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  1. She succeeded so fully in concealing the struggle against the claims of her wearied body that Els, after joyously perceiving how faithfully her sister sympathised with her own delight, continued to relate what she had just heard.

  2. Moreover, the conduct of Eva who, though she entreated her forgiveness, by no means showed herself contritely ready to resign her lover, had given her so much food for thought that she could not find the rest her frail body required.

  3. This morning I received a message from your grandfather which said: 'Poor Beatrice passed away on Monday and at her request her body was cremated to-day.

  4. After sixteen years had gone by, those who still remembered and loved Etheldreda wished that her body should be with them at their devotions in the church, and they resolved to translate her remains from the cemetery to the Abbey.

  5. In the next generation (1016) a body of the monks of Ely accompanied another hero to battle against the Danes.

  6. This was brought to Ely; and with careful and simple ceremony the body of the first Abbess was lifted from the wooden and laid in the marble coffin, all being carried out under the superintendence of Sexburga.

  7. College attend, sitting at the two High Tables on the dais, and faring more sumptuously than the students in the body of the Hall.

  8. And tho' it had not been my own natural inclination to protect every body as far as lay in my power it would have been my interest so to do.

  9. But then he could have done nothing for his preservation if there had not been some Highland body like mysell wi' them.

  10. But being in that disappointed he returned to Uist, where he skulked, till he was informed that Major General Campbell, and a body of Argyleshire men and others were come to that island.

  11. Indeed, the members of the Scottish Episcopal body were practically identified with the Stuart Cause from the Revolution onwards, until in despair, they, by a formal declaration, professedly severed themselves from it in or about 1780.

  12. Ned took the head off one of them, and throwing the body over his shoulder, carried it to a place where he could order it at his conveniency.

  13. After Cumberland had been sometime in Inverness he ordered Earl Loudon with a good body of men to Lochabar to prevent our coming to a body and receive such as would come and deliver up their arms to him.

  14. And tho' I could have gotten all England and Scotland for my pains I would not allowed a hair of his body to be touch'd if I could [Sidenote: fol.

  15. I was then, I think, in the Canton of Bern and had no body to advise with.

  16. For a whole hour he worked with her, and at length subdued the convulsions of pain which distorted the beautiful face and made the childlike body writhe.

  17. She was here beside him in the warm loneliness of the northern world, and he was full-grown in body and brain, with all the human emotions alive in him; yet he would fight clean.

  18. There was something very wilful in her beauty, and her body too had delicate, melancholy lines strange in one so young.

  19. Like a malignant liquid, there crept up through Joel Mazarine's body to the roots of his hair the ancient virus of Cain.

  20. They have had his body in his lifetime; they shall not have it after his death.

  21. I left the body where life was extinct to tend the one where a spark of life was yet lingering.

  22. It was, however, a far more difficult task than she had expected, for she fancied that she had fallen from the top of a high mountain into a chasm beneath, and that every bone in her body had been broken to splinters.

  23. In those last throes of death she wailed aloud, And bade for mercy's sake that they might take And lay her in that church which had sprung out Where Jelka's body dropped a mangled corpse.

  24. The sea that separated the lovers was, however, less cruel than man, for upon the morrow the waves themselves laid the lifeless body of the young girl upon the soft sand of the beach.

  25. On the morrow a search was made for their officer's body and for that of the highwayman, but, not finding them, they came to the conclusion that they had been devoured by wild beasts.

  26. Shaving on Saturday, however, cannot be considered as harmful either to the body or to the soul.

  27. It seemed as if all the ligaments that bind the bones of the skeleton together had snapped asunder, and that her body was about to fall to pieces.

  28. Soon she felt her body beginning to get drowsy and the pain in her weary head to pass away; then consciousness gradually vanished.

