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Example sentences for "dull"

Lexicographically close words:
dulcified; dulcimer; dulcis; dule; dulie; dullard; dullards; dulle; dulled; duller
  1. Its front, towered and pinnacled, suggesting more fortress security than this dull chateau, opened upon a great outer court that lay between the palace and the walls.

  2. Always, as you go through this land of romance, or any romance land, and wise dull folk dispute, you can console yourself that Scott also was mistaken(?

  3. It lends itself to such majesty, dull and deserted as it is for the most part.

  4. It is a dull little country town with a wretched palace of Said Pasha.

  5. I seem to feel how dull we shall be without him when he goes away for good,' said he, and Darfour expresses his intention of going with Maurice.

  6. Miss Berry is dull no doubt, but few books seem dull to me now, I can tell you, and I was much delighted with such a piece de resistance.

  7. Sometimes I think they must breathe the unutterable dulness of Eastern life: not that it is dull to me, a curious spectator, but how the men with nothing to do can endure it is a wonder.

  8. One thing is that the life is dull for a child, and I think she will be happier in a larger, more bustling house.

  9. It must not be too fusible nor too hard, either of which conditions would make it dull or apt to craze; and it must be transparent, otherwise the colours underneath would not be clear.

  10. The bit of dull steel might complain, if it could feel, of the pain of being polished, but the result is to make it a mirror fit to flash back the sunlight.

  11. The national suffrage business committee, by previous arrangement, met at her house, and she forced herself to keep up for two days, but felt very dull and tired, and on the morning of July 30 she did not rise.

  12. The usual fate of reformers is "praise when the ear has grown too dull to hear, fame when the heart it should have thrilled is numb.

  13. Anthony will work up into a charming bit of biography some day without a dull page within the covers, providing, of course, stupidity does not have the writing of it.

  14. The New York Sun said: "In ordinary hands this task would have been dull enough, but Miss Anthony enlivened it with her wit and cleverness and made a success of it.

  15. After a wet and dull June and July the yield is sometimes only half as much as when the weather has been bright and sunshiny.

  16. For dull finishes the mineral tannage may advantageously precede the vegetable.

  17. The lower epidermis is often of a dull or pale-green colour, soft and easily detached.

  18. Aurelius Olympius Nemesianus, who wrote a few feeble eclogues and (283) a dull piece on the training of dogs for the chase.

  19. They're never dull like mortals who read and dream and doze; The fairies swing head downwards, strap-hanging by their toes; When Puck is the conductor he also acts as host And sets them playing Leapfrog or Coach or General Post.

  20. And the roses glowed in the May sunshine, and the honeysuckle wafted its perfume in at the open windows, and the bees droned among the flowers, and all was so peaceful, but for the incessant dull roar of the battle.

  21. The woman is dull and sulky because Monsieur stays at his club and does not return home before one o'clock.

  22. Then, when life got a bit dull and I wanted my blood stirred up, I would call on my Spanish wife.

  23. The sick man actually stretched his right arm above the bed-clothes, and his dull eyes lighted with an expression of pleasure, that proved how strongly his feelings were enlisted in the result.

  24. Well, now, Sir Gervaise, I think the Achilles makes as good an appearance as most of the other ships; and as to travelling or working, I do not know that she is either dull or clumsy!

  25. All this, however, was unheeded by Sir Gervaise, who sat looking at the monument, in a dull apathy.

  26. At times some of our moderns are tempted to look back with a very real measure of regret to the golden age of mythology, feeling that in comparison the present is often sadly dull and sordid.

  27. In those moments of the civilised man's life when he casts off hard dull science, and returns to childhood's fancy, the world-old book of nature is open to him anew.

  28. We should look at it rather as the poet's endeavor to render outward and visible the dream land of his thoughts, and to create for himself a refuge from the cold, dull realities of life, in an architectural romance.

  29. Like other men, he is sometimes brilliant and inspired, and at others dull and heavy.

  30. On the other hand, the daughter, who in the city of Calvin had been rather dull and quiet in her ways, launched out into a gaiety such as she had never known in Switzerland.

  31. Dull of perception and indifferent to affairs of state, he had only two interests that absorbed him.

  32. Something low and a shade blacker than the dull murk about them, with a white, whispering ripple at its edge, loomed.

