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  1. But we are not justified in condemning, on the score of dissimilarity of conception and treatment, either representation as incorrect or worthless.

  2. A man is not superior to a horse because his structure and powers are unlike those of the horse; nor is a rabbit or a bird inferior either to a horse or to a man, since the organisation of all these creatures is adapted to different usage.

  3. The sensation of pleasure is obtained from the possession of a correspondingly acute capacity to feel pain, discrimination placing value on either polaric contrary proportionate to the sensory capacity involved.

  4. A discerning critic does not, however, condemn either picture as worthless or incorrect because the one does not resemble the other.

  5. The rest had either stood still, turned to the left or were turning first one way and then another, to adjust themselves to those nearest them.

  6. It'll either be the gol-darnedest fight that the 200th Injianny Volunteers ever got into or the cussedest foot-race that ever wuz run.

  7. Si and Shorty had seen some of them and yelled at them to come up and form on them, but the skedaddlers either would not or could not hear.

  8. A couple of miles ahead Forrest's cavalry was making a noisy dispute of the army's retreat, the woods were on fire, and the fences on either side of the road were blazing.

  9. In five minutes we'll either be in Heaven or bayoneting the rebels in that fort.

  10. And there are colorists who can keep their quiet in the midst of a jewellery of light; but, for the most part, it is better to avoid breaking up either lines or masses by too many points, and to make the few points used exceedingly precious.

  11. There must either be intervals between the piers, of which intervals the character will be determined by that of the piers themselves, or else doors or windows in the walls proper.

  12. If, however, beside frequent entrance, entrance is required for multitudes at the same time, the size of the aperture either must be increased, or other apertures must be introduced.

  13. Hitherto our enquiry has been unembarrassed by any considerations relating exclusively either to the exterior or interior of buildings.

  14. It does not at all matter whether architecture or sculpture be the nobler art; but it matters much whether the thought is bestowed upon buildings, or the feeling is expressed in statues, which make either deserving of our admiration.

  15. She realized that her objections were of no consequence to either the Mexican or the doctor, and a sudden wave of gratitude overwhelmed her.

  16. Looks like they're just bound to be miserable either way.

  17. Unable to cram the sacks into the saddle pouches, he tore off the strings of the bags and poured the gold into the leather saddle pouches on either side of the horse.

  18. Either Donnie will succumb to his father's influence, and you will have two brutes to cope with, or the boy will hate his father, and someday Glendon will kill Donnie or Donnie will kill his father.

  19. Limber knew he must either tell the truth and clear himself in the eyes of Traynor, or remain silent and take the blame with the others; even though this might mean losing his job as foreman of the Diamond H.

  20. They got to scrapping over the stockings and shoes, that was too small for either of them to wear.

  21. They knew there was no other passenger train due either way at that hour; but they could not count on freights or specials.

  22. I am confident that you will sorely need enough to provide a roof and food in event of his death, and should I make any other provisions for you and your child, I do not believe either of you would benefit one cent by my legacy.

  23. All I can say is that either the visits of the inspector must be expected and prepared for, or, as I have frequently remarked, inspection leads to purblindness.

  24. In times of depression individuals are thrust out who become a burden on the country all the rest of their lives, either by idleness, beggary or crime.

  25. He was shepherded in some way or other either by church or lord.

  26. There was no room either in tramp ward or lodging-house; he slept out, unfortunately for him, on private grounds.

  27. Do not imagine either that we slept more uneasily than others.

  28. There is, however, one question we must briefly deal with in considering either private or public action.

  29. There was no place to wash but the small fireside sink: one man considerately cleared out from its neighbourhood, and I thought we were alone in that half of the room till I looked and saw a slumbering man on either side.

  30. He is pretty certain of work when he gets there because he is known either to the ganger or the agent, or some one in a position to start him, which is really the reason he goes such a distance.

  31. The community that fails to shield its women to the utmost of its power will either be roused to its duty by the trumpet call of flagrant wrong, or will perish by decay of manhood and of the family.

  32. It does not deal effectively with either vagrant, incapable, or the special product of the industrial period, the ineffective.

  33. Granted that any individual attains a certain psychical evolution in normal development, either evolution or devolution lies before him.

