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Example sentences for "hysterical"

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hyssop; hyste; hysteresis; hysteria; hysteric; hysterically; hysterics; hysteron; hystorie; hystory
  1. Despite his muttered assurance that it was nothing to be alarmed about she drew him into the living-room, where she became almost hysterical at the black-red blotch on his thin tan-colored silk shirt.

  2. She would have called out warning of this new and terrible peril to the now certainly doomed prisoners, but her tongue clave to the roof of her mouth and she only sobbed and swayed in hysterical rage at the balking of her revenge.

  3. I left him on the rear veranda, when old Noah had opened the hall door and shouted a hysterical "Lor' bress me!

  4. Her speech had come out in a torrent of increasing force, until her voice was almost a scream, and this violence had its climax in a hysterical outburst of weeping, as she sank upon a chair and hid her face upon the back thereof.

  5. Let me pass, before I have to teach you that you haven't to deal with a gang of hysterical old women to-night.

  6. She turned in time to see the figure of aunt Vashti rise in her seat with a hysterical outburst, and fall convulsively forward upon her knees!

  7. Don't be too sure of that," said the consul, with a half-hysterical laugh.

  8. But to his surprise she burst out with a certain hysterical desperation, "No!

  9. I have seen a whole family's happiness for the day destroyed by the meaningless ranting of a hysterical woman.

  10. When a housewife is run down and irritable; when the disposition comes to indulge in a lonely cry; when she wishes she had never been born; when the cook stove and the children are hysterical irritants; it is time for a day off.

  11. It is only the outside of the cup and the platter that are made clean, the inward part is just as full of wickedness, and all the worse for its hysterical fastidiousness.

  12. Both tendencies are eminently feminine; the affinity lies in a hysterical nature.

  13. Points or tracts on the skin of a hysterical person, pressure on which will induce a hysterical attack.

  14. In many hysterical conditions also the same general rule subsists; namely, that the further we get from the surface the wider is the expanse of memory which we encounter.

  15. First, then, let us briefly consider what is the general type of hysterical troubles.

  16. It may induce an access of hysterical convulsions, thus acting like a material foreign body which presses on a sensitive part of the organism.

  17. I pass on to another peculiarity of hysterical anæsthesiæ;--also in my eyes of deep significance.

  18. These hysterical anæsthesiæ, it may be added here, may be not only very definite but very profound.

  19. This has been the case with various French hysterical subjects; and not only with them but with that exceptionally sound and vigorous observer, Mr. J.

  20. Let us briefly review some common types of hysterical disability,--taking as our first guide Dr.

  21. She sought to be sensible; she elaborately explained to herself that it was hysterical to condemn Gopher Prairie because it did not foam over the drama.

  22. She sounded hysterical to herself; she fancied that to Sam Clark she sounded insane.

  23. Fern and she had been hysterical with nonsense, had invented mad parties for all the coming winter.

  24. She longed for her father, that artist at creating hysterical parties.

  25. I haven't come here to listen to hysterical ravings.

  26. Catherine checked suddenly in the middle of her sentence; two or three tears, the precursors of the hysterical storm that had been on the point of bursting forth, had found their way onto her cheeks, and she wiped them off.

  27. Kerr and about a dozen other gentlemen presented themselves, and were lowered into the boat, where they were received with hysterical cries of mingled joy and fear by the women.

  28. If we are able, either with or without the aid of hypnotism, to reawaken the effect which was originally experienced as a result of the sexual trauma, the hysterical symptoms will be permanently relieved.

  29. In vain the mermaid's hysterical mother waited upon Harry, and vowed that a cruel bailiff had seized all her daughter's goods for debt, and that her venerable father was at present languishing in a London gaol.

  30. She listened; pale and speechless; and the poor squire thought he was quietly advancing towards a favourable result, when she suddenly burst into a passion of hysterical tears; and just at that moment Frank himself entered the room.

  31. In youth he was a prodigy of learning,[636] but at the age of about seventeen while on a pilgrimage to Gaya began to display that emotional and even hysterical religious feeling which marked all his teaching.

  32. This is not the craze of a few hysterical devotees, but the faith of millions among whom many are well educated.

  33. But as the girl's hysterical outburst reached its culminating point, Seth regained perfect mastery of himself.

  34. There was something harsh and hysterical about the laugh which accompanied her mocking farewell, but she was gone the next instant, and the door slammed behind her.

  35. Champagne and those damnable syncopated tunes played by hysterical niggers make a poor jig.

  36. When I got into Tokio this morning I was fallen on by a hysterical inspector of police who implored me with tears to communicate immediately with an infuriated American who was raising Cain in Yokohama over my disappearance.

  37. Dulcie Soane came out into the court presently and expostulated with Strindberg, who suffered herself to be removed from the hyacinth bed, only to make a hysterical charge on her mistress's ankles.

  38. She drew a deep, long breath: "Is it necessary for me to say that there was not a particle of truth in his hysterical accusations?

  39. Binet, in his Alterations of Personality, says that experiments on hysterical patients have produced in his mind the conviction that, in them at least, "a plurality of persons exists.

  40. I know a non-hysterical woman, who in her trances knows facts which altogether transcend her possible normal consciousness, facts about the lives of people whom she never saw or heard of before.

  41. Theoretically, I suppose, every one would like to be freed from worries.

  42. They may endure mock tortures on the stage; they have seen real tortures in the streets.

  43. But it does not follow that I should like to be free from the consuming nuisance of being a journalist.

  44. She is like a St. Peter who should deliberately stand on his head for ten seconds and then expect to be canonised for it.

  45. It laid no foundation of morality, but in place of morality saw cultivated a superstitious, emotional, hysterical religion.

  46. She broke down into a torrent of hysterical weeping as she uttered this last entreaty.

  47. Isabel began to cry again at this question,--weak hysterical tears, that meant very little, perhaps.

  48. Mrs. Jeffson might have gone on apologizing for some time longer: but she jumped up suddenly to attend upon Isabel, who had burst into a passion of hysterical sobbing.

  49. Suddenly, in the midst of the performance, he stopped, put his hands to his face and burst into hysterical sobs.

  50. She burst into a storm of hysterical sobs and hurried toward the door.

  51. The story of the fight is simply told; there is no necessity for any wild vapouring in regard to Australian courage, no need for hysterical praise.

  52. In the crowds who sign petitions for the reprieve of the condemned, the hysterical element is too prominent to make any other estimate possible.

  53. Authorities are not agreed as to the influence of heredity as a predisposing cause; but it is recognised by all that the children of insane, neurotic, hysterical or neuralgic parents are liable to become epileptics.

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