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Example sentences for "divergent"

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diverged; divergence; divergences; divergencies; divergency; diverges; diverging; divers; diversa; diversaj
  1. The slow progress of a work not driven by the author's feelings necessitated frequent consultations between Debit and Credit, resulting in altercations, recriminations, discord of the yoked and divergent couple.

  2. We have it from Perry Wilkinson that the union of the divergent couple was likened to another union always in a Court of Law.

  3. Of the two widely divergent currents into which the main stream of political thought and sentiment throughout the world is fast dividing itself, M.

  4. The Turks, who are shrewd observers, must have drawn the obvious conclusion from these divergent measures as to the degree of harmony prevailing among the Allied and Associated Powers.

  5. Rousseau at once put aside these divergent meanings, made the proper distinction between a law of nature and the imperative law of a state, and justly asserted that the one could teach us nothing worth knowing about the other.

  6. The Tasmanian wolf is another true marsupial, even though divergent adaptation has brought it to resemble the carnivora of the dog tribe in general appearance and in special structures like the teeth.

  7. The adjustment of two races with widely divergent ethnic characteristics.

  8. Hair radiating from a centre, or divergent all round the face, which is reddish-black; long and bushy whiskers on the sides of the face and passing behind the ears.

  9. These divergent practices first awakened attention on the appearing of Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna at Rome in A.

  10. It is but a definition of divergent idiosyncrasies as between different human genera.

  11. In the illustration of wild-life our views are also, in some degree, divergent from current ideas.

  12. The divergent nature of pig, however, renders a more specialised system advisable when wild-boar only are the objective.

  13. At its worst, it was a compromise of the divergent viewpoint of the conservative and liberal members of the Commission.

  14. The results are so divergent on this point that it is best not to adopt any standard at present.

  15. With such divergent and conflicting views, we at once perceive the necessity of carefully scanning all the accounts given, and make them conform, if possible, to what is known of Indian institutions and manners.

  16. The same observer maintains that in the upright varieties the divergent awns are serviceable by breaking the shocks when the ears are dashed together by the wind.

  17. Pentateuch presents divergent and irreconcilable views of the Sinaitic covenant.

  18. Nearly related to the last, but the antlers still smaller, with shorter pedicles and divergent frontal ridges; upper canines of male not everted at the tips.

  19. There are no more divergent roads; if he desires to leave the one he has chosen, he must break blindly through a hedge of moral antagonisms.

  20. The misty expanse of Futurity is radiated with divergent lines of rigid steel; and along one of these lines, with diminishing carbon and sighing exhaust, you travel at schedule speed.

  21. For a couple of miles I retraverse the path by which I reached Fat-shan before encountering a divergent pathway, acceptable as, leading distinctly toward the northwest.

  22. Pointing along the divergent northwest road, I ask him if this is the koon lo to Sam-shue; for answer he bestows upon me an expansive but wholly expressionless grin, and points silently toward Canton.

  23. It is undoubtedly true that it hesitates over the manner in which it ought to conceive itself; it feels itself drawn in divergent directions.

  24. Internal conflict led to civil wars in the course of which the group was divided or the solidarity of the group was reaffirmed despite hardships imposed on disagreeing, divergent minorities.

  25. What concerns us here is the split of western civilization into two broadly divergent groups: capitalism and socialism-communism.

  26. Business corporations likewise have tended to establish conglomerates which include widely divergent businesses, some limited to one nation or empire, some international.

  27. Exposure of an entire generation to wholesale destruction and mass murder as a way of life had two quite divergent effects.

  28. Outline enrichment, by its similarity, should give a sense of oneness or unity to the design, binding divergent members together.

  29. Very little light has yet been thrown upon it, and the most divergent views have been expressed by learned and competent entomologists.

  30. As to their function, divergent views are held.

  31. But he is no less troubled, in this psychological realm, with divergent varieties, and exceptional variations and changes, than when he plants himself on the more solid substratum of life in the abounding realm of nature.

  32. So there have arisen in human society two divergent streams,--the collective and cooperative, and the isolated and individualistic.

  33. Persons who reside close together may still be torn asunder by divergent interests and a simple lack of any tie that binds; this is notably true in many country villages.

  34. These divergent drawings of the same object are not confined to celestial bodies.

  35. The danger to the mind of indulging in unlimited sympathy has been emphasized by the most divergent students of psychological law.

  36. He unified the divergent tendencies, but only for a time.

  37. The essence of religion, and the way of salvation, have been found along widely divergent paths and under many names.

  38. British feminist movement displayed any tendency to dissociate into its opposed and divergent strands.

  39. In many ways the interests of the Dominions are more divergent from those of Great Britain than are Great Britain and Russia, or Great Britain and France.

  40. I do not believe that among women of the same social origins and the same educational quality there can exist side by side entirely distinct schools of costume, deportment, and behaviour based on entirely divergent views of life.

  41. One of the most interesting of these divergent types is the common Californian and Mexican silver-fish, an inhabitant of the bays and inlets of sub-tropical America.

  42. And, indeed, the morals of fish are far more varied and divergent than the uniform nature of the world they inhabit might lead an à priori philosopher to imagine.

  43. Under his presidency disputed and compromised a crowd of able men representative of the widely divergent States whose union was to be attempted.

  44. Burr could get no help from any of the divergent parties he had attempted to gain.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "divergent" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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