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appraiser; appraisers; appraises; appraising; appraisingly; appreciably; appreciate; appreciated; appreciates; appreciating
  1. These bodies in vast numbers are everywhere through space, each too small to reflect an appreciable amount of sunlight, and becoming visible only when they come into collision with our outer atmosphere.

  2. Quite certainly not: no appreciable air, no water, and a surface temperature unmodified by atmosphere--rising perhaps to 100 degrees F.

  3. We may be sure that no water exists on the moon's surface, although some astronomers think that solid water, as ice or snow, may still exist there at a temperature too low for appreciable evaporation.

  4. So we conclude that the sun is a perfect sphere, and so far as our instruments can inform us, its actual diameter is not subject to appreciable change.

  5. There is, indeed, no instrumentally appreciable angle to measure.

  6. If the object presents an appreciable angle, the visibility is less and may even become zero.

  7. He urges, in opposition to the Ingleborough Cave, that at Cheddar, where, according to him, no appreciable deposit whatever is taking place on the existing stalagmite.

  8. Dupont informs us that the openings of some of the caverns once flooded by rivers are now in limestone cliffs two hundred feet above the water, while no appreciable lowering of the bottoms of the ravines is taking place now.

  9. The duration and intensity of the reaction have no relation to the number and gravity of the lesions, but the same dose injected into healthy cattle causes no appreciable febrile reaction.

  10. The other fact, requiring recognition from anyone who proposes to study the bacteriology of foods, is that a certain appreciable amount of the responsibility for food poisoning rests with the tissues of the individual ingesting the food.

  11. It will have been noticed that at certain stages in the cycle there is more or less appreciable "loss" of free nitrogen.

  12. What adjective is there of suitable application to a bird that speeds through the air without an appreciable effort at the rate of a hundred miles an hour, that traverses a thousand miles every day of its existence?

  13. Did this require any appreciable muscular effort on the part of the bird there could be no rest in such an attitude, and the bird would fall off its perch as soon as it went to sleep.

  14. Sound is, as we all know in this scientific age, vibration appreciable to the ear.

  15. But although only a few sparrows come in after the sun has set, it is not until fully fifteen minutes later that there is any appreciable abatement of the din.

  16. Excepting the woollen goods and a small trade in metals, leather is the only manufactured article which figured to any appreciable extent in our export of 1730.

  17. The fact that our gains included a seven-mile stretch of the Siegfried line made no appreciable difference to the future course of the war; and we even failed to learn the lesson of our failure.

  18. The further attacks on the Belgian coast which were commonly expected did not come, and the operations had no appreciable effect upon the land campaign.

  19. It made little appreciable progress on the right or in the centre, but on the left the French advanced from the Yser canal towards the Martjevaart, and our men took Wijdendrift and Langemarck.

  20. They showed as much promptitude, foresight, and skill in retirement as they had done in their advance; they suffered few casualties and had no appreciable loss in guns or prisoners.

  21. After heavy losses the Russian attack died away without appreciable gain of ground, and north of the Pripet at least the enemy line was secure.

  22. LXXVI Blinded by the light, Keith stood for a barely appreciable moment in the wrecked doorway.

  23. On Blatchford his potations had no appreciable effect except that his round face grew redder.

  24. The art, whether literary or plastic, which is only appreciable by the connoisseur, is an art which is luxurious because it is on the way to corruption.

  25. He is forced to hold it by the stem; in which position, the heat of his hand can have no appreciable effect on the contents of the vial within the reliquary.

  26. Still, from the fact of their usually limited means and comparatively unsettled modes of life, they are as yet unable to purchase or retain any appreciable collection of desirable publications.

  27. These anomalies, however confusing to the general reader, in fact cause no appreciable trouble to important makers or users of iron and steel, beyond forming an occasional side-issue in litigation.

  28. Liquids poured upon the surface cannot, owing to the crumby nature of the humus, exert any appreciable hydraulic pressure.

  29. There has been no appreciable increase of sediment on the bottom, and the pebbles are as plainly visible as they ever were.

  30. The front door might be quite close to the road (and there are many advantages on the score of economy, safety, and convenience, of such a position) without the privacy of the south side being lessened in any appreciable degree.

  31. As such it does not afford any appreciable pecuniary incentive, but it contains a more or less obvious element of exploit.

  32. Hence an appreciable share of the energy which seeks expression in a non-lucrative employment among these members of the vicarious leisure classes may be expected to eventuate in devout observances and works of piety.

  33. But the requirements of pecuniary reputability and those of beauty in the naive sense do not in any appreciable degree coincide.

  34. It therefore tends to eliminate these traits, and it has apparently weakened them, in an appreciable degree, in the populations that have been subject to it.

  35. In an appreciable number of cases the spiritual growth of the individual comes to a close before he emerges from this puerile phase; in these cases the fighting temper persists through life.

  36. In its various mutations and expressions, it is of very serious importance for the economic efficiency of any community in which it prevails to an appreciable extent.

  37. It seems to be to some appreciable extent a selection between the predatory and the peaceable variants of the several types.

