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aft; afta; aftah; afteh; aften; afterbirth; afterglow; aftergrowth; afterguard; aftermath
  1. I have been expecting you since three o'clock, sir," said the old man, after motioning to his valet to leave the room.

  2. Sewell stood and looked after him for a moment, then turned into the house, and threw himself on a sofa, exhausted and worn out.

  3. The mine must take care of itself, Tom, till you are stronger and able to look after it.

  4. After a few minutes she turned round and said, "You will let me stay here to-night?

  5. But jewels is as good," resumed he, after a slight pause.

  6. There's a project after your own heart, girl.

  7. I take it," said Fossbrooke, after a pause, "that you are not sorry to get back to England.

  8. The old Judge stood on the doorstep pondering over these last words of his friend long after his departure.

  9. I don't like to offer rude counsels, but my art sometimes gives a man scant choice," said he, after a brief pause.

  10. It's somewhat hard, isn't it, to go against a man after that?

  11. After the stippling is dry rub in the oil color, which is composed of about three-fourths burnt sienna to one-fourth burnt umber, or a little Vandyke brown may be added to the color.

  12. After the eyes are put in the work is over-grained, the color mostly being burnt sienna.

  13. In doing the work wholly in water colors, the lights and the shadows are first put in, and after these are dry the grains are introduced with the small fitch tool, lifting the edge of the color lightly with the blender.

  14. Care must be taken in blending the hearts after pencilling, or the graining-color will lift off and show the ground-color.

  15. After the water color is dry the fine champs may be put in by using a slice of raw potato in the same manner as that in which the thumb-nail is used on larger work.

  16. Some of the hardwood finishes cracked in twenty-eight days after being applied, and their makers claimed that they could be used on outside work without danger of cracking.

  17. After thinning to the desired consistency, a good brush is the next requisite for applying the color.

  18. The hearts are put in with the fitch after the mottling is dry, the overgrainer being used in same manner as that in which the combs are used in oil color.

  19. I chose what a master carriage painter called one of the best makes of rubbing varnish, and applied three coats to the table, rubbing it on the third day after each coat.

  20. It is sometimes shaded after having one coat of varnish, in which case it is necessary to revarnish it; it will require little or no stippling.

  21. After eight years experience with your colors, I find them always uniform in shade, thoroughly ground, and of great strength.

  22. After being primed for two weeks, the work was grounded, using the priming color that was left, with enough lead added to make a groundwork for oak.

  23. And, after seeing them where they would not be if neutral, and being told how far their defence of the weaker part would go, he seeks by the question of a simpleton to throw on us the stigma of being the first to declare war.

  24. Are we Englishmen prepared, after contesting it with those who have paved the way into the East under cloud of night, to look on when the journey is undertaken in broad day?

  25. At the same time the librarian writes the scholar's number and the date in his library catalogue after the number of the book taken out, and upon a list of the scholars' numbers writes the number of the book after the number of the scholar.

  26. As I have urged before: Let the Sunday-school worker who aspires to the high praise of a good questioner sit down persistently, after studying the lesson, and write out a set of questions.

  27. Sunday-school socials and picnics will give him a chance to push a little further the knowledge of them that he will gain by his visits to their classes; but, after all, his best chance is in the passing salutation on the street.

  28. After a time he may dispense even with this, and look simply after the points to be presented, trusting to extemporaneous question-making.

  29. After all, the primary teacher's chief reliance for purposes of illustration must be natural objects.

  30. You will have the experience of a friend of mine who came to me once after trying it, and despairingly said that the children now wanted to do nothing else.

  31. Express appreciation, after the lesson, to teacher and scholars.

  32. And as circle after circle was briskly added, every child was filled with delight.

  33. Ask them, one after the other, to name things for which they are grateful.

  34. A review "quiz" may take up these six points one after the other, carrying each over the entire range of lessons, sometimes chronologically, but more often at haphazard.

  35. I myself like best a board fastened to the wall, and a second board hinged to this after the fashion of a double slate.

  36. He keeps a notebook crowded with new ideas, and carries them out one after the other in the order of their importance, as systematically as a great general conducts a campaign.

