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  1. While you sweet deere proue Mistresse of my heart Hor.

  2. That now you are come, you wil be gone: leaue me a while with the Maid, my minde promises with my habit, no losse shall touch her by my company Pro.

  3. Away towards Salsbury, while we reason here, A Royall battell might be wonne and lost: Some one take order Buckingham be brought To Salsbury, the rest march on with me.

  4. Giue me thy hand, I am sorry I beate thee: But while thou liu'st keepe a good tongue in thy head Cal.

  5. Well, Ile repent, and that suddenly, while I am in some liking: I shall be out of heart shortly, and then I shall haue no strength to repent.

  6. I haue no superfluous leysure, my stay must be stolen out of other affaires: but I will attend you a while Duke.

  7. I sir, it is too true, God helpe the while 3.

  8. While the momentum for expansion lasted, the civilization grew in wealth and power.

  9. Relatively the countryside was poor while the cities were rich.

  10. While we have no precedent that would enable us to gauge the consequences of an extensive nuclear war it seems reasonable to assume that it would further fragment an already fragmented European continent.

  11. If some approve while others disapprove or remain silent, a show of hands is in order.

  12. Third, as the civilization advances toward maturity, city population increases while it declines in the countryside.

  13. They are eating out the vitals of western civilization while we write and read these words.

  14. A thousand years ago Roman civilization, like that of Egypt, was a memory; Chinese and Indian civilizations were holding their own, while the followers of Islam were reaching out into Central Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

  15. Energies and techniques that might have brought peace and plenty to the human family were used to set fire storms that incinerated property while it degraded humanity to the horrors of mass suicide.

  16. At best they parallel the life of the civilization against which they protest, while they share its problems.

  17. Practically, while many of its forms remained, the conduct of public affairs passed more and more into the hands of political leaders who were able to command the backing of the legions.

  18. Exploitation, carried to its logical conclusion, permits and requires a parasitic minority to live in abundance while the majority must content itself with scarcity, extending to death from malnutrition.

  19. In early days it gave of its clear, soft waters for the needs of the neighboring city; while through the eastern portion of our village the quiet Stony River made glad the farms and yielded power for mill and factory.

  20. He was severely wounded at the siege of Quebec while in command on Lake Ontario, and was retired on half pay when he came to live here.

  21. While the stone edifice was being erected the congregation occupied the Baptist Church one half of the Sabbath.

  22. Colonel David Henley, who had charge of Burgoyne's captive army while at Cambridge, also occupied this house at one time.

  23. It was while living here she inaugurated the literary conversations, which produced such a marked effect upon the young and old of the women of the time.

  24. While a resident here he was interested in local affairs, and was genial in his relations with every one.

  25. He begged Father Malavette, who had descended while the assistants stripped the body of Cinq Mars, to return and he did so.

  26. While they guarded the approaches, and prevented succour, Anguissola sought it and stabbed him.

  27. The abbey is in three stories, the highest containing the dormitory and cloister, and the second two vast halls, while in the lowest are the almonry, and endless vaults.

  28. After a while fortifications grew up around the cloistral walls of the priory, and thus the island was fitted to become an important strategic base.

  29. English and Scotch hotels, while tipping is expected just the same.

  30. The other leaders were deprived of their estates, and one was imprisoned, but none were executed, while the smaller men escaped scot-free.

  31. Then an arrangement was made by which a certain grant of land was conferred on the rebel, while the castle of Falaise, a powerful stronghold, was recognised as the property of the reigning duke.

  32. It now is the home of the Sisters de la Miséricorde, while the castle, after its stormy career, has settled into a peaceful old age as a hospice for old people and children.

  33. While Richard was otherwise engaged in the Holy Land and on the Continent, John made a second attempt to win his realms, which was brought to an end by a knowledge of his brother’s death.

  34. When Harold follows Guy as a prisoner, his hawk sits reversed upon his wrist, a sign of dejection, while that of Guy looks forward in the usual way.

  35. Seine below Rouen, and it was instantly recognised by the King of France as being the key to Normandy; while the castle stood untaken, no one could hope to approach Rouen with any chance of success.

  36. It is worth while to show how the truth was arrived at, as it may serve as a guide in similar cases.

  37. As these authors mention an analogous name in Hindustani and Bengali, mussour, we may suppose that masura signifies lentil, while mangu in Persian recalls the other name mangalya.

  38. It would be strange if a tree, so much cultivated in the south of Asia, should have become naturalized to such a degree in certain islands of the Pacific, while it has scarcely been seen elsewhere.