  34. We had fled to either side when we saw him coming, but presently my friend peeped, and there he was, standing staring in.

  35. After finishing the larder, the portress set me to turn out bundles, which were stacked in compartments on either side of a long, high room, right up to the ceiling.

  36. Either he had not closed the door tightly, or his servant was entering with his key.

  37. But, now that he was in the place for ten or twelve years, he need take no precautions, either for persons or for ideas, and he might speak.

  38. Either it will be satisfactory, and then we shall have nothing to do, or it will not be, and in that case I promise you to see Balzajette.

  39. Either he had succeeded in rendering himself unrecognizable or he had not; but it was done, and now he could do nothing more.

  40. It was the Count de Brigard, whose principles forbade him to enter a church for either a wedding or a funeral, and who walked up and down on the sidewalk with his disciples, waiting to congratulate Saniel.

  41. Either to enter the room and brave this danger, or to fly.

  42. He approached it, and found that it was a butcher's knife, that must have been lost, either on going to the market or the slaughterhouse.

  43. In either case it was renouncing all his ambitions.

  44. To tell the truth, two heavy curtains of woollen damask hung on either side of the window, but they were not drawn.

  45. He placed his Spanish infantry in the centre, with the African foot on either flank.

  46. Either from motives of policy or of generosity, Charles did not abuse his success by the punishment of his rival, Raginfred, on whom he conferred the earldom and province of Anjou.

  47. But the attention of Charlemagne was called off to a more immediate danger from the Saxons, of whom the Frisons were either a branch or the perpetual allies.

  48. Godfrey took no part, it would seem, in either discussion or inquiry, and displayed no sort of anxiety as to his own claims.

  49. The horses died for want of sufficient food and water; and knights were seen either walking on foot, or riding on oxen and asses, carrying their own armor.

  50. No better representative of the true old hardy Roman type, little softened either by luxury or education, had come to the head of affairs since the days of Marius.

  51. It is impossible to dwell at length on the events of the siege and the gallant deeds on either side.

  52. In great ecclesiastical questions, or those affecting the more powerful vassals of the crown, either the king himself, or the count of his palace, sat as judge.

  53. But it also demonstrated how impossible it was for any one to govern at all who had no claim, either personal or inherited, to the respect of the legions.

  54. Many of these were executed either at Shrewsbury or London; and the Earl of Northumberland, the chief support of the rebellion, made his peace for the time to meditate his rebellions.

  55. When she came to that she broke right down and cried, and says she to me, 'I haven't either of them now!

  56. Of his courage there was no question, but he was not destined to the death either of a warrior or a martyr.

  57. Meantime the arguments of the learned President had proved powerless, either to convince the nobles that the institution was laudable or to obtain from the Duchess a postponement in the publication of the late decrees.

  58. They are organized on one of two principles: each is under the control either of a board or of a single commissioner.

  59. The principal county authority is usually a board of commissioners or supervisors (in Louisiana it is called the police jury), elected by the voters either from the county at large or from districts into which the county is divided.

  60. If the bill seems worthy of being reported, the committee reports it to the house with a recommendation that it be passed either with or without amendments, or that it be rejected.

  61. The early Presidents either did not make use of the veto power at all, or employed it sparingly.

  62. Suppose there had been a serious dispute in either of these cases, could the president of the senate have counted for himself the votes in dispute?

  63. It is a system in which there is a more nearly equal division of local governmental functions between the county and township than is found either in New England or in the Southern states.

  64. While the Constitution expressly authorizes the President to appoint officers, with the consent of the senate, it is completely silent on the question of whether he may remove an officer, either with or without the consent of the senate.

  65. Congress had No Power to Regulate Commerce, either with foreign countries or among the states themselves.

  66. Mississippi in 1890 took the initiative, and required ability either to read the constitution of the state or to understand it when read by an election officer.

  67. Under the joint rule mentioned above, either house could reject a questionable vote.

  68. The higher court either affirms the judgment of the lower court or reverses it.

  69. The law declares that they shall be redeemed in coin, that is, either gold or silver, at the option of the government.