  37. The 21st of June was devoted to rest after the fatigues of the feast, and to the arrangement of the baggage; on the 22nd the march to Kikuyu was begun.

  38. After being here scarcely a week, I begin to entertain the same opinion.

  39. On the 1st of July, a few hours after the couriers with the first despatches, the expeditions appointed to establish regular communication with Mombasa were sent off.

  40. After a third set of a thousand waggons had been ordered to provide for emergencies, we thought we had made adequate provision for the transport of immigrants during the second year.

  41. For all unprejudiced persons must recognise the most effective stimulus to activity not in hopeless want, but in rational self-interest cheerfully striving after a sure aim.

  42. I was firmly convinced that in another quarter of an hour they must be broken in pieces like a cord stretched in front of a locomotive; and then any child might see that after a few minutes' carnage all would be over.

  43. A third and a fourth salvo were sent after them, and a second gunboat and the largest of the ironclad frigates sank.

  44. The election of superior officers took place on the 23rd of August, after the four extra corps had arrived at the place in North Lykipia appointed for this purpose.

  45. Does not this thrift prove that anxiety for the morrow is not after all quite unknown here?

  46. But this must not be done too clumsily, as the people would after all smell a rat, or perhaps join us out of pure philanthropy, in order to save us from the consequences of our folly.

  47. Why not go after what you want with the like of the mailed fist, and let it go at that?

  48. Did they or did they not play the game as I played it, until consumers got after them with buying strikes, and the cry of stop thief?

  49. And so, after all, the chosen path of criminals is far from rose-strewn.

  50. And as to the secondary contention, recollect that any form of strenuous exercise habitually taken on after the plastic period, results practically in a stretching of the muscles and tissues, and a feeding of them so stretched.

  51. Why wouldn't such go after what they want with murderous tools?

  52. There is psychology of a given criminal, under given circumstances, in a given environment, after a given bringing-up.

  53. The crack in character apparently closes and merges, then opens wide after the lapse certainly of six generations, probably from way back of any genealogical tree yet branched by human brains.

  54. The English, soon after establishing themselves in Ceylon, tried the experiment of forming a battalion of infantry, composed of the natives.

  55. The temple consists of several chambers or artificial caves, decorated, after the usual manner of these shrines, with crude paintings and stone statues.

  56. It is a region where cool, gray skies and frequent rains prevail, and where a fire is needed most of the year, and indeed it is almost a necessity after sunset at all seasons.

  57. The supporting timbers were no longer able to bear their own weight, much less to hold the heavy thatched roof in place, after having been reduced by the ants to a mere shell.

  58. If they cannot cheat a purchaser in any other way, they will slyly substitute a piece of worthless glass for a true stone at the last moment, after the bargain has been made, and then disappear.

  59. It was accomplished none too soon, as the insensible victim was already nearly dead, and was only resuscitated after prolonged and skillful effort.

  60. After twenty centuries of consecutive occupancy, the place is still devoted to its original purpose.

  61. After all, these milestones of the centuries afford us little data by which to unravel the mysteries of the past in Ceylon.

  62. After ascending a tree by means of an anaconda-like embrace, the vine continues to stretch out its length so as to clasp the branches of the next nearest tree, descending its trunk by the entwining process to the base.

  63. Ararat, as being the place where Noah's ark rested after the deluge!

  64. The Tamils have a proverb to the effect that "The palmyra lives for a lac of years after planting, and lasts for a lac of years when felled.

  65. No one might begin before him or continue after he had finished.

  66. Lasse, gazing after him, "and it takes something, too, to make Brother Kalle chuck his gun into the ditch!

  67. Jeppe picked up the five boots for the right foot, one after another, turned back the uppers, and held heels and soles in a straight line before his eyes.

  68. Now, after Christmas, there was nothing at all to do.

  69. So often as I've looked for you and asked after you!

  70. But after these happenings he could by no means get warm again.

  71. One morning, soon after the arrival of the steamer, a thin, tall, sharp-shouldered man comes ducking through the workshop door.

