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  1. Mordecai again rested his hand on Deronda's arm, and looked at him with that joy of the hectic patient which pierces us to sadness--"there is nothing to wail in the withering of my body.

  2. Mordecai's voice had sunk, but with the hectic brilliancy of his gaze it was not the less impressive.

  3. How, when she looked on Arthur's glassy eye, and listened to his hectic cough, could she talk to him of love and marriage?

  4. His eye had brightened--with no hectic light, but with the clear sunshine of a mind at ease.

  5. A hectic flush burned in her hollow cheeks.

  6. Hectic Fever generally occurs soon after the pulmonary symptoms are developed, and increases in intensity with the progress of the disease.

  7. Constitutional; as hectic fever, in which all parts of the body become emaciated.

  8. Rigorous application of the intellectual faculties consumes the blood, exhausts the vital forces, weakens the organic functions, while pallor covers the face, and the eyes sparkle with a hectic radiance.

  9. Hectic fever is now fully established; the eye is unusually bright and pearly, with dilated pupils, which gives a peculiar expression; the paroxysms of coughing exhaust the patient, and he gasps and pants for breath.

  10. In the advanced stages of the disease the system becomes greatly debilitated, emaciation supervenes, with hectic fever, nervous irritability and, finally, death.

  11. The train that started on the steel trail across France, leaving behind the hectic labor and the piles of cargo and the warehouses built and building, when it passed out of the region of the base sections came to the intermediate zone.

  12. There under countering barrages from the quick-firers and the plowing by high explosive shells, Frenchman and German had groveled in the torn earth, mixed with blood and flesh, between the throes of hectic charges for advantage.

  13. Its effort and that of the right of the 1st, let it be repeated, had been mutually dependent for success on their liaison in the hectic rushes of units for points of advantage over the treacherous ground.

  14. With Jane's spirit backing him, and always beside him, he felt that this hectic week had justified itself.

  15. Huggins, Jim Hewin, and a knot of guards stared at the hectic activity.

  16. The beauty of the night was throat-catching, and lifted them away from the hectic scene at Arlington Hall, and the bitter fight that to-morrow must bring.

  17. Tuesday, election day, was a hectic tumult of excitement for both sides.

  18. In favorable cases recovery may take place in two or three weeks, or, preceded by hectic and progressive emaciation, the disease may prove fatal after a number of months.

  19. With a small incision hectic is apt to persist, and the abscess to end in the formation of interminable fistulæ.

  20. Of bad omen are intense hectic fever, incessant cough with abundant nummular sputa, copious perspirations, diarrhoea, breathing growing shorter and shorter, and extreme emaciation and debility.

  21. But "there were slight and severe cases; violent and hectic forms; cerebral symptoms predominant in some and spinal in others, etc.

  22. In phthisis pulmonalis among the best signs are the patient's increasing in weight, coughing and expectorating less, ceasing to have hectic and night sweats.

  23. Though great emaciation, debility, and hectic ensue on the indolent chronic processes, yet the disease usually assumes all the characters of the acute type before terminating fatally.

  24. Not infrequently the thermometer indicates subnormal morning temperatures with slight evening rises for several days after the crisis, unless complications arise, {350} when fever of the hectic type may occur.

  25. I go up there, get healthy and strong, recuperate from this hectic newspaper life and return.

  26. The speaker was looking at Professor Brierly with burning eyes, a hectic flush flaming in his drawn cheeks.

  27. Not strong, sir--he has a hectic colour--as I was very sorry to see.

  28. He loved the largeness of the open air, and his intense joy in natural sights and sounds bespeaks the man of fine, even hectic sensibility, whose nerves quiver for the benison of the winds and sunshine.

  29. They were only fascinated by the hectic bloom and rouged refinement of its Court.

  30. My uncle guessed or knew his brother's mission; for I observed that, whenever Austin went noiseless away, his eye brightened, and the colour rose in a hectic flush to his cheek.

  31. My sister Susan, who was one year younger than myself, was growing into a slender, pretty, hectic girl of sixteen.

  32. If the patient survive, and the matter be evacuated from the joints by openings into its cavity, hectic fever is almost certain to supervene.

  33. In the course of the cure hectic usually supervenes to a greater or less degree, and requires the reverse of the previous treatment.

  34. Hectic supervenes only when the disease is very extensive, and joints become involved.

  35. When the disease is extensive, and has endured for a considerable period, hectic fever supervenes, and is aggravated after the abscesses give way.

  36. Hectic probably arises from the never-ceasing addition of a little pus to the blood, inflammatory fever from the sudden addition of a large quantity.

  37. The incessant and long-continued addition of pus to the blood may be the cause of hectic fever.

  38. These, perhaps, ulcerate; or cough and hectic cut off the patient.

  39. From this moment on the evening impressed itself on Claire in a series of blurred hectic pictures.

  40. Two or three months without salary meant debts piling up, clothes in ribbons, and no end of hectic worries.

  41. After the first hectic flush of dawn there is nothing so sane and sweet and commonplace as morning.

  42. The glow on Mrs. Robson's face, which Claire had mistaken for youth, seemed now a thing hectic and unpleasant, and gave an uncanny sense of a skeleton sitting among gauds and baubles.

  43. Even a weak stomach is not always a consequence of weak nerves; only observe how greedily a faint hectic patient eats and digests half an hour before death.

  44. The doctor's eyes followed her as with slow, weak steps she passed out of the room, her pale, mournful face with its hectic cheeks and sad eyes looking back to the bed for an instant as she disappeared.

  45. Perhaps, as in Wagner's case, the uncontrollable gayety and hectic humors were but so many signs of a fatal disintegrating process.

  46. That was when, as a lean, half-starved, hectic young officer of artillery, he had met Josephine Beauharnais.

  47. For the first time in her whole hectic life, Ninon de L'Enclos had been deserted--actually deserted!

  48. He had a faint hectic cough; and invariably presented the patched side to the view of the servant.

  49. He had the strange hectic flush I had observed when he grew excited in our interview in the garden about Uncle Silas.

  50. Beyond this hectic horticultural outburst the leisurely Spring faded out again into April's naturally sallow colors.

  51. Very quietly she jumped down from the chair and came and stood looking up into the Senior Surgeon's hectic face.

  52. The "hectic streak" still tinged her face, and a smile so placid that it seemed as if it lingered there to tell the mourners how the disembodied soul was blessed.

  53. The falling hair, the sweet, mournful eyes, the hectic which his presence brought to her cheeks, told too plainly of the Lady Isabel.

  54. It was near the dinner hour, and when Mr. Carlyle entered, he was startled to see her; her pallid cheeks were burning with a red hectic glow, and her eyes glistened with fever.

  55. Lower and lower drooped her head, brighter shone the shame on her hectic cheek.

  56. Beloved footsteps; and a tinge of hectic rose to her cheeks.

  57. The hectic flushed into her thin cheeks, but her voice sounded calm as before.

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