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demonstrably; demonstrate; demonstrated; demonstrates; demonstrating; demonstrations; demonstrative; demonstratively; demonstrativeness; demonstratives
  1. King of Aragon resumed his hostile demonstration against the Angevine dynasty, and René and his were locked in the grip of war.

  2. She feared a hostile demonstration if open measures were taken.

  3. There are people, however, who, when thought is very strong within them, love to have some active demonstration of the conclusions at which they have arrived.

  4. When Ralph returned to the inn, he was led at once by the landlord, with every demonstration of the most profound respect, to the apartments which had been assigned to Lady Danvers.

  5. Nevertheless, taking it on its own premise as a demonstration of Japanese-doll prettiness, which is not concerned with any but the lightest emotions, this type of dancing is pleasing.

  6. The result serves, from a purely analytical point of view, as an admirable demonstration of the value of a simple theme intelligently insisted on.

  7. The modern science of history, with its demonstration of ceaseless change in all that is human, has undermined the faith in an absolute truth.

  8. Contrary, however, to his expectations, he was not joined by a single reinforcement upon the way, although his position as heir-presumptive to the Crown secured him from any demonstration of resistance.

  9. The die was, however, cast; and as a last demonstration of his respect and regard for her person M.

  10. The streets were knee-deep in snow, but the people were not deterred from making a demonstration in their thousands before the palace.

  11. No need to say how this loyalty and affection culminated within a month in the Jubilee demonstration on the 21st of June.

  12. About the first of November I was directed from department headquarters to make a demonstration on both sides of the Mississippi River with the view of detaining the rebels at Columbus within their lines.

  13. Even in Manchester, which suffered so fearfully by having the cotton cut off from her mills, they had a monster demonstration in favor of the North at the very time when their workmen were almost famishing.

  14. Meade therefore, on the 27th, ordered Sheridan over the river to make a demonstration in favor of Wilson.

  15. It was supposed that Buell was about to make some move against the enemy, and my demonstration was intended to prevent the sending of troops from Columbus, Fort Henry or Donelson to Buckner.

  16. I think it would be well to make a heavy cavalry demonstration on the enemy's left, to-morrow afternoon, also.

  17. Butler, by my directions, also made a demonstration on the north side of the James River in order to support this move, by detaining there the Confederate troops who were on that side.

  18. In support of this movement, General Butler made a demonstration on the north side of the James, and attacked the enemy on the Williamsburg Road, and also on the York River Railroad.

  19. Moreover, the demonstration which is contained in this volume appeared to constitute properly a volume of itself.

  20. External evidence, of course, will not be wanting; there will be enough and to spare, if the demonstration here be correct.

  21. The volume now before the reader, together with the historical demonstration which it pre-supposes, is the product of a most faithful and conscientious labour, and a truly heroic devotion of intellect and heart.

  22. Truly it was a bold instructor that could undertake 'to facilitate' the demonstration of 'the more chosen subjects,' with the aid of diagrams of this kind.

  23. In the present volume, accordingly, the author applies herself to the demonstration and development of a system of philosophy, which has presented itself to her as underlying the superficial and ostensible text of Shakspere's plays.

  24. The demonstration will be found complete on that ground; and on that ground alone the author is willing, and deliberately prefers, for the present, to rest it.

  25. But deliberation and demonstration are kinds of argument; for either there is no kind of argument at all, or there is the judicial kind alone, or there are all three kinds, the judicial and the demonstrative and the deliberative.

  26. Deliberation and demonstration cannot properly be considered divisions of any kind of argument.

  27. But demonstration and deliberation cannot be properly considered divisions of a kind of argument, because they are separate kinds of arguments themselves.

  28. He must therefore assert also that demonstration and deliberation are neither a statement of a case, nor a portion of such a statement.

  29. The people had made no demonstration for the princes, but they had risen for Broussel; they were taking the part of a plebeian and in defending Broussel they instinctively felt they were defending themselves.

  30. The demonstration did not fail to make him uneasy at first; but when he discovered what it meant, he shouted it in such a voice that even the most exacting were satisfied.

  31. But as if the multitude had waited only for this demonstration to burst out, all the sentiments of hostility that possessed it exploded simultaneously.

  32. The young princess clapped her hands; and then, ashamed of having been betrayed into such a demonstration of joy, she half turned away and bent over a vase of roses, as if to inhale their odor.

  33. The demonstration is completed when we come to analyse this creative inspiration or œstrus which has often suggested epilepsy, even to those ignorant of the recent discoveries with regard to its nature.

  34. The writer repeats that this thorough demonstration by Oliver Evans of the possibility of navigation by steam was made three years before Fulton.

  35. Such a demonstration should be made, if only for the instruction of the rising generation.

  36. But for more than a quarter of a century prior to this demonstration Mr. Evans had time and again asserted that vessels could be thus navigated.

  37. Demonstration may lead to the very gate of heaven, but there she makes us a civil bow, and leaves us to make our way back again to Faith, who has the key.

  38. Wit of this kind treats logic with every possible outward demonstration of respect--"keeps the word of promise to the ear, and breaks it to the sense.

  39. The revolver shot had been a mere demonstration of artillery to cover the infantry's advance.

  40. We have had practical demonstration of the fact from one J.

  41. In the study of natural causes and reasons light affords the greatest pleasure to the student; among the great facts of mathematics the certainty of demonstration most signally elevates the mind of the student.

  42. In the course of scientific exposition the demonstration of a general rule derived from a previous conclusion is not to be censured.

  43. But, by the bye, how well this agrees with what they likewise assert of abstract ideas being the object of geometrical demonstration I leave to be considered.

  44. For where there is so much prejudice to be encountered, a bare and naked demonstration of the truth will scarce suffice.

  45. Scepticism has thus also treated of ideas which are, properly speaking, speculative, and demonstrated their importance; for the demonstration of the contradiction in the finite is an essential point in the speculatively philosophic method.

  46. But thinking Scepticism is quite different; it is the demonstration that all that is determinate and finite is unstable.

  47. The fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth tropes finally deal with a union of both sides, or these all together contain the relationship; this is a demonstration that the object does not present itself in itself, but in relation to something else.

  48. The Master realized that all his powers might be tried to the utmost to match and overcome the demonstration of the Jannati Shahr folk.

  49. A moment he stood there, till every detail had grown as clear as before this astounding demonstration of his powers.

  50. In that house I remained during my whole stay in Albany, with a table of more than twenty covers for me and my friends, and every other possible demonstration of hospitality.

  51. Thus terminated the last military demonstration of the Provincial government of Pennsylvania against the valley of Wyoming.

  52. Having no fire-arms larger than their rifles, the Indians avoided even a demonstration against the forts, notwithstanding their chagrin that neither scalps nor prisoners were to grace their triumph.

  53. The first hostile demonstration of the forest warriors was executed with equal cunning and success.

  54. Lowell's claim to have had ocular demonstration of the handiwork of intelligent organisms on Mars.

  55. Judges and starters have been conveniently blind to this absurdity, but the public demonstration off St. Catherine's Light at the Autumn Regattas has borne ample, if tardy, fruit.

  56. Thus equipped, he summons Herrera and Tinsley, his pupils, to the final demonstration as calmly as though he were ordering his flighter for some mid-day journey to Marseilles.

  57. This shows that his whole demonstration and his analysis (schematism) cannot stand the test of criticism, but rests on false assumptions.

  58. During the first months after his return to Poland, Frank held secret conferences with the anti-Talmudists of Podolia, as a public demonstration was attended with danger.

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