  33. His heavy and rather dull eye seemed to meet Banneker's as they came abreast.

  34. Not unless she was a very dull and stupid woman with little to understand," smiled Miss Van Arsdale.

  35. It seems realer than any of the dull things outside it.

  36. If he knows too much to get really interested, he'll be a dull reporter.

  37. A dull lot of newspapers we'd have if all reporters took that view," muttered Mr. Greenough.

  38. That is a higher veracity than any literal reporting which would be dull and unreadable.

  39. No doubt the murd'rous Knife was dull and blunt, Till it was whetted on thy stone-hard heart, To reuell in the Intrailes of my Lambes.

  40. Why then giue way dull Clouds to my quick Curses.

  41. Come, I haue learn'd, that fearfull commenting Is leaden seruitor to dull delay.

  42. You may trace him all through a town, or across a county, if his fame extends so far; a dull repetition of the same notion characterises all his works.

  43. She had won even his dull heart, and he spoke of her gently, as he made the most of her good points, and glossed over her wretched condition.

  44. There won't be any bureaucrats to tyrannise over us; no fashions, no regulations, no homemade laws to make dull boys of us.

  45. Words, Roderick, words; we are but dull interpreters of the meaning of yon flutes.

  46. Ay, the hand of Beelzebub is always strong; and a light job would he make of it, in forcing even a dull craft to sail.

  47. Rover" lay, was a cry that quickened every dull pulsation in the bosoms of her crew.

  48. But a second warning came in tones too terrible to be any longer disregarded by ears even as dull as those of the offender.

  49. When the dull minds of the seamen had arrived at their conclusion, the mate advanced to proclaim the result.

  50. I provoked the conflict, I will confess, in showing him these peaceful Keys, which he is dull enough to think open half the strong boxes of Christendom.

  51. Her commander must be a dull fellow, if he refuse it to so proper a lad!

  52. Wilder in reply, when he perceived that the summons had fallen on the dull ears of his Commander, without recalling him to the recollection of what was in action.

  53. What do you find to amuse you (yawning) in this dull quarter of the world, Bignall?

  54. A cloud of smoke drove before the wind from the vessel of the Rover, and then the smothered explosion of the answering gun came dull upon their ears.

  55. It may be so: We seamen are dull after a night of watching, and often hear but little of that which passes.

  56. Then a dull boom rang out from astern, followed by another and another, and Jenkins laughed.

  57. They are dull of mind and slow to adopt new ideas.

  58. With incredible tenacity he clings to his ancestral ways and exhibits a dull indifference to alien innovation.

  59. In the garden she met Molly and Ethel, who were walking up and down, having a rather dull time, poor girls, and were anything but contented.

  60. Try to forgive me--it was so dull at home, only Miss Mule Selfish, you know, and Molly and Ethel.

  61. Why should you, who hoped to be a grand lady, go off to a dull German school?

  62. In the utter weariness of her voice, the dull rigidity of her features, there was something far more pathetic than in the wildest outbreak of sorrow.

  63. There was something most unnatural in this rigid, dull calm, contrasting so strongly with the young man's usual fiery impetuosity.

  64. At Castle Wilicza there reigned a dull sultry atmosphere, pregnant with storms, which made itself felt even in the servants' quarters.

  65. That was an exceedingly dull person who made the remark, Ex pede Herculem.

  66. Vulgar chess-players have to play their game out; nothing short of the brutality of an actual checkmate satisfies their dull apprehensions.

  67. These little colored patches are stains upon the windows of a human soul; stand on the outside, they are but dull and meaningless spots of color; seen from within, they are glorified shapes with empurpled wings and sunbright aureoles.

  68. What a comfort a dull but kindly person is, to be sure, at times!

  69. But we get glimpses now and then of a sphere of spiritual possibilities, where we, dull as we are now, may sail in vast circles round the largest compass of earthly intelligences.

  70. While man's dull spirit toils in smoke and fire, Woman's swift instinct threads the electric wire, - The magic bracelet stretched beneath the waves Beats the black giant with his score of slaves.

  71. If you ever saw a crow with a king-bird after him, you will get an image of a dull speaker and a lively listener.

  72. After a jolting half-hour with one of these jerky companions, talking with a dull friend affords great relief.

  73. A dull preacher might be conceived, therefore, to lapse into a state of quasi heathenism, simply for want of religious instruction.

  74. Dull faces here, there,--in how many places!

  75. Once more, I have sometimes thought it possible I might be too dull to write such a story as I should wish to write.

  76. We may happen to be very dull folks, you and I, and probably are, unless there is some particular reason to suppose the contrary.

  77. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dull" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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