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haldis; haldyn; hale; haled; halesome; halfback; halfbreed; halfbreeds; halfe; halfes
  1. Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.

  2. We were not many--we who stood Before the iron sleet that day-- Yet many a gallant spirit would Give half his years if he but could Have been with us at Monterey.

  3. But half of our heavy task was done When the clock struck the hour for retiring; And we heard the distant and random gun That the foe was sullenly firing.

  4. Wretched man, whose years are spent In repining discontent, Lives not, aged though he be, Half a span, compared with thee.

  5. One should not certainly believe all reports, but the mere fact of a report arising was itself half a proof.

  6. Her face was half hidden by a hood, so that one only saw a pair of pale blue eyes with a suffering expression, and the upper part of her white cheeks.

  7. Peter's wife, who had gone before them, stood by the fire and heated ale, his son Mats helped Karin to take off her fur, and Sven was already rolling in the Christmas straw which covered the ground to the depth of half a yard.

  8. He adjured him by the Cross of Christ and all the saints that he should confess his sin, since by his doing so the offence would be half pardoned and might be atoned for by a fine.

  9. During the winter Hans sat in his large house and was half starved.

  10. Half a mile southwards, if your lordship is going to Stockholm.

  11. His face was full of angles, his eyes had lost their brightness, his mouth was half open, his back was bent.

  12. After Herr von Bleichroden had resided two and a half years in Switzerland, he received one day a summons from Berlin, for there were rumours of war in circulation.

  13. The smells of beer, wine and fir twigs, mingled with fumes from the oil-lamps and wax-lights, filled the air and made him half unconscious.

  14. An enormous number of people, half in disguise, half in their holiday clothes, stood in groups round the tables or walked down the tub-lined alleys.

  15. Sixteen men remained wounded and half dead on the place.

  16. In half an hour you will be with your family and then you will be with yourself again.

  17. Some red Spanish militia caps belonging to the painters, with the colour half faded by exposure to the sun and rain, hung on the clothes-horse.

  18. The burgomaster turned half round and would have fallen, if he had not supported himself on his great sword.

  19. Her husband was still half asleep and little Sven was far away in the land of dreams, although he lay with his head on a wooden horse and a feather ball in his hand.

  20. The black stallion was led back to the toll-house, where the travellers had to wait for half an hour, while the sledge was searched and their names were written down.

  21. While I have the honor of reporting to you but one new Tribe, yet I feel that one good Tribe is worth half a dozen that after a short time become a burden and a worry to the Great Council to keep them alive.

  22. This is the oldest tribe in Kentucky, and numbers among its members several aged brothers who have been in continuous good standing in the Order for more than a half century.

  23. The Great Chief of Records in his report said: "The work of a full great sun has been crowded into the short space of four and one-half moons, owing to the peculiar time of kindling our first Great Council fire.

  24. It's all very fine," I said, "to chaff a fellow when you know that he is going to be sent for three years and a half to hard labour in Algeria.

  25. On one side stood a wooden bed raised a couple of feet from the ground; and about seven feet long and two and a half broad.

  26. Half an hour before the time fixed for mounted drill four of us were sent out under the command of a Corporal to mark the squares.

  27. Half an hour later the Commission had retired, and I suggested stopping at a cafe on our way back to barracks.

  28. When I arrived with my second I found the two doctors present, with half a dozen officers and the fencing-master, who had brought the swords.

  29. I gave him the money, but half an hour later he came and asked me for more.

  30. Half an hour before the appointed time I drove to the barracks.

  31. Fortunately for Piatte and Titi the injured Corporal and his comrades had reported that they were set upon by at least half a dozen Dragoons.

  32. When I had obtained a light I looked round, and to my disgust I saw half a dozen huge rats running about over my companions' bodies.

  33. I had been about half an hour in my bed, when one of the Sisters brought me a cup of tisane, a kind of tea made of harmless herbs, which is always given in case of sickness, whatever may be the disease one may be suffering from.

  34. Thereupon the recruit caught hold of the handle and ran round the ring alongside of the cantering horse; at last, with a mighty effort, he got his knee upon the animal's back and finally sat there, looking half exhausted.

  35. I only succeeded, however, in going half way to the barracks, and then I tipped another trooper to carry my load as far as the stores.

  36. The first of these probably preceded the Troica by only two, or, at the utmost, two and a half generations.

  37. It follows that Cadmus is placed seven generations before the Trojan war; he is made contemporary with Dardanus, and he appears in Greece about three and a half generations before Minos came to Crete.