  38. Ceylon, or else we must suppose its force to be so slight that in half a century certainly, and perhaps in a century and a half, it can produce no effect appreciable to the necessarily rough method of estimation employed.

  39. In the waters of the Seine it is found in appreciable quantities, and in sewage waters the proportions increase very perceptibly.

  40. It is evident that the cooling effect of the air in the room upon the water cylinder is very appreciable when the water has reached 13° above that of the room.

  41. The oil itself obviously does not enter the decomposing chamber to any appreciable extent and therefore does not contaminate the final sludge.

  42. The existence in appreciable quantity of combined silicon as a normal impurity in acetylene seems still open to doubt.

  43. Must be so arranged as to guard against appreciable escape of gas to the room at any time during the introduction of the charges.

  44. There is, however, no appreciable advantage to be gained by so doing, or by exceeding that pressure which feeds the burners best.

  45. There need be no appreciable odour in the generator-house, except during the times of charging the apparatus; but if there is, it passes into the open air instead of percolating into the occupied apartments.

  46. If the water contains an appreciable amount of "temporary hardness," and if it becomes heated much in the lamp, fur will be deposited sooner or later, and will obviously give trouble.

  47. At the prevailing prices in most parts of Britain, simple oil-gas is slightly cheaper, but an appreciable rise in the price of gas- oil would render the mixture with acetylene the cheaper illuminant.

  48. Secondly, it is necessary that the acetylene shall at all times be free from appreciable admixture with air, even 0.

  49. But it is noteworthy that coast defence and ship-building were almost the only public purposes to which an appreciable share of the King's ecclesiastical spoils was appropriated.

  50. For an appreciable time he did not think of rising from his seat.

  51. For all that he had expected this, for all his premonition of disaster, it was an appreciable time before the Efficient Baxter rallied from the blow.

  52. Indeed, he must have effected an appreciable refinement of the vernacular of his age to produce his lively verse, but without losing the robust vitality of "Volkswitz.

  53. However, there are times when appreciable fun can be extracted from this, if the actor speak in a bland jocular tone, taking the audience into his confidence, as Trin.

  54. Appreciable refinement had been reached in Quintilian's age, for he scores the comic actor who departs too far from reality and pronounces the ideal player him who declaims with a measured artistic heightening of everyday discourse.

  55. But of course these ancient critiques have no appreciable bearing on our argument and we cite them rather for historical interest and retrospect.

  56. Time is needed to appreciate and get used to any innovation of appreciable gravity, particularly where the innovation depends in any degree on a change in public sentiment, as in this instance.

  57. It is a matter of course that in these premises any appreciable illiteracy is an intolerable handicap.

  58. Reflection will show that if the league is to effect any appreciable part of its purpose, these Powers will also be included in the league, or at least in its jurisdiction.

  59. And the many and various constitutional governments so established, commonly under British auspices in some degree, have invariably run true to form, in some appreciable degree.

  60. In a very appreciable degree this complexion of things and of popular conceptions has changed since then; although, as would be expected, the change in popular conceptions has not kept pace with the changing circumstances.

  61. Indeed, the common man who depends for his livelihood on his daily earnings is in a more immediately precarious position than those who have something appreciable laid up against a rainy day, in the shape of a capitalised source of income.

  62. Indeed, the course of vulgarisation among the responsible officials has now been under way for some appreciable time and with very perceptible effect, and the rate of displacement appears to be gathering velocity with every month that passes.

  63. But reflection will immediately show that no appreciable increase, over the economic burdens already carried by the populace under their several national establishments, could come of such a move.

  64. In toothed armatures with short air-gaps the shaft must on this account be sufficiently strong to withstand the stress without appreciable bending.

  65. An additional gain is that solid bars of much greater width can be used in the toothed armature than on a smooth core without appreciable loss from eddy-currents within their mass.

  66. In the first place there is usually an appreciable E.

  67. After an appreciable interval, he said, "He is prowling about us like a hungry wolf.

  68. Everything was happening with breathless velocity, in a rush, in hardly an appreciable flicker of time.

  69. After an appreciable space, the little mullion window in the door was opened, and an old white-haired man peered out with bright eyes.

  70. Osmund paused here for an appreciable interval, staring at the Queen.

  71. So he stood thus for an appreciable silence, staying motionless save that behind his back his fingers were bruising one another.

  72. In most pine trees there is the sameness of expression which to most people is apt to become monotonous, for the typical spiral form of conifers, however beautiful, affords little scope for appreciable individual character.

  73. As for sopping common sense it will be enough to say that these remarks are to be taken in a strictly scientific sense, and have no appreciable importance as regards life and conduct.

  74. But against these composite bars they produced no appreciable effect.

  75. In the discussion of the equilibrium, then, we must consider also the effect of thrust, and usually assume that this thrust-line is at some appreciable distance below the center of pressure.

  76. Wooden propellers of even so small a diameter as one metre had been found to suffer a quite appreciable bending of the blades, due to the thrust produced by them, even though the blades had been made of considerable thickness.

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