  39. And if the almond of Western Asia had produced the peach, how could the latter have existed in China at a very remote period while it was not known to the Greeks and Latins?

  40. They knew the herbaceous cotton through India and Persia, while the tree-cotton can only have come to them through Egypt.

  41. By their means the history of cultivated plants is perfected, while the assertions of ancient authors lose instead of gaining in importance.

  42. Marcgraf had often seen the male plant (always commoner than the female) in the forests of Brazil, while the female plants were in gardens.

  43. While earnest thou gazest Comes boding of terror, Come phantasm and error; Perplexes the bravest With doubt and misgiving.

  44. A] It is a candid and thoughtful piece of criticism, in which the writer, while striving to do justice to Carlyle's genius, protests strongly and uncompromisingly against the tendency of his teaching.

  45. I had only seen, for who can speak while her husband is there?

  46. An ounce of mother wit, quotes the new Lord Rector, is worth a pound of clergy, and while he admires Demosthenes, he prefers the eloquence of Phocion.

  47. A word from me once more, I know, will not be unwelcome, while the world is talking of you.

  48. It would be as legitimate to attribute the decline of the Yankee element as a numerical factor in the large New England centers to the race degeneracy of the Puritan, while ignoring the proper cause--the influx of the Celt.

  49. While such may be true of the principal cities of the United States, facts and figures support the claim of this department that in this respect the District of Columbia occupies a distinct standing of its own.

  50. The panelled frieze was filled with figures in violet and gold, and sea-green upholstery covered couch and divan, while the draperies were silks of cream and blue.

  51. While the throne is inalienably secured to the king for life, the government is vested in a legislative chamber, called Borodemy.

  52. They will never hurt a hair of your head while I live: I swear it!

  53. Reincarnated in an earthly heaven, Now have we reached Nirvana, now Above us open the wide gulfs of joy, And luminous and glorious round us blow Millions of flowers; while afar there shines The mighty splendor of the exhaustless sea!

  54. While waiting for the storm to subside we had leisure to speculate on the chances of success in discovering the pole.

  55. The harbor of Kioram was a bay fully fifty miles in diameter, and here lay the royal fleet, whose hulls of gleaming gold shone on the blue water, while beyond rose the brilliant whiteness of the sculptured city.

  56. We only measure fifty feet on the beam, while the fissure is at least one hundred feet wide; so we have plenty of room to work the ship," said the captain.

  57. Again the fans were waved and the flowers changed to bloom all snowy-white, while the foliage became blue.

  58. His hair was blue and his blue beard was trimmed into a rounded semi-circle on his chin, while his mustache spread nobly on either side of his lips.

  59. With the summons music uttered a divine throbbing throughout the chamber, while the singers marched and sang gloriously in the cloisters.

  60. To our astonishment we found we had reached a mighty field of loose pack ice, while on the distant horizon were glimpses of blue sea!

  61. While Dan continued to subsist with difficulty, Simeon and Levi had been completely broken up (Genesis xlix.

  62. For, while the facts of history admit of being handed down with tolerable accuracy through a considerable time, a contemporary literature is indispensable for the description of standing conditions.

  63. For a while everything seemed to move prosperously; the Egyptians came to the rescue, and the Chaleaeans were compelled to raise the siege in order to cope with them.

  64. We find him again at the brook Cherith, which flows into the Jordan; then in the land of Baal with a widow at Zarepta; while following his fortunes we are made to feel in a simple and beautiful way the severity of the famine.

  65. A good while afterwards the land remaining over is divided by lot among the seven small tribes still unprovided for, from Shiloh, or perhaps originally from Shechem (xviii.

  66. While acting in the most creative way they feel entirely passive: the homo tantum et audacia which may with perfect justice be applied to such men as Elijah, Amos, and Isaiah, is with them equivalent to deus tantum et servitus.

  67. But of the latter we hear not a single word, while we can follow the course of the former fairly well from its beginnings in thought down to its issue in a practical result.

  68. Samuel, however, sacrifices a sucking lamb and cries for help to Jehovah, and the engagement takes place while he is so occupied.

  69. But let us proceed with our description, while Twm awaits the arrival, according to promise, of the Lady of Ystrad Feen.

  70. While on Pen-gorreg stands Llandovery’s Flower, And shrieks burst from Maes-y-velin.

  71. Some spoke of him with charity, and dwelt upon his rare qualities of good nature and cheerfulness; while others took a malignant pleasure in speaking of his satirical and mischievous propensities.