  72. They made a jest of it, throwing all sorts of objects into it, and finding them again after half a year.

  73. There would be a seductive repose in the acts, after his crazy struggle against the superior powers.

  74. When he lay his head on his pillow and went to sleep the endless pulsing of his blood in his ears became the tramping of weary hordes who were for ever passing in their blind groping after the road which should lead to light and happiness.

  75. He lay down in the ditch to recover his breath after his long walk; he was tired and hungry, but in excellent spirits.

  76. Honoria, to whose heart alone He seems to open all his own At times, has tears in her kind eyes, After their private colloquies.

  77. Yet, after all, by nature's course, Feeling must lose its edge and force.

  78. You know my way Of feeling strong from Twelve till Two After my wine.

  79. Hour after hour went by and I saw the face of no living man except that of the guide who rode with me.

  80. After dinner a messenger came up to me with a note, that the wounded were arriving at the Mission House.

  81. So far I wrote after my bit of dinner, some cold meat and bananas, on arrival.

  82. Yet to me they seem a part of the story, which is historical, after all.

  83. After that I am on Weir of Hermiston and Heathercat, two Scotch stories, which will either be something different, or I shall have failed.

  84. After dinner Henry came, and I began to teach him decimals; you wouldn't think I knew them myself after so long desuetude!

  85. I could not bear after that to take from him any of that class of books which I have always given him.

  86. After the hymn was over, a native pastor made a speech which lasted a long while; the light poured out of the door and windows; the girls were sitting clustered at my feet; it was choking hot.

  87. After I finished on Sunday I passed a miserable day; went out weeding, but could not find peace.

  88. Presently after arrived the news of Margery Ide (the C.

  89. The latter he found uphill work: after the first ten or twelve chapters, which are in his happiest vein, the narrative, as he himself was painfully aware, began to flag.

  90. At the great tree known as Mepi Tree, after Maben the surveyor, the expedition struck forty yards due west till it struck the top of a steep bank which it descended.

  91. It was after that I began to care for you.

  92. After all, it's her fault that the farm does not already belong to him.

  93. Who would have thought that so many were going to backslide, and that after five years there would be hardly more than a score of us left--not counting the children, of course!

  94. How could they think she would want to leave them, after all they had done for her?

  95. Something of the same sort had come over the congregation after Hök Matts's arrival.

  96. After all, sudden death would be easier than slowly wasting away.

  97. After passing the time of day, she sat down on a chair by the door and took the lids off the baskets, one of which was filled with rusks and buns, the other with newly baked loaves of spiced bread.

  98. At sight of Halvor she brightened for an instant; then it occurred to her that his calling on her so soon after her husband's death looked rather bad.

  99. He divined that Gertrude wanted to ask him to look after her old parents.

  100. And then to be at home with Karin, who looked after his comfort as tenderly as a mother!

  101. We found it was necessary to make an effort to bestir ourselves as far as sightseeing was concerned, but we dared to venture out only after sunset from our comfortable quarters in the thick adobe building.

  102. After leaving the pretty and picturesque Pasigochic, a high hill is ascended, and late that afternoon we passed the highest point between the morning and evening camps, eighteen hundred feet.

  103. One day a Tarahumari carrier passed us just after we had gone into camp about three o'clock in the afternoon, bound for the same point we expected to reach in three days' hard travel by mule-back.

  104. As a rule, at least from two to four years of quiet are needed after an Indian war to restore such confidence among the whites that they can settle the disturbed district in a bona-fide way.

  105. Shortly after leaving the mountains and reaching the foothills, they receive no additions from other sources, and after flowing from fifty to one hundred miles they sink into the ground.

  106. After leaving Cerro Colorado, with its undeveloped possibilities, the trail leads southwestward through the broken barrancas toward Batopilas.

  107. An hour or two before our evening camp was made we were once more traveling along underneath the shade of the great somber pines, and the air seemed cold and unpleasant after our late tropical experience.

  108. The first night on the Teboreachic was a most delightfully cool one after the long spell of warm weather we had experienced on the lower levels.

  109. I had been told that but little could be purchased after leaving the town, and then only at three or four times the expense of buying and transporting the same from Chihuahua.

  110. You're a physical wreck with the folks back home sending the casket and trimmings after you on the next train in care of the station agent.

