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  1. Our complaisance would not have extended so far had our choice been free; but the moment we entered his doors he told us very positively we should have no horses until the day after the morrow.

  2. The cookery, which was half Russian, half French, left us nothing to desire as regarded the choice or the savour of the dishes.

  3. When his choice is fixed, he bargains with the father or the relations of the girl for the price he is to pay for her.

  4. The sondag and the sterlet, those choice fish of Southern Russia, garnished with aromatic herbs, betokened the vicinity of the sea.

  5. Nicholas could not have made a better choice than in selecting him for governor of New Russia.

  6. The first time I entered one of these dark sooty dens, I was so disgusted with it, that I should not have hesitated in my choice between a prison and so horrible an abode.

  7. The choice of the princess, continued the learned brahmin, has however, not been made; she has left to chance that which was to have proceeded from her own free will, and that without consulting with the ministers of our holy religion.

  8. Well, but I don't see that Allah had much to do with the choice of Acota.

  9. Nor with the choice of any other king, I suspect, your sublime highness; but still the people were made to believe so, and that is all that is sufficient.

  10. Allah does not interfere in the choice of any but those who reign over true believers.

  11. I had no choice but to go to him, nor did my mother seek to hold me back.

  12. Provincials are all of a kind, and the breed is not a choice one.

  13. By your choice of her, you have made her notable; in giving her your heart, you have made her a part of yourself.

  14. In his choice of an investment for his capital Mr Cruden consulted no one, I believe, beyond himself.

  15. His choice of a school for them was quite consistent with his views on this point.

  16. Therefore the abbe's abandonment was the more insulting, because it made her feel her want of social value; all choice implies contempt for the thing rejected.

  17. In the matter of choice living, doctors are on a par with bishops.

  18. This passion, moreover, was forced to keep within limits by the long periods that occurred between the drawings, and by the choice of wheels which each investor individually clung to.

  19. She herself had preserved two pairs of candlesticks, carved in choice woods by her own father, who had the "turning" mania.

  20. The choice of two costumes; the blue cloth and the tobacco-brown taffeta; blouses; a complete set of luxurious undies.

  21. Without a young lady like you has plenty of money there's a very poor choice of husbands!

  22. In the impending crisis, he was peculiarly unfortunate in his choice of measures.

  23. Having thus formed a compact, the obligation of which all admitted, they proceeded to the choice of a governor for one year; and to enable him the better to discharge the trust confided to him, they gave him one assistant.

  24. The council were then to proceed to the choice of a president, who was to have two votes.

  25. Betsy Dan, claiming first choice by virtue of her sex, immediately called out, "Ranald Macdonald.

  26. We have alternative ends so heterogeneous that choice has to be made; an end has to be developed out of conflict.

  27. But even Callicles himself admits that there are certain men, the creatures of degraded desire, whose lives are not ideal, and hence that there must be some choice of pleasure.

  28. But in effect, freedom of choice depends for its value upon what the alternative is.

  29. There is no limit in the power of society to awaken and strengthen this habit of discrimination, of choice after comparison, in its individual members.

  30. They differ from political rights and obligations in that the latter concern modes of social organization which are so fundamental that they are not left to the voluntary choice and purpose of an individual.

  31. But theological interest limited freedom and choice of theme.

  32. To study choice and purpose is psychology; to study choice as affected by the rights of others and to judge it as right or wrong by this standard is ethics.

  33. But reflection is necessitated because opposite habits set up incompatible ends, forms of happiness between which choice has to be made.

  34. But if a friend who is with me has explored the sea shore, but has not seen the water fall, the choice of one or other end is no longer ethically indifferent.

  35. He is very delicate in the choice of his food, and requires a larger tract of country, suited to the wildness of his nature, which can never be thoroughly subdued.

  36. THESE birds are insatiably voracious, but are somewhat particular in their choice of prey; disdaining, unless in great want, any food worse than herrings or mackerel.

  37. The Cassowary is as voracious as the ostrich, and eats indiscriminately whatever comes in his way, and does not seem to have any sort of predilection in the choice of his food.

  38. The Weasel, when it enters a hen roost, never meddles with the cocks or old hens, but makes choice of the pullets and young chickens; these it kills with a single stroke on the head, and carries away one after the other.

  39. In the hen, the tips of the feathers on the breast and belly, to the very throat, are white; which constitutes a material point in the choice of the bird, as the female is no singer.

  40. The flesh is sweet and tender, and therefore esteemed a choice dish in this and other countries.

  41. They are caught in great quantities in winter, and are considered choice and delicate food.

  42. In this book, too, are some choice specimens of poetry, all laudatory of Dr.

  43. It is a choice gift to be able thus to render human nature so truly, to penetrate its depths with such a searching sagacity, and to illuminate them with a radiance so eminently the writer’s own.

