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Example sentences for "hurt"

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hurried; hurriedly; hurries; hurry; hurrying; hurte; hurted; hurteth; hurtful; hurtfull
  1. Wouldn't the smugglers hurt us if we caught them?

  2. She moaned over him, and made little pitying sounds as though she thought he had been very seriously hurt by the blow he had received.

  3. He had hurt her; but then, he had hurt her as a boy might.

  4. It wouldn't hurt Jabez Potter to buy a car," declared the old woman.

  5. And Ruth says they knocked you down and hurt you.

  6. So she hid her hurt and accepted the first partner thereafter who offered; but it was not Chess.

  7. For a particular hurt Thor knew of no particular remedy.

  8. His shoulder still hurt him, but his sickness was gone.

  9. Now and then it hurt him so that his leg doubled up, and he stumbled.

  10. But to-day he had stood face to face with the thing that had brought the strange scent into his valleys, and it had not offered to hurt him, and he had refused to kill it.

  11. It still hurt him, but not as it had hurt him the preceding evening.

  12. Thor lay down, and for the first time since his hurt in the other valley he stretched out his head between his great arms, and heaved a deep and restful sigh.

  13. He drew himself painfully to a sitting posture and found that it was his shoulder and hip that hurt him.

  14. He was tired, and his shoulder hurt him so badly that he wanted to tear with his teeth at the strange fire that was consuming it.

  15. Instinctively he always took this trail when he was hurt or when he was sick, and also when he was ready to den up for the winter.

  16. The clay touched his hurt like a cooling salve.

  17. A few more days won't hurt any," consoled Bruce.

  18. With an unforgetable and ferocious hatred he hated the thing that had hurt him.

  19. Of course I know that nothing you can say or do will hurt me beyond that.

  20. She knew his purpose now, and would no doubt reconcile herself to it quickly--perhaps with a few tears, which would not hurt him if he did not see them.

  21. I wonder what on earth the men do to the boots, that I can never get a pair that do not hurt me in walking.

  22. The chains have, hurt me sorely during my slavery; but I am free, and the price of my servitude remains.

  23. It won't hurt to let them talk," said the police sergeant.

  24. More than likely, since he was so badly hurt by that fall from the train.

  25. We won't hurt you -- I'll give you my word on that.

  26. For I could not like a boy who would be so cowardly and unkind as to hurt an animal.

  27. He ran to the gate, and saw, lying in the street, a poor little puppy which had been hurt by a wagon, or perhaps, an automobile.

  28. After that, of course, Mother, Father and Johnnie Jones loved good old Jack more than ever, and were glad they had kept him when he first came to them a puppy, hurt and hungry.

  29. Of course, there was no reason for crying, since, although the boys were rather rough, they never really hurt Johnnie Jones.

  30. One big boy was rude enough to laugh at him, which hurt his feelings so much that he went out into his back yard to practise.

  31. Johnnie Jones held him very carefully, so that he might not hurt him or let him fall.

  32. He wasn't hurt in the least, though Johnnie Jones had been worried for fear he might be, but ran straight to his little master.

  33. Tim and Fanny love them too well to hurt them.

  34. Of the Spaniards not one was even hurt except the general Pizarro, who was wounded in the hand by one of his own soldiers.

  35. In these engagements two or three of the Spaniards were killed, and several wounded, among whom was Gonzalo Pizarro, who received a dangerous hurt on the knee.

  36. He turned upon me in an instant, and grasped my hand with his eyes flashing, and he gripped me so hard that he hurt me.

  37. I would, though, if he was going to hurt my father," he cried with his eyes flashing.

  38. I talked nonsense to keep up his spirits and make him indignant while I hurt him in that cruel way.

  39. Pitch him overboard, Bigley, old boy, and hurt him as much as you can.

  40. Yes; it'll hurt you if you stand underneath," said Bob grinning.

  41. Why, it wouldn't even hurt a sheep if there was one there.

  42. He is coming to, and I sha'n't have to hurt him any more to-day.

  43. For a moment she stood still, scarce able to breathe, her heart hurt her so.

  44. He frowned, as though he had no wish to hurt her by words which he yet must speak.

  45. The rag did not seem to hurt him, but Miss Laura said that, as he had got so strong and greedy, he must learn to eat like other dogs.

  46. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings; but you know there is a rule in the band that only true stories are to be told here.

  47. She was well fed in the house, and had no need to hurt such harmless creatures.

  48. She knew they would be likely to hurt her.

  49. I don't think they meant to hurt me, or to kill Bob.

  50. They understood quite well that I would not hurt them, and passed by me.

  51. I was not at all afraid, for I knew Mr. Harry would not let him hurt me, so I stood in front of him, and for the first time had a good look at him.

  52. Miss Laura spoke to Carl about Bella, and told him he had hurt her feelings, so he petted her a little to make up for it.

  53. But I kept close to Miss Laura, for I was afraid that green thing might hurt her.

  54. He was gentle and kind, and so sensitive that a hard word hurt him more than a blow.

  55. Thus the two legs will move as one, and the broken bone will not hurt the flesh so much, nor yet come through the skin.

  56. I may remark that there is nothing in the arrangement which would hurt the most highly-finished gun barrel; and that the trough which holds the condensing water may be made with canvas, or even dispensed with altogether.

