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  1. And beside it was a heap of account books--the entire records of the office, which Bart had supposed were destroyed in the fire at the old express shed the evening previous.

  2. All the unclaimed heavy express matter at Pleasantville was burned up in the fire of July third, but some twenty small parcels were in the safe, and those we will now dispose of.

  3. It was a week after the Fourth, and in all that time Bart had not seen anything of the man whom he secretly believed was responsible for the fire at the old express office.

  4. The books were probably out on the desk when the fire commenced, the safe was open, and the loss in money and records meant considerable.

  5. We heard the old iron box was caught open by the fire and everything in it burned up," spoke one of the trackmen.

  6. Concentrate your fire on the water-line," Peter Gross suggested.

  7. Twice has my village been burned by men from the white man's ships that throw fire and iron; not once have those ships come to save me from the sea Beggars.

  8. At his sharp command the reply fire from the fort ceased and every man filled his magazine.

  9. At that moment the rattle of rifle-fire reached Peter Gross's ears.

  10. I ordered my men to abandon her and led them in a rush out of the crater and into small shell holes until the storm of fire was past.

  11. Together these people have driven the Dyaks of the hills far inland, almost to the crest of the great fire mountains.

  12. The fire mountains belched flame and molten rock, the great floods came to drown the mountains, the earth shook, and whole jungles were swallowed up; but ever our fathers clung to the island they had come to possess.

  13. Fire has ravaged the cinchona-groves my predecessors set with such care.

  14. The concentrated fire of the twenty-five rifles, emptied, refilled, and emptied as fast as human hands could perform these operations, centered on the stern of the ship.

  15. Twould be a better Batavia if some one set fire to the place," he muttered to himself.

  16. Lo, that ye may know him, I have given him a servant whose head I have touched with fire from the smoking mountain.

  17. The fire was concentrated at the stern, where the ship rode highest.

  18. The Rajah continued: "In the days when the great fire mountains poured their rivers of flame into the boiling ocean our forefathers, led by the great god Djath, came to Borneo.

  19. I was drafted on an hour's notice to the job, this, because of long training in handling rapid-fire guns.

  20. As new levies of natives arrived, the fire increased in intensity.

  21. Under me is a burnin fire uv rage, wich is bein continyooally fed with the oil uv disappointment.

  22. Our noses wuz the pillers uv fire by nite, and our breath the piller uv smoke by day.

  23. Illustration: "Mr. Chalk, with the air of an old campaigner, made a small fire and prepared breakfast.

  24. It was a cold, frosty day in January, and she smiled agreeably as she hurried downstairs to the fire and tried to imagine the temperature up aloft.

  25. They raised the tent again and carried in the stores, after which Mr. Chalk, with the air of an old campaigner, made a small fire and prepared breakfast.

  26. And they fought on foot with their swords until their arms struck sparks of fire like stars from one another; and thus they continued fighting until the blood and sweat obscured the light from their eyes.

  27. And he struck fire, and when the fire was kindled, the lion brought him fuel enough to last for three nights.

  28. Then the Irish kindled a fire under the caldron of renovation, and they cast the dead bodies into the caldron until it was full; and the next day they came forth fighting men, as good as before, except that they were not able to speak.

  29. And when Branwen saw her son burning in the fire, she strove to leap into the fire also, from the place where she sat between her two brothers.

  30. Right so alighted a cloud between them, in the likeness of a fire and a marvellous flame, so that they both fell to the earth, and lay there a great while in a swoon.

  31. And he threw it down before Owain, who went towards the fire with it.

  32. Cursed be the fire in which it was forged!

  33. And had it been midnight, it would have been light, from the fire that flashed from their weapons.

  34. And when he came there, he saw a fire burning among the turf, and an ant-hill nearly surrounded with the fire.

  35. You just lie down now a little, dear one, and I sit here by the fire and just read awhile and just watch with you so I will be here ready, if you need me to give you something to help you resting.

  36. Jeff took off his hat and coat and then sat down by the fire with her.

  37. The two women came together to Miss Mary Wadsmith sitting placid by the fire in the empty living room.

  38. Oh, poor things," cried Kathryn, "think of having a fire in one of those houses!

  39. He "could not have been nicer," Betty reported to Doris at home when she told about their fun and the camp fire and the boating on the river.

  40. The fire was looked upon as the act of an incendiary.

  41. He was then marked, and a platoon ordered to advance and fire into the tree, which order was immediately carried into execution, and the rifleman fell to the ground dead.

