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Example sentences for "creature"

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creatrix; creatur; creatura; creatural; creaturarum; creaturely; creatures; creavit; crebris; crebro
  1. What an ungrateful little creature it is!

  2. What an absurd, sweet, little creature it is," murmured Annette.

  3. This old creature when she found I was from New York, came to me secretly, and asked me the oddest question.

  4. Although frail and diseased, the little creature never allowed her active mind and thin, little body one moment's rest.

  5. A terrible punishment had been meted out to him for the pride and selfishness that had made of his innocent child-wife an outcast, and a creature at whom to point the finger of a seemingly just scorn.

  6. The deceitful creature has won his heart from you.

  7. Then you do not believe that I am the lost and guilty creature they would fain make me out.

  8. I should like to spoil their party for them," the little creature said to herself with a passionate vindictiveness, quite unusual with her.

  9. Golden, trying to say something to please the little creature who was hovering about her, busy and excited with her important preparations for the miniature dressmaking.

  10. The wretched creature is likely to become a mother in a few short months.

  11. Mr. Leith, do you not see that the wretched creature is raving mad?

  12. It was daylight when the weary, suffering old creature awoke.

  13. But the strong arms held her fast, although Bertram Chesleigh began to realize that it was not a phantom, but a real creature of flesh and blood he had kissed so warmly.

  14. She saw that Celine's services would have to be amply requited, otherwise the selfish creature would not trouble herself to help her out of her difficulty.

  15. Oh, madam, if I could only induce you to believe that I am not the vile creature you think me," she cried in anguish.

  16. She took the soft, woolly creature in her arms, and examined the wounded limb, all torn and raw from its efforts to escape.

  17. A creature of moods, there came over her now a swift change.

  18. From time to time his lazy glance embraced her, a supple graceful creature at perfect ease in the saddle.

  19. Radiant with the sheer pleasure of life, happy as God's sunshine, she was a creature vividly in tune with the glad morning.

  20. Whilst Byron delighted in painting himself blacker than he was, Shelley never wearied of proclaiming himself a creature of angelic purity and whiteness.

  21. Had he at that time intended to scamper into and out of the little Republic, after spending ten days within its bounds, he would scarcely (harum-scarum creature though he was) have entreated Harriett to come out to him.

  22. Can passionate idolatry of a fellow-creature go further in the direction of abject servility without being lost in it?

  23. Whatever his failings, William Godwin was no such creature as these anecdotes imply,--no such snob as snobs have declared him.

  24. An ardent and strongly affectionate creature (how could Mary Wollstonecraft's daughter be otherwise?

  25. Had Shelley been the essentially chivalric creature his eulogists declare him, he could not have left his wife in this way, even though her offences had been far more repulsive than her sternest censors declare them.

  26. Perhaps to hear of my death will give you pain, but you will soon have the blessing of forgetting that such a creature ever existed as.

  27. A number were also noticed in the darkest portions of the caƱon of the Grand River, where one would think not a living creature could coax subsistence from the bare rocks and beetling cliffs.

  28. She was no longer the girl he had stared at in Piccadilly, the creature he had pitied in the twilight hour of their first friendly interview.

  29. She woke in him a little of the uneasy fear and uneasy attraction that a creature whom a man feels to be greater than himself often wakes in him.

  30. Then Valentine lost his fear, and could have been angry that such a scarecrow was the creature selected by Fate to draw a sword against him.

  31. Only it matters about every living creature so much.

  32. The fallen creature was to be the protector, the unredeemed to be the redeemer.

  33. How, indeed, could such a creature have power over fellow man or woman for good or for evil?

  34. Of that the old creature in her nethermost Hades was nearly incapable.

  35. And instinct thus forsaken by an essentially instinctive creature opened the gates of distress and of confusion.

  36. But the cold, staring creature upon the green divan did not reply.

  37. Cuckoo extended her arms, holding Jessie, to Julian, and he took the small creature gently.

  38. As the young knight spoke, Mr. Rhind turned an inquiring glance to Lord Gowrie's face, as if he would fain have asked who the beautiful creature before him was, and what was her connexion with his former pupil.

  39. He stepped aside to let the great creature past him, and Lloyd uttered an exclamation of delight, he was so unusually large and beautiful.

  40. She could mould a good, simple creature like Verschoyle to her ways and become a great personage.

  41. That good creature took her in without a word, without even a mute curiosity.

  42. Rodd flung himself on the man, whom he recognised as the creature he and Clara had met on the stairs.

  43. This exquisite creature of innocence, this very Ariel, born at last in life to leap forth from the imagination that had created her, this delicious spirit of freedom, come to beckon the world on to an awakening from its sloth and shame!