  57. It had been struck by a bomb a few nights before, and there was a hole in the roof and in the ceiling and floor of one of the rooms; but I understood that no one had been hurt by the explosion.

  58. One of these latter burst in mid-air, but hurt no one; and another time the grenade dropped right into the firing-trench but did not go off.

  59. Then they will find it does not hurt them to swallow.

  60. Fire into the air, for then you will not hurt any one,' said the first soldier.

  61. So King Scowleyow pondered for a long time how to destroy the Valley of Mo without getting hurt himself; and at last he hit on a plan he believed would succeed.

  62. But when his Majesty came to the gum-drops and jackson-balls they hurt his hands and knees, so that he groaned aloud.

  63. The giantess tried to do this, but the Prince was so sharp that his edges hurt her hands, and all she could do was to fold him up and carry him into the drawing-room, where she laid him carefully on the center-table.

  64. He now limped away into the back garden, where he picked a new pair of boots that would not hurt his feet; and while he was gone the dog began to fall down again.

  65. Surely you can not think to hurt me with that iron thing," it called out, in derision.

  66. But the King's boots had begun to hurt him again; for, as they did not fit, being picked green, they had rubbed his toes until he had corns on them.

  67. The beast can't hurt you while I'm around!

  68. I never hurt you: You drew your sword upon me without cause; But I bespake you fair and hurt you not.

  69. Get him to bed, and let his hurt be looked to.

  70. If a bloody coxcomb be a hurt, you have hurt me; I think you set nothing by a bloody coxcomb.

  71. That's all one; he has hurt me, and there's the end on't.

  72. No one was saying anything to hurt you, old girl.

  73. They stoned cats and dogs, they caught young birds, and hurt them, and when Master Appleton told them not to be so cruel they made faces at him and told false stories about him behind his back.

  74. Those three liked to hurt animals," said he.

  75. He was hurt at what he felt was the governor's injustice to him.

  76. All on the other side they hunt, but they have lately hurt some of our people, and we shall drive them away.

  77. Be thankful you are all right and hope that no one is hurt in the collision.

  78. Sometimes the lasso settled over her head, and then the little boy would pull it tight, but he was careful not to pull too hard for fear he might hurt Jan.

  79. I don't guess they'd want me to play this game, but I won't hurt you.

  80. But when Imp tried to roll over on the foreman, to hurt him, Jim Mason just laughed and jumped out of the way.

  81. Then you can be hurt and I'll be the Red Cross nurse and take care of you in the tent.

  82. For he loved children and did not even like to hurt their feelings.

  83. Cause you've been hurt in the war, or else you're sick from the cake.

  84. Janet, as she had often heard her mother call when Baby William tumbled and hurt himself.

  85. We could throw stones at 'em if they tried to hurt us, Teddy.

  86. But a goat isn't so high up as a pony, Ted, and if you fall off a goat's back you don't hurt yourself so much.

  87. And if he's sick he can't hurt us," went on Teddy.

  88. The rooster was not hurt by being lassoed.

  89. Even if they had to sleep out it would not hurt 'em.

  90. And as the hats were old ones, which had been worn in the rain more than once, dipping them into the spring would not hurt them.

  91. By the next morning Jemima's temple had turned black; and Mrs. Piner inquired how she had hurt herself?

  92. He told us to bring our folks down there, and no one should hurt us.

  93. The bloody old chief tried to play the innocent by saying he was not in the battles to hurt anyone.

  94. Therefore, she saw little of him that day, and I will not deny was a trifle hurt because he kept himself so busy about something which he did not share with her.

  95. But little Sate gathered them, every one, holding them with as careful hand as though she feared a rough touch would really hurt their feelings, and went out to hunt Susie and soothe her ruffled dignity.

  96. Therefore it was, that while it was disagreeable, this being pounded and jammed so much, I cannot truthfully say that it hurt me in the least.

  97. Putting down her lunch basket and umbrella she went to see what was the matter and found hid among the tall grass a young duck that seemed to be hurt in some way.

  98. It must have hurt your leg--I mean the stump where your wooden leg is fastened on.

  99. Old Hiram Beegle was badly hurt but he wasn't killed.

  100. But it isn't going to hurt you, Jolly Bill.

  101. But it sort of hurt Brick's neck, and even Bill's, to look up high enough to see where Mrs. Featherby had risen.

  102. Now I ain't going to drag you into nothing that could hurt you nor Bill, or make you feel sore over past days.

  103. Whether you do so or not, it will not hurt you--and it will do me a great deal of good.

  104. When I spoke to her she opened her eyes and said: "Oh, Uncle Bob, I have hurt myself so!

  105. She had hurt the base of her spine as she fell on the roots of the tree; but she seemed to get better as soon as Sparrow, the nurse, had undressed her and put her to bed.

  106. She ate her heart out with humiliation and with longing, and then salved the hurt with dreams.

  107. It was no use to cling feverishly to the banisters; it only hurt her hands.

  108. Even when you hurt me I love you--I love you!

  109. There were all the times when people hurt her feelings, and when her only consolation was the old one of pretending she hadn't any feelings to hurt.

  110. In the hypersensitized state of her nerves the question hurt keenly.

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