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Example sentences for "funny"

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funnelled; funnels; funnier; funniest; funnily; funt; funus; fuoco; fuor; fuora
  1. Wouldn't it have been funny if the Rabbit had made the bowl tinkle all by himself?

  2. On her head was a funny little cap, ending in a point, like the cap a dunce wears in school in the story books, and as the Candy Rabbit hopped nearer this Glass Doll the sweet smell of perfume became stronger.

  3. But it's funny the Rabbit was out in the grass here, wasn't it?

  4. Jonquil proved an excellent substitute for grandpapa, and Macky turned out an inexhaustible treasury of nice harmless things to eat, of funny rhymes to sing, and funny stories to tell in a dramatic manner.

  5. As the guests went down the village street it was funny to hear their comments.

  6. Sara, laughing to herself at the funny apparition, was drawing into the rocky shell again, when a mischievous puff of wind suddenly caught her gingham bonnet from her limp grasp, and sent it flying down the chasm after the piece of rock.

  7. A funny light glinted in the girl's eyes.

  8. She leaned just the least bit forward and looked around the side of her alcove to see a funny sight.

  9. Then he said, "That's an awfully funny one, isn't it?

  10. I said papa said he took it, and he could have the gold dollars, but I wanted the funny thing.

  11. And I could see the funny old house with the willows in front, and the quiet old graveyard bright in the still white light.

  12. They looked as if they were made of chalk and glass; and each had about twelve long arms, sticking straight out in every direction from the funny white body.

  13. But the sunbeams and the little winds came in to play with her, her favourite tree outside the window made funny leaf shapes to amuse her, and, best of all, the Season Fairies came to tell her the doings of the outdoor world.

  14. Their funny arms grew shorter and shorter till they disappeared altogether; their bodies grew thicker; and then at last their shells began to come.

  15. Funny round shields grew over their heads, and two little tubes grew up from the top of each shield.

  16. Very funny to have to order a new sideboard or wardrobe, "to be sent home without delay" for fear of its being out of date.

  17. It is really very funny to see him swaying about the smoking-room table, and using all his eloquence over each number in turn for sale.

  18. This funny tin man," she answered, "killed the Wildcat and saved my life.

  19. How funny it is," reflected Lilly, "that I am doomed to be the love of this bad old man!

  20. Only, it was funny that the colonel had in all these weeks never mentioned that he was there.

  21. Frederica made a funny sounding laugh and wished him an abrupt "good night.

  22. There must have been something funny about the connection.

  23. The funny thing is the way she does them," Jimmy said.

  24. Then she laid down her pen, smiled in a puzzled way up into her daughter's face, and added, "My ears must have played me a funny trick.

  25. Well, it was a funny thing--I got to wondering afterward what my desires were, and it seemed I hadn't any.

  26. She had told the truth when she said he was the one, really, who didn't know how funny it was.

  27. Only it happens that you're the one who d-doesn't know how awfully funny it really is.

  28. Uncle James told a funny story about that air-castle," went on Kyzie.

  29. The barber must have been a funny fellow, of the Abe Lincoln type, who looked serious when he said and did funny things.

  30. Say, isn't it funny he does not move or stir?

  31. Spit it out, John; if it's funny all the better, for all the sadness about this scene is that you must stay to fight the world after I have gone home.

  32. This remarkable snaix haz a funny way ov taking their tail in their mouth and making a hoop ov themselfs.

  33. It iz an awful thing tew be a funny man, it iz almost az dredful az the counterfiting bizzness.

  34. The funny man kan't open hiz mouth without letting a joke fly out, like ginger pop, when the kork iz pulled out.

  35. Thare iz no genuine wit in the simply funny man, hiz only desire iz tew make yu laff, and real wit don't stoop so low.

  36. The funny man's jokes are at best only jests, sumtimes he reaches tew the dignity ov a poor pun, and hiz vanity then absorbs all hiz humor.

  37. It all took place without a single slip and the dolls went through their parts with such funny life-like motions that the boys and girls forgot they were not watching real actors.

  38. Anne, you funny child, don't you see we are all waiting impatiently?

  39. He had come to bring help to the dying girl, but he was funny in spite of the dreary tragedy, and Nora changed her tears to laughter and began to giggle violently, burying her face in her handkerchief in her effort to control her mirth.

  40. It looked something like a flying fish, the girls thought, with its slender, oblong body, gauzy fins at the sides and a funny little forked tail at the stern.