  29. His mangled body is in the chasm, but his soul is in the blessed abode of peace.

  30. Another had taken a young man's heart out of his body whilst he was asleep.

  31. Nay, his whole body was as weak as if he had had some long illness and was only now convalescent.

  32. A scathing flame was kindled in her breast, and in her veins her blood was all aglow; her shattered body seemed to melt like wax, such was the unknown yearning which she felt upon that lovely night in early May.

  33. He builds it about his own body all round him, adding stick by stick in the neatest, cleverest manner.

  34. A fiery crest appeared all along its back, and its body became emerald and spotted gold; and the little she-newt clapped her hands to see her handsome husband, and now she always does exactly what he tells her.

  35. His head is so blunt and so near his body that one would scarcely think he had a neck at all if he were not able to look this way and that way and this way again, in the smallest part of second.

  36. The first was the corpse of the Kiaja Beg, his body was cast upon the cross-ways through the Etmeidan Gate.

  37. Musli, and placing himself in front of his comrade he received on his own body the first blow which Pelivan had aimed at Halil.

  38. It was the body of a sailor named Manoli, who greatly resembled him, and sacrificed himself in Damad's behalf.

  39. Then the Sultana Asseki, full of fury, seized a whip, and lashed away at the damsel's body till she could lash no more, yet she could not thrash a soul into the lifeless body.

  40. The Khan thereupon was to rush upon him with a drawn sword, and this was to be the signal for the Janissary officers to rise in a body and massacre all Halil's followers.

  41. I would rather see you fall in battle fighting against the Giaours, for you deserve to have a glorious name; but don't ask me for this banner any more, for if you come a step nearer I will run you through the body with the dirty end.

  42. The Kapudan Pasha, his body was flung down in front of the fountains of Khir-Kheri.

  43. Long, long ago his body has crumbled into dust, Death can do him no harm now.

  44. Trample on my dead body if thou wilt, but say not that there was nobody who would have withheld thee from the path of peril!

  45. His body we flung out into the piazza in front of the Seraglio, at the foot of the very fountains which he himself caused to be built.

  46. When his body was grown so big with his stuffing that he was almost a full-sized crow, he stopped his constant begging for food.

  47. The summer sun on his feathered body had tired him, and the cooling water brought relief.

  48. Then he braced his body firmly in the nest and began to use his trowel, which was his upper beak, pushing the fresh lump all smooth on the inside of the nest.

  49. In fact, her little body could hardly have covered them snugly enough to keep them warm if they had not been packed just so, with the pointed ends pushed down into the middle of the rather deep nest.

  50. Now that Larie could both swim and fly, he was large, and acted in many ways like an old gull; but the feathers of his body were not white, and he did not wear over his back and the top of his spread wings a pearl-gray mantle.

  51. Each Olair rolled over on one side, till the white under-part of his body showed above water.

  52. And in they go with that villain Joe To fetch the body by night, And all the church look'd dismally By his dark lanthorn light.

  53. Last night I hung a pebble by the manger With a hole thro', and every body says That 'tis a special charm against the hags.

  54. If then he is the captain of our salvation, the head of the body of the human church, I must rise by partaking in my degree of his food, by doing in my degree his work.

  55. Before him he saw a great, broad-shouldered lieutenant, whose brawny hand seemed almost too large for his sword-hilt, and in any one of whose limbs played more animal life than in the whole body of the pale youth.

  56. Death doesn't frighten me--I saw a funeral this morning, and I thought how happy the body was!

  57. According to the Evangelists, the stone was rolled to the door of the sepulcher as soon as the body was deposited, and according to Mark and Luke, the women were troubled as to who should roll away the stone when they went to embalm the body.

  58. Odin and his brothers slew Ymir and from his body created the earth, his flesh forming the land, his blood the sea.

  59. It may be urged that Jesus had prophesied that he would not rise until the third day, and that an earlier disappearance of the body could not be harmonized with a strict fulfillment of the prophecy.

  60. Had the seal been found unbroken at the end of three days it would not have proved that Jesus' body still remained in the tomb.

  61. Geikie speaks of the fierce heat that prevailed at the time), they would let a wounded body lie two days, until decomposition had commenced, and then attempt to embalm it?

