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bodilie; bodily; boding; bodingly; bodings; bodkins; bodle; body; bodye; bodyes
  1. How to seeme to thrust a bodkin into your forehead.

  2. If you hold a peece of spunge in your hand filled with some sheeps bloud, pressing it out, the bodkin being in your forehead as it were up to the hilt, it will cause the more astonishment and admiration among the beholders.

  3. Within, lighted by a row of waxen tapers, the bower-maidens sat about a long table, plying needle and bodkin on the garments of the king and their mistress, while an old priest droned a homily for the edification of their manners.

  4. As you wish, then, dear; yet it is a large bodkin to carry in my bosom, and if I sling it at my girdle, the maidens will mock me for a warrior.

  5. He calmly inserted the bodkin in the second cake; seemed to meet with some obstruction, and laid the ball down upon the counter.

  6. From a pocket of his pea-jacket he drew a long bodkin, and taking up one of the largest balls he thrust the bodkin in and then withdrew it, the steel stained a coffee color.

  7. I would have run my finger through with my bodkin sooner than have made such a fool of myself,' returned Nan.

  8. Mr Bodkin explained that this was the pseudonym and address of the man Parrott, who figured in an espionage case in the autumn of 1912.

  9. Mr Bodkin remarked, by way of explanation, that the youth Ireland had been discharged.

  10. Tilly, who had been retained for the defence of the prisoner, said that if he had been in possession of the information outlined by Mr Bodkin it would have made a difference in his procedure in the case.

  11. Mr Bodkin explained that Ireland of the Foxhound was a nephew of a man named Kruger, who took the name of Ireland when he joined the Navy.

  12. Mr Bodkin stated that "the system was perfectly well-known from the commencement in 1911, and the hairdresser's shop in Caledonian Road was accordingly kept under observation.

  13. Then handing the bodkin to the prince, and saying good-by, the little woman disappeared.

  14. Kilmacduagh was held by Bodkin with Tuam, after which Stephen Kirwan was appointed by the Queen and Dermot O'Diera by the Pope.

  15. He reported among other things that Tuam Cathedral had been used as a fortress for 300 years, during which time mass had not been said there; and that Archbishop Bodkin had restored it to its proper use.

  16. Christopher Bodkin of Tuam may, from his character, have conformed insincerely, but this is not proved.

  17. Christopher Bodkin was Archbishop of Tuam at Elizabeth's accession.

  18. That bodkin he drove into the edge of one of the panels of the wainscot, in line with the topmost step; drawing the cord taut at a height of a foot or so above this step, he made fast its other end to the newel-post at the stair-head.

  19. From his pouch he had drawn a fine length of whipcord, attached at one end to a tiny bodkin of needle sharpness.

  20. The wrench upon it had already pulled the bodkin from the wainscot.

  21. Then he sticks me a bodkin through his tongue.

  22. And a bodkin through the tongue can't keep the dead from wailing!

  23. The circumstance that Miss Bodkin was a very beautiful and interesting woman, certainly added a flattering charm to this communion of minds.

  24. Bodkin professed himself a staunch Churchman and a hater of "cant.

  25. The maid shall wait and accompany Rhoda if Mr. Maxfield permits, and Miss Bodkin undertakes to have her sent safely home again in the evening.

  26. Mrs. Bodkin had a great gift of holding her tongue on occasions.

  27. Bodkin liked her principally because she was an old acquaintance.

  28. Bodkin crossed and uncrossed his legs, kicked a footstool out of the way, and then got up and stood before the fire.

  29. Without giving himself much account of the matter, he had come to consider Miss Bodkin and himself as the only two persons in the little coterie who had an intellectual point of view in common on many topics.

  30. Bodkin himself was supposed to be in some awe.

  31. With all which benevolent remarks Miss Bodkin is, of course, highly delighted.

  32. But Miss Bodkin is so superior in sense and goodness to most other folks here, that I am sure whatever you may say to her confidentially will be sacred.

  33. Bodkin hates to hear any noise when he is at his rubber, so there are thick curtains before the door of communication between the two rooms; and the door is shut, and the curtains drawn, whenever Minnie desires to have music on whist evenings.

  34. But of all the people present, Mrs. Bodkin alone guesses that Minnie has enjoyed her evening, and why.

  35. Minnie Bodkin never came into his head in the list of damsels with whom Rhoda could be compared.

  36. Mrs. Bodkin liked her because she was good-natured, and neither strong-minded nor strong-willed enough to domineer over her.

  37. But I mean that Minnie Bodkin is clever after a manly fashion.

  38. Mr. Clarkson conducted the prosecution, and Mr. Bodkin appeared for the defence.

  39. With the bodkin they pierced the skin, and with the needle, end was held to end and side to side, and the same made permanent by the sinew of some animal.

  40. The bone implements were barbless arrows, a well-shaped and sharply pointed bodkin made of the horn of the roe-deer, and other tools made of reindeer horn.

  41. And here we must slightly digress to remark that a disciple of the bodkin and shears, upon being asked to describe himself, invariably says, “I’m a tailor by trade.

  42. Mr Bodkin having opened the case, Mr Adolphus proceeded to state to the Jury the leading facts, as they were afterwards stated in the evidence produced.

  43. Many of these kohl-bottles have been found in the tombs, together with the bodkin employed in applying the black cosmetic.

  44. Some of these bottles are ornamented with the figure of an ape, or monster, supposed to assist in holding the bottle between his arms while the fair beauty dipped her dainty bodkin into the much-prized beautifier.

  45. To thrust a bodkin through your head, without any hurt.

  46. Sidenote: The naturall cause why a Hen thrust through the head with a Bodkin doth liue notwithstanding.

  47. Minnie Bodkin had loyally tried to keep the promise she had given to the Methodist preacher respecting Rhoda Maxfield, but in so trying she had encountered many obstacles.

  48. Bodkin and his family were away at a seaside place in the South of England.

  49. And as for Rhoda, she was away on a visit to Miss Bodkin at the seaside, and had been for some weeks.

  50. And in a postscript Mrs. Bodkin had added, in her small running hand, "Do come, my dear.

  51. Bodkin to his wife, "What can the boy have been thinking of to marry that woman?

  52. Castalia had darted a quick, suspicious glance at her husband on hearing of Minnie's beauty, but relapsed into languid indifference when she was told that Miss Bodkin was a confirmed invalid, suffering from disease of the spine.

  53. Bodkin co-operated very comfortably with his curate in all church matters, he found himself not altogether able to do so at the green table, the Reverend Peter's notions of whist being confused and elementary.

  54. But her father did not know that Minnie Bodkin understood her little love-story from first to last; and that Minnie Bodkin's presence and companionship might not be calculated to pour the waters of oblivion into her heart.

  55. Bodkin and his wife here entered the drawing-room.

  56. She knew that Powell had been to see Miss Bodkin before he left Whitford.

  57. Bodkin might, however, with some show of reason say that "Mayo was annexed to Tuam long ago.

  58. Bodkin was once called to a farmer's wife.

  59. Bodkin assured him the horse must be killed immediately, and a broth made of the in'ards for the sick wife.

  60. First my bodkin I must place With my needles in their case; I like to put them by with care, And then I always find them there.

  61. Barney Bodkin Barney Bodkin broke his nose, Without feet we can't have toes, Crazy folks are always mad, Want of money makes us sad.

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