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Example sentences for "dollar"

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  1. Land flowing with milk and honey, and breakfast foods, and choice beef cuts at a dollar a pound!

  2. Such people, like those who present communications from dead friends, at a dollar per, like to work in private.

  3. I'll bet a dollar to a rap on the nose that it's rat pie!

  4. Yet thereafter every day for a week there was the motor, the groom and flowers at a dollar and a half apiece.

  5. There also were women fairer than the young empresses of old Rome, maidens in thousand-dollar frocks, matrons coroneted and tiaraed.

  6. To Mrs. Price there could be no brilliance if the party of the second part had a dollar less than ten million.

  7. For a parent to get up under cover of the darkness of night and palm off a ten-cent necktie on a boy who had been expecting a ten-dollar watch, and then say that an angel sent it to him, is low, undeniably low.

  8. I took the dollar from your letter and kissed and fondled it a dozen times.

  9. I who hadn't a dollar that wasn't honestly earned; I who had made a fortune by my own efforts, and was spending my millions like a prince; I who had taste in art and music and in architecture and furnishing and all the fine things of life.

  10. Like most of our debonair dollar chasers, he was a good sportsman only when the game was with him.

  11. I laid the five hundred-dollar bill in it.

  12. The only money that I spent in a whole year was one dollar for a library ticket--the best dollar I ever spent in my life!

  13. When I reached home," said he, "I handed my checks to a porter, slipped half a dollar into his hand and told him to rush my trunks right up to the sample room.

  14. If you were with your old people, I would be only too glad to buy from you, but you've mixed me up so on my shoe stock that it wouldn't be worth fifty cents on the dollar if I were to change lines again.

  15. If the salesman, by mistake, sold a ten dollar suit for eleven dollars, the goods when shipped out are billed at ten dollars.

  16. They put a twenty-four dollar hat where a twenty-four dollar hat belonged, and an eighteen dollar hat right beside it, indicating that the two were of the same quality.

  17. He handed me out two ten dollar gold pieces.

  18. A man in my business can load a customer with a lot of worthless plunder so that his stock will not be worth twenty-five cents on the dollar in a season or two.

  19. I would be only too glad to sell the Leopards at one dollar each, provided they could be bought at a price lower than that from you.

  20. That's a good one for the money,' said I, 'a dollar apiece.

  21. So over at the flower store I passed out a five dollar bill and wrote on the card that I sent with the Marechal Niel roses, 'From a friend of your father's.

  22. They put a nine dollar hat where a twelve dollar hat should have been, and vice versa.

  23. Every dollar should be made an instrument of the highest happiness.

  24. I am a rich man, and not a dollar of my money is 'tainted' money.

  25. Just afore these meetings commenced I come home from town one night and found that somebody had passed a counterfeit ten-dollar bill on me.

  26. When Mrs. Rachel Lynde come next day, collecting for foreign missions, I give her that ten dollar bill.

  27. Over every dollar of that money--as they are eating or drinking it--will they be laughing at the fool who worked so damned hard to make it.

  28. A letter was handed to him--for which he paid in postage and express charges, one dollar and fifty cents!

  29. By twelve o'clock my work for the day was finished; and I returned to the lodging-house with a dollar in picayune pieces--having made a hundred per cent on my capital.

  30. Most of the men enrolled for this service, were for its cavalry arm; and after my last quarter of a dollar had been spent, I became one of their number.

  31. I was earning probably as much as a dollar and a half a day and I was acquiring at least that much in vanity and satisfaction, besides learning a new trade which might come handy in a day of need.

  32. It's wuth a dollar fifty new, an that one's better 'n new.

  33. Inside were ten five-dollar gold pieces, and Cynthia found the same in her purse.

  34. I know a man with a ten-thousand-dollar salary who finds it a living, no more.

  35. Money loomed before Thompson as the key to freedom, decent surroundings, a chance to pursue knowledge, to so shape his life that he could lend a hand or a dollar to the less fortunate.

  36. The case was tried before Alcalde Sinclair, and the jury gave Keseberg a verdict of one dollar damages.

  37. Eliza Donner Crossing the Torrent Earning a Silver Dollar The Gold Excitement Getting an Education Elitha C.

  38. Congressmen or government officials convicted of soliciting or receiving political assessments from government employees became liable to a five thousand dollar fine, or three years' imprisonment, or both.

  39. Millions of debt and half the other economic evil of the war might have been saved by doing more to keep the paper dollar on a par with gold.

