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Example sentences for "apparent"

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appareled; apparell; apparelled; apparels; apparence; apparently; apparet; apparition; apparitional; apparitions
  1. These, however, were attended with strong convulsions, and an apparent obstruction in his throat.

  2. Indeed, in the first instance they generally pay some attention in the division to their own families; but no jealousies or murmurings are ever known to arise on account of any apparent partiality.

  3. In each case it is reproached with the apparent inactivity which it causes to labour.

  4. I can never look at these apparent contradictions between the great laws of nature without a feeling of physical uneasiness which amounts to suffering.

  5. The only object I have in view is to make it evident to the reader, that in every public expense, behind the apparent benefit, there is an evil which it is not so easy to discern.

  6. Felix now used the word "deception" flippantly, and with no further apparent apology for applying it to our hero.

  7. It was soon apparent that the Spaniards were more intent on running than fighting.

  8. Rifles and carbines were also used by some of our people to try to pick off the 'Merrimac's' crew when her ports were opened to fire, but of course the effect of the small-arms was not apparent to us.

  9. The rigging had vanished entirely, but the hull seemed hardly shattered; the only apparent change in it was that in two or three places, two or three of the portholes had been blown into one great gap.

  10. By and by the strain on her timbers was such that the port hog-brace broke in two places, weakening the vessel so that her fate was apparent to all.

  11. It would have been easy, at almost any time, for either army to have crossed the Potomac and invaded the territory of the enemy; but each hung back in apparent dread of taking the first decisive step.

  12. She met the unexpected Harry at breakfast with such apparent cordiality that Mrs. Ball was slightly perplexed, even slightly disappointed.

  13. Ethan's apparent satisfaction in it was the most disturbing element of all.

  14. The arrival of the whirlwind itself--the mobilization order and the certainty that the first shots in the great war would soon be fired--speedily aroused them from their apparent indifference.

  15. My apparent good intent, combined with my Mexican commission and American passport, provided them with a puzzle which would take a good long time solving.

  16. All improvement is, of course, by the first of these modes of evolution, but apparent losses of organs or qualities are [705] perhaps of still more universal occurrence.

  17. Systematic affinities find their one possible explanation by the aid of this principle; without it, all similarity is only apparent and accidental.

  18. It was worked out by Mendel for a large group of varieties of peas, but it holds good, with only apparent exceptions, for a wide range of cases of crosses of varietal characters.

  19. The derivative varieties are distinguished from the parent-species by some single, but striking mark, and often this attribute manifests itself as the loss of some apparent quality.

  20. For we have seen that varieties can always be considered as having originated by an apparent loss of some quality of the species, or by the resumption of a quality which in allied species is present and visible.

  21. There can be no doubt that their absence is due to an apparent loss, resulting from the reduction of a formerly active quality to inactivity.

  22. To the practical breeder they often seem very simple, but the student of heredity, who wishes to discern the different factors, is often quite puzzled by this apparent simplicity.

  23. Such apparent [312] contradictions are unavoidable, when we apply the old term to such unusual though not at all new cases.

  24. If by chance the introduced plants were natural hybrids between the species and the white variety, this apparent and rather improbable mutation would find a very simple explanation.

  25. Progressive steps are the marks of elementary species, while retrograde varieties are distinguished by apparent losses.

  26. According to our general conception the apparent loss of a scape is no proof of a corresponding internal loss, but might as well be caused simply by the reduction of the scape-growing capacity to a latent or inactive state.

  27. Transitions are wholly wanting, although fallaciously apparent in some instances owing to the wide range of fluctuating variability of the forms concerned, or to the occurrence of hybrids and subvarieties.

  28. In order to ascertain the real cause of this apparent change, he sowed in alternate rows in a field, the "Galland" and one of the local varieties.

  29. Baxter broke in, relief apparent in his countenance.

  30. Conrad waited, tense and expectant, the quite apparent fact that Jenkins was engaged in mere desultory chat and story-telling increasing his irritation at the delay.

  31. The colonies had taken on a new lease of life and apparent prosperity.

  32. Their owners deny it, but the fact is apparent in efforts at improvements with which they were not justly chargeable before.

  33. Armed with this apparent monopoly, Mr. Field went over to England, empowered by his associates to deal with the exclusive concession possessed by the above company for the coast of Newfoundland and other rights in Nova Scotia, etc.

  34. Later on it was made clear that this mysterious temporary want of continuity, accompanied by an apparent variation in the insulation, was due to a defect in the more or less inconstant sand-battery used aboard the latter vessel.