  111. He turned gravely to the Patriarch; resuming his chair with an expression on his face as one arrived at a weighty decision after a mental battle with one's self.

  112. For a time perhaps they could be accommodated--but after that they must be turned away.

  113. Pale Face has got it de same as me, an' he told de Doc dis afternoon, out in de path dere, after de Doc left de cottage here.

  114. There's no more circus parades--everything's under the tent after this.

  115. Now if I ain't gone an' left it to home after all.

  116. Madison stared after her in a sort of helpless state of chagrin.

  117. He had never lacked company--the office stove and the spitbox filled with sawdust was the admitted rendezvous of the chosen spirits who were still gazing after him from the window.

  118. But after observing how the system operated, Dr.

  119. Does this not offer a fine comment on the grievous usury so cruelly enforced in after years by these people upon the Gentile races?

  120. After the various invasions which desolated so many parts of the Roman Empire, large portions of Gaul reverted to a state of nature.

  121. The lands remaining after this parcelling out, generally the poorest, formed the waste lands of the manor, over which rights of commons were enjoyed by the tenants.

  122. Each of them was wrapped in fine white wool, and laid upon the altar or the relics of the saints, after which a prayer was uttered that God might discover by unmistakable signs whether the prisoner was innocent or guilty.

  123. Men believed that in after time kings would have mitigated matters had it been in their power.

  124. There is in the annals of Rome at least one instance[30] of a death-sentence of this sort pronounced after the accused was in his grave.

  125. Banns were to be published either at Church or in the nearest market town on three market days, after this the marriage was to take place before a justice of peace.

  126. Westminster after her eldest son had fallen into the keeping of the Duke of Gloucester.

  127. After that age he is safe, and can be depended on for unwisdom, whereas your ordinary wiseacre cuts his back teeth and graduates in common-sense at twenty-one.

  128. I have caused Bartja's murder to take place after the conquest of Egypt, because I cannot agree with the usually received translation of the Behistun inscription.

  129. How far the other homeward-bound passengers may have been driven out of their course, I cannot tell; we found shelter in the harbor of Samos, and were able to put to sea again after ten days.

  130. Herodotus has been my guide too in the leading features of Cambyses' character; indeed as he was born only forty or fifty years after the events related, his history forms the basis of my romance.

  131. After a life devoted to song, the pleasures of the table and of love, he is said to have died of a fearful disease.

  132. He then started homeward with his wife, but fell ill on the journey, and died soon after his arrival at Mitylene.

  133. Two years and a half after the appearance of the third edition of "An Egyptian Princess," a fourth was needed.

  134. Her house is frequented by all the strangers here, and whoever has once experienced her hospitality and has the time at command will never after be found absent when the flag announces an evening of reception.

  135. Herodotus lived so short a time after Rhodopis, and tells so many exact particulars of her private life that it is impossible she should have been a mere creation of fiction.

  136. The highest honors (after Cimon's) were adjudged to a pair of Spartan brothers, Lysander and Maro, the sons of Aristomachus.

  137. After the death of the poetess, Rhodopis returned, with her little daughter, to Naukratis, where she was welcomed as a goddess.

  138. One of its hamlets bore, as we shall find, the name of Cinges tune, and Tidenham Chase remained a royal chase till after the Norman Conquest.

  139. And each hide ought to thresh out seed for the sowing of 4 acres after Michaelmas Day.

  140. The manor probably has been in English hands ever since about the time when, according to the Saxon Chronicle, after Deorham battle in A.

  141. In 291, Maximian, after directing his arms against the Franks, deported a number of them and settled them as læti on the vacant lands of the Nervii and Treviri, in Belgic Gaul and in the valley of the Moselle.

  142. They were named after the common ancestor and occupied by his heirs.

  143. That every occupier of an ancient messuage or cottage hath right of common upon the Green Commons, except Butts Close, for one gelding from and after the thirteenth day of August until the fourteenth day of February.

