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Example sentences for "determination"

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determinant; determinants; determinate; determinately; determinateness; determinations; determinative; determinatives; determine; determined
  1. At the same time as--or rather earlier than--the onslaught upon Caesar's Camp a similar attack had been made with secrecy and determination upon the western end of the position called Waggon Hill.

  2. No hopes were held out that any possible attitude upon the part of the Uitlanders would soften the determination of the President and his burghers.

  3. For the most part the expression worn was one of determination and bulldog pertinacity.

  4. They were the wrongs done to half the community, the settled resolution of the minority to tax and vex the majority, the determination of a people who had lived two generations in a country to claim that country entirely for themselves.

  5. In the British Islands and in the empire at large our misfortunes were met by a sombre but unalterable determination to carry the war to a successful conclusion and to spare no sacrifices which could lead to that end.

  6. Nothing less than his energy and ascendency could have extorted from men both dull and backward, a determination apparently so rash, yet, in spite of such appearance, admirably conceived, and of the highest importance.

  7. We find him, indeed, in his speech delivered at Athens before the determination to sail, holding out hopes that by means of conquests in Sicily, Athens might become mistress of all Greece.

  8. All three attempted to shake the determination of the prince, but their united eloquence was unable to move him from his purpose.

  9. He must step backwards, for it is only when one determination is suppressed that the contrary determination can take place.

  10. It has then provided for this interest, which in the foundation concerns it, and it has also interfered with regard to the form in placing in the determination of free arbitration a principle of necessity.

  11. I admit that he possesses this capacity for humanity, before every definite determination in which he may be placed.

  12. Two principal and different states of passive and active capacity of being determined [Bestimmbarkeit] can be distinguished in man; in like manner two states of passive and active determination [Bestimmung].

  13. Therefore, in order to recover it, he must either lose the passive determination that he had, or he should enclose already in himself the active determination to which he should pass.

  14. Consequently, in order to exchange passive against active liberty, a passive determination against an active, he must be momentarily free from all determination, and must traverse a state of pure determinability.

  15. Terrified by so many futile attempts from endeavoring to clear a passage for vessels on the river by force, they at last came to the determination of doing without the stream entirely.

  16. The welcome tidings of the pope's determination reached the king in Zealand when he was just on the point of setting sail for Spain, and the minister was secretly charged with the dangerous reform.

  17. His spirits rose and his steps quickened as this determination was arrived at, and, re-entering Surrentum, he proceeded to the dwelling of a professional scribe near the Marina.

  18. I could not allow you to carry out a determination which you would regret to your dying day.

  19. We left the potter retiring to rest full of a determination to proceed to Rome.

  20. The expression of spirit and determination which was characteristic of his bronzed face and fearless glance, were less perceptible on the countenance of the civilian.

  21. He was very ill at ease, and he knew enough of the potter's nature, to be well aware of the uselessness of any arguments to turn his determination when once arrived at.

  22. Is the person an original undetermined cause of the determination of his will?

  23. But our determination of the purpose of the conscience will oblige us to make a change in the statement of it.

  24. Hence the determination of abstract right depends on the study of healthy and diseased states of society.

  25. It seemed to her that she had never realized his strength before, nor his placid determination that seemed more like an elemental force than the will of a man.

  26. It was as though he had touched some spring in her character that set the machinery of determination working.

  27. The connection of effect with cause, and the determination of the latter as a matter of individualism cannot be accomplished merely from what is seen under the microscope.

  28. In the determination of any handwriting there is no actual rule to guide an expert, as each case must be a law unto itself.

  29. The determination of the age of a written paper is a problem difficult of solution.

  30. He called a council of war; and their determination was, that it would not be expedient to leave Cadiz unless they had reason to believe themselves stronger by one-third than the British force.

  31. I had meant to buy it, and had marked it for purchase; but with the determination and that pencilled cross the transaction had ended.

  32. There will be a Jury for the determination of models to be manufactured.

  33. On account of their revolutionary doctrines and their combined determination to reap rewards as well as crops, they are considered and treated like outlaws, and outlaws of the established order they are in spirit.

  34. The school was conducted until 1823, when, after the determination of the international boundary, many of the Selkirkers moved north to Canada, thus breaking up the colony.

  35. They were also probably the most inflexible in their determination not to yield to white sovereignty, and formed the backbone of the Indian opposition in the disasters at Fort Phil Kearney in Wyoming and at the Little Big Horn in Montana.

  36. He verified Cook's determination of the longitude of this cape.

  37. The use made of it is one of the data, on which the determination of the degrees of merit or demerit as to conduct, must be founded.

  38. Those three of Serampore had a Christ-like tolerance, which sprang from the divine charity of their determination to live only that the Word of God might sound out through Asia.

  39. Carey stood alone in his persistent determination that the Church should evangelise the world.

  40. The Hindoo legislators have sanctioned this immolation, showing herein a studied determination to insult and degrade woman.

  41. When, therefore, a widow of this tribe is deluded into the determination not to survive her husband, she is buried alive with the dead body.

  42. When I engaged in the mission, it was a determination that, whatever I suffered, a breach therein should never originate with me.

  43. Lang replied, "My friend's determination is firmly fixed: I pray you receive him amongst you.

  44. From this circumstance, it appears that the General had taken his determination before your pretended information or advice from Trenton could have reached him.

  45. I wish, most sincerely, that all prejudices in favor or against General Reed or myself, may be laid aside on the present occasion, and that truth and justice may influence the determination of the public.

  46. He had with him a companion in his weakness, and the determination they both came to was, to go over to the enemy early in the morning.

  47. Only the knowledge that he did have the extra suit, and that he had made the outward trip without dangerous exposure, bolstered up his determination to see the plan through.

  48. Salariki without number in the past had died beneath the ripping talons of the water reptiles, but it was seldom that a chieftain had so fallen and his clan were firm in their determination to take a full blood price from the killers.

  49. The true reason why he would not give his note to Grasper, was his determination never to be in debt to any man who, in an extremity, would oppress him.

  50. Another less praiseworthy characteristic was an innate determination to "gang her ain gait.

  51. Now she was sure that in the night he had divined her determination to go to Mergellina, to see the mother of Ruffo, to ask her for the truth which Gaspare had refused to tell.

  52. He had come to the island from his self-examination strong in the determination to be really himself, no longer half self-deceived and so deceiving.

  53. Again he thought of the episode with Vere, and of his determination always from henceforth to be absolutely sincere with himself and with those whom he really loved.

  54. There was a deliberate gruffness in it, a determination to be manly, which proved the vocalist to be no man.

  55. Their ceaseless determination was horrible to him, because it suggested to him the ceaseless determination of those other waves of black hatred, one following another, from some hidden centre of energy that was inexhaustible.

  56. He resolved to be successful, no matter by what means, and with this determination constantly in mind it is not surprising that he soon became involved in all kinds of shady schemes, all looking to the fattening of his bank roll.

  57. If ever determination was written upon any face, it was on his.

  58. Miss Maria Snodgrass allowed herself to be propitiated, more especially as she herself might have been left without a partner, had she adhered to her determination and sent Jedidiah adrift.

  59. If he knew," thought Miss Fleet, "what thoroughly naughty children they are, he would certainly approve of my determination not to allow Phyllis to have anything to do with them.

  60. His first determination was to tell his brother and sisters, but on second thoughts he resolved to keep to himself the delicious fact that Phyllis had written to him.

  61. Harry's generous determination and daring, his fearlessness, confidence, and steadfastness overpowered her.

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