  62. All: When the body was placed in it (Matt.

  63. Had his body been taken away, or did enthusiasm, always credulous, create afterwards the group of narratives by which it was sought to establish faith in the resurrection?

  64. When blood is drawn from a living body it becomes separated into two parts, a thick substance known as febrine, and a watery fluid known as serum.

  65. Writing of Christian monks and nuns, Lecky says: "The cleanliness of the body was regarded as a pollution of the soul, and the saints who were most admired had become one hideous mass of clotted filth.

  66. But the soldiers of Reason have crucified the illegitimate impostor; he is dead; and the ignorant disciples and hysterical women who still linger about the cross should take his body down and bury it.

  67. We must therefore ask how the few hundred grams of blood which a right ventricle could contain, could penetrate to the exterior of the body after such a great wound.

  68. The shell or body looked like a clinker-built boat of twenty-five or thirty tons, bottom up, and the seams of the laps newly paid.

  69. Sir, if you were any body else, upon my honour, I'd knock you down!

  70. She can project herself into my body and take command of it.

  71. The body does not give rise to the soul, then, but is rather the rough instrument by which the spirit manifests itself.

  72. I was her slave, body and soul, and for the moment I rejoiced in my slavery.

  73. So long as half his subjects are tainted with charlatanerie and the other half with hysteria we physiologists must content ourselves with the body and leave the mind to our descendants.

  74. Would the dust 315 Were covered in upon my body now!

  75. Here now the human being stands adorning 430 This loveliest earth with taintless body and mind; Blest from his birth with all bland impulses, Which gently in his noble bosom wake All kindly passions and all pure desires.

  76. Surprised and alarmed at the non-arrival of the train by nightfall, the general sent a strong body of troops back to meet them with torches.

  77. A fierce yell was heard, followed by the sound of a body rolling down the roof, and then a struggle accompanied by angry snarling and growling outside.

  78. By the end of that time the intrenchment on the river bank had been made so strong that it could resist any attack save by a very large body of men.

  79. But it is strange that, having so much life and spirit in that great body of yours, you should yet hold life so cheaply.

  80. But the success was temporary, for now a great body of the guard poured into the room.

  81. It was also advisable to know what was passing elsewhere, and to have warning of the approach of any body of troops from the camps round it.

  82. Most of them were, save for the mantle, naked from the waist up, the body being stained a deep blue with woad--a plant largely cultivated for its dye.

  83. A strong body of guards provided with torches now entered.

  84. This, however, he absolutely declined to do, upon the ground that it was impossible for so large a body of men to keep together, as there would be no means of feeding them.

  85. The master of ceremonies exchanged a few words with the emperor, and a body of men with torches and trumpets ran forward and drove the lion back into its den.

  86. The main body advanced against the Roman camp on the opposite bank, in which, as their spies had learnt, three hundred men had been left as a garrison.

  87. Among such a body there must be traitors, and when the war is apparently ended we may, through shepherds or goatherds, open communication with them.

  88. Guyon, doctor to the army, and correspondent of the Institute, addressed to this learned body an account of a few peculiarities of this invasion, of which he was a witness.

  89. Between two of these segments, as with a pair of pincers, the insect seizes a portion of the folded skin, and with such a firm hold that it is able to support the whole of its body on it.

  90. The back of the body is yellow; the legs, as well as the antennae, rosy.

  91. The extremity of the body is surrounded by a smooth horn, black above, yellow below (Fig.

  92. I saw with surprise the liquid come out of the body of the plant-louse, and the ant forthwith seize upon the droplet and convey it to its mouth.

  93. The Agrions, which are of the same family, have the body white, brown, or green, and the eyes very prominent.

  94. When once the split has been begun," says Reaumur, "it is easy for the insect to extend it; it continues to swell out that part of its body which is opposite the slit.

  95. Its body is oval, about the fifth of an inch in length, flat, soft, of a brown colour, and covered with little hairs.

