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Example sentences for "amuse"

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amselle; amuck; amulet; amulets; amung; amused; amusedly; amusement; amusements; amuses
  1. Well, I amuse myself frequently by noticing these things, and I have observed that he invariably carries it in his hand, and reads it twice before sending it.

  2. But pray, sir, are there not enough people on board to amuse you without the need of exercising your powers on me.

  3. It would amuse the thoughtful and intelligent, but from a business point of view that portion of the public are never worth considering.

  4. Here, then, I made my home; and although it is a lonely place I amuse myself making rustles and flutters, and so get along very nicely.

  5. Then Dorothy wound up Tik-tok and he danced a jig to amuse the company, after which the Yellow Hen related some of her adventures with the Nome King in the Land of Ev.

  6. He shall amuse us with his tricks tomorrow," said the Princess.

  7. The chips, Koukou," demanded the Hetman, "We are not here to amuse ourselves.

  8. Nevertheless, you must allow me to listen to your conversation: I shall hope to find something in it to amuse me.

  9. Amuse yourself with them, if you like, while I talk to your friend.

  10. That is but too true," cried Louis XV; "and I felt much annoyed at the time, that he preferred going to amuse himself at the house of M.

  11. He begs my permission to exhibit his experiment before me; and if it would amuse you, we will have the exhibition to-morrow.

  12. These preliminaries over, the maréchale came to the king to make the request to which he had now become accustomed, but which did not the less amuse him.

  13. You think because you mean honorably by Magsie Clay, and amuse yourself by being generous to her, that Magsie means honorably by you.

  14. They were much in demand to fill in bridge tables, to serve on club directorates, to amuse week-end parties, to be present at house weddings, and to remain with the family for the first blank day or two after the bride and groom were gone.

  15. One day, when playing with his nephew, afterwards George the Third, a child, the Duke drew a sword to amuse him.

  16. When resident in college, he would frequently amuse himself by sending to his friends scraps of Greek of a like character, for solution.

  17. This reminds me of an anecdote that used to amuse the under-grads in my day at Cambridge.

  18. But to gratify and amuse others was ever the source of the greatest satisfaction to him.

  19. Instead of blaming me, the whole affair seemed greatly to amuse the hearty old man.

  20. The idea seemed greatly to amuse him and my cousin--they laughed in my face, and dared me to make the experiment.

  21. Yes, sir, she's well; and we don't amuse ourselves at all.

  22. If you would go into the ante-room for five minutes--you will find books on the table, and can amuse yourself in feeding my sparrows.

  23. The princess instantly retired to the room she occupied on her previous visits, and the distinguished gentlemen will amuse themselves by shooting at a target, as they're too tired to follow the hunt.

  24. I hope to show you that the fewer ducal pretensions people make, the more royally they can amuse themselves.

  25. Yet why should not a great man amuse himself by taking an affectionate interest in a little man?

  26. So I must introduce subjects that amuse the gentlemen, even though they may be terribly out of taste.

  27. No one in the castle noticed anything unusual, the supper was a little more quiet, and there was no card playing afterwards, which greatly vexed the chevalier, who does not know how to amuse himself without it.

  28. Because private tutors are not able to go out to amuse themselves with a train of attendants.

  29. And Sunday-school teaching is not a proper thing to amuse one's self with.

  30. I only meant that he does not care for anything very much, except to amuse himself.

  31. Mr Philip, if you wish to make amends to him, you should offer to take his place and let him go to the country to amuse himself with the rest for a few days.

  32. He will find something else to amuse him.

  33. By attaching a string to them, and whirling them, or letting the infant do so, it is surprising how long the child will amuse itself with these balls, and what pleasure colors alone give, especially when combined with motion.

  34. My fresh Americanism, and watchful observation of English characteristics, appeared either to interest or amuse him, or perhaps both.

  35. Please, may I come and sit with him, and tell him funny stories, and amuse him; and may I see Susie?

  36. They might amuse themselves: he had other fish to fry; he could not accompany any of them that afternoon.

  37. Janet was more silent, could not amuse her father and make him laugh, and he was not fond of her.

  38. They amuse us on the stage--these clever people.

  39. Scanlan affected to be called from home on business, but desired his wife to make Sullivan amuse her for an hour on the river in the boat.

  40. Then Leo made the Song of the Twins who had forgotten that they were Gods, and had played in the dust to amuse a foster-mother.

  41. But they are greasy shepherds, we are not intended to amuse them," said Leo.

  42. When he was in a good humour he used to amuse himself by saying, 'It's the first time a pipe has changed into a shoe.

  43. The moment you asked me to marry you I was reminded of Francoeur, who when I was on earth used to amuse me by telling me the most ridiculous stories.

  44. And you, my dear child, must by all means go and amuse yourself with the young people; just leave the catering to me; I know all about that.

  45. In the hotel garden, beside the little fountain in the middle of the lawn, sat a ragged condor which the landlord had bought to amuse his guests.

  46. And then, quickly turning from this brief confession, with assurances that the worst was over, he sought to amuse her by speaking of his new acquaintance with the perch-fisher.

  47. He seemed to amuse himself by attacking all she said, and provoking her to argument.

  48. But this house-spider, which glided with so much ease after its flies, through webs so numerous and mazy, had yet to amuse Madame di Negra with assurances that the fugitives sought for would sooner or later be discovered.

  49. I have been making a romance, to amuse myself, from their contents," said he.

  50. But Riccabocca had no time nor inclination now to amuse himself with enlightening that tumult of conjecture which the books created.

  51. Talking to myself in this way when reflections crowded upon me, and by seizing every opportunity to amuse myself at the expense of the guards, I got the camel's back in pretty fair shape again, and resigned myself to the inevitable.

  52. As I desired to amuse myself by quizzing him, I was mysterious and non-committal.

  53. For the first time that day O'Také and O'Haru had something to amuse them.

  54. For people who would amuse themselves there is none superior.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amuse" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    amuse; beguile; convulse; delight; distract; divert; enliven; entertain; exhilarate; fracture; kill; occupy; play; please; refresh; regale; relax; slay; solace; tickle; while

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