  38. From which last cited passage I set down Eumelus as the contemporary of his brother-in-law Ulysses, and half a generation senior to the standard age of the war.

  39. The origin of it may probably be found in the legend of Bellerophon, to whom, after his high exploits and great services, the reigning sovereign gave half his kingdom[345].

  40. Three of these have the chemical equivalent of 98-1/2, and the others a chemical equivalent of about half that number.

  41. The smaller coin is worth half that sum; and the other, half of that.

  42. Then there is this curious relation, that palladium and iridium are very much alike, so that you would scarcely know one from the other, though one has only half the weight of the other, and only half the equivalent power.

  43. Even the furnace in which he carries on that most serious operation of fusing fifty pounds of platinum at once is not much more than half the size of the drawing.

  44. Then I watched it; but it came no nearer, seeming contented to swim about at the depth of a little more than half a mile.

  45. The crater was about half a mile deep; the sides sloped gently to the bottom.

  46. Never a slaver's fetid hold Has held the misery untold That crowds the great cats' kennels where Their vacant eyes glare blank despair Half crazed by sloth, half dazed by fear All day, all night, year after year.

  47. Some mullet had jumped into the two boats--half a dozen during our moonlight voyage--and these were now being fried with rice for us by Grue.

  48. They told me later that I screamed for half an hour before I swooned.

  49. Half frantic with grief and half mad with the excitement of the moment we still had sense enough to shoulder our tools and drive our mules back across the moraine.

  50. Rage possessed the heavy artillery, and a fury indescribable seized them when they discovered that Indians had raided their half ton of feminine perquisites.

  51. But his feet bothered him; he kept hopping about on the bottom of the crater, half running, half flying; and finally he took wing and rose up over the hill.

  52. He was so careless that he let the secret out, and in less than half an hour he had lost two thirds of his sack of apples--the boys wheedled them out of him, or stole them.

  53. Half falling onward, the Mexican slipped upon a tuft of the hard gray grass and went down headlong.

  54. Another sat against a tree, his head fallen slightly forward, his lax arms allowing his hands to droop plaintively, palms upward and half spread, as though he sat in utter weariness.

  55. He caught himself noting how long the dog's hind leg looked, how impossible the angle between the fore leg and the spine, as it half sat in flea-compelled contortions.

  56. Half the attendants were haughty young women, and half rather slovenly young men.

  57. He shifted in his seat and choked in his throat a sound that was half a groan.

  58. She felt again the fear which then she half admitted.

  59. Franklin stood at the inner edge of the earthworks, half hidden by a little clump of trees.

  60. At the abattis the dead lay in a horrid commingling mass, some hanging forward half through the entanglement, some still in the attitude of effort, still tearing at the spiked boughs, some standing upright as though to signal the advance.

  61. In perhaps five or ten minutes, perhaps half an hour, there would be heard the tapping of another cane, and Dr.

  62. In a half hour there had been determined the location of a home, there had been suggested a means of livelihood, and there had been offered and received a friendship.

  63. Franklin saw, and as he gazed, eager, half advancing, indecision and irresolution dropped from him forever.

  64. There came a regular tread upon the stair, as there had always for years come at this hour of half past seven in the morning, rain or shine.

  65. One morning he had an appointment in London with a group of half a dozen munition-makers from the north of England and the Midlands for the purpose of investigating some special difficulties in a new process.

  66. Was he to make a half-and-half defense of the Cabinet war policy?

  67. The British trade-unions wanted but little persuading under such an appeal, and rights and privileges struggled for and won at heavy cost during half a century were cheerfully relinquished for the time being.

  68. Lloyd George discussed public affairs in a corner of the old library lined with books which Gladstone used to consult half a century ago and his predecessors before him.

  69. At Sunday morning breakfast, for example, they received as a treat half an egg each to eat with their bread-and-butter.

  70. He had a full beard, snow-white, and a clean-shaven upper lip, reminiscent of the fashion of half a century ago.

  71. We carry half the produce, not merely of our own country, but of the whole world.

  72. In the height of the fight fatigue sometimes overwhelmed even his sturdy frame and spirit, and he would snatch half an hour's respite from the Treasury bench in his own room behind the Speaker's chair.

  73. And he had fought with a very odd race of people, half horses and half men, and had put them all to death, from a sense of duty, in order that their ugly figures might never be seen any more.

  74. If it were not for this little business of holding up the sky, I would make half a dozen steps across the sea, and get them for you.

  75. He carelessly lifted his mighty club, and let it fall upon a rock that lay half buried in the earth, near by.

  76. When the old fellow heard who it was that had caught him, he saw, with half an eye, that it would be necessary to tell him everything that he wanted to know.

