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  1. That is, I will assuredly take away, and wholly consume, either by captivity, or death, both men and beasts out of this land.

  2. Her prophets are senseless, men without faith: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have acted unjustly against the law.

  3. What matters it to reasonable men Whether they plough a hundred fields or ten?

  4. Not to admire, Numicius, is the best, The only way, to make and keep men blest.

  5. Amphion too, men said, at his desire Moved massy stones, obedient to the lyre, And Thebes arose.

  6. O had I lived in that brave time of old, When men were heroes, and the age was gold!

  7. Then AEschylus brought in the mask and pall, Put buskins on his men to make them tall, Turned boards into a platform, not too great, And taught high monologue and grand debate.

  8. Wise men betimes will bid adieu to toys, And give up idle games to idle boys; Not now to string the Latian lyre, but learn The harmony of life, is my concern.

  9. On this the old comedians rested: hence They're still the models of all men of sense, Despite Tigellius and his ape, whose song Is Calvus and Catullus all day long.

  10. Then live like men of courage, and oppose Stout hearts to this and each ill wind that blows.

  11. Than alter facts and characters, and tell In a strange form the tale men know so well.

  12. He had far too much savoir vivre to make any such retort as would have arisen to the lips of nine men but of ten in like position--viz.

  13. There were men who would have given a great deal to have heard Mona Ridsdale speak to them in that tone, who would willingly have risked their lives, rather than have refrained from risking them, at her request.

  14. Two men might wear the same marvellous resemblance to each other, but no two men could possibly do so to the extent of both being marked with that peculiar double scar.

  15. Two men appear among the fruit trees, and, getting over the low sod wall, now come up.

  16. Some men at your age are already Civil Commissioners.

  17. There was a discontented ring about your tone, and colonial girls always take on discontent after a visit to England, whereas men are glad to get back.

  18. One hundred and thirty-three mounted men from Barabastadt, en route for the front, are passing through.

  19. But while delighting in his keen, trenchant views upon men and matters, Mona failed not to note that there was one subject upon which he never dwelt, and that subject was himself.

  20. The Gcalekas had attacked and routed a strong body of Police in the Transkei, and had killed several men and an officer.

  21. In a small ravine, which ran down at right angles to the river-bed, four men were lying behind stones and bushes.

  22. It was not completely outside knowledge that innocent men had before then been sacrificed at times of popular clamour.

  23. With nine men out of ten that sort of thing might answer; with this one, never.

  24. If this be not a wise tax, what shall we substitute?

  25. Her Islands would be less wealthy, and therefore less able to consume and pay for her manufactures.

  26. I do not conceive that any interview will be necessary, though I shall always be happy to see you, when your leisure and convenience will admit.

  27. It will be very useful both to you and me, that we should know exactly the state of our affairs, but I cannot acquire that knowledge by any comparison of accounts in my possession.

  28. The language of panegyric has held forth the English as such a nation, but certainly if our Legislatures were subject to like influence with theirs, we might preserve the form, but we should already have lost the substance of freedom.

  29. If they will not do this, you will then be pleased to transmit notarial certificates of your tender of such principal, interest and costs; and if your payments are accepted, to transmit immediate accounts thereof.

  30. But if there be powerful reasons in favor of the motion, which have escaped the Superintendent of Finance, he shall very readily comply with such order as to the wisdom of Congress may seem meet.

  31. It is not the least among them, that all our dollars are rapidly going to the enemy in exchange for light gold, which must eventually cause a considerable loss and scarcity of silver, which will be severely felt.

  32. Nor is that all; such State would became a barrier of infinite importance.

  33. This want, I persuade myself you will remedy, if you have not already provided against it.

  34. In fine it was found necessary to send five or six men to the watch-house in order to put her out of her calculation.

  35. Finally men simply debit and credit one another, so that immense transactions are effected by means of this equation of equations.

  36. Two men were sitting talking in front of a cabin.

  37. As the tide of war surged nearer and nearer, and the demand for recruits became clamorous, the people of the valley bethought them of the gaunt but sturdy men who lived on the mountain.

  38. The two young men from Atlanta were paralysed with horror.

  39. He was not physically helpless, by any means, but the fact that he had no remedy against the attitude of the men of Hog Mountain chafed him almost beyond endurance.

  40. The right wing had learned that a number of Union men were concealed on the mountain, and one or two little excursion parties were made up for the purpose of forming their acquaintance.

  41. As a general thing, she avoided the public square when riding to and from the school, but it was hats off with all the men when she did go clattering down the street, and some of the romantic dry-goods clerks sent their sighs after her.