  42. Had this plan been successfully accomplished a continual fire could have been kept up both north and south.

  43. The inhabitants of New Amsterdam kindled the fire which was to produce a revolutionary flame of glory.

  44. I had the satisfaction of dropping one of them the first fire I made.

  45. Our orders were not to fire until the enemy came within fifty yards of us; but when they perceived we stood their fire so coolly and resolutely, they declined coming any nearer, though treble our number.

  46. The managers would acquaint the Publick, that upwards of one thousand Tickets are already engaged to the Hand in Hand and American Fire Companies in this City, to whom the Tickets are already delivered.

  47. The British army then advanced within three hundred yards of us, and began a heavy fire from their cannon and mortars, for both the balls and shells flew very fast, now and then taking off a head.

  48. The companies commanded by Captains Ramsey and Scott were in the front, and sustained the first fire of the enemy, when hardly a man fell.

  49. In the rapid fire of conversation it was really he who interviewed them.

  50. Nor was there any way by which entrance could have been gained from a fire escape.

  51. A sudden flash of fire seemed to light up her dark eyes.

  52. What did Paul mean by saying that acts of kindness to an enemy heap coals of fire on his head?

  53. It placed Jesus where mankind could never forget him, and it lit up the whole problem of sin and redemption with the fire of the greatest of all tragedies.

  54. But if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him to drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head.

  55. He shaved off some slivers of the wood, and, getting at the drier inside, soon, with paper from his pouch, made a fire on the stone pavement.

  56. Out with you all, or I shall fire on you.

  57. The man's patience was amazing: not until late at night did he make a fire to cook his meat; but Toto, less exacting, was fed at once with the raw flesh.

  58. It is said that on moonless nights a mysterious red fire shines from this pillar--the ghostly emanations of poor Gensuke.

  59. The rice-bag was inexhaustible, there was no end to the roll of silk, and the cooking-pot would cook without fire of any kind.

  60. No sooner had the kettle touched the fire than it suddenly changed into the head, tail, and legs of a badger.

  61. Our hero opened the bag his aunt had given him, set fire to the grass near him, and with the sword of Murakumo he cut down the tall green blades on either side as quickly as possible.

  62. In addition supernatural fire is said to emanate from certain birds, such as the blue heron, through the skin, mouth, and eyes.

  63. Tokutaro-San, according to legend, was very much alive, for when the house caught fire it speedily ran into the garden for safety!

  64. No sooner was the head severed than it shot up into the air, and smoke and fire poured out from the nostrils, scorching the valiant Raiko.

  65. A Globe of Fire From the beginning of March to the end of June there may be seen in the province of Settsu a globe of fire resting on the top of a tree, and within this globe there is a human face.

  66. No doubt there were love-lorn poets in Japan, as in every other country, poets who possibly felt quite passionately on the subject; but in their poetry the fire is ghostly rather than human, always polite and delicate.

  67. Two or three hours beside your fire - I ask it of Monsieur in the name of Art - I ask it of Madame by the sanctity of womanhood.

  68. He was standing with his back to the fire and his hands clasped behind him; and I knew by the black look on his face, that passion was boiling within.

  69. He would have done better to remain beside the fire or go decently to bed.

  70. Did they take you for him, or fire at you for your own BEAUX YEUX?

  71. A large and cheerful fire and a number of gas-jets illuminated the company.

  72. So, if they fire a volley, she will be protected.

  73. He was punctual to the hour; the trunk was carried before him by several stout servants; and he was himself ushered into a room, where a man sat warming himself before the fire with his back towards the door.

  74. They had set fire to the lean-to outhouse, where Northmour used to nurse his negatives.

  75. The order was given to fire, and there was nothing to fire at but the naked rocks.

  76. In the evening, James was sitting by the fire in the dining-room, thinking of that one subject which occupied all his thoughts.

  77. It's not blood I have in my veins, it's fire--a fire of gold.

  78. At last he could not hide the fire in his heart, and the simple words were said so vehemently that Mrs. Wallace looked up in surprise.

  79. Teach us that love is not a tawdry sentiment, but a fire divine in order to the procreation of children; teach us not to dishonour our bodies, for they are beautiful and pure, and all thy works are sweet.

  80. War is not conducted only by fire and sword; it is in all nature, it is the condition of existence for all created things.

  81. She looked at him distractedly, the fire burning through her heart.

  82. Soon after this he returned exclaiming, "You need not be afraid as the fire is extinguished.

  83. The fisher could not avoid placing his hand before his eyes once or twice, as if wishful to avoid the keen gaze of the stranger, who still plied the fire with fuel and his host with hollands.

  84. At intervals, after I had freshly cleared out the pathway, the three women, well bundled up, ran across the road to the fire under the trees.

