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hermosura; hern; hernia; hernial; hernias; heroe; heroes; herof; heroic; heroical
  1. As long as that hero of faith and prayer was still living, the weight of his personal influence and authority proved to be a veritable bulwark of peace and doctrinal purity against the enemies within as well as without the Church.

  2. From the grave of the fallen hero a double specter began to loom up.

  3. He knew that they would stand united and strong as long as the Hero of the Reformation was in their midst.

  4. Melanchthon lacked the simple faith in, and the firm adherence and implicit submission to, the Word of God which made Luther the undaunted and invincible hero of the Reformation.

  5. There is no tale of mystery and fanaticism and daring I would not believe if a Spaniard is the hero of it, and it is not necessary either that he should have the high-sounding name of Bodadilla or Ojeda.

  6. Either exploit is sufficient to make a hero of a common man.

  7. Again the dreams of our hero were all Arcadian, and every shepherdess was a little cross-eyed, and warbled "Auld Robin Gray.

  8. Brown, Scott, the hero of the field; and profound has been and is the gratitude that rewards him.

  9. The whole affair reflected credit upon his diminutive force, and upon the young hero who led them.

  10. And then it showed our generous little hero handing him a nice piece of candy.

  11. A sign is something that's got something on it," our young hero shouted.

  12. Our young hero couldn't get that bandit out of his mind.

  13. You're going to get a hero medal if I have to go over to National Headquarters and see Mr. National personally.

  14. And that's how it was that people away out in California could see our young hero lassoing a wild and woolly wicker table and massacring a whole tribe of cookies.

  15. Stimson went with his captain, and in less than one hour after he had first seen the strange sail, our hero was actually pulling out of the cove, with a view to go to her assistance.

  16. Our hero never knew how long he slept in the last nap he took on that memorable occasion.

  17. One or two modes of communicating leading facts were concerted, when our hero and his companion set forth on their momentous journey.

  18. But our hero had no idea of doing any thing of the sort.

  19. The earth, probably, does not contain a more remarkable sentinel than this pyramid on which our hero had now taken his station.

  20. All this time our hero was fully aware that he was befriending a competitor; and he was not without his suspicions that Daggett wished to keep him within his view until the visit had been paid to the Key.

  21. More than once, that morning, did our hero regret he had not entered into terms with the Vineyard men, that the effort might have been made in company.

  22. Our hero was now greatly concerned lest he should be frozen in himself, ere he could get into the more open water of the bay.

  23. Still, there was that in the movements of this animal, that induced our hero to be exceedingly wary.

  24. Mr. Sawyer has done well in allowing his hero to tell so much of the story of his times through his own letters and reminiscences.

  25. I was obliged to cut him short, because this Scotch hero of his was a subject on which he could not resist dilating on the slightest encouragement.

  26. I should be no greater hero than every man in your armies.

  27. And now it was an honor, rather than a disgrace, to be the son of Ljubo Pekic, who had posthumously been awarded the title Hero of the People's Democratic Dictatorship.

  28. I note that you are the son of Hero of the People's Democratic Dictatorship, Ljubo Pekic.

  29. It was hero worship, perhaps, but hero worship of the truest kind.

  30. Now for the first time did the vulgar assassin stand forward as the hero of English poetry and romance.

  31. In the Grettis saga we have the story of the hero breaking into the cairn of an old king, and he found him enclosed in a box of boards--stout oak planks--very much as he had been shut in every night when he retired to sleep.

  32. That mighty hero then spoke unto the affrighted prince Duryodhana who was running away like the leader of a head of elephants, these words, "O prince of the Kuru race, I do not see that thou art safe by any means even at Hastinapura.

  33. And taking up that tree with trunk and branches and measuring ten Vyamas, that mighty hero rushed towards the Sutas, like Yama himself, mace in hand.

  34. And soon slaying the red steeds yoked unto the car of Sangramajit, the brother of Vikartana's son, that hero decked in diadem and endued with great vigour then cut off his antagonist's head by a crescent-shaped arrow.

  35. Such is the vow of that hero of mighty arms that whoever causeth a wound on my person or sheddeth my blood except in battle, shall not live.

  36. And pierced with that keen shaft of golden point on the forehead, that hero of famous deeds looked resplendent, O king, like unto a beautiful hill with a single peak.

  37. The excuse in the present instance consists in Drona's unwillingness to identify the solitary hero with Arjuna, in the midst of all his hearers.

  38. I do not know, O mighty-armed one, what sin Sahadeva may have committed for which that hero of unbaffled prowess suffereth such misery.

  39. And suddenly blowing his conch called Devadatta, the hero pierced the hearts of all his foes.

  40. And with Vrihannala to hold his reins, the hero set out, taking with him many costly bows and a large number of beautiful arrows.

  41. This mighty bowman, this foremost of all wielders of weapons, this hero that hath come in the habit of a person of the third sex, is the son of Pritha.

  42. And obtaining all his weapons, the hero looked cheerful.

  43. The son of Ganga, however, of fierce deeds, cheerfully withstood the mighty-armed hero advancing from desire of vanquishing the heroes in battle.

  44. It was by this hero of fierce deeds that Bhishma and Drona, along with Duryodhana, were vanquished.

  45. A biography is incomplete without some account of the portraits of the hero or heroine who is the subject of it.

  46. The god or hero of the sculptor is always represented in a transition from that which is representable to the senses, to that which is not.

  47. He risked his life to drag me from under the ice," she added, with a girl's loyalty to her hero and a woman's pride in the man she loves.

