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Example sentences for "boring"

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borers; bores; boresome; bori; boric; borings; borla; born; borne; borned
  1. The boring machines should be so arranged as not to cut the hole beyond the required depth, which should be slightly less than the length of the spike.

  2. Enemies: Its leaves are a favorite food of caterpillars and its wood is frequently attacked by a boring insect known as the linden borer (Saperda vestita).

  3. Injections are impossible and other suggested remedies, such as boring holes in the wood for the purpose of inserting chemicals, are futile.

  4. Its wood is also sometimes attacked by small boring insects.

  5. But the most tedious part of the operation did not lie in the boring of these holes.

  6. As they wrought chiefly in sitting or kneeling postures, excavating the rock or boring with jumpers, their attention was naturally diverted from everything else around them.

  7. The Drilling and Boring Department, including vertical, horizontal, and radial drills and boring machines.

  8. It was a most tedious and boring journey, and we were very tired when we got in.

  9. When there was danger, he was always ready to share it with the men; and gathering confidence from his fearlessness, they proceeded vigorously with the undertaking, boring and mining their way towards the light.

  10. The woman was looking at him keenly, with boring vulture eyes.

  11. As Pycnosceloides aporus, in jungle under decaying banana stem in which were boring individuals of Litopeltis bispinosa (Hebard, 1920).

  12. The drill, as used for boring metal, is set in a straight shaft, often of bamboo, on the upper end of which is mounted a circular weight.

  13. Here a ship builder was using his simple, effective bow-brace, boring holes for the dowel pins in the planking for his ship, and another was bending the plank to the proper curvature.

  14. From the Middle Water Shops, where this welding is done, the barrels are conveyed to the Upper Shops, where the operations of turning, boring and grinding are performed.

  15. The first of these processes is the boring out of the interior.

  16. The boring is performed in certain machines called boring banks.

  17. By this means the auger gradually enters the hollow of the barrel, boring its way, or rather enlarging its way by its boring, as it advances.

  18. If the bubble is near the inner surface of the barrel when it is welded, the process of boring and finishing brings it into view, in the form of a small blemish seen in the side of the bore.

  19. The reverse of this process, that is first shaping the outside of it, and then boring it out within, so as to make the inner and outer surfaces to correspond, and the metal every where to be of equal thickness, would be all but impossible.

  20. There are three things that he might have obtained,--sap, the inner bark, and boring larvae.

  21. They consist of such small articles as pieces of hard stone suitable for cutting or paring skins, bones for boring holes, twine made of opossum wool, and so forth.

  22. If one boring twelve inches deep does not give sufficient soil make another boring or two close by and put all into the jar.

  23. These are intended for boring in coal, slate or other similar soft material.

  24. The drilled well, against which there is no possible argument save that of cost, is made by boring a hole in the ground with a powerful apparatus until sufficient subterranean water is reached.

  25. With the core method, as its name implies, a hollow boring drill cuts its way aided by steel shot and a flow of water forced through the pipe that rotates the cutting tool.

  26. The art of tunnel construction ranks among the very oldest in the world, if not the oldest, for almost from the beginning of his advent on the earth man has been tunneling and boring and making holes in the ground.

  27. In boring this well, after going down one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven feet and passing through a stratum of rock over a subterranean fountain, the drill suddenly fell fourteen feet and the water soon rose above the surface.

  28. In boring wells the augers, after going down to various depths, suddenly drop several feet, showing that they have reached a cavity in the earth or a fountain of water; if the water gushes up it is evident a fountain has been struck.

  29. The water tore through the nostril-pipe, boring a hole with such rapidity that the tall beam dropped into the socket with startling suddenness.

  30. To work rock in mining parlance is to be skillful in boring Earth's stony husk after mineral.

  31. FOULS in boat-racing are often inevitable, and are not always the result of boring or any other malicious practice.

  32. Instead of hitting the right hole, many of them missed it and entered other holes left by boring worms, and after a short time reappeared to search again, till, finding the cavern, they hastily plunged into it.

  33. Now this wooden lining was decayed and drilled with innumerable holes by boring insects, which threw up tiny heaps of sawdust, as one might say, just as moles throw up mounds of earth where they tunnel.

  34. The boys close by are boring for them with iron rods armed with a screw, and taking them in to sell in Torquay market, as excellent food.

  35. Torquay boys, whom you will see boring for them with a long iron screw, on the sands at low tide.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "boring" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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