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champed; champeen; champerty; champignons; champing; championed; championing; champions; championship; championships
  1. Lazarus, however, the richest and the most comfortable abode of Oxford dons, opened its bosom to the young champion of a church militant.

  2. On Whitsunday, whoever could keep possession of a large stone called Carrigun na Killeagh, was champion for the year, and the party to which he belonged was triumphant until the next annual battle.

  3. The South Australian Association holds an annual regatta on the river Torrens, and has champion races for eights, fours, and sculls, on the Port River.

  4. The city course is one mile, that for the champion races, three miles.

  5. The Parramatta River course, on which champion events are decided, and which Hanlan, Beach, and Searle have made classic ground, is 3 miles 330 yards.

  6. Ogma, the champion of the Tuatha de Danann, wins the sword of Tethra, and as he cleans it it tells him the many and great feats it had wrought.

  7. When a better boat passed her under way, the ethics of the river demanded that she pull the broom down and retire into seclusion until she in turn should pass the champion and thus regain her title.

  8. But he's a champion artist at gesticulations, so he'd like to get his picture in the papers for rescuing shipwrecked mariners.

  9. Kato, being then and afterward a fierce champion of the Buddhists, glorified in his orthodoxy, which was that of the Nichiren sect.

  10. The Jesuit fathers, with instant sensitiveness, felt the loss of their champion and protector, Nobunaga.

  11. A champion who made such headway against the brute's lawless and beastly intention as to overthrow it.

  12. It seems that while he sat in his office waiting for her, a champion rose up to defend her, a champion in his own heart.

  13. Strange to say, Guizot never acknowledged either at the time or to his dying day the nature of this error; and he speaks of himself in his memoirs as the much-enduring champion of liberal government and constitutional law.

  14. He had now passed into the ranks of the conservatives, and for the next eighteen years was the most determined foe of democracy, the unyielding champion of "a monarchy limited by a limited number of bourgeois.

  15. After years of absence he returns in time to deliver Winchester for King Aethelstan from the invading northern kings, Anelaph (Anlaf or Olaf) and Gonelaph, by slaying in single fight their champion the giant Colbrand.

  16. He was the jealous champion of their independence.

  17. This anachronism arises from the fusion of the epic Guillaume with the champion of Louis IV.

  18. My brethren, yesterday our Lord vouchsafed to visit this world in true human nature: now to-day the noble champion Stephen, quitting his bodily dwelling, went triumphant to heaven.

  19. Then after many days the Jews deliberated how they might kill the champion of God, and set wards at every gate of the city.

  20. This did not prove a success, for Eugene constituted himself champion to Amoret, of whom Archer was very jealous, though she was his devoted and submissive slave.

  21. Yet you and your young champion here were the victors," said Mr. Belamour.

  22. The monster was put to rout, the champion dragged out of the pond, breathlessly explaining that he only wanted to look at the goslings when the stupid geese cackled and the gander wanted to fly at his eyes.

  23. Fortunately for lovers of romance, genius cannot be wholly analyzed, even by the most adroit historical philosophizer or the most exacting champion of heredity.

  24. It was Napoleon's lot to win the favour of the rigid protectionists, while not alienating that of the men of the Gironde, who saw in him the champion of agrarian liberty against the feudal nobles.

  25. Is it possible to think of the great champion of external control and State discipline as a defender of liberty of conscience and the right of private judgment?

  26. Indeed, we can hardly think of this great champion of external control and state intervention favouring the open-handed methods of laisser faire.

  27. The latter was now looked upon as a tyrant by the citizen class which his reforms were designed to conciliate: and Frederick William became almost the champion of Germany when he demanded the withdrawal of the French troops.

  28. Buonaparte, on the contrary, is the accredited champion of French democracy, his furious epistle being printed by the Jacobin Club of Ajaccio.

  29. Then France would give a glorious peace to Europe; then their fellow-citizens would say of each champion of liberty as he returned to his hearth: "He was of the Army of Italy.

  30. But a doughtier champion of European independence was soon to enter the field.

  31. At this epoch he was still the champion of the best principles of the Revolution; he had overthrown Austrian domination in the peninsula, and had shaken to their base domestic tyrannies worse than that of the Hapsburgs.