  144. Tough luck if those scoundrels get away, after all the trouble they've caused," muttered Burton.

  145. He gave a low whistle as he read; then, after he had finished, he passed the letter over to Ferral.

  146. You know how anxious Brady has been, every time the law got after him, to get hold of the air ship.

  147. After that, we'll go on in pursuit of Whipple.

  148. I'll show you how to reach the canal, and after that you will have plain sailing.

  149. The houses in the neighborhood were dark, as it was after midnight, and the vague bulk of the gas bag, looming over the top of the billboard, would hardly have claimed the attention of any chance passerby on the sidewalk.

  150. Those two treacherous hounds want to get the plunder, and they will keep Helen a prisoner until they can make her tell where the stuff is concealed, for I imagine she destroyed the paper after reading it.

  151. It was not until the day after their difficult landing in Jerrold's yard that Matt and his friends, accompanied by Helen Brady, paid a visit to the office of the chief of police.

  152. He's gone there after an important letter, and I've a hunch it may be from Miss Brady.

  153. After you get close up to the door they won't be able to reach you with their bullets.

  154. We'll come back here for you after we see how the chase comes out.

  155. After we have taken care of them, we'll have you send the girl.

  156. Nor will the epicurean himself complain that bread is insipid, after being confined to it for a month or six weeks.

  157. After they begin to be needed, there is no advantage in delaying to use them, as some do, for fear they shall wear them too soon.

  158. Nor is it to be expected, after all, that the work is, in all respects, perfect.

  159. The mixture should not be prepared any faster than it is wanted, and should always be prepared in vessels perfectly clean and sweet, and given as soon as possible after it is prepared, to prevent any degree of fermentation.

  160. It should be succeeded by a loose flannel gown with sleeves, which should be worn till the end of the second month; after which it may be changed to the common clothing used by children of this age.

  161. But distressing dreams often follow an evening of anxious cares, especially if those cares preyed upon us for the last half hour; and also after late suppers, even if they are light--and late reading.

  162. He kept his word, it is true; but he died instantly after the operation, from apoplexy.

  163. After he had gone, things went from bad to worse.

  164. After that the Emperor went to Milan, where he was crowned King of Italy; and then began a regular triumph for us soldiers.

  165. Alexander the Blessed grew sad; but, after thinking a moment, he said: "Messrs.

  166. After that it was a reign of misery and hunger--a reign where we were all equal.

  167. Well, then, after a while he embarked again in the very same nut-shell of a boat that he had left Egypt in, passed right under the bows of the English vessels, and set foot once more in France.

  168. It was a regular harvest field after the reaping; only instead of stalks of grain there were bodies of men.

  169. Then suddenly up comes Ivan-angel, a simple-minded soul whom the Lord God had appointed to look after the Russian muzhiks.

  170. And as our men came to these fields, one after another, they turned their faces again and again toward Napoleonder, and fought him with such fierceness that the brigand himself was delighted with them "God save us!

  171. To-day is his, to-morrow may be his, but after a while the luck perhaps will turn.

  172. Then having rested the night in comfort I will go out after the day has come and I will salute all my brethren at the mosque and in the village.

  173. I beg you, my Mother, to give order that my son drink water which is boiled, at least from the beginning of the hot weather till after the Rains.

  174. My youngest brother said he would enlist after me when the harvest was gathered.

  175. Do not we handle that same thing with the leather on it after it has been repaired?

  176. He says: "They are not divided in opinion as to which of their enemies shall be sought after first.

  177. What remained was carried upon a litter precisely after our custom.

  178. How great then was my anguish at being severed from my Regiment after thirty-three years!

  179. If he preached to them after harvest he would fetch in many and I should be promoted, and the pensions go with the promotion.

  180. May God reward that Kafir woman for her kindness, and her children after her.

  181. Tell him not to wander about after the people who did the actual killing.

  182. He says: "If that man or even his brothers wish to come to France after me I shall be very pleased.

  183. Two men joined us in the draft last month to look after a close friend of mine with whom they had a private account.

  184. The next morning after the news my Baharanee let loose the plate-pianos [turned on the gramophones] for the delectation of the wounded.

  185. He who comes alive out of this business will forever after be as a giant.

  186. They run after me and rebuke me if I do not wear a certain coat when it rains daily.

  187. It was seven weeks before all her beads were redeemed because the weather was bad and our guns were strong and the enemy did not stir abroad after dark.

