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Example sentences for "entertain"

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enterprising; enterprize; enterprizes; enterprizing; enters; entertaind; entertaine; entertained; entertainement; entertainer
  1. It would entertain me very much to watch you work," said this queer boy, "but I'll wait.

  2. The audience behaved beautifully; it sat solemnly listening, believing that the tenants of the Ark, through their youthful representative, were trying to entertain it, and it politely tried to look entertained.

  3. We're are own servants, and we couldn't entertain you while we were at work.

  4. And I should like to have a pretty house and entertain people beautifully, so they'd be perfectly happy visiting me.

  5. From these directions we are led to suppose that there are some hopes of bleeding the animal to life; for the author above quoted seems to entertain no apprehension of bleeding the animal to death.

  6. In this predicament Keats began very seriously to entertain the idea, which we have seen broached by him several times already, of seeking the post of surgeon on an East Indiaman as at least a temporary means of livelihood.

  7. Being a Selection of new Anecdotes, humorous Tales, amusing Stories and Witticisms; calculated to entertain and enliven the Social Circle.

  8. I do not now entertain a shadow of doubt that every one of those ten "different varieties" were bred from white hens and a black cock, of the ordinary "Shanghae" tribe.

  9. In conclusion, I can only intimate the high consideration I entertain towards yourself for having prepaid the postage upon your communication; a very unusual transaction with legal gentlemen.

  10. Lee immediately answered, saying he did not entertain the opinion that further resistance was hopeless on the part of his army, yet asked Grant to name the terms he would offer on condition of surrender.

  11. He then, as always, talked readily, but never idly or solely to entertain even his friends.

  12. Therefore the Chair has always announced upon a proposition to change the rules of the House he never would entertain a dilatory motion.

  13. Both Halleck and Buell were apparently either jealous of Grant or they entertained or assumed to entertain a real contempt for his talents.

  14. I think the best way were to entertain him with hope, till the wicked fire of lust have melted him in his own grease.

  15. I'll entertain myself like one that I am not acquainted withal; for, sure, unless he know some strain in me that I know not myself, he would never have boarded me in this fury.

  16. I will entertain Bardolph; he shall draw, he shall tap; said I well, bully Hector?

  17. But she could not long entertain that feeling, for she was always satisfied with herself.

  18. Accordingly the pink muslins were donned, the raffled but pretty hair was put into immaculate order, and the girls, their hearts beating a little, went downstairs to entertain their distinguished guest.

  19. They had so often been at the Carters' house, now it would be their turn to entertain them, and they should have a right good time.

  20. Did she really take me for a blithering idiot, or did she entertain doubts on the matter?

  21. It is extraordinary but nevertheless true that there are people who entertain doubtful feelings regarding anyone who has undertaken Secret Service work.

  22. I could not see how any harm could come to Mr. Thompkins or any one else with sense, nor how Bishop could possibly entertain him in anyway that would be disagreeable to a man of brains.

  23. Bishop would cleverly entertain these aspiring geniuses with shop talk concerning literature and music, and he had a charming way of dwelling upon the finish and subtlety of their work and comparing it with that of the masters.

  24. Did any one of the thirteen colonies entertain such a design or expectation?

  25. These are the views they entertain in regard to it as I understand them; and all their sentiments, all their arguments and propositions, are brought within this range.

  26. But it is not at all necessary for young people to entertain in order to be asked out a great deal; they need merely be attractive and have engaging manners to be as popular as heart could wish.

  27. Making an especial effort to entertain a guest who is to stay for a week or longer has gone out of custom in the fashionable world, except for an important personage.

  28. There are no end of people, and the smartest ones at that, who entertain only in the most informal possible way.

  29. In the same way a mother may leave her son's card with her own upon any of her own friends--especially upon those likely to entertain for young people.

  30. Asking Eggert to entertain him for a little while I went to dress.

  31. Do not entertain so weak an imagination as that your registers and your bonds, your affidavits and your sufferances, are what form the great securities of your commerce.