  70. I have not chosen either of them as a subject for this lecture, because Mr. Morley has so exhausted what is to be known about them, that I could tell you nothing which I had not stolen from him.

  71. His real name was Wittag, an ancient family of Wesel, on the Rhine, from which town either he or his father adopted the name of Vesalius, according to the classicising fashion of those days.

  72. But it is one of the books which I should like to see, either in a translation or its own exquisite Greek, in the hands of every young man.

  73. They who had the means to live at ease, either in splendour or in luxury, preferred the uncertainty of change to their natural security.

  74. The crossing was a very rough one; the Duke went hurriedly below; while the two Princes, we are told, lay on either side of the cabin staircase "in an almost helpless state.

  75. Perhaps in either case the difficulties to be encountered were equally great; but the present problem was the more complex and the more interesting.

  76. Either for this or for some other reason the procedure of the last forty years was abandoned, and Maclean was tried for high treason.

  77. Yet in truth it is difficult to trace any fundamental change either in her theory or her practice in constitutional matters throughout her life.

  78. In one particular it was observed that he did not take after his father: owing either to his peculiar upbringing or to a more fundamental idiosyncrasy he had a marked distaste for the opposite sex.

  79. He himself made no attempt to minimise either the multiplicity or the significance of the functions he performed.

  80. Though there was nothing in Palmerston's language to show that he either recognised or supported Prince Leopold, the King at once assumed that the English had broken their engagement, and that he was therefore free to do likewise.

  81. On one occasion, in 1847, he had actually been upon the point of threatening to break off diplomatic relations with France without consulting either the Cabinet or the Prime Minister.

  82. The Poet Laureate, adopting, either from complaisance or conviction, the tone of his sovereign, joined in the chorus, and endowed the royal formula with the magical resonance of verse.

  83. She moved through life with the imposing certitude of one to whom concealment was impossible--either towards her surroundings or towards herself.

  84. It was clear that the course he had marked out for himself was full of hazard, and demanded an extraordinary nerve; a single false step, and either himself, or England, might be plunged in disaster.

  85. I defy any man in this country, beginning with the ministers themselves, to cite either what name, what charge, from what port and for what destination I have sent the vessels dispatched since.

  86. Nevertheless, there were articles furnished at Havre, which differ so widely from what was delivered, that the General told me that our correspondent in this country is either a poor merchant or a swindler.

  87. Carmichael, returns directly, you will have time to arrange this manoeuver either with the Secret Committee of Congress, or directly with a friendly and discreet corsair.

  88. The troubles of Beaumarchais showed no signs of diminishing either in number or perplexity.

  89. To minds already prepossessed with similar ideas, this pamphlet was not calculated to increase the confidence of Congress in the good faith either of their commissioner or of his friend.

  90. Although the storm of the Revolution was gathering already, its shadow had not yet fallen upon Beaumarchais, who did not foresee either its fury or the extent of the devastation it was to carry in its train.

  91. He scarcely could open a letter which did not contain either a demand for charity if it was signed, or a series of invectives if it were anonymous.

  92. I never play cards, and I have never caused either disorder in a family, nor scandal in a house of joy.

  93. Every phrase had a moral or a useful object proper to cause the spectator to reflect either on human nature or on the abuses of society.

  94. One hears of no genius on either side, nor do symptoms of any appear.

  95. Still, I do not amuse you with visions on either side, but tell you nakedly what advantage has been gained or lost.

  96. I am sincerely grieved for the Duchess de Choiseul, the most perfect being I know of either sex.

  97. Don't believe that I am either begging praise by the stale artifice of hoping to be contradicted; or that I think there is any occasion to make you discover my caducity.

  98. I neither flatter myself on one hand, nor am impatient on the other--for will either do one any good?

  99. Excepting Horace, how little idea had either Greeks or Romans of wit and humour!

  100. The rage at Paris seems to increase daily or hourly; they either despair, or are now avowed banditti.

  101. I am sorry, either that he was so able a man, or so successful a man.

  102. I can either print a few to amuse ourselves, or, if very curious, and not too dry, could make a third number of "Miscellaneous Antiquities.