  96. This vitreous body is enclosed in an expansion of the optic nerve.

  97. The body is black, furnished with russety hairs, and the antennae white, with the club black.

  98. If withdrawn from it, the volume of its body diminishes perceptibly, and the poor animal dies, like a fish taken out of its natural element.

  99. Their trunk is strong; one of the fibres of the sucker is furnished with small points, turned back, which are intended to hold firmly to the body into which it has entered.

  100. These other parts are the thorax or chest, the body or abdomen, and the head.

  101. Before finishing this rapid examination of the body of an insect, we shall have to say a few words on the nervous system.

  102. But it is the mark of youthful and barbarous natures to have eyes chiefly for the garb and circumstance of religion, to see the body only and not the soul.

  103. Let the lover of wisdom then strive to live in a healthy body that his senses may report truly of the universe in which he dwells.

  104. We may educate the eye, the ear, the hand, the foot; and each member of the body may be trained in many ways.

  105. The chemical elements are as sweet and pure in the buried corpse as in the blooming body of youth; and it is defective intellect, the warp of ignorance and sin, which hides from human eyes the perfect beauty of the world.

  106. He turns from vulgar pleasures as he turns from pain, because both pleasure and pain in fastening the soul to the body deprive it of freedom and hinder the play of the mind.

  107. To be young is to be free, to be able to live anywhere on land or sea, in the midst of deserts or among strange people; is to be able to fit the mind and body to all circumstance, and to rise almost above Nature's iron law.

  108. And what we have the right to demand of those to whom we give a higher education is, that they shall body forth these principles in their lives and become leaders in the task of spreading them among the multitude.

  109. Now, in youth we form the ideals which we labor to body forth in our lives.

  110. A body of armed men accompanied the deported wickedness of Poker Flat to the outskirts of the settlement.

  111. Laying the body on one of his asses, he covered it with wood.

  112. The body and the soul--companions for sixty years--were being sundered, and taking leave.

  113. He glanced over his shoulder at the open door, where the shadow was still lingering and shivering; and with no conscious repugnance of the mind, yet with a tremor of the belly, he drew near the body of his victim.

  114. The real plot does not begin to unfold itself until Carnehan, wrecked in body and mind, returns to the newspaper office and tries to report his experiences.

  115. They placed the body in Cassim's house, and, charging Morgiana to act well her part, Ali Baba returned home with his ass.

  116. Your master's body is contained in these two panniers.

  117. But I was sorely put out by the absence of all else--of the body to my imagined instrument--of the text for my context.

  118. Great was their surprise to find Cassim's body taken away, with some of their bags of gold.

  119. We are certainly found out," said the captain; "the body and the money have been taken by some one else who knows our secret.

  120. His body was transparent; so that Scrooge, observing him, and looking through his waistcoat, could see the two buttons on his coat behind.

  121. Exposure to a cold atmosphere, when the body is well clothed, produces no bad effect whatever beyond a frost-bitten cheek, nose, or finger.

  122. Within twenty minutes after our arrival, the whole body of ice again came in, entirely closing up the shore, so that our moving proved most opportune.

  123. After sailing about eight miles, we were stopped by a body of close ice lying between us and a space of open water beyond.

  124. But with lighter ice, the frequent breaking and doubling of the parts which sustain the strain, whenever any increase of pressure takes place, will set the whole body once more in motion till the space is again filled up.

  125. The body was covered with flat pieces of limestone, which, however, were so light that a fox might easily have removed them.

  126. The constant besetment of the ships, and our daily observations for latitude and longitude, afforded a favourable opportunity for ascertaining precisely the set of any currents by which the whole body of ice might be actuated.

  127. The wind continuing strong, the whole body was constantly pressed in upon the land, bearing the ships along with it, and doubling one sheet over another, sometimes to a hundred thicknesses.

  128. The sails were, however, kept set, and as the body of ice was setting to the southward withal, we went with it some little distance in that direction.