  44. You are the only creature I have ever met who is younger than myself.

  45. Not long after, an extraordinary creature was admitted as a patient, and I cannot to this day say what his nationality was, although I am inclined to believe his language was some kind of Russian patois.

  46. Conceive, then, my feelings on seeing this amiable creature one morning struggling with his stocking.

  47. The fair creature jumped as if shot from a catapult, and I fancy I can now see her black stockings and frowzy petticoat as she flew towards her party.

  48. The charming creature who sat on his assailant's left, however, took a more serious view of the situation.

  49. Some poor creature you have treated shamefully?

  50. A creature was formerly seen in England, which has lately been expelled from it, and which has some very peculiar properties appertaining to it.

  51. Is he at all, in any respect, the same breathing creature that you beheld three years back?

  52. He is a little, spare creature who flies his kite over steeples when there is any thing to do to them, and lodging a cord on the apex, contrives by its means to reach the top without the trouble of scaffolding.

  53. The creature had fallen off the roof of the house into the street.

  54. It was sad to think how ceaseless must be the industry by which that fair and fragile creature could support the helpless couple who were cast upon her duty and her affection!

  55. Now she clothed the naked little creature in one of Thomas `a Becket's snowy, long baby gowns, with its bright blue bows and dainty flummery of ruffles.

  56. Yes, with plenty of creature comforts and her old place in the amen corner in her possession again, she would be perfectly happy and at peace thenceforward to the end.

  57. Except a creature be part coward, it is not a compliment to say it is brave; it is merely a loose misapplication of the word.

  58. She was indeed a superb creature then, a personage I had not imagined.

  59. I recall her dimly, a slattern creature in a loose gown and bare feet, wife of the storekeeper and wagoner, with a swarm of urchins about her.

  60. It was really a shock to me to find that a daughter of mine had so little discrimination as even to like such a person; but she is young and romantic, and the creature is handsome, and clever in a Brummagem way.

  61. It made me sick to feel the false creature so near.

  62. I was so startled that I fell back a step, and before I recovered myself the creature was gone.

  63. I might hold my tongue where a poor mad creature was concerned, whom my confession could not benefit, but in this case it was not to be thought of.

  64. This beautiful, queenlike creature seemed incapable of deceit, and yet--who were the two people I had so lately seen in her apartment?

  65. He appeared like a creature not only of another kind but of another essence.

  66. And now her two sisters knew Cinderella to be the same beautiful creature they had seen at the ball.

  67. I recall one such on the Shiloh field which illustrates the fact that man is the wildest creature of the animal kingdom when thoroughly frightened.

  68. For every creature diligently pursues the end of self-preservation, and shuns death and destruction!

  69. Yet if thou lookest to his body alone, what creature canst thou find more feeble than man, who oftentimes is killed by the bite of a fly, or by some insect creeping into the inner passage of his system!

  70. Is the nature of things so reversed that a creature divine by right of reason can in no other way be splendid in his own eyes save by the possession of lifeless chattels?

  71. That unfortunate creature who worked here for you on Wednesday.

  72. Dawson is the most offensive creature who ever walked this earth clad in the outer semblance of one of God's creatures.

  73. Her foot was well on his neck; and it occurred to him as he rummaged miserably among canisters that if the creature should take it into her head to marry him he might conceivably have to let her do it.

  74. A creature that blended well with the nature's fury.

  75. Zeus would know what manner of prison held such a creature in throe.

  76. For from this creature radiated a menace more fearsome than he had ever known, an overwhelming evil emanation.

  77. In the dreams the creature came forth, looked down on the sleeping youth.

  78. Not seen, nor heard - still dread of this unknown creature stalked the night as might stalk even the creature itself.

  79. The creature moved cautiously away, halted, then approached once more.

  80. The nasty creature has wandered away from the maze.

  81. Zeus sent me to find what creature is imprisoned beneath these waters, and what manner of prison it be.

  82. The creature dug its iron talons into Prometheus stomach.

  83. The gaunt, ancient creature reflected in the still waters screamed out the words.

  84. Zeus would know what manner of creature was there imprisoned.

  85. There is no creature so loving, so caring of his master.

  86. And on the shore, obscured by the driving rain and gathering fog, stood a creature of unearthly mien.

  87. Surely this monstrous creature was not the unseen companion!

  88. Fire, that strange creature that turned night into day, no longer existed.

  89. This travesty on words of love, voiced by a creature totally devoid of humanity, brought tears to the eyes of the young maiden.

  90. He's the most apathetic creature living--no life, no passion, no impulse.

  91. Don't send up your name at present--the poor creature is in a rabid state.

  92. He's the most charming creature living, is that husband of yours.

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