  40. A bill was therefore brought forward, and in 1878 passed, restoring to the silver dollar its full legal tender character.

  41. Neglect in these regards caused the paper dollar to fall in value.

  42. On any bill over a dollar and a quarter, I always throw in a kitten.

  43. Thou didst give me a goodly fortune which I never earned a dollar of.

  44. He who demanded of his father the property he had never earned a dollar of begs for the meanest employment that may keep him from starving!

  45. I worked there hard three days, charging only a dollar a day.

  46. But as he on one occasion worked seventy-six days surveying, for only one dollar a day, the money he received should not be laid up against him.

  47. We will back you up with the last dollar we've got in the bank, won't we, lads?

  48. If we stop, we lose every dollar we have in the world.

  49. Then she looked at the dollar she was gripping and ceased to laugh.

  50. I will reduce it a dollar more," she said, "and send the bill to you at Walden the last week of September.

  51. I'll give you one dollar if you tell me exactly what I was going to say.

  52. I'd prefer to have a dollar in my pocket, and BUY what we need.

  53. I ought to have a dollar more, to really come out even.

  54. If you're going to try to take the baby, I'm going to fight you to the last dollar I can raise, and the last foot of land I own.

  55. Just as the train started he thrust his hand inside, dropped his dollar on her lap, and in a tense whisper commanded her: "Get yourself some gloves!

  56. She's only trying to see if she can wring me for a dollar more.

  57. A small trunk also stood in this corner, and raising the lid Marsh discovered a large quantity of the five dollar bills he had been tracing over the country for the last two years.

  58. At that time the Government discovered that counterfeit five-dollar bills were appearing in the East.

  59. But to make a long story short, I finally brought their source close to a man named Atwood, by finding out that his daughter Jane occasionally paid for things with this particular series of counterfeit five-dollar notes.

  60. Tearing off the covering, he saw what he sought--the plates for the five dollar bills.

  61. It seems that our friend had slipped a five dollar bill off his roll to pay for drinks for the crowd, and the bartender still has this bill as a souvenir.

  62. A pig upon a pedestal, A cabbage up a tree, A rabbit cutting capers With a twenty dollar bill-- Now if I don't get to Tattletown Then no one ever will.

  63. I'd not take a goat and a dollar beside For the book that I got from my Grandfather Hyde.

  64. Half a dollar for a dying child and a starving woman, to say nothing of a shelterless man!

  65. Ralston drew half a dollar from his pocket and exchanged it for the sausage.

  66. Each man had lying before him a pile of greenbacks held in place by a heavy paper weight of brass surmounted by an ash receiver, Steadman's pile being composed almost entirely of one-thousand-dollar bills.

  67. I fumbled in my pocket for a dollar bill.

  68. Hundred-dollar ante," said Farrer, shuffling the cards ostentatiously and dealing himself a jack.

  69. But Ralston, feeling confident of his position, pushed in a brown--the first thousand-dollar bet he had ever made.

  70. He handed her the five-dollar bill he had secured from the Germans.

  71. Suddenly the midshipman saw his superior officer rush to the side of the Dirigo and throw a Mexican silver dollar at the Chinaman, who caught it with surprising dexterity.

  72. He handed her half a dollar and she reentered the office.

  73. Although our novice did not improve his hand, he raised a fifty-dollar bet made by the man upon his right by a blue chip.

  74. The boy went off whistling, too, with a bright new silver dollar in his pocket.

  75. The crisp fifty-dollar note he laid down before the delighted couple was all that was needed.

  76. Just as he had completed the bargain a rescript had come down from the Supreme Court affirming judgment in his favor in a case which meant at least a five-thousand-dollar fee.

  77. And for the dollar and a flash of Julio's teeth, Delilah went forth upon her commission.

  78. Where she had, from the fullness of her heart and for a dollar and the admiration of Julio, sought to help, she knew now that she had wronged.

  79. Besides, the dollar was still in her hand.

  80. Then she set out for home, clasping the dollar and thinking of Julio's smile.

  81. Loyal to Julio for the dollar and the memory of his graciousness, she worked with the heart of a good Samaritan, guiding the unconscious steps of the muttering man toward the little dark blot of houses.

  82. Danny lifted a dollar from the stack on the counter and flipped it in the air.

  83. He saw that they were inspecting a fifty-dollar bill issued by the Confederate States of America!

  84. His subordinates did not search closely enough to suit him, and he would run his fat, heavily-ringed fingers through the prisoner's hair, feel under their arms and elsewhere where he thought a stray five dollar greenback might be concealed.

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