  77. The visions passed away, leaving the poet staggering as if but half awake.

  78. He had not accorded with them; and perhaps half the secret of his conjugal discomfort was owing to politics.

  79. Dante, alarmed, beheld him rise half out of his sepulchre, looking as lofty as if he scorned hell itself.

  80. But all gentle and considerate hearts must dislike the rage and bigotry in Dante, even were it true (as the Dantesque Foscolo thinks) that Italy will never be regenerated till one-half of it is baptised in the blood of the other!

  81. I have heard more blasphemies, in the course of half an hour, from the lips of an Italian postilion, than are probably uttered in England, by people not out of their senses, for a whole year.

  82. But in spite of her evident gladness, something in her manner restrained him; also, there was Christie Buchan, and half a dozen other women watching them.

  83. Maggie, after all, spoiled the trip to which he had looked forward for half a year with longing and delight.

  84. But nevertheless, the stranger had left an influence, and for half an hour they sat silently musing.

  85. Half an hour afterward, Maggie was ringing at the door of Mrs. Lauder's house.

  86. Allan scarcely understood him; he grasped the hand David offered him, then walked to Argyle Street and called a cab; in half an hour, he was in his own rooms in the Blytheswood Square house.

  87. She is the other half of my own soul," he said, "and my life can never be complete without her.

  88. They break a sixpence wi' the lad they love, and they each keep a half o' it.

  89. The wretched mother was half crazy, and Maggie fled from her presence.

  90. She turned away half angry at herself for the thrill of pleasure the trifling incident had given her.

  91. The Fife lads break a sixpence in twa wi' their troth lass; and I hae my half sixpence.

  92. Neither is it proper in this place to seek to account for the success of its score and a half of cotton mills.

  93. The Olympia, until recently the largest mill in the world, was built at Columbia, and the Loray Mill, with more than half as many spindles, was founded at Gastonia.

  94. Wilmington at a dollar and a half a hundred weight, to feed to his mules.

  95. You can save half your labor and add 10 per cent.

  96. The building was frame, two and half stories high, all was burned in March of 1881, catching from sparks from the boiler room.

  97. Thrusting back the hand with which he had half drawn into view the weapon I had mentioned, I put on my sternest sir and led the way across the street.

  98. Miss Tuttle seemed to realize that this was one of them, for she paused abruptly, with the words half finished on her tongue.

  99. I declare," he maundered on, half to himself and half to me, "that dog is getting old.

  100. Curtains were torn and the piano-cover was hanging half on and half off the open upright, as if she had clutched at it to keep herself from falling.

  101. The situation was too intense for me to leave without first learning who the woman was who in terror and shrinking dared to drag her half resisting feet through these empty halls and into a place cursed with such unwholesome memories.

  102. I could not understand her, and soon gave up the attempt; but my admiration held firm, and by the time the evening was half over I was her obedient slave.

  103. Mr. Moore, glorying in the prospect of unlimited wealth, presented a startling contrast in more ways than one to the poverty-stricken old man whose curious garb and lonely habits had made him an object of ridicule to half the town.

  104. The effect was ghostly; but while the fellow at my side breathed hard he did not take advantage of my words to make his escape, as I half expected him to.

  105. I own that I was half amused and half awed by the condescending bow with which he greeted my offhand nod and the affable way in which he remarked: "You are making use of your prerogatives as a member of the police, I see.

  106. Taking it up, as we have rightly done, from Dryden, more than a century and a half of our literature lies immediately and necessarily within it.

  107. This might, or might not be, the appointed night for this dreadful business; but, if it were, there was but one half hour between the throne and the grave.

  108. Russia alone has an army of half a million, yet she has never fired a shot.

  109. Mr Perkins started back, and Solomon turned half round as if to disappear again.

  110. The evening was drawing in, when a peasant came up in all haste, laden with a large stone of a thin flat form, nearly a foot and a half long.

  111. He was only with Zumalacarregui, however, during the latter half of his career, when the forces of the Carlists had already assumed a certain numerical importance, and their resources were on the increase.

  112. Out of the sixty houses composing it, more than one half were consumed; and if the others escaped, it was merely because the Christinos happened to want them at the moment for their own occupation.

  113. No crab more active in the dirty dance, Downward to climb, and backward to advance, He brings up half the bottom on his head, And loudly claims the Journal and the Lead.

  114. Suddenly again bustling among his papers, he said--"Within this half hour, your brother is to call again for my definitive answer.

