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Example sentences for "exemplar"

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exegete; exegetes; exegetical; exempla; exemplaire; exemplaria; exemplarily; exemplars; exemplary; exemple
  1. Now however," Mr. Owen continues, "the recognition of an ideal exemplar for the vertebrated animals proves that the knowledge of such a being as Man must have existed before Man appeared.

  2. The recognition of an ideal exemplar for the vertebrated animals proves," he says, "that the knowledge of such a being as man must have existed before man appeared.

  3. Different must have been the reading of that other venerable exemplar which supplied the Latin Church with its earliest Text.

  4. Melba came she was the finest exemplar of finished vocalization that had been heard at the opera house since its opening, with the single exception of Mme.

  5. Sembrich is the most perfect exemplar whom it is the privilege of New Yorkers to hear to-day; and she is the best singer we have of Verdi's music.

  6. The great exemplar of the ancient philosophy and the grand archetype of modern philosophy were alike distinguished by their possessing this faculty in a high degree, and have told us that man was best instructed by similitudes.

  7. And he goes on to extend the symbolic idea: "Like the exemplar temple on Mount Moriah, it should be preserved as a hallowed shrine, and guarded with the same vigilant care.

  8. But when the will is mortified, the servant is like his Master, and his Master is the exemplar of all perfection.

  9. The great exemplar of this virtue, St. Aloysius, may be quoted as a special example.

  10. She, too, became an exemplar for a number of young women.

  11. The pianists, then, even those who are his professed admirers, are responsible if he is set down in our scheme as the exemplar of the technical cult.

  12. He stands, therefore, as a perfect exemplar of the second period in the scheme which we have adopted for the study of pianoforte music and playing.

  13. The greatest exemplar of this principle is Beethoven; and his music is the best in which to study it for the reason that he so frequently employs material signs for the spiritual bond.

  14. The Manifestation is the Perfect Man, the great Exemplar for Mankind, the First Fruit of the tree of humanity.

  15. Apollos, the man "mighty in the Scriptures," was held up as a pattern and exemplar for those who were about to commence the battle of life.

  16. The mother who bore him was an exemplar of piety and sweetness of character, and daily counseled her boy with words of heavenly wisdom.

  17. Alexander Murray says: "The Egyptian Saviour Osiris was gratefully regarded as the great exemplar of self-sacrifice, in giving his life for others.

  18. The first leaves of the exemplar were probably damaged at the lower margin, since defective or difficult passages occur at regular intervals, so l.

  19. They are copies of a common exemplar X, which was probably taken directly from the poet’s original.

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    Other words:
    archetype; authority; best; case; classic; demonstration; emblem; epitome; examine; example; exemplar; exemplification; explanation; exponent; forerunner; guide; hero; ideal; idealism; illustration; instance; lead; lesson; masterpiece; mirror; model; monument; nonpareil; optimum; paradigm; paragon; pattern; precedent; prototype; quintessence; representative; specimen; standard; symbol; type; universal; yardstick