  48. It was a royal feast, and perhaps the consciousness of having done a good deed gave our hero a keen appetite.

  49. In Nell Robinson's house--where Tom Snowden was then tending bar--our hero met with an exceedingly verdant chap whom we will designate by the appropriate name of Green.

  50. Among others was a negro brigade, which appeared to offer excellent material for our hero to work upon.

  51. At length, after an eventful sojourn in the metropolis, our hero determined to pay a visit to Syracuse, the scene of his early adventures.

  52. While our hero was in Grand Rapids he made still another effort to bring about a match with Tom Allen.

  53. What troubled our hero was not the fear of fighting Cummings, but the want of money to put up for the match.

  54. When he reached that small but by no means unimportant settlement, our hero had just thirty-five cents in his pocket.

  55. This was a style of boxing which our young hero had not been taught; nevertheless, he was prepared to pay back in the same coin.

  56. We come now to an incident in the career of our hero which gained wide publicity at the time of its occurrence, and which is still remembered among all sporting men.

  57. Had Stilson pulled the trigger of his pistol, as I have explained, the ball would have passed harmlessly by Ben's side, while our hero would have done more effectual work.

  58. A rosy-cheeked, but excessively verdant young girl, a daughter of the farmer, was very much taken with a diamond cross which our hero wore upon his shirt-front.

  59. The summer of 1877 found our hero and his friend at Saratoga, where they spent a couple of weeks, and then journeyed to New York.

  60. Let nobody question the right of such a man as the hero of this book has been shown to be to pass judgment upon this all-important subject.

  61. Once in Albany, our hero lost no time in securing work, which he found on the tow-boat "Belle.

  62. Had it not been for the timely warning of a companion, the hero of this narrative would certainly have ended his career then and there.

  63. I wish that I were back again In the glens of Donegal; They'll call me coward if I return, But a hero if I fall.

  64. Is it better to be a living coward, Or thrice a hero dead?

  65. Now in sweet Greenwood’s peaceful shade The noble hero sleeps, And o’er his grave full many a friend, In silent sorrow sweeps.

  66. Ronald, the hero, is very like the hero of 'Quentin Durward.

  67. Our hero was not disposed to rebel against just authority.

  68. He fastened it and then, raising our hero in his arms, walked toward the cliff.

  69. The hero of the story early excites our admiration, and is altogether a fine character such as boys will delight in, whilst the story of the campaign is very graphically told.

  70. A description of life on the wild North Sea,--the hero being a parson's son who is appreciated on board a Lowestoft fishing lugger.

  71. The bed on which our hero reposed was soft and inviting.

  72. Bert Larkin, the hero of the story, early excites our admiration, and is altogether a fine character such as boys will delight in, whilst the story of his numerous adventures is very graphically told.

  73. The hero is a manly, self-reliant boy, whose adventures will be followed with interest.

  74. Robert said nothing, although this remark was made in an interrogative tone, as if Mr. Sands still doubted whether our hero would be able to pay for his purchases.

  75. Befriended by a stalwart trapper, a real rough diamond, our hero achieves the most happy results.

  76. In the dusk our hero had not seen the boat nor known that help was so near at hand.

  77. Upon this Selina summoned her mother, not thinking it necessary to invite our hero into the house.

  78. Without being aware of it, our hero attracted the notice of one of his fellow passengers, a man possibly of thirty-five, tall and thin and dressed in black.

  79. Robert Coverdale, whom I have briefly introduced, is the young hero whose fortunes I propose to record.

  80. There are adventures of ail kinds for the hero and his friends, whose pluck and ingenuity in extricating themselves from awkward fixes are always equal to the occasion.

  81. With his eyes fixed on the cabin, our young hero used his paddle with such energy that, in the course of half an hour or thereabouts, he was about a mile farther on his way.

  82. This giant was no doubt the hero of the playground, and nothing could stand before his exhibitions of youthful prowess.

  83. No epitaph, no labored panegyric, no fulsome praise; and Englishmen, I think, were right in supposing that the simple name of their hero was enough for fame.

  84. Wykeham built him a palace worthy of the hero and his noble son, the Black Prince.

  85. Situated immediately beneath the centre of the great dome is a diamond-shaped tablet, which marks the spot beneath which rests, after his career of glory, the hero of the Nile and Trafalgar.

  86. The next morning's post brought disappointment Number 2, in the shape of a letter from the hero himself.

  87. What would have become of Eugenia's vaguely beautiful visions had she overheard some part of a little conversation between her hero and Miss Eyrecourt towards the close of the evening!

  88. Then after all, she thought, her one hero was no hero; already his love for Eugenia was replaced by some other apparently equally hopeless attachment.

  89. Major Thanet, who has been very ill with rheumatic fever, and came down hero to recruit.

  90. King Edward gave orders that the old hero should be borne from the field and buried with royal honours; and then he and the prince moved away in a very thoughtful mood.

  91. Constable said the name of the real hero would be the best possible name for the book.

  92. The principal events may be truthfully narrated; but his hopes of rising a hero from the field of victory, or of appearing a martyr from one of defeat, will mould his narrative to his wishes.

  93. But the hero surprised is not surprised into uncomprehending wonder, but rather into smiles, or tears, or heartrending, out of which comes thankfulness.

  94. Never did a trained falcon stoop upon her quarry with more fearlessness, or a spirit of less question, than that which bore our young hero to the moral fray; yet the choice was such as we have indicated.

  95. There appears to be historical evidence that he was speaking literal truth when he says to Medwin of his father,-- 'He would have made a bad hero for Hannah More.

  96. The hero speaks of the love between himself and the imaginary being whose spirit haunts him as having been the deadliest sin, and one that has, perhaps, caused her eternal destruction.

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