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  1. But until you do, you have done nothing but handicap us.

  2. Do you thing that is a handicap to your operation?

  3. As I understand it, then, the deletion of these funds for these technical specialists in fiscal year 1964 did not in any way handicap your operation in Dallas at the time of the assassination?

  4. Somehow one felt that a hundred feet start would be an insufficient handicap to get away from these fellows when they came for one with their bayonets levelled and their leather throats howling for the blood of the enemy.

  5. For in addition to its educational limitations, the typical black unit suffered a further handicap in the vital matter of motivation.

  6. The lesser number of Negroes with low aptitude, however, were concentrated in the relatively few black units, creating a serious handicap to efficient performance.

  7. While the first twelve black officers were given unrestricted line officer training, the bureau assigned them to restricted line positions, an added handicap when it came to promotions and retention in the postwar Navy.

  8. Especially if the boys give us the heavy handicap we agreed on.

  9. Ever since Stevenson wrote of the one-legged rascal Silver, one associates with that handicap a tendency to try to outwit others; while the dependence of blind men presupposes simplicity and trustfulness.

  10. Apart from this trifling handicap and the fact that we should have to travel fourteen miles a day for water, the place seemed an ideal one for a rest-cure.

  11. As the place was strewn with boulders the camels had great trouble in finding a foothold, particularly with the additional handicap of two bales of tibben or sacks of grain, which oscillated dangerously with the uneven movement.

  12. He sat with his eyes on his program, suffering her nervousness, feeling under what an awful handicap she was waiting there, the other side of that painted canvas, to lose or win.

  13. But the very violence of his conviction warned him not to lay such a handicap upon other minds.

  14. This was, of course, a serious handicap to Blackmore, as it deprived him of much of the steerage-way upon which he was dependent for quick handling of the boat.

  15. Half-inflated, the rubber-lined jacket was no handicap in rowing, and the tube hung ready to receive more air if necessity arose.

  16. I had inherited my father's gift of sarcasm, and there was the even greater handicap of a beautiful, popular, socially malleable older sister.

  17. The very incongruity of its alliance with laughter overwhelmed me, and wonderingly I read what he had written, not once, but every day, always with the handicap of that half-tone.

  18. It is proved that these concessions are really a handicap rather than a help to a young land.

  19. The homesteaders want liberty of movement without handicap or restraint.

  20. Woman's handicap as a working animal in competition with man is too obvious and too deep-seated to be idealized away.

  21. As a quadruped, the female suffers very little handicap from the functions peculiar to her sex, except when actually carrying her young or nursing them.

  22. Mrs. Eddy's Interpretation of Jesus Christ Mrs. Eddy begins, therefore, with the handicap of a philosophy which can be adjusted to Christian theology only through fundamental modifications of that theology.

  23. Indeed the temper and training of the scientist handicap him in all psychical investigations.

  24. Any mutilation of the body after death would be a real handicap in the day of resurrection.

  25. This new Bill is little else than a special tax and handicap on certain Montreal newspapers, which are the only ones which have the bulk of their circulation outside of their own province.

  26. Notwithstanding the handicap of increased rates, it was an unqualified success, and the effect on the revenue was immediate and considerable.

  27. Red Cloud came as usual, but asked for a handicap of six hundred yards, which meant that they had not got a speeder they could trust.

  28. You surely handicap your manuscript by offering it in long hand to a busy producer.

  29. Few are so young that they can meet the handicap that old age and hardening of the arteries, brought on prematurely by late syphilis, put upon them.

  30. In practically all cases it means the loss of months or years of school between the ages of five and ten and a permanent handicap in later life.

  31. I have made a start in the handicap of the famous.

  32. But in the early rising handicap I am not a starter.

  33. You have but to look about you in any rural district to see the result, the handicap and embarrassment which have been put upon those who produce our food.

  34. Only a peon's loyalty; but something hard and bitter and reckless, something that might have proved a more serious handicap than a strange riata, dropped away from Jack's mood and left him very nearly his normal self.

  35. There he shrugged slightly, in indication of a resentment at the handicap of human nature in his work.

  36. This was a handicap that the vice-chief did not care to accept; and he knew how to turn a phrase as well as to make a soldierly decision.

  37. The law of compensation thus bestows a subsidy on the poor boy and a handicap on the rich one to even things up.

  38. The young man who inherits a partnership in his father's business really has a handicap on him, and is not as likely to succeed as an employe who starts in at the bottom of the ladder.

  39. Laxity and indifference in buying means that you are allowing wastes and leaks to creep in your business, and that you are placing a handicap on your traveling salesman, for goods well bought are half sold.

  40. The handicap is the weight which both the appealing heroine and hero of this story bear up under, and, carrying which, they win.

  41. Lucretia's defeat in the Handicap had increased his despondency.

  42. The stamina that Langdon had said would stand The Dutchman in good stead over the mile and a half Handicap course now showed itself.

  43. The best handicap horse in the country, an' he was sold for a song--seven thousand.

  44. If for no other reason than the great success he had made in the Brooklyn Handicap with Diablo, his spirits were that evening impossible of the reception of even a foreshadowing of failure.

  45. We had better wait a day or two," Dixon had advised, "until we see the effect the hard gallop in the Handicap has had on the little mare.

  46. Battling against the sharps his honesty might handicap him out of the strife, but in the saddle the elation of movement crept into his sinews, and he was superb, a king.

  47. Besides, the Brooklyn Handicap has taken a lot out of their mare; they may find that she'll go back after it.

  48. They were all the old campaigning Handicap horses, as familiar to Faust as his fellow members of the betting ring.

  49. But a three-year-old mare that runs as prominent in the big Handicap as Lucretia did, will take a lot of beatin.

  50. Her good gallop in the Brooklyn Handicap had been observed by other eyes than Crane's.

  51. The public having got into its head that Porter was playing coups, generously suggested that he was pulling Lauzanne to get him in some big handicap light.

  52. Diablo's showing in the big Handicap confirmed Langdon's opinion that both the Black and The Dutchman had given them a great trial; probably they would duplicate their success with The Dutchman in the Brooklyn Derby.

  53. Had she known that her father had entered Diablo in the Brooklyn Handicap she might even have refused to part with the horse.

  54. It was still a matter of mystery to him, however, why his principal should wish to keep dark just how he had learned Diablo's handicap qualities.

  55. Over and above these were disabled men here and there who displayed an unwillingness to study for new callings, fearing that overcoming their handicap would mean a curtailment of pension by increasing their earning power.

  56. I have sought to strengthen the argument against governmental interference in purely secular affairs by showing the unavoidable handicap the government is under when it enters the field of business.

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