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Example sentences for "together with"

  • It is also formed from albuminous matter, together with skatol, by putrefaction, and by fusion with caustic potash, and is present in human excrement, as well as in the intestinal canal of some herbivora.

  • But his letters, together with those of general Gage and commodore Hood, and the memorials, &c.

  • I now send you duplicates, together with others on the same Subject since publishd.

  • They would debit me with the balance of five pounds, together with a small commission.

  • They took the Greek Patriarch of Constantinople, who was regarded as their Pope both by the Greeks and by many Russians, and they hanged him on Easter Sunday of the year 1821, together with a number of his bishops.

  • At first Magellan was well received, but when he used the guns of his ships to make Christian converts he was killed by the aborigines, together with a number of his captains and sailors.

  • Life there was perfectly free; the country was very pleasant for walking or riding; and in the evening there was much very agreeable conversation, not so personal as it generally is in large family parties, together with music.

  • These men and others of the same standing, together with Henslow, used sometimes to take distant excursions into the country, which I was allowed to join, and they were most agreeable.

  • Classics, together with a little Algebra and Euclid, which latter gave me much pleasure, as it did at school.

  • Pantagruel studied very hard, as you may well conceive, and profited accordingly; for he had an excellent understanding and notable wit, together with a capacity in memory equal to the measure of twelve oil budgets or butts of olives.

  • We were kept at work all day when in port; which, together with a watch at night, made us glad to turn-in as soon as we got below.

  • They carried up with them cooks and bakers, together with delicacies of every kind, and abundance of choice wines for the banquets which attended this great convocation.

  • The day was devoted to games of agility and strength, and other amusements; and grog was temperately distributed, together with bread, butter, and cheese.

  • Close to the entrance stood a row of faggots, bound and un- bound, together with stakes of all sizes.

  • This, together with a youth passed in Spain, opened his ears to the evil counsels of the Jesuits, and the influence of the Spanish court, by which at last he was wholly governed.

  • The battle of Prague, where, together with Wallenstein, he was present as colonel, was the beginning of his heroic career.

  • The best part of the duke's possessions were his army, which, together with Alsace, he bequeathed to his brother William.

  • She was a very little old woman, and always wore a very coarse apron with a bib before and a loop behind, together with bandages on her wrists, which appeared to be afflicted with an everlasting sprain.

  • As it would pass the corner of the lane at about six o'clock in the morning, Mr Pecksniff requested that the gig might be in waiting at the finger-post about that time, together with a cart for the luggage.

  • The royal brothers of York and Gloucester were likewise bidden, together with several of the nobility and gentry of high degree.

  • This latter circumstance, together with a suspicion of the confidence which had existed between him and his royal highness, prompted Oates to have him arrested, and his house searched.

  • The mountains west of it, especially those about Iglesias, contain rich veins of copper and of lead, together with a certain quantity of silver.

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