  115. It took the Chinees a year and a half to stack it up.

  116. The urgency of the danger admitted not of half measures.

  117. The latter had taken the route across the Danube into Swabia, where Gustavus Horn came so close upon them, that the two armies were only separated from each other by half a German mile.

  118. This indeed he actually did effect, as his own army daily augmented, while that of the allies was reduced nearly one half by desertion and bad provisions.

  119. She believes it's her duty to set an example and meet the People half way.

  120. With flaunting banners and swelling canvas a splendid fleet reached half way to the zenith.

  121. The baby babbled gleefully, and, as if attesting its reality, delivered half a dozen strong kicks with those active plump feet, encased in the smart red socks.

  122. She suddenly threw up both arms with a shrill scream, half nervous exhaustion, half inexpressible delight.

  123. The girl visibly winced, and one of the three small boys lying about the hearth, sharing the warm flags with half a dozen dogs, whimpered aloud in sympathetic fright.

  124. The young soldier had no physical hurt that might appeal to the professional sympathies of the senior surgeon, and he turned away with a half laugh.

  125. Then they traced and traversed, and waxed wonderly wroth, and either behight other death; they hewed so fast with their swords that they cut in down half their swords and mails, that the bare flesh in some place stood above their harness.

  126. Thus he rode sorrowing, and half a day he was out of despair, till that he came into a deep valley.

  127. How Sir Launcelot, half sleeping and half waking, saw a sick man borne in a litter, and how he was healed with the Sangreal.

  128. And then within a little while he had slain half their horses and unhorsed them, and their horses ran in the fields and forest.

  129. Then said Bors: It is mo than a year and an half that I ne lay ten times where men dwelled, but in wild forests and in mountains, but God was ever my comfort.

  130. Also, Sir Launcelot, Galahad prayed you to remember of this unsiker world as ye behight him when ye were together more than half a year.

  131. Thus they fought near half a day, and never rested but right little, and there was none of them both that had less wounds than fifteen, and they bled so much that it was marvel they stood on their feet.

  132. AND so he fell asleep; and half waking and sleeping he saw come by him two palfreys all fair and white, the which bare a litter, therein lying a sick knight.

  133. And more than an hour and an half Dame Guenever was awaiting in a bay window with her ladies, and espied an armed knight standing in a chariot.

  134. Half a capital and half a country town, the whole city leads a double existence; it has long trances of the one and flashes of the other; like the king of the Black Isles, it is half alive and half a monumental marble.

  135. Less than half a day's ride will bring one from the Pont du Gard to the Hotel du Luxembourg of Nismes.

  136. The public meetings of all kinds in this hall have been among the most valuable educational influences of the half century.

  137. For half a mile it has the town on the right.

  138. There's another sixpence for you,--half for your stomach and half for your skin.

  139. It hardly seems to us, to whom the works of Dickens are household words, that his fame as a writer began more than half a century ago.

  140. In half an hour we had a couple of his fellows in a napkin, deliciously browned.

  141. How about me paying half now and the rest later?

  142. There were two quarters and a half dollar, and he paid them over.

  143. Curl was floating langorously in his comfortable focus, eyes half closed and glazed, mouth droolingly limp and hands carelessly askew.

  144. It gazed at him with half closed, calculating eyes, starting at the head, running slowly to his feet and back again.

  145. First of all, he was Lord Mayor three times, or, rather, may we not say three and a half times?

  146. I suppose it looks better than my old yellow handkercher; but it ain't half as comfortable.

  147. You can't be half as uneasy as I am," rejoined Zack.

  148. No sooner had he assumed a recumbent position than a lusty and ceaseless singing began in his ears, which bewildered and half deafened him.

  149. The clown's wife came in half an hour, as she had promised.

  150. Vance came back, and brought word that Mrs. Peckover would follow him in half an hour.

  151. I was at first so shocked and amazed by what I heard, and then had so much to say to him about it, that our half day's march, by the time we had got to the end of it, seemed to me to have hardly lasted as long as an hour.

  152. Just as Mr. Blyth spoke those words, the clock on the mantel-piece struck the half hour after ten.

  153. Cut it in two," he answered, "and season our pottage with one half of it at a time.

  154. All his tricks were played out--there was not so much as half a one left to help him out of the sorry plight he was in.

  155. Their eyes were swimming low in their heads, and they glared about as if they were half starved.

  156. But what were the pity and astonishment that smote Owasso to the heart when he espied his poor little brother--poor little forsaken Sheem--half boy and half wolf, flying along the shore.

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