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Example sentences for "even though"

  • Y'u hadn't ought to have ridden, even though y'u did skin us all to a finish.

  • He refused grimly to meet their overtures half way, even though it was plain from his manner that a break between him and his chief could not long be avoided.

  • How gallant you Westerners are, even though you do turn it into burlesque.

  • She stood quietly above him while he sent the telegram, even though he contrived to make every moment of her stay an unvoiced insult.

  • But they give to the poor, speak kindly to the stranger, even though he be clothed in rags.

  • Spahr elaborated in his declaration that "the common observation of common people is more trustworthy than the statistical investigations of the most unprejudiced expert"-- even though he be a distinguished M.

  • The Beast, who had been sighing dolefully while she spoke, now replied: "I cannot refuse you anything you ask, even though it should cost me my life.

  • Then Trusty John answered: "I will never desert him, and will serve him faithfully, even though it should cost me my life.

  • At the same time I pointed out that the chances of failure were far greater than those of success, and that the probability was that even though I could get so far as to carry my design into execution, it would end in death to us both.

  • He feared that his whole scheme had degenerated to, even though it might not have originated in, a social unrest which had no foundation in the nobler instincts; which was purely an artificial product of civilization.

  • Very thoughtful of you, deary, even though it hasn't much to do with our present business.

  • Be kind to me--even though I have not been kind to you!

  • Jude, before I married him I had never thought out fully what marriage meant, even though I knew.

  • Even though he had only Sundays and week-day evenings for reading he could afford one afternoon, seeing that other young men afforded so many.

  • Every colour is common property once it runs down,--even though you do start it with a drop of oil.

  • I wish I could go to Torp and the Nilghai, even though I were in their way.

  • I wouldn't ask more than to be near her again, even though I knew that another man was making love to her.

  • In not a few cases, manufacturers have gone deeper, however, recognizing that anything which claims the attention of an employee from his work reduces his efficiency and cuts profits, even though he be a piece worker.

  • The heart beats regularly and at short intervals, but after each beat its muscles come into a state of complete relaxation and enjoy a refreshing rest, even though it be but for a moment.

  • They judge in terms of superficial energy, and for such the results would, of course, be impossible, even though many of the admiring spectators could actually equal or excel the deed.

  • The octogenarian continues to collect money with unabated zeal, even though he be childless.

  • I can hardly restrain myself from killing the snake, even though doing so will frighten the birds I am hunting.

  • Yea, even though it be the life of the noblest prisoner I have.

  • She wanted something more intimate than the deference that he showed her, and she did not like his taking it as an accepted fact that she was as worldly-wise as himself, even though it were true.

  • He could not or would not comprehend, even though he saw that those in the front rank were pushing back and those behind were urging them forward.

  • After hearing this caricature of Clare's opinion poor Tess was glad that she had not said a word in a weak moment about her family--even though it was so unusually old almost to have gone round the circle and become a new one.

  • I admired spotlessness, even though I could lay no claim to it, and hated impurity, as I hope I do now.

  • Even though I die, I will in some way keep defeat from you," she cried, and so deep was her determination that her whole body shook.

  • Even though we live in the same house no one will say anything.

  • Even though he were large and bearded she thought he had become suddenly a little boy.

  • Then the Golden One moved away, even though no others were coming, and they moved stepping back, as if they could not turn from us, their arms bent before them, as if they could not lower their hands.

  • We cannot stop now, even though it frightens us that we are alone in our knowledge.

  • Then we knew nothing, save two voices snarling steadily, one after the other, even though we knew they were speaking many minutes apart: "Where have you been where have you been where have you been where have you been?

  • But we wished not to be a Leader, even though it is a great honor.

  • Steterunt those two letters because I was loth to destroy what was, primarily, a symbol for myself: I wished to remember Ramsgate, even though I had to keep it secret.

  • The associations of home have been forgotten, even though home's actual appendages be here.

  • A social club (even though it be a club with a definite social character) is a collection of heterogeneous creatures, and its aim is perfect harmony and good-fellowship.

  • You must see that I meant that I knew he was giving his heart and strength, his whole being, to Samavia, even though he must stay in London.

  • During all these years, hidden work and preparation would have been going on continually, even though it was preparation for an unknown day.

  • Perhaps he could reach him and make him listen, even though he would not know that any one was speaking to him.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "even though" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    cash payments; even among; even approximately; even before; even during; even for; even from; even know; even less; even like; even longer; even more; even number; even supposing; even though; even till; even where; even whilst; even with; even worse; free access; hundred paces; pointing hand; still extant; terrible state; times greater