  103. No Declaration has followed on either side.

  104. On either hand, a balcony for elect ladies.

  105. Twelve Peerages showered at once, to convert the House of Lords, were no bribes; nor was a shilling issued for secret services; nor would a member of either House have received it!

  106. He must either sink to poverty and a jail, or commit new excesses, for which he will get knocked on the head.

  107. They are either obeyed or disobeyed, but are not understood and improved upon: they stand like the customs of China.

  108. Now the State orders that the child must be taught, either at home or at school, and furnishes the school free.

  109. In either case the child grows up in association with domestic servants and service.

  110. Outside, in the necessary contact and freedom of the world's life, crude ideas must change, and either become suited to the times or lost entirely.

  111. Domestic servants are not, as a rule, either at all trained in the right treatment of children or in such personal development of character and manners as would make them desirable companions for the young.

  112. For my master, sir, hath set down his resolution, either to redeem his honour, or leave his life behind him.

  113. I'll go and provide the maid, therefore give me your present resolution, either now or never.

  114. My son shall either go to Old Trinity or he does without a university education.

  115. How this came to pass was more than either girl could possibly conjecture; but they both felt that it was the final crown of their happiness.

  116. She is not the sort of girl I wish either you or Nora ever to associate with again.

  117. They had struggled to put their pence and shillings together, and with some difficulty had met the question of the rent; but Andy Neil either could not or would not pay; and the Squire had got the law, as he expressed it, to evict the man.

  118. The underbrush through which the path led was very thick and high, and for a short distance nothing could be discerned on either side.

  119. You are full of good intentions that you are either too lazy or too thoughtless ever to fulfil.

  120. Either they talk of crops or weather, or they sit in silence and just look wise.

  121. Not a word had either of us spoken, but at last when our reminiscent wanderings were over and we paused on the threshold of the future, Tim spoke.

  122. Then you either get over it entirely or become so used to it you don't feel it at all.

  123. Now what I have come ashore for is to arrange for you to make signals to us if you want either to see me or to come on board with your mother.

  124. We were drenched to the skin, and were both hungry and thirsty, with not a drop of fresh water or the smallest fragment of anything eatable in the boat, and no prospect of obtaining either until we should be picked up.

  125. I think London will be a good place either to take the shilling or get a berth on board some ship.

  126. They had crossed the ford as though travelling from his farm; the chance was that Thomson was either already aware of the rebellion and in full defence of his property, or murdered, he and all his folk.

  127. There is not a boat that can swim either on board us or the gunboat, sir.

  128. He had, however, hesitated to accept what most men would have jumped at, as it meant separation from Gilbert, who was at an age when a boy needs either a father or brother's control.

  129. Fancy all this lovely line of bank on either side, and no one to live here.

  130. But we must wait for daylight, and so we tried to sleep in turns, though I do not know if either of us did so.

  131. He can be of infinite service in either capacity mentioned in this letter [spy or Colonel], that his Majesty is graciously pleasd to employ him.

  132. It is thought that all the others who have been apprehended either had of the Prince's money in their hands, or that the Government expects they can make some discoverys about it; I wish with all my heart the Gov.

  133. Honest warrantable people from London' came to Paris and offered 'without either fee or reward' to do the business.

  134. For, according to Young Glengarry, in a letter to James cited later, November 10 was either the day appointed for the bursting of the Elibank plot, or was the day on which the date of the explosion was settled.

  135. Nor do I believe that he either knows where you are, nor how you are maintained.

  136. Charles, in fact, was himself very poor: when money came in, either from English adherents or from the Loch Arkaig hoard, he sent large remittances to Avignon.

  137. If the Duke of Newcastle's constituent was acquainted with this, I daresay he would esteem the demand reasonable, considering what he throws away upon others of no interest or power on either side .

  138. In either of these cases there is all the reason to believe that England would do wonders.

  139. The little party at Oakwood had all either walked or ridden out, and Mrs. Hamilton alone remained at home.

  140. Two or three of his letters had remained unanswered; there were no tidings of either herself or her mother.

  141. Emmeline, as she sprung with the strength of agony from her seat, and stood with the suddenness of a vision, before her parents, a bright hectic spot burning on either cheek, rendering her usually mild eyes painfully brilliant.

