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Example sentences for "doling"

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dolerite; doles; dolet; dolichocephalic; dolichocephaly; doll; dollah; dollahs; dollar; dollars
  1. You can't go on doling out charity for ever.

  2. His scheme was constructed with a view to bringing about a gradual and lasting improvement in the poor districts of Ireland, by putting the people in a way to help themselves, and not by doling out large sums in charity.

  3. From thence with Tom Doling and Boston and D.

  4. Doling carried me to St. James's Fair, and there meeting with W.

  5. Thence with Doling to Mother Lam's, who told me how this day Scott was made Intelligencer, and that the rest of the members that were objected against last night were to be heard this day se'nnight.

  6. The captains were put to sore straits at times to carry out the wishes of their owners in doling out the food; and it often happened in the process of economising they became imbued with the same greedy ways as their employers.

  7. The long-faced, too much sanctified female, doling out fixed quantities of monotonous nothings, is an abomination, and is calculated to drive man into chronic debauchery.

  8. Several of the Sleepy Hollow people were present at Van Tassel's, and, as usual, were doling out their wild and wonderful legends.

  9. It's a very useful present, dear," Mrs Trevor said consolingly, and hastened to give the conversation a turn by doling out another parcel from her own tray.

  10. Betty seized the bundle and began doling them out, while her brothers and sisters clustered round, and clamoured for their share.

  11. And instead of doling kindness--why, I'm begging it.

  12. He was leaning that afternoon upon the rail, idly observing the doling out of the rations to the slaves, when Marzak came to join him.

  13. We did the best we could by doling out an extra pound of grain per animal, which was issued, after a long soaking, in small quantities at frequent intervals.

  14. We were paying again for what we foraged, and I remember doling out what must have seemed to the recipients a prodigious number of rupees.

  15. Then to take my leave of the Clerks of the Council, and thence Doling and Luellin would have me go with them to Mount's chamber, where we sat and talked and then I went away.

  16. He and I and Chetwind, Doling and Luellin dined together at Marsh's at Whitehall.

  17. Thence by appointment to the Angel in King Street, where Chetwind, Mr. Thomas and Doling were at oysters, and beginning Lent this day with a fish dinner.

  18. Thence with Doling to Mother Lams, who told me how this day Scott [Thomas Scott, M.

  19. He did what Mr. Struble said was doling a doleful tune.

  20. Every one took it good-naturedly, but he kept doling the doleful until little by little the circle thinned.

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