  72. One night, while the moon gave a good light, he found a large deep hole, close by his retreat.

  73. There many a lad shall a sweetheart find, And many a lass meet a youth to her mind, While nut-brown ale, both good and strong, Shall warm the heart for the dance and song.

  74. As a rule, he will discover something he can be doing while he waits, something that immensely strengthens the main chance.

  75. After a while he got to where he could forgive, but when the offense was repeated it was "all off," and Peter would find himself surging again.

  76. We take a step at a time; we go by the blueprints while He holds the future in His hand.

  77. All things come to him who (hustles while he) waits.

  78. Even when it came up and looked about, it seemed there was hardly a chance for so fragile a stem, but it waited, and while it waited, it grew.

  79. After a while it became a full-grown bush, and the birds of the air came and lodged in it.

  80. While the young fellow of the runabout examined to see what further damage his car might have sustained, the prosperous-looking gentleman was speeding up the highway, chuckling over his own car's escape from injury.

  81. Directly he was trying to raise up on his elbow, and the Samaritan said: "Now you just put your arm around my neck and hold steady while I lift.

  82. He stuck at it, saved his earnings, and after a while bought out the lunch stand.

  83. Wondering if there was anything wrong, I waited and listened while he answered the summons.

  84. I mean--well--staring out that window while your house rises dangerously high.

  85. While for the young, oh, my friends, what a scandal, again, to them!

  86. But still his conscience is not easy: he has no peace of mind: he is like David: 'While I held my peace, my bones waxed old through my daily complaining.

  87. How often have we forgotten that God gives to all men, as well as to us; and while we were praying, give me my daily bread, kept others out of their daily bread!

  88. A friend of publicans and sinners,' they called Him, thinking that a shameful blame to Him, while it was really the very highest praise.

  89. And yet St. Paul tells us all the while they knew the judgment of God, that those who do such things are worthy of death.

  90. I only hope that you really do believe that John the Baptist did come to proclaim that a Saviour was born into the world--provided only that you remember all the while who that Saviour was.

  91. And then the scene changed and I was in Bingen with my Barbara, laughing into the faces of Karl and his Jenny, and Karl was picking the bits of rice from his pockets and laughing at the joke, while poor Jenny blushed crimson.

  92. I heard nothing from Karl for quite a while after he went to Paris.

  93. We all sat spellbound and still as death while he read.

  94. Sometimes the Old Man, Karl's father, would come into my father's shop and stay a long while chatting.

  95. Some of our greatest men have failed to pass their examinations in the universities you know, Herr Marx, while some of the most brilliant students have done nothing worthy of note after leaving the universities crowned with laurels.

  96. And while Engels was speaking over the grave, telling what a wonderful philosopher Karl was, my mind was wandering back over the years to Treves.

  97. Old Hans seemed not to hear the words of the Young Comrade, though he was silent while they were spoken.

  98. He might have been gone a year or more when his father came into father's little shop one day while I was there.

  99. Lassalle had sent a Captain Schweigert to Karl a little while before that with a letter, begging Karl to help the Captain raise the money to buy a lot of guns for an insurrection.

  100. In a little while he had told me enough for me to understand why he was so pale and thin.

  101. He was a lawyer and father only a shoemaker; he was quite rich, while father was poor, terribly poor.

  102. Sometimes Karl and Engels would talk seriously about the great cause, and I just listened and kept my mouth shut while my ears were wide open.

  103. Hildegardis forbade it not, hoping that she should thus divert the attention of her maidens, while she gave herself up more deeply and earnestly to the varying imaginations which flitted through her mind.

  104. In knightly wise he stood still a while upon the spot, as if waiting to see whether any other adversary were there to dispute his victory; then he sprang from his steed, and flew to the assistance of his fallen friend.

  105. With these words he moved towards the door; the Bohemian knight followed, smiling scornfully; while Froda was full of care for his young and slender companion, although his honour was so dear to him that he could in no way interpose.

  106. Edwald looked a while with wonder in his face, and he answered kindly: "Beloved Froda, if it displeases you, I will surely sing no more.

  107. And the whole troop were scattered in dismay, while the exhausted knight remained wounded and alone in the darkness.

  108. While the Bohemian was collecting himself for a decisive stroke Edwald rushed in upon him, and, with the force of a wrestler, cast him to the ground.