  32. What wonder that in her innocence and blindness she knew no reason why the most brilliant and the most graceful of the young nobles of Pompeii should entertain none other than feelings of friendship for her!

  33. We old married women will have to entertain one another.

  34. When as the warm weather approached they opened both the wings of their house-door, it was because they thought it would entertain them and not because they were conscious of a pressure.

  35. Our commanding officer and his wife were there also during the winter, therefore those of us who were at Helena and Camp Baker, feel that we must entertain them in some way.

  36. The importance of our husbands as hosts--their many efforts to make us comfortable and entertain us--is amusing, yet very lovely.

  37. And then the members of the old garrison, according to army etiquette, have to entertain those that have just come, so altogether we are very gay.

  38. He could speak his name, but not another word of English, so, thinking to entertain him, Faye reached for a rifle that was standing in one corner of the room to show him, as it was of a recent make.

  39. Once this pair of adventurers were very anxious to entertain the Hanoverian minister; but how could they do so when they had no money?

  40. Walpole says of the members of the fashionable club, after complaining of a dull winter in politics: "Even our macaronies entertain the town with nothing but new dresses and the size of their nosegays.

  41. I entertain no doubt whatever that Miss Susanna Heald wished to ruin the Countess of Landsfeld, and that this was at any rate one of her motives in instituting police court proceedings.

  42. The jovial Roger responded with the toast "Friend Dujarier's bald head," and evoked roars of laughter by drinking to the Memoirs of Count Montholon, with which La Presse had promised to entertain its readers for the last five years.

  43. Lola was bold enough to tell her American audience that the palm of beauty must be awarded to Englishwomen, and that the Yankees were too mercantile and practical to entertain the old spirit of gallantry.

  44. It was important to show the natives our power, and that we did not entertain the slightest fear of them.

  45. She at once entered into conversation without the slightest bashfulness; and it struck me that she was exerting herself, not so much to entertain us, as to keep up Mrs Hudson's spirits.

  46. If you will graciously step into my humble home I shall be glad to entertain you at dinner.

  47. This is my busy day," said the giantess to Fiddlecumdoo, "and I fear I shall not be able to entertain you in a proper manner, for I must hasten to the laundry to wash the clothes.

  48. The little ones never wearied of his company, he could entertain them in so many different ways.

  49. Nick Ellhorn's heart was warmed and expansive and he promptly volunteered to sit with the invalid and entertain him for an hour, and with effusive thanks the Mexican nurse conducted the tall Texan to the sick-room.

  50. Let us entertain Monsieur with the best at our command, and bid him Godspeed when he shall choose to leave us.

  51. Quite right, my child," answered Madame Drucour; "I shall deem it an honour to entertain the brave Marquis.

  52. He doesn't talk very well, and last night I hardly knew how to entertain him.

  53. And even on the long voyage there had been so much to entertain her.

  54. Can't you bring them over some Saturday and I'll do my best to entertain you.

  55. Stay you to entertain him to his chamber, But keep close, Wench, he flyes at all.

  56. Pray lye here your self next, Mistress, And entertain your sweet-heart.

  57. Pray ye, Sir, Entertain my noble Mistris: only a word or two With this importunate woman, and I'le relieve ye.

  58. Come Sir, for this night I shall entertain ye, And like a Gentleman, how e'r your fortune Hath cast ye on the worst part.

  59. What think you of a Bath, and a Lords Daughter To entertain you?

  60. I hear him come, go boy, and entertain him.

  61. In some of the towns on their route Mr. Wesley had friends who were eager to entertain the travellers, and in whose pious households they fared well.

  62. Oh, sir, can you think me so weak a wretch as to entertain one unworthy thought in relation to this lady, who has ever treated me with a sisterly friendship?

  63. My good Kilrush, I am astounded that you could entertain such a thought.

  64. I am very tired of the pomps and vanities, but I cannot entertain the hope of finding an alternative pleasure in sermons and long prayers, or the pious company Lady Huntingdon assembles every Thursday evening.

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