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distillers; distillery; distilling; distills; distils; distincter; distinctest; distinctio; distinction; distinctions
  1. It was dark, yet all was distinct about me.

  2. Were Ireland to surrender that principle, she must submit to a usurped power, condone the fraudulent prostration of her Parliament in 1800, and abandon all claim to distinct nationality.

  3. Already, in the course of little more than a century, three distinct changes in this policy have taken place.

  4. There was a distinct curl on his lip as he gathered up the reins.

  5. Mrs. Anderson was pretty and smart, and he assumed his best society manner in talking to her, monopolized most of the conversation and flattered himself on making a distinct impression on his country hostess.

  6. Ella's eyes flashed, and there was a peculiar expression about her mouth--there was however a distinct mingling of satisfaction in her tone as she replied, though coldly.

  7. I am quite sure that I saw a shadow, bearing a strange and distinct form, there, in front of the archway.

  8. There has," was the reply of Mr. Hastings, given in a sharp, distinct tone.

  9. I don't remember that I made any distinct promise," said she.

  10. George raised his hand as he abruptly spoke, for a distinct sound had broken upon his ear.

  11. I'll tell you what it is," were the first distinct words of anger George caught.

  12. The greater the evil that was coming upon them, the plainer and more distinct would be the appearance of the Shadow--the longer the space of time that it would be observed.

  13. The Feine also, when looked at a little more closely, emerge from under the guise of a Milesian militia, and assume the features of a distinct race.

  14. The proper School was possibly growing too large and in 1804, the Archbishop had suggested that English should be taught in a distinct department.

  15. Acaster had been founded about 1470 and consisted of three distinct schools, Grammar, Song and Writing, the last intended to "teach all such things as belonged to Scrivener Craft.

  16. Certain it is that each portion was wholly distinct from the other, and Usher and Assistant were masters in their own domain.

  17. These boys had a feeling of distinct hostility against the Grammar School boys.

  18. But he quarrelled with John Howson, the Usher, on two distinct occasions, one on a question of discipline and one with regard to a French Class that he caused to be held during School hours in his own house, by a man of his own choice.

  19. He passed him into the School the next term and seeing he had a distinct gift for Mathematics encouraged him in every way.

  20. The first "Injunctions" issued in his name gave distinct promise for educational bodies, as they comprised an order, compelling all chantry priests to teach the children reading and writing.

  21. These Cuban sketches are real stereographs, and Cuba stands before you as distinct and lifelike as words can make it.

  22. To Phyllis it was distinct now, and growing in volume with each passing moment.

  23. The night air was cool; the spirit of the race was in the nag; and mile after mile was quickly left behind, as the sound of her rapidly falling hoofs fell clear and distinct in the quiet night air.

  24. Out from St. Peter's belfry old, Twelve strokes sounded distinct and bold, So in history the tale is told, When Dr.

  25. Gilbert Stuart was not a follower of the others, had a distinct and forceful individuality, the striking details of his work being brilliance in coloring and the natural life-like posing.

  26. As the genus lilium embraces about fifty distinct species one may not aspire to a large show of lilies in a moderate-sized garden.

  27. Cultivating them in the same manner as his other Tuberose bulbs he discovered a distinct type of dwarf habit and much larger flowers.

  28. Miss Carewe's accustomed poise was quite recovered; indeed, she was astonished to discover a distinct trace of disappointment that the brilliant apparition must offer so tame an explanation.

  29. The fact is I was completely unnerved by a sheer blank fright, pure abstract terror, unconnected with any distinct shape of physical danger.

  30. The next Order which comes under review is the Diptera, which includes all the two-winged insects, and constitutes a most extensive Order in respect to the number of distinct species.

  31. They are placed by many authors in a distinct order termed the Aphaniptera.

  32. The pupae are buried in the earth, near the remains of their host, and are light brown in colour, with the segments much more distinct than is usual (Fig.