  85. I cleared away the snow at the bottom of the excavation, and rebuilt my fire on the bare ground.

  86. Now I hurried to bring wood and twigs, and having made a hearth of green sticks, which I cut with my ax, I built a fire in this snowy fire-place.

  87. The fire was very cheery and pleasant, but the wind was cutting, and we soon returned to the shelter of the coach, where we had our breakfast.

  88. Pull out your pistol and fire through the hole!

  89. But I think, Mr. Craig, you ought to pass that shovel in to us so that we can dig you out when the fire begins to melt your little house and it all caves in on you.

  90. Mrs. Aleshine always, and the rest of us often, sat by the fire and enjoyed these nautical recreations.

  91. Let them fire a few shots, and they would realize their power.

  92. Quick as a flash I remembered my revolver, and opened fire through the crack, blasting one of her abductors.

  93. The fire seemed to come on the wings of the wind.

  94. The fire leaped from house to house, and, if for a moment checked, it was but to rush on in wilder fury.

  95. Time has not exhausted the truth and beauty of the saying, that "in the night the stars shine forth," and the stars did not pale even in the terrible light of the fire that consumed half a city.

  96. Before we were supposed to be in danger, I walked out with a young friend to see what progress the fire was making.

  97. A few minutes before five o'clock, when the festivity was at its wildest, the alarm of fire rang out.

  98. During the last week we have had three stoves put up, and henceforth no light of a cheerful fire will gladden us at eventide.

  99. Explosion after explosion gave greater terror to the scene: buildings were successively blown up in the useless effort to bar its pathway; the fire leaped the chasm and sped on.

  100. She shall see and hear: The silent fire of heaven shall sound my call.

  101. Who would pursue The smoky glories of the town That may go till his native earth, And by the shining fire sit down On his own hearth?

  102. They stand about twelve or fourteen hands high, and are the strongest, healthiest, pluckiest little beauties imaginable, full of fire and go.

  103. I should like to dawdle here before the fire until morning thinking of her.

  104. The few who were in earnest communicated none of their fire to the community at large.

  105. Thorpe made allusion once or twice to his pleasant abstraction, but Jack was indifferent, and even after the visitors were gone he sat looking at the fire with a sort of smile on his face.

  106. Leave the palace through the garbage chutes and make your way in the shadows of the fire alley.

  107. Their guns were still pointed up towards the stage but they did not fire any more.

  108. The man on stage was certain that they would fire upon him.

  109. He drew his gun, leaned over the railing and started to fire down on them.

  110. The images were of fire and of raging destruction.

  111. They built a fire and a shading lean-to by the water's edge and there roasted the fish, then ate them.

  112. Orren waited for Boyce to reach the wall where he stood and he had ordered his guards not to fire at him.

  113. They doused the fire and scattered the materials of the lean-to, limiting the evidence that someone was there, in the chance that someone was following them.

  114. Everything was brought together at one point and at one instant-fire and the waves, also.

  115. Near the centre of the city, a plume of hot red fire and smoke of purple, black and blue, rose in force up into the sky, with the roar of a hundred thousand thunders.

  116. Mercury began to rotate in quick revolutions and Venus experienced a contrary orbit, and fire storms engulfed its surface.

  117. Manguino stood up from his chair and with fire burning in his eyes, he slammed his fists on his desk.

  118. Through pangs of anxiety, the Earth itself spewed forth fire from its bowels.

  119. This must be the fire alley that Lehnar spoke of, they thought, and bent down low, they slowly but steadily made their way down.

  120. The cry was coming from Mingo and he began to fire his electrophore-laser towards Orren.

  121. At Germoe in 1682 five shillings was collected for the "distressed Protestants of France," and in the same year ten shillings for the sufferers in the great fire at the town of Cullompton in Devonshire.

  122. He also possessed the faculty inherited by his son of stringing jingling rhymes together, which he regarded as endowed with the fire of genius.

  123. Next morning the Faery opened fire from the sea on Carter's shore battery, whilst mounted troops from Penzance took up their position on the shore to the rear of his battery, and in turn opened fire upon it.

  124. I stood on the companion until the wad of the enemy's shot flew in fire about me, and I suppose the wind of the shot struck me down on the deck, as the shot took in the mainsail right in a line with me.

  125. Each person, having first been blindfolded, then drew from the cavity a piece of the broken cake; the man unfortunate enough to draw the blackened fragment had to leap through the fire and pay a forfeit or fine.

  126. The Faery, baffled of her prey, lowered her boats in pursuit, and as these drew into Prussia Cove, Carter opened fire upon them and beat them off.

  127. His crowning exploit, however, was opening fire with a battery of guns which he had erected at Prussia Cove, on the boats of the Government cutter Faery.

