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Example sentences for "drab"

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  1. In its winter dress the upper plumage is greyish drab colour; the breast dark brown; the belly white.

  2. His broad-brim was placed beside him; his legs were stiffly crossed; his drab vesture was buttoned up to his chin; and spectacles on nose, he seemed absorbed in reading from a ponderous volume.

  3. The stream looked like a drab ribbon splashed with white.

  4. The office seemed a dull, uninteresting drab in contrast to the light and color of the world outside.

  5. My donkey was a pale, drab little beast, woolly and dejected.

  6. A citrine brown of great service in tender drab greens, it forms with terre verte and the madder lakes rich autumnal tints of much beauty and permanence.

  7. They have all become pale, whitish, or of a drab cast, evidently through the oxidation of the sulphur, or rather the sulphide of iron formed during the calcination.

  8. But she had been spared all sight of the mood that had driven him to abandon urgent correspondence in favour of the drab outlook beyond the window.

  9. So she sat gazing out of the limousine window, as though all her interest were in the drab houses lining the way, and the heavy-coated pedestrians moving along the sidewalks of the narrow streets through which they were passing.

  10. They may be seen in every posture, lolling about in their shabby drab uniforms, and holding their reins long.

  11. These chapars are young men, native to the country, who find their own mounts; they wear the drab skirted coat of Georgia and the usual lambskin cap.

  12. The skirts of a brown coat parted behind, and gave me a full view of the broad disk of a pair of drab breeches.

  13. She had a soft, drab dress and a long thin neck, and her hair was drab too, and it was screwed up tight.

  14. The reality of it had never been in doubt and death--the haphazard surprise of it and the pathos and melodrama and sometimes drab monotony of it--had been his companion for many years.

  15. Were life drab and uninteresting, why, then one turned simply to the place where it promised colour and adventure.

  16. Young ladies wore drab josephs and flat-crowned beaver bonnets, and rode to balls on pillions with their ball clothes in bandboxes.

  17. On their heads they wore little drab beaver bonnets, also destitute of trimmings, and so plain in shape that even the Quaker hatter had to order special blocks for their manufacture.

  18. One newspaper that gave him only a Stick and didn’t print his picture, was forthwith put upon the Drab List and the Standing Ad of his Business was withdrawn for life.

  19. She glanced at the cross on his olive-drab coat.

  20. How was it possible for such drab people to have even interesting shadows?

  21. Poor, drab seconds that fooled with eternity and supped on vain courage as they went trooping by.

  22. And then the unlettered tiller of the soil, drunken mechanic and gutter drab all loved his music.

  23. The sun and the leaves made spots come down; I looked close at him through the fence; The post was drab and he was brown.

  24. He said that drab was just about The same as brown, but he was not A post, he said, to hold a fence.

  25. Harry Hawke had scarcely removed his drab figure from the doorway when Captain Dashwood blotted out the light and dived in upon them with a dexterity born of much practice.

  26. They stood side by side looking inland, and the staff officer, with his hands behind the back of his drab mackintosh, pressed the button of a tiny electric torch rapidly three times.

  27. The corporal thrust his hand into the drab tunic and produced two things which he laid on the table by the long loaf from which the officers had cut slices to dip in their coffee.

  28. She was to be thrust out of the new brightness, back into the drab dreariness, the emptiness that was her fate.

  29. Anne had a bourgeois sense of respectability, and she had involuntarily stiffened at sight of the blonde drab sitting by the bedside, staring at her with sodden eyes.

  30. Gifford reached out and plucked up the violets by the roots, to save them from Mr. Denner's drab gaiter, and planted them deep in a crevice of the steps.

  31. May a mixed uniform be worn--for example, a cotton olive drab at and woolen olive drab breeches?

  32. Blue clothing and woolen olive drab when worn regularly should be pressed about once a week.

  33. And then we toves the wendror well Till sore the wendror iuziou se, Till kekkeno drab's adrey lis Till drab there's kek adrey lis.

  34. We have no reason to drab baulor at present, we have money and credit; but necessity has no law.

  35. To mande shoon ye Romany chals Who besh in the pus about the yag, I'll pen how we drab the baulo, I'll pen how we drab the baulo.

  36. And then we kairs the drab opre, And then we jaws to the farming ker To mang a beti habben, A beti poggado habben.

  37. Fresh cherries, young pears, and winter apples shone in all their brilliancy of colour and lent variety to the drab square.

  38. I Out of the level blue of a shallow sea Carimata raises a lofty barrenness of grey and yellow tints, the drab eminence of its arid heights.

  39. They are the gracious figures on the drab wall which lies on this side of our common grave.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "drab" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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