  188. After the repairs undertaken by the Doge Orseolo, the place in which the body of the holy Evangelist rested had been altogether forgotten, so that the Doge Vital Falier was entirely ignorant of the place of the venerable deposit.

  189. But the lava stream of the Arab, even after it ceased to flow, warmed the whole of the Northern air; and the history of Gothic architecture is the history of the refinement and spiritualization of Northern work under its influence.

  190. Judy, staring after the stout figure of the retiring butler.

  191. I bought her a mile or so out in the country, and I tell you I hated to take her after I had paid the money.

  192. Perkins went in after her, and was rescued by Launcelot, while Judy and Anne stood on the bank and laughed until the tears ran down their cheeks.

  193. After the first jubilation, however, the young people looked at each other with blank faces.

  194. After that she ran quickly upstairs, untying her hat-strings as she went.

  195. They's a letter tied to her horn," volunteered Johnny McSwiggins after he had devoured two cookies and three sandwiches and a chicken leg.

  196. You will get used to this after a while and enjoy it as much as I do.

  197. I know you are tired after hurrying to get the house ready for us.

  198. Evidently retail shopkeeping is not the thing for a man of spirit after Charing Cross and Cheapside have been appropriated by occupying owners on the principle of first come first served.

  199. And how would occupying ownership of mines work, when it is an easier matter to get prime Wallsend and Silkstone out of one mine than to get slates and steam fuel out of another, even after twenty years' preliminary shaft-sinking?

  200. But I have ordered the car for you all immediately after luncheon.

  201. Well, I have myself crossed Putney Bridge after leaving here, within ten minutes under the two hours.

  202. I had kept all the dances after supper free.

  203. After the evening papers, Sir Chichester thought politely of his guests.

  204. Sir Charles needed a moment or two after he had set down to recover his equipoise.

  205. The vision gained from the foolish and romantic days of his boyhood, steadied his finger upon the trigger after all these years.

  206. After her first shock of horror and surprise when she had first chanced upon the paragraph in the Harpoon, she had been completely, wonderfully, mistress of herself.

  207. They stopped an hour after daybreak and breakfasted by the side of the car in a high country of wild flowers.

  208. You did not see your mistress at all after Miss Whitworth had talked with her in the library?

  209. This report will linger and live long after the denial and apology are published.

  210. Joan left Martin standing in one of the corridors and rejoined him after a few minutes.

  211. The workman has so arranged it that he will reach the factory half an hour after the tube is filled.

  212. And, after all, was there a Commodore Graham?

  213. In the West all was quiet after the rout of La Puerta.

  214. They were both great men, the greatest after Washington that America has produced.

  215. He placed his guns in front, and, forming his infantry into one compact column, commenced his retreat soon after midnight, pursued by a squadron of Royalist horse, which did not dare to attack him.

  216. After all, my mind would be easier if you had another thousand good soldiers with you.

  217. I propose simply to give the people the means of declaring themselves independent, and of establishing a suitable form of government; after which I shall consider I have done enough, and leave them.

  218. Ten days after the dispersion the united army was reorganized and ready for the fray.

  219. All the year round he drank coffee which he prepared himself; then, after another spell at his desk, would spend the afternoon inspecting the public offices.

  220. Thirty-eight days after the four ships had sailed from Valparaiso, thirteen vessels carrying the Chilian flag anchored in line in the bay, amid the enthusiastic acclamations of the people.

  221. He reached the river Samba on the 20th May, and at midnight, after a forced march of eighteen hours across a desert, reached the Ilo, opposite to the village of Mirave, where La Hera was encamped.

  222. Both sides claimed the victory, but Valdés retreated, and soon after Santa Cruz returned to his position on the Desaguadero.

  223. A few days after that, the schooner Montezuma sailed close past him without saluting.

  224. Soon after San Martin and Belgrano met at Yatasto on the road to Salta, and swore friendship to each other, an oath most faithfully kept by both.

  225. Carrera had made a proposal to Government for a foolhardy attempt upon Coquimbo, which was rejected after a consultation with San Martin, but his application for permission to assume the offensive had also been refused.

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