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  1. They demanded that all the furs should go into their sale shops, and not one of their officials, from the governor to the lowest clerk, dare accept as much as a beaver skin as a present from an Indian.

  2. As a precaution against surprise from bears or wolves, or even wolverines, who are very fond of beaver flesh, it was decided to take their guns along.

  3. After dinner four of these big nest-like affairs were freshened up with some bundles of dry old grass, which was cut in an old disused beaver meadow.

  4. Mr Ross said afterward that in all probability it was an old, sullen fellow that had been driven away by the others from some distant beaver house, and had come and dug a burrow somewhere in that bank and was there living alone.

  5. As before mentioned, our party was on the top of a hill that abruptly rose up from the pond, caused by the backing up of the waters by the beaver dam.

  6. The next object was a solitary beaver sitting on a bank quite unconcerned.

  7. It was evident from its actions that it was on a beaver hunt.

  8. The other beaver instantly sprang into the water, as did all the other beavers within sound of that death-cry.

  9. The wolves and wolverine were already skinned, and so as soon as the boys had had their breakfasts, which had long been waiting them, they set off to visit the beaver dam.

  10. Beaver have houses made of mud and sticks.

  11. The entrances to these are always down below: but you find the tops of all beaver houses above the surface.

  12. But I learned my business many years ago," the old trapper declared, with considerable pride, "when beaver lived in the North Woods.

  13. Then beaver tried it and obtained some mud, but died as he reached the surface.

  14. Winabojo took the mud that remained between the claws of beaver and rolled it into a little ball.

  15. His rifle lay on top of the beaver skins.

  16. After Freedom my mother wash for family to Beaver Creek.

  17. De judge take his silk beaver hat and gold headed cane and march out, while de baliffs holler: 'Make way!

  18. Each little square contracts in drying and makes a convenient mouthful for them as they scrape it from the skin with their upper canine teeth like a beaver peeling the bark from a cottonwood tree.

  19. Marten, or sable, are also numerous, as are lynx, but otter are scarce, and beaver almost unknown.

  20. Fort Dunvegan, famous to later travellers, was first built on the south side of the river, and was the headquarters of the Beaver Indians, from whom the North-West Company received a formal gift of the site.

  21. The whole district is a succession of beaver meadows, and had at this time several Hudson's Bay Company posts, as already mentioned.

  22. Powder-horn a beaver for a large powder-horn and two small ones.

  23. This afternoon we have seen a great deal of beaver work, and killed some bustards and Canadian grey geese; we have seen no swans, and the ducks, with few exceptions, are shabby.

  24. One letter gives a good account of the social manners and customs of the Beaver Indians, and another a somewhat complete description of the Rocky Mountains and Mackenzie River country.

  25. To-day some tracks of the reindeer, mountain sheep and goats, but the old slave (hunter) has killed nothing but a fowl or beaver now and then.

  26. During the initiation of the members of a Spartan band of my boys, known as the Buckskin Men, each candidate is given a thin slice of the grizzly bear meat and a whiff of the beaver castor.

  27. There he built his campfires and cooked his beaver and bear and deer and elk, using dishes of pottery of his own make and ornamented with crude designs traced in the clay before the dishes were baked.

  28. When the beaver was brought into camp the camp cook went nearly wild, and so did the lumbermen when they heard the news, and all because they were pining for beaver-tail soup.

  29. He was awakened, shivering, by the beat of rain on the roof, and stumbling over the prostrate forms of the four Beaver brothers, reached the window.

  30. Number ten, There ain't nobody in there but Ben Billings, and the four Beaver brothers, an' three more.

  31. Beaver skins, review of the policy used in the trade for, 273.

  32. If among a nation of hunters, for example, it usually costs twice the labour to kill a beaver which it does to kill a deer, one beaver should naturally exchange for or be worth two deer.

  33. Why do the front teeth of the Squirrel and the Beaver continue to grow?

  34. He worked like a giant beaver all night long.

  35. Beverley insisted upon wrapping Alice in her mantle of unlined beaver skin against the searching winter breath.

  36. Where the beaver is scarce and much pursued, the imprint of a forefoot near the water's edge may be discovered occasionally here and there; in this case the prominence of the toenails is unmistakable.

  37. Where the beaver is protected, he increases rapidly, and if hunted with a rifle, he affords as much excitement as any game that roams the woods.

  38. The individual tracks are close together, considering their size, and the toes of the hind feet almost invariably point inward to a marked degree, reaching an extreme limit in the beaver and the badger.

  39. The writer remembers an instance where one specimen killed every beaver kid and muskrat on a creek several miles along its course.