  33. Specimens are often met with of every intermediate shade, and are rather liable to deceive the beginner, who mistakes them for distinct species.

  34. An Insect is an articulate animal having the body divided into three distinct divisions, viz.

  35. The light is emitted from the posterior segment of the pupa, but is much fainter than in the larva, and a distinct organ is not apparent.

  36. The pupa inactive, taking no food, the limbs of the future insect enclosed in distinct cases, and applied closely to the body.

  37. The larva a grub with or without legs, but a distinct head always present.

  38. The larvae always possess a distinct head and six thoracic legs, and in addition a variable number of prolegs are often present on the abdominal segments.

  39. Pupa inactive; the limbs very perceptible and loosely applied to the body, but incapable of distinct motion.

  40. This insect is extremely variable, having been formerly divided into several distinct species; the two most usual forms are those shown at Figs.

  41. The metamorphosis of insects, which I have previously mentioned as one of their most essential attributes, consists of four distinct stages, viz.

  42. It was formerly ranked as a distinct species under the name of Declana junctilinea.

  43. It is closer clipped round the edges, and it has a distinct dent upon the obverse side, just below the W of Wulfric.

  44. Gradually out of the chaos one fundamental fact became distinct in his mind.

  45. Gilbert and Grover, comparatively elderly men, said nothing, looked nothing; but upon the faces of the half-dozen cowboys there appeared distinct anticipation.

  46. For a moment he looked at the figure steadily; then, in distinct animal cunning, the lids of the close-set eyes tightened.

  47. They all looked and saw, perhaps thirty rods away, a grayish-white jack-rabbit, distinct by contrast with the brown earth.

  48. Again the formula, distinct as the handwriting upon the wall, stood revealed before her.

  49. Above it, distinct for an instant, sounded the tinkle of a woman's laugh; then again silence.

  50. Although the Wildcats were a much sturdier aircraft, the Japanese Zeros’ superior speed and better maneuverability gave them a distinct edge in a dogfight.

  51. A Japanese counter-landing was a distinct possibility.

  52. With key locks the keyhole through the safe door forms a distinct point of danger, and with combination locks the spindle passing through the door may be attacked by explosives.

  53. In deposits of this nature in South America these concretionary masses form distinct beds.

  54. In 1699 the borough was constituted a parish distinct from Walton, to which it had previously appertained.

  55. It is also agreed that we can detect in Livy's account of the Hannibalic war two distinct elements, derived originally, the one from a Roman, the other from a non-Roman source.

  56. He was a clever craftsman and holds a distinct place among the minor furniture designers of the second half of the 18th century.

  57. The American lobster (Homarus americanus), which should perhaps be ranked as a variety rather than as a distinct species, is found on the Atlantic coast of North America from Labrador to Cape Hatteras.

  58. By early travellers and settlers the species was not recognized as distinct from some of its non-migratory congeners.

  59. The Lithuanian, Lettic or Lettish and Borussian or Old Prussian languages together constitute a distinct linguistic subdivision, commonly called the Baltic subdivision, within the Indo-European family.

  60. South American Santa Cruz ungulates are so distinct from those of other countries that this seems unlikely.

  61. The strife between the Sommariva or aristocratic party and the Overgnaghi or democratic party was so severe that the city divided into two distinct communes.

  62. We all recognize as a distinct human type the woman who keeps boarders.

  63. The two or three pages beginning "Il regardait toute secte comme nuisible," and explaining why Turgot always kept himself perfectly distinct from the Encyclopedists, sank deeply into my mind.

  64. Inadequate and confused ideas follow by the same necessity, as adequate or clear and distinct ideas.

  65. Proof--The idea of an individual thing actually existing is an individual mode of thinking, and is distinct from other modes (by the Cor.

  66. Furthermore, we should see what notions are common to all men, and what notions are only clear and distinct to those who are unshackled by prejudice, and we should detect those which are ill-founded.

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