  109. Let us follow it, Edchen," said he in a low tone, "and leave the horses a while to their pasture.

  110. But these black fellows, you know--it really isn't worth a man's while bothering about them.

  111. Then Mr. Money chanced to look in, and seeing Heron, bore him away for a while to his study, to talk with him about something very, very particular.

  112. Lady Limpenny relapsed for a while into reflection, with a doubtful and melancholy expression upon her face.

  113. At present the workers in a profession have great difficulty in obtaining the most needed publications of Government, while Congressmen, who are politicians and nothing else, are flooded with books they cannot understand, and only sneer at.

  114. While the musical standard of the editors is high, pains have been taken to selectmusic that not only is suitable in range and text for junior choruses, but is hearty, joyous, and singable.

  115. While thou dost labor to earn an honest living, Lola unfaithfully her love is giving.

  116. Unhappily the fire before the altar had been fed chiefly by the beautiful painted panels of this screen, while that in the nave owed its glowing heat to the multitude of chairs which had been broken up and burned upon it.

  117. Apparently of fourteen years of age or thereabouts, I perceived at once that she was of noble birth, while the sweetness of her voice was beyond words.

  118. Their horses had been long afoot, said I, while ours had rested.

  119. And yet I could find none of them that was not locked and barred as the chief door I have named, while every window upon the ground floor might have been that of a prison.

  120. We had no guns with us at the moment, and we stood there like sheep while the Russians pounded us and their shells decimated our tottering ranks.

  121. The man fell into a frenzy of fear, while great drops of sweat stood upon his forehead, and he protested his innocence before God and the saints.

  122. You will understand this more readily when you remember that the post-house was on the high road, and that while the van of the army was then at Bobr, the rearguard, under Marshal Ney, had yet to march through.

  123. Now I should tell you that the girl Zayde had entered this monastery with some reluctance, and in spite of Leon's endearments she seemed very ill at ease while we remained there.

  124. Father and daughter alike watched me with pitiful eyes while I bled the young pontonnier, and they hastened to obey me when I commanded them to melt snow in a cup and to give him a cooling drink.

  125. The outposts of this had entered the village while the officers were at supper, but the main body now appearing, the others made an immediate descent upon the post-house, and the shots and bullets rained upon it like hail.

  126. There was the horse being torn to pieces before our eyes; there was my nephew striking at the wolves with his sword while I endeavoured maladroitly to lift him to my saddle.

  127. As the clouds of night rolled away, the black figures of the Cossacks upon the hills were clearly to be discerned, while the smoke of their cannon drifted slowly upon the still air and hovered above the swirling river.

  128. In this I perceived the hand of God, and my heart beat fast while the moments of respite were numbered.

  129. The road is yonder; take it while you may.

  130. While German prisoners captured by the Allies had always been well treated, Allied prisoners in German camps had been forced to undergo cruel and inhuman treatment from the early days of the war.

  131. While there's life there's hope that we may still be successful.

  132. He breathed a sigh of relief, for while he was confident in his own mind that he had kept to the right road, there was always the possibility that he might mistake it.

  133. Others ran away and the tank was checked in its progress, while Hal poured volley after volley at the fleeing foes.

  134. Hal climbed into the driver's seat of the car he had selected, while Harding and Chester jumped into the tonneau.

  135. So far, while battles of such magnitude as had never been seen before were fought almost daily, there had been nothing in the nature of a conflict that would indicate an ultimate decision.

  136. You'll have to put me up for the night, anyhow, and we might as well be comfortable while we chat.

  137. Only a thin line of skirmishers stood to their rifles to repel any attack that might develop while the digging in was in progress.

  138. The flap of the American holster fastens with a leather button, which facilitates hasty action, while the German holster is buckled down.

  139. We don't want to take too many chances peeking through the eye-holes while those bullets are hitting around us like this.

  140. The First and Second brigades were to move upon Dun, from the west, while the Third and Fourth, making a slight detour, were to attack from the north.

  141. Hal sprang to his chum's assistance, while the German soldiers closed in about him.

  142. With his right hand he drew his revolver, while he cried to his men: "Shoot him!

  143. Those letters that admit of an escape of breath while the organs of speech are in contact.

  144. A word that passes out of use for a while and then resumes its place in literature.

  145. Should a Reader or Speaker drink any liquid while exercising the voice?

  146. Those letters which admit of no escape of breath while the organs of speech are in contact.

  147. While the band played strains from Beethoven Mendelssohn, Bach and others, they promenaded the long corridors of the hotel.