  35. When these facts are duly considered, it will soon be apparent what a remarkable feat soaring really is.

  36. At once it will be apparent how helpless all creatures are in comparison with man.

  37. They wheel about for a little without any apparent design, still rising, when one ceases to beat the air with his wings, stretches them to their full length, and seems to lean aside.

  38. All this is accomplished with outstretched wings held at full length, without flap, or beat, or any apparent renewal of the original impetus.

  39. The original impulse, and some hitherto unexplained elasticity or property of air, had sufficed to raise him, in apparent defiance of the retardation of friction, and of the drag of gravitation.

  40. Fanning so swiftly, the wasp's wings are but just visible as he passes; did he pause, the light would he apparent through their texture.

  41. A distinction is apparent between it and the air outside; but when the plate of glass was put inside the tank the jack saw water beyond it, or through it.

  42. What that wrong was became apparent in the course of time.

  43. The plane of the wings glided up the air as, with no apparent diminution of speed from friction, the bird swiftly ascended.

  44. Rain and dry weather change the susceptibility of the surface to vibrate, and may sometimes in part account for the wildness or apparent tameness of birds and animals.

  45. From the decision of the jury it followed that Maslova had not stolen, nor robbed, and yet poisoned a man without any apparent reason.

  46. And it was apparent that this troubled him sorely.

  47. As she turned to face him, Miss Broad spoke, with an apparent partial return to consciousness.

  48. The apparent recognition, however, of some peculiar quality on the face of the man in front of her caused her to relinquish her purpose, if it was ever formed.

  49. She did not speak when she had finished her inspection; with apparent indifference to his presence she took off her hat and coat.

  50. An apparent clue was at once obtained, since a boy and a young man were reported to have been seen leaving a neighbouring station by an early train.

  51. Now the first letter CAN only be A, which is a most useful discovery, since it occurs no fewer than three times in this short sentence, and the H is also apparent in the second word.

  52. Perhaps it was in the eyebrow, which, thick and strongly marked, was occasionally suddenly raised or depressed, without apparent cause.

  53. Within these embankments the ground had, to a certain extent, been cleared, though two or three of the larger trees had been left standing, to prevent a vacancy being apparent from without.

  54. To an unpracticed eye nothing would have been apparent to excite the slightest suspicion of a neighboring enemy, but some of the pine branches of what seemed a low copse in front were a shade yellower than the other trees.

  55. Black Eagle was surprised, but no sign of it was apparent on his face.

  56. I am not troubled," said he, "by the informalities apparent in the proceedings of the Tennessee Legislature upon the question of ratifying the constitutional amendment.

  57. The laws of a fearful antagonism of superior and inferior races are expected to accomplish what, if American statesmanship does not incite, it contemplates with apparent satisfaction.

  58. As indicative of the apparent harmony of sentiments prevailing on the question, Mr. Wilson said that the Committee on the Judiciary had determined to report a proposition substantially identical with that offered by Mr. Stevens.

  59. The sooner action was taken, the more apparent would be the bad animus.

  60. But, sir, it is apparent now that the bill is not to pass at present; that it must go over for the holidays at any rate.

  61. Soon after Congress met, it became apparent that there was a difference of opinion between the President and some members of Congress in regard to the condition of the rebellious States and the rights to be secured to freedmen.

  62. Half an hour was spent in that devious ford, without any apparent progress, for in the dizzy swirl the horses simply seemed treading the water backwards.

  63. I do not believe in that passion influencing a man's career," his uncle replied with no apparent attention to the other's embarrassment.

  64. And having made his joke, he yielded to the other's apparent restlessness, and they sauntered off.

  65. Love was no longer a dreamy possibility, a hazy blending of the unknown and the fancied; its tale had been too often breathed in her ear, its reality made too often apparent to her eye.

  66. There was a quivering in his tone, made all the more apparent by its studied self-possession of a moment before.

  67. What has happened to make my uncle's detention a matter of such apparent import?

  68. He has also an ungentlemanly way of trying to rub me off against the railings, and then again, for no apparent reason, he suddenly scurries wildly across the Maidan while I pull desperately, but impotently, with fingers weak from fright.

  69. The absurdity of such a pretension must be apparent to all, who examine it.

  70. In every case, the power has been exerted on things, not on persons, and only once has there been even an apparent departure from this theory.

  71. There was no apparent reason why they should be given, for Jerry was not on the team.

  72. Intent only on them and still wishing to attract their attention, he swung his broad-brimmed hat, waving it off to the left, but with no apparent result.

  73. Twice that day had the paymaster been on the point of rebuking his apparent indifference.

  74. The 'good-by' was so faint that it was apparent to her as she stood in the shop and gave a modest order for chocolates that he had not heard it.

  75. Several evenings passed, but no boatswain, and it became apparent at last that he had realized the perils of his position.

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