophet Elias.

  27. God is terrible; He breaketh the strong and the weak as a man brays corn in a mortar.

  28. Ah, Jokanaan, Jokanaan, thou wert the only man that I have loved.

  29. The head of a man that is cut from his body is ill to look upon, is it not?

  30. There is no man who hath seen God since the prophet Elias.

  31. This man is for ever vomiting insults against me.

  32. This Man must be found and told that I forbid Him to raise the dead.

  33. One of the two professors was very popular, beloved by all, passing for a sage, a great poet, and a man of advanced ideas.

  34. That's the celebrated governor of Pangasinan, a good man who loses his appetite whenever any Indian fails to salute him.

  35. It was reported in Manila, added the traveler, that the young man would be deported to the Carolines, having been forced to sign a petition beforehand, in which he declared that he asked it voluntarily.

  36. In your opinion, is the laborer the perfect state at which man may arrive in his development?

  37. Naturally, the brilliant Paulita could no longer love a young man who so erroneously understood social matters and whom all condemned.

  38. The dead man had had two wounds, which must have been made by firearms, as he knew from what he had since studied, and which would be the result of the chase on the lake.

  39. Tadeo followed her gaze and saw a man in a false mustache with an extraordinarily large nose.

  40. One and all you forget that while a people preserves its language, it preserves the marks of its liberty, as a man preserves his independence while he holds to his own way of thinking.

  41. What a peculiar man this Simoun is, what notions he has!

  42. Richelieu had a Capuchin adviser who was called the Gray Eminence; well, that's what this man is to the General.

  43. There are no distinctions, there are no exceptions, nothing but a fact, a right, an aggression, and every honest man who does not place himself on the side of the wronged makes himself an accomplice and stains his conscience.

  44. He survived the battle like a man whose life is charmed, though all around him comrades fell and three horses were shot under him.

  45. This much I noticed idly as Ned trudged away from us, walking more like a man on his way to the gallows than one who went to keep a lovers' rendezvous .

  46. The older I grow, the more I feel inclined to let every man and woman, every boy and girl, act out himself, or herself.

  47. They must keep their sheep out of the way," the selfish man would say.

  48. No man ever liked better to do any body a good turn.

  49. The author is a man of fine abilities and refined taste, and does his work in a spirit of vivacious, but most truthful earnestness.

  50. I have hinted, too, in a sort of whisper, that I do not consider a man an absolute Pagan, because he happens to be a little odd.

  51. That was all the answer the unfortunate man could get from Mike Marble.

  52. In fact, there was not, in all the parish, a more generally unpopular man than Billy Birch.

  53. He was quite an old man before he went to his final rest.

  54. The Saviour, in whom he had trusted, was with him in his dying hour, and I cannot doubt that that good man went to dwell with the angels.

  55. England expected every man to do his duty.

  56. The Chairman of the Infant Insurance Committee, asked a skilled witness, "Is a man his own child, or another person's child?

  57. As for your precious bells, I can't dine with a man at the Club without hearing the confounded things pealing out the moment I let myself in.

  58. If you think a man ought to have a nickname, invent one for him.

  59. Superintendents had come to, and departed from, the Rainbow.

  60. And, lo, the sinews and the flesh came upon them, but there was no breath in them.

  61. Every living man in America in 1776 who could read, read 'Common Sense.

  62. Sir Francis Burdett: "Ministers know that a united people are not to be resisted; and it is this that we must understand by what is written in the works of an honest man too long calumniated.

  63. That was the same unswerving man they had been following, and to all accusations against the revolution their answer was--Paine is still there.

  64. Take the following epigram: 'To argue with a man who has renounced the use of Reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

  65. London Daily News: "He was always a man of peace, and to him is due the first project of international arbitration.

  66. And let me say to the church, it ill becomes you to point to the alleged moral delinquencies of this man while your own garments are soiled and crimsoned with the vice and crime of centuries.

  67. Gaynor: "What a strange thing it is that that extraordinary man was so long set down as an Atheist.

  68. Judge Thomas Herttell: "No man in modern ages has done more to benefit mankind, or distinguished himself more for the immense moral good he has effected for his species, than Thomas Paine.

  69. Edward Bond Foote: "As Lincoln was the man for his time and place, so Paine fitted perfectly and filled remarkably the niche which history allotted to him.

  70. The 'Age of Reason' was the protest of a highly moral man against the doings of a deeply immoral God.

  71. And therfore thei wolde lye with here fadre, for to have issue, and for to replenysschen the world azen with peple, to restore the world azen be hem: for thei trowed, that ther had ben no mo men in alle the world.

  72. And Seynt Poul, in his Epistles, writeth to hem of that Ile, ad Colossenses.

  73. Here, how many prayers we vttered, what abundance of teares we shed, what deepe sighs we breathed foorth, our Lord Iesus Christ onely knoweth.

  74. They notwithstanding continuing their purpose, at the next mery wind tooke shipping, and for want of ships left 200.

  75. And in that lond men fynden many fayre emeraudes and y nowe.

  76. And he that kepeth it clanly a yere, aftre that yere, hyt turneth yn to flesche and bloode.

  77. And right nyghe, on the left syde, is Gabaon and Rama and Beniamyn; of the whiche holy writt spekethe offe.

  78. Sidenote: The citie of Iconium intended to haue bene besieged.

  79. And she reflected what a pity it was that so good-looking a young man should have been planted down there in that out-of-the-way pocket of the world, and thus lost to society.

