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Example sentences for "associates"

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assize; assizes; associat; associate; associated; associating; association; associational; associationist; associations
  1. Though with a different motive, not much less impatient are their associates in the pursuit--the Rangers.

  2. No matter if he can afford it, most of his associates regard him as they do a Bedlamite who goes about collecting straws.

  3. Happy is the man who has for his associates David, Solomon, Job, Paul, and John, in spite of the assaults of modern criticism upon the Scriptures!

  4. As we approach Rheims from Paris, Lâon, or Soissons, there is very little sign of the vineyards which one associates with the champagne country.

  5. Who will adopt into their family a stranger whose conduct has incurred infamy, and whose present associates have, no doubt, made her worthy of the curse?

  6. Carlton and his sister, Mrs. Wentworth, and Achsa Fielding, were my most valuable associates beyond my own family.

  7. One of my most agreeable associates here, Count de Platen, left Paris, as he said, for London; but he is fighting at Warsaw!

  8. In the case of Berkeley Hundred, the evidence suggests too that the associates used the promise of a share in this division for the recruitment of their first tenants.

  9. One of Page's associates was Josiah Royce, who afterward had a distinguished career in philosophy at Harvard.

  10. And, on the other side, his war-lord associates in the Cabinet make his way hard.

  11. Mr. Wilson, Mr. Bryan, and their associates in the cabinet easily found an explanation that was satisfactory to themselves and to the political enthusiasms upon which they had come into power.

  12. Archbold, President of the Standard Oil Company and one of Mr. Rockefeller's business associates from the earliest days, and Senator Joseph B.

  13. These familiar epithets are for your associates in the ring, and not for my ears.

  14. Florence Nightingale and Augusta Stanley enter the smitten hospitals of the Crimea; Mother Bickerdyke and all her associates are found on the battle-fields of our Civil War; John Howard organizes the Prison Relief movement.

  15. He could not consent to sacrifice one jot or one tittle of the Augsburg Confession, nor could he assign to it an isolated position, even though Zwingli and his associates readily adopted it, with the single exception of Article X.

  16. Who associates Snowdon with Arthur, and what Arthurian stories have the valleys and passes of Snowdon for their scenes?

  17. It shows him doing no dishonourable jobs, and proves that if he occasionally associates with low characters, he does so chiefly to gratify the curiosity of a scholar.

  18. What associates I had in those days were among men rather than boys, and the men I went with drank.

  19. And in very sooth he was; none of his associates preserved Lessing's memory with so sorrowful a remembrance and religious a reverence.

  20. Kaller and his associates probably obtained a decree from the court at Vienna, commanding that no Chassidic or Kabbalistic writings be admitted into Galicia (1785).

  21. Jacobson exercised such power over his associates in the Westphalian Consistory, that they unresistingly accepted these innovations.

  22. General Washington and his associates in the secret took their stations upon a house in Broadway, anxiously awaiting the result.

  23. Like most other great inventive geniuses, Holland was not a trained engineer, and it was perhaps inevitable that disputes should have arisen between him and his associates as to the carrying out of his ideas.

  24. They represent the Lord as holding out no promise either to the Prophet or his associates of immunity from difficulty, from trial.

  25. Her friends mercilessly cast her off, as they cast off every body who associates with the dominant race.

  26. Your mother has readily consented to accompany us, and that is a sufficient proof that she considers the friends of Mrs. Drummond fit associates for her daughter.

  27. On the very next morning he set out with a posse of soldiers and visited all the resorts of his former associates in the vicinity.

  28. Ojeda reformed, killed several of his associates who had attempted his life, turned monk, and was buried under the door-stone of his monastery, that the populace might trample on his pride.

  29. An army was sent against him, most of his associates were killed, he was caught, and was taken before his father for judgment.

  30. His associates of the tribunal were duly attent.

  31. Possibly he was wandering in unknown places like Enciso and other victims of wrecks; therefore they should not rest until they had discovered whether he and his associates still lived.

  32. Sir Edward Moseley was not disposed to judge his fellow-creatures harshly; and it was as much owing to his philanthropy as to his indolence, that he had been so remiss in his attention to the associates of his daughters.

  33. Such is the fashionable laxity of morals, that I doubt not many of his associates would laugh at his misconduct, and that he would still continue to pass with the world as an honorable man.

  34. I believe no family of consequence admits of improper associates within my knowledge," said the baronet.

  35. The consequence of mingling in such society is, that you were cheated, and such will always be your lot unless you confine yourself to associates more becoming your rank and illustrious name.

  36. The Sixty and their associates would probably have been glad to reply in language resembling that which, as some of them could well remember, had been held by the clergy to Charles the Second during his residence in Scotland.

  37. Their less scrupulous associates complained bitterly that the good cause was betrayed.

  38. Arago associates the death of Julius Cæsar in 44 B.

  39. And it must be owned that, after his most intimate associates had done their best to know him thoroughly, and love him warmly, they were startled to find how little hold he had upon their affections.

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