  40. In 1778 Fort McIntosh was built at Beaver Creek, on the north bank of the Ohio, and Fort Laurens seventy miles towards the interior.

  41. This stream was so low that the boats could not have gone down it had it not been for a beaver dam four miles below the landing-place, which backed up the current.

  42. But the old beaver had thrown himself enough back to make Kazan lose his footing.

  43. The third day after the struggle under the water he killed a big beaver that approached too close to the willow thicket.

  44. Soon he heard the beaver workmen over him.

  45. When Kazan and Gray Wolf sniffed carelessly at the strong scents of the beaver city, Broken Tooth was marshaling his family, and two of his sons and their families, for the exodus.

  46. Perhaps nature told him that too many beaver dams stopped the run of spawning fish and that where there were many beavers there were always few fish.

  47. It was broad day when he reached the edge of the great beaver pond that now completely surrounded the windfall under which Gray-Wolf's second-born had come into the world.

  48. He was thrown into a panic, and very soon every beaver in the colony tearing excitedly about the pond.

  49. In another moment the thick heavy body of the beaver had slipped like oil from under Kazan and Broken Tooth was safe in his element, two holes bitten clean through his fleshy tail.

  50. Farther up the creek Kazan caught a young beaver and killed it.

  51. There was a sudden swirl of water as a second beaver circled close about the struggling pair.

  52. While a part of the beaver colony was taking advantage of the water, others were felling trees end to end with the birch, laying the working frame of a dam a hundred feet in width.

  53. The old beaver was oblivious of danger until Kazan was within twenty feet of him.

  54. Another beaver gave the warning as he plunged into the pond.

  55. Days followed in which Kazan's desire to destroy his beaver enemies became the consuming passion of his life.

  56. While the beaver prefers to do most of his work at night he is a day-laborer as well, and Broken Tooth gave his tribe but little rest during the days that followed.

  57. In the space between, Beaver had stepped forward and was chatting with their colonel.

  58. So the beasts have their seasons; the buck his month for belling, and the beaver his month for taking shelter in his house which he has stored.

  59. Come with me, and we will go up through the Great Lakes, beyond Michilimackinac, to the Beaver Islands which are in the mouth of Lake Michigan.

  60. Twenty pounds of beaver bought a couple of new shirts; another twenty a blanket; and a handsome pair of scarlet mitases, fashionably laced with ribbon, cost him fifteen.

  61. A few days later, they struck their camp and moved inland, for the beaver were growing scarcer, and the heavy fall of snow hid their houses and made it difficult to search the banks for washes.

  62. By and by the dandified Gage joined them, and after a few minutes' talk Beaver came striding back, with his scabbard tucked under his armpit, to be clear of the undergrowth.

  63. The prize of this victory was a hatchet, some knives, or even a beaver robe.

  64. There was great sport when two or three contested the possession of one beaver skin.

  65. The wolf, the bison, the beaver fought the battle out at once to all but the bitter end.

  66. Rhinoceros is pure Greek, meaning nose-horned, but beaver has indeed had a rough time of it in its travels through various languages.

  67. Downe fell the beaver by Tosslyn splete in tweine, And onn his hede expos'd a punie wounde, But on Destoutvilles sholder came ameine, And fell'd the champyon to the bloudie grounde.

  68. Probably if the depths of that pool were searched, relics of the crocodile and the beaver might be found, along with other strange things connected with the periods in which they respectively lived.

  69. This station was the principal mart for the fur trade, which had now become so considerable that upwards of thirty-five thousand beaver skins were exported during the year 1656.

  70. The nephew of the murdered savage came one day to this humble dwelling, and stopped under the pretence of selling some beaver skins.

  71. I have just come from Hackensack where they sold me brandy, and then stole my beaver skin coat.

  72. The governor imposed a tax of a beaver skin, or its equivalent upon each householder to pay for two hundred and fifty leather fire buckets and hooks and ladders, to be procured in Holland.

  73. The Value of this traffic may be inferred from the fact that, in the year 1633, sixteen thousand beaver skins were sent to Holland from the North river alone.

  74. An Indian, from the vicinity of Westchester, came with his nephew, a small boy, bringing some beaver skins to barter with the Dutch at the fort.

  75. Three of the savages, concealing, as far as they could, their weapons, approached the fort, under the pretence of bartering some beaver skins.

  76. Peggy as she relieved Drayton of his beaver and roquelaure.

  77. He lifted his beaver as he finished speaking, and left them.

  78. The trail gradually ascends towards the summit of the Rocky Mountains, and the country becomes more broken and sterile, till it reaches Beaver Creek, a tributary of the Platte.

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