  148. Should a gesture be made while the eyes are looking on the book?

  149. They bade the prolyx Caucasian gentlemen not to misconstrue their inexorable demands, while they dined on acclimated anchovies and apricot truffles, and had for dessert a wiseacre's pharmacopoeia.

  150. She ate on this evening Whitsuntide-porridge[19] with the Franks, and all the while gave sundry lessons for the future.

  151. Henrik sate perfectly happy in his sisters' rooms, and nearly killed himself with laughing while he watched in part their clearing away and bustling about, and in part taking a share in all.

  152. Rivers of tears flowed into the separating gulf, without being able to fill it or to clear her vision, while she now complained of circumstances, and now of her own self, as being the cause of what she endured.

  153. Petrea forgot that she was sitting while she looked upon her.

  154. Descend into your own heart, and see its error while there is yet time to retrieve it, before you are crushed by your own folly.

  155. You know the undertaking which these two sisters, while yet young, commenced together.

  156. I do not know whether my lady-readers have nerves to stand by while "the Berserkers" overthrow the garden-fence.

  157. If you have not seen it before it will be well worth your while to go.

  158. He took the paper which she held towards him and studied it, rocking on his heels the while in an uneasy silence.

  159. Thy neighbour has removed his wretched store, Few hands will rid the lumber of the poor; Thy own third story smokes, while thou, supine, Art drenched in fumes of undigested wine.

  160. Unhappy Damon sighs and sings in vain, } While Nisa thinks no god regards a lover's pain.

  161. With odorous oil thy head and hair are sleek, And then thou kemb'st the tuzzes on thy cheek; Of these thy barbers take a costly care, While thy salt tail is overgrown with hair.

  162. While on a flowery bank he chews the cud, Or sleeps in shades, or through the forest roves, And roars with anguish for his absent loves.

  163. Sejanus was Tiberius's first favourite; and, while he continued so, had the highest marks of honour bestowed on him.

  164. While his gownd comique sceane he does repeat, Another while his elegies soft strain The reader?

  165. Indians, white men, and Japanese are employed, and the mouth of the Fraser is a scene of great activity, while on the American side large fish traps are employed in which many thousands of salmon are caught at one haul.

  166. If part of the water was thus properly treated, and a small hatchery put up, no doubt the fishing would soon be better than ever, while immense benefit would accrue to the remaining public water.

  167. Such a day's fishing is no mean trial of endurance, while the fierceness of the stream will generally account for a good percentage of lost fish.

  168. Few could hope to survive and compete with the countless myriads of the sockeyes, while it is doubtful if the Atlantic fish could ever make its way for hundreds of miles against the Fraser current.

  169. Game, both large and small, is still plentiful in the south, while the northern part is one of the best big game districts of the world.

  170. But even so they form one of the chief attractions of the country, and will undoubtedly become more important, while their potential value if the Atlantic salmon could be introduced is hard to estimate.

  171. Other men have told me the same story, but such large fish are hooked so seldom that it is not worth while using a stronger rod and tackle.

  172. For these immense shoals come through the San Juan Straits and head northwards up the British Columbian coast towards Alaska, while only a mere detachment enters the Fraser, a detachment of a few millions.

  173. The only thing that seems to account for these curious facts is the probability that the stone fly and other flies are not hatched out except on hot days, while the fish are regardless of the gleam of the gut in the water.

  174. In the salt water, however, and while waiting at the mouths of rivers, they take a spoon-bait freely, and the smaller kinds will in the same conditions often rise readily to the fly.

  175. I have known the fish to be entirely off at the mouth of the river near Savona's, while good bags have been got a few miles below.

  176. I found Catalina to be the pleasantest winter resort in California, much quieter than the others, while there is always some fishing, even though the tuna do not arrive till summer.

  177. While Agassiz thus was a magnanimous man, in the literal as well as the accepted meaning of the word, he was also, as we have seen, a truly fortunate one.

  178. Next Lima was taken, but owing to the dissensions among the Republican factions in Peru, Bolivar was compelled to abandon the city, which was again occupied by the Royalists, while he withdrew to Truxillo.

  179. While waiting for a shipment of goods he acted as clerk on a local election board, and thus filled his first political position.

  180. He became impressed with an almost morbid detestation of all forms of blood-shedding; and for a while after his return to Ireland he firmly believed himself to be a Conservative in politics.

  181. While holding the office Lincoln voluntarily established the "free delivery" system in New Salem by carrying the letters around in his hat.

  182. Two days before his death he spoke long and nobly, while taking leave of his family and his enterprises.

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