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Example sentences for "filled with"

  • It is because that time is approaching that she is filled with fear.

  • A strange sight was this for Don Fernando and those that stood around, filled with surprise at an incident so unlooked for.

  • He likened himself to a poet, wrecked on the shores of a strange land, filled with power of beauty, stumbling and stammering and vainly trying to sing in the rough, barbaric tongue of his brethren in the new land.

  • He was humble and meek, filled with self-disparagement and abasement.

  • He would build a patriarchal grass house like Tati's, and have it and the valley and the schooner filled with dark-skinned servitors.

  • Life was so strange and wonderful, filled with an immensity of problems, of dreams, and of heroic toils, and yet these stories dealt only with the commonplaces of life.

  • He acts as the spy of the Consistory, which is filled with greedy, shameless officials, deaf to any one who does not come provided with a handful of roubles.

  • Foma looked after him and also went away from the wharf; filled with a desire to abuse some one, to do something, just to divert his thoughts from himself at least for a short while.

  • In the stifling air, filled with dust, with the breathing of the people and the smoke of the incense, the flames of the candles were timidly trembling.

  • His flushed face began to shake, his eyes, burning red, filled with tears, and his lips expanded into a sad and frightened smile.

  • Cursed be he that curseth thee: and let him that blesseth thee be filled with blessings.

  • And the ground shall bring forth its increase: and the trees shall be filled with fruit.

  • And all the land thereof that is desert shall be filled with people, and the house of God which is burnt in it, shall again be rebuilt: and all that fear God shall return thither.

  • When the heart is filled with love to God, there is no room for sin.

  • After the rather scantily furnished pocket-case which contained these instruments was exhausted, the physician turned to his saddle-bags, and produced various phials, filled with liquids of the most radiant colors.

  • In this type, the cell containing the elements was filled with sand, which was kept moist with an electrolyte.

  • The king was so filled with admiration of Daniel's wisdom that he paid him Divine honors.

  • Passage from wacke into trap; singular volcanic rock with the vesicles half-filled with mesotype.

  • The cells of the scoriaceous basalt are lined or filled with fine, concentric layers of chalcedony, coated and studded with bright-red oxide of iron.

  • Verily Sarpedon reigned mightily over wide Lycia and ruled very many cities filled with people, wielding the sceptre of Zeus: and great honour followed him, which his father gave him, the great-hearted shepherd of the people.

  • There she went in and put to the glittering doors, and there the Graces bathed her with heavenly oil such as blooms upon the bodies of the eternal gods--oil divinely sweet, which she had by her, filled with fragrance.

  • He hesitated to do so till I told him that the town was filled with rumors of the change that had been made, of the removal of Mr. Stanton and the appointment of himself.

  • To hear dogs growling and fighting, portends that you will be overcome by your enemies, and your life will be filled with depression.

  • Frequently the soul becomes so filled with material or present ideas, that the spiritual symbols are crowded out, and then it is that dreams seen to be contrary.

  • If the trays seem to be filled with valuables, surprises will come in the shape of good fortune.

  • I am filled with misgivings at the recollection of my old school fellow yelling like mad.

  • The plate, then, is filled with a dark, running gruel, not unlike tar in appearance.

  • A similar test-tube is filled with white of egg, but receives no germs.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "filled with" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    another passage; been wanting; black smoke; carved wooden; cavalry charge; common method; filled away; filled with; going down; great effect; habitual drunkard; highly interesting; little start; many soldiers; moral agent; necessary condition; open spot; print system; spiritual nature; strong hold; this were; will play; wrote many