  44. Each of these hypotheses has its advantages and disadvantages; and in our choice we merely adopt that theory which explains the greater number of phenomena in the simplest way.

  45. He chooses to be unknown, and his choice is, and ever shall be, so sacred to me, that if his name lay on the table before me reversed, I would not turn the paper about that I might read it.

  46. Our choice between the two depends solely on the simplicity and convenience with which deductions may be made from one or the other.

  47. From 1816 choice work in piped shapes, often of flower forms decorated with pearls or beads, was set on fine net, as seen in Plates XXIII and XXIX (see pp.

  48. With George III we notice designs in straw work, decorations of imitation flowers in ribbon-work and various materials, and much taste in the choice of colour schemes, while the tassels of this period were delightful creations.

  49. The same shapes apply to costume during the Commonwealth, though a sterner effect was given by the choice of plain decoration and less colour.

  50. It is not particular in its choice of soil: wet or dry, smooth or rocky, it makes out to live well on them all.

  51. I remember Mr. Clark remarking that if he had his choice that night between provisions and blankets he would choose his blankets.

  52. But if he accepted it, England had no choice but to combine with her late allies the Emperor and the States, and compel the Duke of Anjou to withdraw his claims.

  53. Yes," said Betty, sadly, "because there was no other choice between breaking with my Lady altogether.

  54. Home-sick as she sometimes felt, dull as Bowstead was, she should be sadly grieved to leave those to whom she felt herself almost necessary, though her choice must needs be for her home.

  55. Major Delavie produced his choice Tokay, a present from an old Hungarian brother-officer, and looked happier than since Aurelia's departure.

  56. The day after we left St. Petersburg we stopped at Koporie to dine; we had taken with us some choice viands and excellent wines.

  57. I do not intend to fight with pistols, and you cannot compel me to do so, for I have your letter giving me the choice of weapons.

  58. I had no choice but to demand satisfaction, but I also determined to be studiously moderate throughout.

  59. And the elders were the choice of the civil power, two representing the Lesser Council, four the sixty, and six the two hundred.

  60. The king's choice reverted to his nephew, the archduke.

  61. The duke did not justify the king's choice of him.

  62. As early as 1638 a Connecticut preacher said: "The choice of public magistrates belongs unto the people, by God's own allowance.

  63. His travelling library consisted of a chap-book life of Wallace, and some sixpenny parts of the "Old Bailey Sessions Papers" by Gurney the shorthand writer; and the choice depicts his character to a hair.

  64. I was equally indifferent to cost and convenience in my choice of a lodging--"any port in a storm" was the principle on which I was prepared to act; and Rowley and I made at once for the common entrance and scaled the stair.

  65. The lady rose from table, and I had no choice but to follow her example.

  66. Byfield produced from one of the lockers a pork pie and a bottle of sherry (the viaticum in choice and assortment almost explained the man) and we sat down to the repast.

  67. With which he moved off straight for where Flora was sitting amidst her court of vapid youths, and I had no choice but to follow him, a bad second, and reading myself, as I went, a sharp lesson on the command of temper.

  68. His distress was laughable to witness; his own choice of an unassuming nickname had been Claude Duval!

  69. The records of the leading sale rooms often supply matter for surprise, the prices asked and obtained for rare and choice specimens being such as to excite both wonder and amazement, sometimes tempered with scepticism.

  70. While hesitating in the choice of a word he moves his pen up and down over the paper, and unintentionally touches it.

  71. Exactitude and regularity in the choice of the words used in describing the parts of letters should be strictly observed by the student.

  72. It is somewhat unfortunate that he was not anything like so uniform in his choice of paper.

  73. Seguin, whose opinions and deductions are generally indisputable, we cannot regard as unwise the choice of the cube as the primary figure in the gifts.

  74. Froebel did not choose it arbitrarily, for Nature, human and physical, was an open handbook to him, and if we study deeply and sympathetically the reasons for his choice they will always be comprehended.

  75. In this case also the choice is to be guided with respect to what may happen in future.

  76. Even here the choice should be guided by the likelihood of the future good to be derived from her union with either of them.

  77. Here, however, the choice should be guided by the greatness or smallness of the disaster.

  78. If you have no choice of binder, I will entrust it to Zaehnsdorf with instructions to lavish his choicest art upon it.

  79. The story goes that Clemenceau, a man of action, became impatient of the intrigues for the post, and determined to make his own choice unhampered.

  80. He went back much further, however, in his choice of a master, and gave intense application to the campaigns of Caesar.

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