  41. It was such a funny thing to borrow a lawn!

  42. In the summer the children watch your funny ways, and think you're very nice, while some, I am sorry to say, even steal the eggs from your nest.

  43. But anyway, she turned crimson, and then finished up the business in a very funny manner.

  44. What was appropriate and funny then, has quite lost all interest by this time.

  45. He walks in the clouds; they say he is extremely funny just now; I heard it from themselves.

  46. At all events we have had a very funny talk.

  47. Up to this time she had invariably done her best to cheer him--she was afraid of his looking melancholy; she would try singing to him, and telling him every sort of funny story or reminiscence that she could recall.

  48. Evgenie Pavlovitch continued some apparently extremely funny and interesting anecdote to Alexandra, speaking quickly and with much animation.

  49. I imagine that various thoughts must beat loud and fast through his head--all unfinished ones, and strange, funny thoughts, very likely!

  50. I busied myself in it for your sake, thinking that there was no knowing what might happen with a funny girl like that to deal with.

  51. Not only in the porch did they build, but under the eaves, in little nooks about the roof, in every place which would hold their funny nests, made of little lumps of clay artistically massed together.

  52. It doesn't strike me that it's funny when a man blows out his brains," said the squire.

  53. You funny dear, not to have the blinds down and to sit staring into the beastly street like that .

  54. Funny if there isn't anything after all when there's been such a fight about it so long.

  55. I'm queer--I have funny moods that last for days and days sometimes.

  56. They started off towards Shaftesbury Avenue where the theatre was, and as they went a funny little incident occurred.

  57. Why, Grace, it seems so funny any one being frightened of me.

  58. Funny thing; met a man in the street, hadn't seen for five years.

  59. Funny how religion made you hard, darn funny.

  60. And the funny thing was that one minute I'd be pinching Amy who was kneeling next to me and the next I'd be shaking with religion and seeing God standing right in front of me by the coal-scuttle.

  61. And Maggie had one funny little conversation with Henry Trenchard.

  62. And that is perhaps what she was like to Mrs. Mark, sitting there in her funny ill-fitting clothes, her anxious old-fashioned face as of a child aged long before her time.

  63. Some one who met her at the Trenchards at this time said of her: "What a funny girl!

  64. And the funny thing is it isn't your looks.

  65. Funny thing about that, seems to me there are more Suspended from the Earth System all the time.

  66. As you know, it's a funny civilization here anyway.

  67. Cloonan won't think it's funny when I tell her she's finished running my house for me.

  68. Won't it seem funny my going in her house and--and living with her kid.

  69. Ismail Pasha's estate is in Europe but the hills which seem next to it are on the other side, in Asia, and the funny looking buildings on top as well as the low buildings on the shore are the depots of the Standard Oil Company.

  70. And the funny part of it is that he never had seen a Chippendale chair before in his life.

  71. I will only light the silver candelabra on the table and this funny old lantern hanging here at the corner.

  72. It was so funny to see Reynard ride post haste.

  73. How funny that is, and what use was it to her to be a sorcerer then?

  74. He calls me his dear Blanche, how funny that is!

  75. Isn't it funny for that other man to get seasick out here where we can't get enough water to drink?

  76. Straight, it struck me as so funny the first time I saw it.

  77. You have got some funny jobs to do in fighting: A Private of the Coldstream Guards.

  78. It seems a bit funny to see the boys going fighting with cigars on, but it’s a fact.

  79. A True Dream It is a funny thing that Harry should dream about my arm being in a sling.

  80. From the Hip The Germans have a funny way in fighting.

  81. It’s a funny thing to go into battle for the first time.

  82. He could sing quite well, and was very funny when we called him Signor Caruso.

  83. They took from me the revolver that I had taken from a German officer, and one of them was about to strip me of my shirt when a funny thing occurred.

  84. This was my first experience of actual fighting, and I can tell you it is a funny sensation at first to see the shells bursting near and around you, to hear the bullets whistling by you, but you soon get used to it all.

  85. The shells are beginning to drop very close, so we’ll have to make a shift for better cover: they are screaming and howling like some of those funny fireworks, but you cannot see them and don’t know where they are going to land any minute.

  86. That “Interest” We are at present living in a school, and it seems funny to see so many soldiers’ beds on the floor.

  87. The French soldiers do look funny in red trousers and blue coats, compared with our khaki suits.

  88. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "funny" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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