  129. September, having beat to windward of a compact body of ice which had fixed itself on the lee shore about Cape York, we soon came into a perfectly open sea in Barrow’s Strait, and were enabled to bear away to the eastward.

  130. We could, indeed, scarcely believe this the same sea which, but a few weeks before, had been loaded with one impenetrable body of closely packed ice from shore to shore, and as far as the eye could discern to the southward.

  131. The whole body of it seemed to cling to the western shore, as if held there by some strong attraction, forbidding, for the present, any access to it.

  132. The mistake made by these examples of beatified Humanity is that they too often sacrifice the body to the demands of the spirit.

  133. We all remained looking wistfully down upon the body of our lost darling, in thought too deep for words or weeping.

  134. Who charged her beautiful delicate body with a vile compound of electrical fluid, so that she was as a living magnet, bound to draw towards herself electricity in all its forms?

  135. For one instant I looked at the beautiful dead body of the friend I loved, with its set mouth and placid features, and then I smiled.

  136. Nowhere does the Divine Master say that God is so furiously angry that he must have the bleeding body of his own messenger, Christ, hung up before Him as a human sacrifice, as though He could only be pacified by the scent of blood!

  137. Strength is needed to accomplish great things--the double strength of body and soul.

  138. You will feel giddy for a moment, and your body will become unconscious.

  139. The body perishes--but what have WE to do with the body--our prison and place of experience, except to rejoice when we shake off its weight for ever!

  140. Leo appeared from some corner or other, and laid his rough body down close at his master's feet.

  141. At the sound of his voice Heliobas rose up erect, and the two men faced each other, Zara's dead body lying like a barrier betwixt them.

  142. Two and twenty years of that I lived in a parish in Scotland where every decent, respectable body would have thought shame to himself if he didn't have more whisky than he could carry on market days.

  143. I swear by the Shining Ones that I stand before ye to-day, body and soul, holy to the uttermost.

  144. One oily body slipped from my hold, another fled past me.

  145. An unusually heavy flood had undermined the banks and loosened the bridge; it must have fallen while the old man was on it, for his body was jammed against the plank which had stuck across the channel a little way down the stream.

  146. When I wander through the shades waiting for Vishnu's decree, it will lead my blind steps to the body of a foul thing.

  147. You may tell a patient every other organ in the body is in a disgraceful state of disrepair, but if you hint at bile it's no use trying to be a popular physician.

  148. It curved now like a piece of whipcord across the bronze body to which the afternoon sunshine sent gleams of gold as it shone on the sweat-dewed muscles.

  149. Wheat grains grow to wheat, And the seed of a tare to tare; Who knows if man's soul will meet Man's body to wear.

  150. Then a wild, uncontrollable fear at finding herself alone in an unknown world claimed her body and soul, and she fled like a hare to the only refuge she knew.

  151. Questionable as was the entertainment for the mind, that for the body was unexceptionable.

  152. I did not mean exactly that," said I; "but surely it is not possible that the soul without the body can be exactly like the soul with it.

  153. The dinner was excellent; our host performed his duties with admirable tact and grace; and somehow speedily put every body at his ease.

  154. Nowhere from any body of priests, clergy, or ministers, as an order, is religious progress to be anticipated till intellectual creeds are destroyed.

  155. As for Solomon's "times for every thing," few could remember them all, but every body remembered some.

  156. In the University of Oxford had sprung up a body of men who had consecrated their lives to the diffusion of doctrines indefinitely near those of Rome.

  157. And if you will, imitate young Cleombrotus of Ambracia, and let your body drop from the roof; and you may at once recognise your self apart from the body by merely getting rid of the subject of your inquiry.

  158. Hegesippus" is so wholly inapplicable to these that we must suppose it to refer to a body of epigrams now lost, unless this be the same Hegesippus with the poet of the New Comedy who flourished at Athens about 300 B.

  159. From these sources we are able to collect a body of epigrams which in a way cover the field of ancient art and literature.

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