  80. That young man is a gentleman," he heard him say.

  81. Was a man named Aaron once thought he knew more 'bout runnin' a' expedition than his brother did.

  82. He turned as a man came around the house.

  83. It is as hard for a poor man to enter Mrs. Creamer's house as for a camel to pass through the needle's eye.

  84. As he stood straight and dignified, grasping the older man's hand, he looked more of a man than he had ever done.

  85. They're getting ready to do it--that man and the preacher.

  86. Mr. Wickersham was a stout and good-humored man of fifty, with a head like a billiard-bail, and a face that was both shrewd and kindly.

  87. This surrender had no sooner been made than every man outside was her champion.

  88. You would be a better man if you had the truth told you oftener.

  89. Then she ran forward, and as the old man rose to his feet she threw her arms about his neck, and the world suddenly changed for him--changed as much as if it had been new-created.

  90. Keith felt his jaws lock as he thought of the same man on the other side of a long table sneering at him.

  91. And we do find the matter represented thus in the West Saxon genealogy, where Sceldwa or Scyld is son of Heremod.

  92. The vindictive character here given to Thrytho is a poetic and veiled admonition addressed to Cynethryth[78].

  93. They wrestle the length of the hall, and break all before them.

  94. Now Beowulf, son of Scyld, clearly corresponds to a Beow or Beaw in the West Saxon genealogy.

  95. Much emphasis is laid upon the upbringing and youthful fame of this prince, and the glory of his father.

  96. The Icelandic Saga of Rolf Kraki, a late document belonging to the end of the middle ages, but nevertheless containing valuable matter.

  97. We cannot be quite so sure of our thesis (b): that the ancient Leire was identical with the site where Hrothgar built Heorot.

  98. This has indeed been generally accepted, almost from the beginning of {42} Beowulf criticism[83].

  99. But Drida continued her evil courses and compassed the death of St Aethelbert, the vassal king of East Anglia.

  100. As before, Grettir and his assailant wrestle down the room, breaking all {49} in their way.

  101. What a happiness would it be for Persia if such a man as this was to come to the throne instead of the young viceroy.

  102. No married woman is allowed to enter the rooms looking out upon the street, as she might be seen by a man from the opposite windows.

  103. The belief of the Hindoos in its holiness is such that, according to their opinion, every man will be saved who remains twenty-four hours in the town, without reference to his religion.

  104. Fortunately there was a young man on board who was half English and half Persian (his father, an Englishman, had married an Armenian from Teheran), and spoke both languages equally well.

  105. The foremost man continually struck fire, so as to light up the path somewhat by the sparks.

  106. This excellent man did all this with so much amiability, that, in fact, I scarcely knew whether the kindnesses or the way in which they were offered, were most to be admired.

  107. According to the Russian system, however, the common man is not worthy of any consideration.

  108. The poor man had sunk exhausted on this spot, and was no longer capable of saying to what caste he belonged.

  109. A man carried it on both his arms as gently and carefully as if it was sleeping.

  110. Among the women and girls present, there were some remarkably beautiful, but all had most bewitching eyes, which no young man could glance at with impunity.

  111. If I had been a man and had spoken so, I should probably have been treated with a temporary residence in Siberia.

  112. To me it seemed just as if any one was asked whether he was an honourable man or a rogue, and then trusted to his honour when he gave himself a good character.

  113. The good man must have concluded that I had not tasted any food today, for he very hospitably ordered breakfast immediately, consisting of bread, sheep's cheese, and melons.

  114. An oracle said that he would not succeed in its erection before a man voluntarily offered himself as a sacrifice.

  115. I also never saw a man ill use his wife or child.

  116. To console himself, the blind man opened his snuff-box and took a pinch of snuff.

  117. I can see through the window a man with two children in his lap.

  118. Do they seek at high noon For the man in the moon?

  119. Little boy, you must not meddle," said the blind man again.

  120. But pretty soon the blind man heard the sound of shears going across the table.

  121. This was a bit of the modern war one reads about--it was a picture from some fanciful story of Mr. H.

  122. You can imagine how a Frenchman--he was a young fellow, who lived in a rear tenement over on the other side of Montmartre--would write that song.

  123. We rattled along the hard highroad, paved with Belgian blocks, with a well-pounded dirt path at the side for bicycles, between almost uninterrupted rows of low houses and tiny fields in which men and women both were working.

  124. That night, an hour or two after midnight, in my hotel by the water-front, I awoke to the steady clatter of hoofs on cobblestones and the rumble of wheels.

  125. In one village a group of half-drunken men, who insisted on jeering the Germans were put at the head of a column and compelled to march several miles before they were released.

  126. That afternoon under my window there was a tall wagon, a sort of hay wagon, in which there were twenty-two little tow-headed children, none more than eight or ten and several almost babies in arms.

  127. Without exactly being on the stage, she yet appeared to live on the fringe of it, and combined the slangy freedoms of a chorus girl with a certain quick wisdom and hard sense.

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