  42. Teague wore the air of awkward, recklessly-helpless independence which so often deceives those who strike the mountain men for a trade.

  43. He was known far and wide as "Laughing Mingo," and upon hundreds of occasions he was the boon companion of the young men about Rockville in their wild escapades.

  44. He stood in the road until the revenue men had disappeared.

  45. I see the young men with their crystal eyes, They stand about my door, their hearts, I know Are breaking in the poppies that they bring.

  46. Times--Mr. Phillips is a poet, one of the half dozen men of the younger generation, whose writings contain the indefinable quality which makes for permanence.

  47. But what pleases me best of all is your description of the entertainments, where men and women converse together as they like.

  48. Now, then, I feel confident of victory, even if I should have to stand with a thousand men against ten thousand of the enemy.

  49. The twelve men who had entered in so mysterious a manner, had assembled in a large back room.

  50. Fate has destroyed in a day a structure in the erection of which great men had been engaged for two centuries.

  51. Germany has not now so many high-minded and courageous men that she could spare one, and the best of them all.

  52. Threatening men surrounded the traitor on all sides, and anxiously scanned his pale, cowardly face.

  53. His grief at the misfortunes of Prussia is gnawing at his heart, and all the mortifications and misrepresentations he has suffered at the hands of the very men whom he served with so much fidelity have pierced his soul like poisoned daggers.

  54. You devour men and countries, and the wails of whole nations are music to your ears.

  55. The men were just engaged in placing the clock on the other articles in a basket.

  56. Each of these three men stood near the burning tapers, and looked in grave silence at the open paper in his hand.

  57. And such men desire to be sovereign princes, and wear a crown!

  58. It is true men are walking about without heads, but they are not so honest as to reveal the fact so openly as your automaton does.

  59. Upon the whole, we cannot suppress, what one of the most learned Men of this Age, said upon persuing the Paraphrase, viz.

  60. The Paraphrase comes as near as our Customs admit; for the British Ladies never attend to see Men kill one another in jest.

  61. Observe these Documents, and leave all other Niceties to the Women, and to Men who desire to supply their Places.

  62. Better communication helped to make men better acquainted with one another, to broaden their sympathies, to spread a better knowledge of public events at home and abroad and to establish closer links between town life and country life.

  63. The dancers appear in from two to five parties, representing neighboring villages, each of which is aided by the wealthy men of other villages; and these parties vie with each other primarily in the display of their regalia.

  64. From it he receives the song or rite or knowledge of the charm and the understanding which enable him to cause or remove disease and to do and endure what other men cannot.

  65. The dancers are mostly young men without any knowledge of the ceremony other than of the simple dance-step and songs.

  66. The initiates are however not limited as to age, men being sometimes included.

  67. Many of these miserable men had passed forty years in this place, but most died soon, overcome by the hard work and the fearful extremes of heat and cold to which they were exposed on entering and leaving the mine.

  68. The baker's men were at work in the open court of the bakehouse, kneading bread--the coarser kind of dough with the feet, the finer with the hands.

  69. The men of Argos praised the strength of the sons,--the women praised the mother who possessed these sons.

  70. In the active business of life, the clever, brave Greeks seemed to me especially serviceable; at death, I want men who can make me out a pass into the nether regions.

  71. You, my son, are in the habit of using the eyes and ears of other men instead of going to the fountain-head yourself.

  72. On hearing this he cried angrily: "I swear, by Mithras, that these murdered men shall be paid for; ten lives for one.

  73. A butcher was slaughtering an ox before his house, the creature's legs having been pinioned; and his men were busy sharpening their knives to cut up a wild goat.

  74. The need of such an Order was evident, for the Church found great difficulty in securing men of the requisite gifts and graces for the office of the ministry.

  75. They had found a ritualistic worship associated with practices which they could not but judge to be ungodly and unjust, and engaged in by men who made much of form, but little of truth and charity and justice.

  76. In the mind of Knox, these men were the successors to the lectors of the early Church, and corresponded in Scotland to the docteurs of the Swiss Reformed Church, a Church whose organization he regarded as but little less than perfect.

  77. They dwelt, as pious men are apt to dwell, in suffering and sorrow on the all-disposing power of Providence.

  78. To emulate the spirit of brave and wise men of the past is the part of wisdom, to imitate their methods may be the extreme of folly.

  79. Comparisons are odious, and we do not desire to institute them, but as wise men we should surely be guided by the light which history and experience in the past throws forward upon the pathway that we are to travel.

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