  32. So, Gouvernail, go to the king for me, and tell him there is a champion ready to assume his cause.

  33. At length, however, chance brought to him a damsel, who told him disconsolately that she sought a champion to cope with a villanous knight, who was playing the tyrant over a wide district, and who defied all errant knights.

  34. Thus the King of Cornwall was sore put to it to find a champion fit to hold the field against such a knight as Marhaus.

  35. Even the queen forgot her anger, and did all that lay in her power to give her lord's champion a glad welcome to the court.

  36. Beaumains now spurred forward to the land, where the other knight rushed upon him as he touched shore, breaking his spear, but not shaking the young champion in his seat.

  37. This ended the tournament, for the knights of Northgalis refused to fight any longer against a champion of such mighty prowess, and the prize was awarded to King Bagdemagus.

  38. As they rode thither he asked his host,-- "Who is this valiant champion that overturns ten knights, and then suffers them to bear him off bound hand and foot?

  39. While they were thus taking leave, Beaumains's dwarf had ridden ahead to the besieged castle, where he saw the Lady Lioness, and told her of the champion her sister was bringing, and what deeds he had done.

  40. But his sorrow turned to rage when the damsel was shown Tristram's shield and recognized it as that of the champion of the tournament.

  41. King Anguish was thrown into a sorrowful frame of mind, for he knew that Blamor de Ganis was a knight of prowess beyond his own strength, nor had he a suitable champion in his train.

  42. This stranger had slain his master, and he begged that some champion would revenge the slain knight.

  43. For her sake he did many noble deeds of arms, and he was looked upon as her especial champion by all the court.

  44. The thought of slaying one of Lancelot's blood hurt him sorely, but his duty as a champion required him to force his antagonist to yield, or else to slay him.

  45. When he reached there he found the king depressed in spirit and the whole court deep in gloom, for it seemed as if no champion could be found, and that the tribute must be paid.

  46. Here he immediately acted the part of a determined champion of the Reformation.

  47. Walther remarks: "It was a great pity that Flacius, who had hitherto been such a faithful champion of the pure doctrine, exposed himself to the enemies in such a manner.

  48. After the death of Brenz, Jacob Andreae was the chief champion in Wuerttemberg of the doctrines set forth by Brenz.

  49. The most valiant champion against the Arians," as he was called, Athanasius turned the tide of victory in favor of the Homoousians, who believed that the essence of the Father and of the Son is identical.

  50. How many changes even since 1350, when our ancestor Jocelyn the Champion fell wounded beside Etienne Marcel, who was assassinated by John Maillart and the royalists!

  51. He cried aloud in the intensity of his grief and pain, and Jehovah, in whom he trusted, appeared to him as a mighty champion and an everlasting support.

  52. Samuel no sooner saw the commanding figure and intelligent countenance of Saul than he was assured that this was the man whom the Lord had chosen to be the future captain and champion of Israel.

  53. When this country it was woody, Its great champion Mrs. Moody, Showed she had both pluck and push In her work roughing in the bush.

  54. He became a champion of popular rights in England and he whipped Lord Brougham in the lobby of the House of Commons, for which breach of privilege he was sentenced by the House.

  55. I will ascend my State again, Duchess, take your place, And let our Champion enter.

  56. How well our Champion doth demean himself, As if he had been made for such an action?

  57. The Kaiser, although the supreme head of the Lutheran Church, and although having no Mohammedan subjects of his own, sought to pose as the champion of Mohammedans in general and the Defender of their Faith.

  58. We had with us a Harvard professor, a topographical surveyor, an amateur photographer, a Concord philosopher and the champion walker of the club.

  59. Representing a constituency whose interests are largely identified with the fishing industries, Mr. Crapo has naturally been considered a champion of the fishermen.

  60. Suffrage given to the women of Utah has had two results; first, to increase greatly the vote for the church and its institutions, and secondly, to make woman herself the champion of her own degradation.

  61. Dutugaimunu, in the epics of Buddhism, enjoys a renown, second only to that of King Tissa, as the champion of the faith.

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