  142. And where do you expect to find either principle or religion now?

  143. An understanding had taken place between her and Percy, but not yet did either intend their engagement to be known.

  144. It was even so, that very morning Greville had breathed his last, with all his sins upon his head, for no time had been allowed him either for repentance or atonement.

  145. As I sometimes went into the room when they were together, either with hot water or grilled bones, or something of that sort, I was able to notice exactly where the chairs were generally placed.

  146. It must be either Walter's abduction or that he is not John Simcoe, and I should say that the former is much the more likely.

  147. So when I saw the paper I said to myself, 'Either the man was not drowned at all, or he must be some relation of his.

  148. Either the woman is a witch or she knew all about me personally, which is barely within the limits of possibility.

  149. The tiger had leaped partly beyond him, so that he lay under its stomach, and it could not for the moment use either its teeth or claws.

  150. We had agreed between ourselves that if either of us got into trouble the other should call once a month at the house of a woman we knew to ask for letters, and I did that regularly after he was sent out.

  151. I thought that he had gone down somehow, and had either been eaten by sharks or killed by the natives, or shot in some row with his mates.

  152. Yes, you gave us both quite a start, and Hilda said we must either give up talking silently or let you into our secret; so I don't think that she will be vexed when I tell her that I have let it out.

  153. His opinion was, perhaps, a little more favorable than any that they had received, but the thought that their only child must either make this considerable journey once a month or live there altogether was very painful to them.

  154. On this side the trade is no doubt in the hands of men who either work a single barge or fishing-boat of their own, or who certainly work it without the least suspicion on the part of the owners.

  155. If you will get either one of them on the telephone, they will corroborate my words.

  156. Its space was covered with divisions, a big zero in the middle and numbers running up from zero into the hundreds of thousands and millions on either side.

  157. If ‘the man’ is to do this, he must either be a great scientist himself, or have obtained his secret from some great scientist.

  158. As he saw us standing on either side of him, he started back for a moment, but then stopped short, his keys still dangling from his hand.

  159. When we had worked on it for what seemed an endless time, we had but a slight furrow on either side of the lock, and two broken blades to show for our labors.

  160. Either Tom had to mount the express wagon, or Mrs. Rosnosky had to come in the motor car.

  161. You’d better not see either of them though.

  162. There was no sign of life on board that they could ascertain, and they made up their minds that the boat had either lost its occupants or had been driven offshore with its sail hoisted.

  163. Of course there is a bare chance that the fellow may be a harmless citizen who mistook me for either a highwayman or a lunatic.

  164. It did; iron stairs and wooden landings succeeded each other, till the fourth story showed two doors, one on either side of a landing dimly illuminated by a skylight.

  165. Before us was the shore, lighted as by a ghostly radiance, on either side was darkness, such darkness that we could barely distinguish the sky line of bluff and tree against the sky.

  166. As we could get no news at any of the government offices, we thought we would try to find some dealer here who might have supplied either of the boats with coal.

  167. With instinctive courtesy, every sailor on either boat removed his cap as she spoke, and the skipper gave answer in slow, deeply considered words.

  168. If we could only find somebody here in town who wasn’t an official, and yet who would know where either of those ships stood.

  169. He came to England, having previously attempted to gain support for his projected voyages in Spain and Portugal, and he took up his residence in either London or Bristol.

  170. On July 9, the movement was successfully carried out; no opposition at either ford being offered by the enemy.

  171. They were in fact resolved by bluff or by force either to regain Acadia, or, in default of attaining that object, to make its condition one of permanent insecurity and unrest.

  172. But a new feature came into the struggle, the {217} result of the inevitable advance of white men on either side in the course of years.

  173. Thus the way was cleared from the lakes to the sources of the Ohio, and either end of the portage was guarded by a blockhouse.

  174. On either side a General had been sent out from Europe; the English General had been killed, the French General had been wounded and taken prisoner.

  175. So far as the struggle was between the French and the Five Nations, the scene of action was either the Ottawa river, or the angle between the Richelieu and the St. Lawrence.

  176. On the ocean, India can be reached from Europe either by going east or by going west.

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