  128. On Midsummer Eve the Druids lit a great fire on the summit of Tregoning Hill.

  129. We know this, because the custom of lighting the fire survived until very recent times.

  130. In 813 Egbert, the Saxon King, invaded Cornwall, and marched from one end to the other, spreading fire and sword in his path.

  131. A fire was lighted in the centre of the circle; pieces of cake or bannock were then placed in some cavity where previously a blackened and burnt fragment of the cake had been placed.

  132. He felt a curiosity, also, to see whether the fire and brimstone would not rush down from Heaven at once, now that the one righteous man had provided for his own safety.

  133. But the fire that stirs my pulses now seems to spring from some old passion suddenly revived, and the eyes of the woman we are both mad for--well!

  134. Outwardly he assumed more or less the composed and careless demeanor of the modern French cynic, but inwardly the man was a raging fire of fierce passions which were sometimes too strong to be held in check.

  135. Fire in the veins--delirium in the brain--reason gone to chaos!

  136. Love in those old days was not what it is now,--one glance, one smile was sufficient to set the soul on fire and draw another soul towards it to consume together in the suddenly kindled flame!

  137. She seems all fire and vapor and eyes in the middle, don'cher know.

  138. And with her sombre eyes darkening, yet glowing with the inward fire that always smouldered in their dazzling depths, she saluted him gravely and gracefully, watching him to the last as he slowly withdrew.

  139. A cleansing of your soul through centuries of fire will be necessary for you in the next world,--that next world which you do not believe in.

  140. From his short brown beard he took lumps of ice, beginning to thaw in the warmth of the room, and cast them into the fire to hiss.

  141. In front of the fire sat the Carrier, with nearly all of his best clothes on, and gazing at a warming-pan.

  142. Though the afternoon was so bright with temptation, the wood so rich with wonders, Miss Patch preferred to nurse her knee by the little fire in her parlour.

  143. So well had the spot been chosen, in the lee of ground and growth, that the ash of the fire lay round the embers, as still as the beard of an oyster; while thicket and tree but a few yards off were threshing in the wind and wailing.

  144. In the cold and the wet, it rejoiced my heart to think of a good fire somewhere.

  145. Gracie will be home; Miss Grace, I mean; and not a bit of fire in the drawing-room grate!

  146. She ran in swiftly upon Susannah, sitting in the dusky kitchen and pondering over a very slow fire the cookery of the children's supper.

  147. The fat cook now was sitting calmly by the fire meditating.

  148. In the fire of young days, when herself quite raw, this admirable cook had been "done brown" by a handsome young Methodist preacher.

  149. And Mary, without asking leave, lit four good candles, and drew the curtains, and made the fire cheerful.

  150. Grace herself had prepared the currant sauce, before she went forth for her daily walk, and deaf old Margery Daw was stooping over the fierce wood fire on the ground, and basting with a short iron spoon.

  151. In the dark low parlour of the cottage, where she had lived for the last three months, with only Miss Patch and a deaf old woman for company and comfort, she sat by the fire and stitched hard, to abide her opportunity.

  152. He set his hard lips, and his rigid nose was drawn as pale as parchment, and the fire of his eyes died into the dulness of universal rancour.

  153. From a seat by a table which was placed as near as possible to a very large fire rose a young man whose age might have been either twenty-three or twenty-six.

  154. There was no fire in the room; he sank upon a chair and waited.

  155. He also represents mankind, and his stealing of the fire means man's acquirement of a conscious soul, whereby he makes himself capable of sin.

  156. A low fire burned in the grate, and before it, in a chair which would probably have claimed the title of easy, sat the girl Harriet Smales, her head in bandages.

  157. Ida had already a dangerous hold upon him; she possessed his senses, and set him on fire with passionate imaginings.

  158. These now came before her as a proof of contagion which had seized upon her own nature; she tore the letter hastily into fragments, and, striking fire with a match, consumed them in the grate.

  159. I found that the road was being mended, and by the fire lay a watchman in a big tub.

  160. The room was rather bare, but the good fire necessitated by the winter season was not wanting, and the plain boarding of the floor showed itself no stranger to scrubbings.

  161. They went up two flights of stairs, then entered a room where a bright fire was burning.

  162. He pictured her face wasted with secret tears, those eyes which were the light of his soul fixed on the walls of the cell, hour after hour, in changeless despair, the fire of passionate resentment feeding at her life's core.

  163. It was summer, but still I began to feel cold, and this drew me away out of my straight road to a fire which I saw burning a little way off.

  164. She said she would, if I'd light her fire for her, and clean up the grate.

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